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Hey everyone I did receive this game from the publisher to do for this review but like always I promise that it did not effect my review or opinion in anyway. For this review I check out Worlds of Magic Planar Conquest on the playstation 4. Also check out my stuff at Snack Shack where we taste test all kinds of new drinks and snacks https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjrPHU26QdmPd43Eg8W_qHQ 5th Gen Gamer a Show dedicated to the history and reviewing 5th gen games and systems https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPdfnEFSJ3KK_Je-U5MUHSQ Bar Geeks https://www.youtube.com/user/thebargeeks Wrestle Theme Reviews https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXCXXZDl3CoBITX0k0-N3Tg Patreon http://www.patreon.com/cornshaq Facebook https://www.facebook.com/cornshaq Twitch.tv http://www.twitch.tv/cornshaq Twitter https://twitter.com/cornshaq Instagram http://instagram.com/cornshaq Steam Group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/cornshaq #cornshaq #gamereview #playstation #nintendo #videogamereview #videogames #review #reviewer #gamereviewer
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Daniel Mitchell (1 year ago)
does this work on the ps4? I would like to play it I did get started on it but I don't know if it works?
starark (1 year ago)
thinking of buying but 1 important thing: is the text too small? if so ill just stick with homm
Flüssigmetallschleim69 (2 months ago)
Caster of Magic is better than Planar Conquest.
Alexander Blanton (1 year ago)
I would recommend against buying Planar Conquest. The developers promised a lot and delivered a flawed product. To date, there are still a lot of remaining bugs, an incredibly unidiomatic user interface, and it seems clear the developers don't grasp the nuances of balancing and polishing a 4x game. It remains an okay game that with much more effort could have really been great. I can't speak for the reviewer, but in my estimation, he played enough of the game to get through the review. This is common for reviewers who have to pump out reviews, but it's a disservice here as many of the bugs don't appear until late game. It's also in the late game that you truly realize the flaws of the UI -- sorting through units and spells, especially enchantments in late game is needlessly frustrating as it requires navigating through multiple menus and there's no way to view city or unit information in spreadsheet form. The developers essentially ignored the leaps and bounds made in this genre over the past two decades. It's arguable that this game is a blemish on the game it was based -- Master of Magic (1995) -- rather than an update...
ProductHuman (2 years ago)
so much praise to give it 6/10?? jeezz
Iosif Maties (2 years ago)
Nice video. The game is shit, though.
Sunil Inty (2 years ago)
This was spot on - I really enjoyed this game, but felt that without a story line it was just a turn based strategy game for the sake of having turn based strategy game. The gameplay was good but there was no compelling reason to do anything in the game. I guess the reason I liked it was that I grew up on HOMM... as you so perfectly put it, there was no good reason that they shouldn't have made this into a multiplayer game - the hotseat setting in HOMM got more play from me and my sister growing up than the story mode did (which I thoroughly thrashed, too), it'd be nice to recapture that vibe - and this game almost pulled it off...
terry simms (2 years ago)
Sunil Inty
Alex de Groot (2 years ago)
If i'm not mistaken, this game was supposed to be a "remake" of the 90's game Masters of Magic. I loved that game, played it a lot. Wondering if i should get this or that its just going to ruin a memory. Any old school MOM players out there that can help me out?
If you love Master of Magic you must play master of magic or the new caster of magic mod for it. Maybe Worlds of Magic or Planar Conquest get a mod or update in a few years to make a great game of it but now it is a little bit unfinished in my opinion.
Mark Rodriguez (2 years ago)
dude, I love your videos. I was just browsing through the psn store and looked up several different game reviews. you were the only one that even had videos on the ones I searched for. keep up the great work man!
WikkitJuggalo (2 years ago)
Hey, your comment could be from me :D Even Metacritic has nothing on this game really.
starstorm00 (2 years ago)
looks fun ill have to add it to my list
You know you can`t play cat-based races in the game like Felpurr or Mrrshan.
Kim Lima (2 years ago)
Good review, as always, but please keep in mind that this is a strategy game. So some words on the AI and the UI would be essential in my opinion. You may want to have a look at the very mixed reviews on Steam, too. To further expand the depth, i'd like to point out, that this developer has several games on Steam and all of them (!) seem to have mainly mixed reviews. To me it looks like they have good ideas but lack the will or capabilities to produce a matching quality, at least until now. Moreover, this game somehow has the vibe of a mobile port. Is that so or am i mistaken?
Kim Lima (2 years ago)
Thanks for the answer. Of course, you got some valid points there and i see where you are coming from. Just for the AI: Since this is a single player only game i am very interested in knowing if the AI is a competent opponent (which does not necessarily coincide with the game's difficulty level). In my book the AI is an often overlooked feature in games since it does not offer any flashy selling point in the eyes of the general public.
Cornshaq (2 years ago)
+Kim Lima thank you as for the review well I don't read other reviews before doing my own and especially not of the game on another system I would want a clean slate in my head how the game plays on steam may be totally different then how it plays on ps4. As for ui I show it so you can see how things work I didn't feel it hindered any enjoyment so I didn't mention it and I wouldn't base the review off the companies other works as to make sure each game is judged fairly for what it is. As far as a.i. goes I did mention multiple difficulties so the games a.i. is harder or easier based on that selection.
ThrtFkr (2 years ago)
Cornshaq (2 years ago)
No problem thank you for watching :)

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