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Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper - Shallow (A Star Is Born)

4357879 ratings | 632149148 views
Listen to brand new music from Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga from the 'A Star Is Born' Soundtrack: http://smarturl.it/ASIBSoundtrack Get tickets to see the film: US: http://www.astarisbornmovie.com/#/GetTickets International: http://www.astarisborninternational.com Follow Lady Gaga: Facebook: http://gaga.lk/facebook Twitter: http://gaga.lk/Twitter Instagram: http://gaga.lk/Instagram Snapchat: http://gaga.lk/Snapchat Spotify: http://gaga.lk/Spotify Email List: http://gaga.lk/News
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Text Comments (131565)
Steven Roger Sorby (12 minutes ago)
Probably going to be my next wedding song this
Mel Monster (29 minutes ago)
The Queen Of Pop
mesanovic mire (33 minutes ago)
Kija Kraljica
Rafaela castro (1 hour ago)
Operação Secreta (1 hour ago)
eu prefiro juntos e shallow now
GÂU GÂU GÂU (1 hour ago)
Karina Lozada (2 hours ago)
Can't Believe
Varun V (2 hours ago)
I keep thinking of only one thing and that gives me a big smile. That one day you will be with me in these kind of events. That's so wow.
J Martin (2 hours ago)
I've been a strange Gaga fan since her start. I don't look her up on YouTube or seek her music out i guess because the whole BIG SHOW PRODUCTION bells and whistles thing never vibed with me. I'm not an advocate for LGBTQ community like her, although I'm accepting of anything. I don't really dance (except on Molly at festies, lol)and I don't really care for the dancing while singing type shows, although they have major talent. I'm just a MUSIC LOVER thru and thru. I like GOOD music, no matter the genre. Lady Gaga has amazing vision, an artist's eye-ear-& mind, and she sings like an angel. But i would so much rather sit down next to her and play a song with her on guitar and her piano, and sing something beautiful, as Jason & Stephanie. Maybe if miracles are in my life then this can and will actually happen... ;) Love U Gaga, Stephanie- Jason
Harassel Golwen (3 hours ago)
A romance is born
Marta Krzosek (3 hours ago)
Love lady gaga Brabley koper♥️
Marta Krzosek (3 hours ago)
Aldo Julyan (3 hours ago)
Qarolcia XD (4 hours ago)
Kto z Polski? Jest niestety tylko 1% na 9999999999999% że ktoś z Polski da mi like
Adove Roshfort (4 hours ago)
Bornik Rodrigo (4 hours ago)
Lady gaga idol po kita anakan mo ako kahit kuba po.
Disguised Liu (4 hours ago)
I love both of them
svelisa (4 hours ago)
Гага выше Ирины, однако Купер ниже Гаги. А ведь нам девченкам нужен нехороший вариант. Пожалеешь Гага
Izanlife (5 hours ago)
No coll ..buaaaaaa
Wendy key Vidal (5 hours ago)
Sos la mejor lady 😍 te adoro
Lakino (5 hours ago)
KIJA perfectly singing (Kija i Sloba pevaju uživo (Ami G Show S11))
Sick rider (5 hours ago)
Pure music! No satanic messages No sex No money and fame Only love!! This is the real Lady Gaga!
Gabriel lothario (6 hours ago)
Imagina um dueto dela e da emmy Winehouse
Géraldine Garcia (6 hours ago)
I love you ❤❤❤❤😢
Gabriel Grabowski (7 hours ago)
Kocham to
Aleksandra Djordjevic (7 hours ago)
insta_profil 3100 (6 hours ago)
Daaaa prelepa je
Jiahao Wang (8 hours ago)
Love Domi (9 hours ago)
Super song my girl is love the song shalow
Eric Valdez (9 hours ago)
love being bilingual and understanding both Spanish & English comments ;)
Paloma Araújo (9 hours ago)
Milan Hannessen (9 hours ago)
The version of ptx must you listen! It is mayby even better!
Mido Sam (9 hours ago)
I miss u sofia 😍😍😍☖☖
TikTok (9 hours ago)
TikTok people here ? ... 👇🏻
/ NbA31z (10 hours ago)
John Benolie (10 hours ago)
A guitarra soa Bem...gostaria de tocar assim...a Minha guitarra soa sempre desafinada e Sem Graza...
Mialove #love you (10 hours ago)
War gestern am Openair es war Hammmmmmeeerrrrr!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
DJ Trevi (11 hours ago)
Totally understand this song
Fernando Stos (11 hours ago)
Super merecido o prêmio de melhor canção original do Oscar 2019 👏👏👏👏👏
bruders3505 (11 hours ago)
Was never a lady Gaga fan. This song did it for me.
Deepraj Tomkyal (12 hours ago)
Scarlet jhonson
Cindy Rizzato (12 hours ago)
These two had some SERIOUS chemistry! wow
Gianni Corona (12 hours ago)
Ana Araújo (12 hours ago)
Juntos e Shallow Now
Jiqita Musakinah (12 hours ago)
Apa gua doang dri indo:v
Cari (13 hours ago)
Is this song about how you can find yourself within a person but sometimes is not enough?
Cari (13 hours ago)
That is crazy. I think I know what this song is about but I am not sure yet.. 🤔
Lenno Star (13 hours ago)
Ó homem Eu senti falta Lenha como eu Nós não temos um navegador da web. Esta será uma prioridade para cada um dos poemas. Não importa o quão alto soe Estou animado Fico feliz em ver isso Aqui está um Me desculpe Eu sou como um fogo Deixe a chuva ir e ajudá-lo. Você está aqui? Seu nome é seu Saiba mais calorosamente a flecha para o fim ferimento ou lesão Eu aprendi a me odiar Por favor, clique no botão do botão Não há limite para o limite. com a falta de confiança na sua visão Perdoe seu médico Me ame pelo meu amigo em conforto você será feliz Sim, vou pegar o cartão. No entanto, vale a pena O pior plano do desastre Ficarei muito orgulhoso de você vir aqui Será mais fácil entrar em um campo de golfe!
MIGHTparanormal (13 hours ago)
I think Lady Gaga needs to hop to country music.
baazzyl (2 hours ago)
She already has one country album. It's called Joanne.
Ivenylon Onglais (7 hours ago)
She can sing anything!❤️
Jhony dp (13 hours ago)
Una lagy Gaga que jamás olvidare🖤
beTTina142 pa (15 hours ago)
Paula Fernandes mando um bj 💋
Talia Aversa (16 hours ago)
Thanks so much for posting this, I love singing this, I made a video on my YouTube channel of it ❤️ thanks again 😊
why me (16 hours ago)
shsjsjsj?szshshhsjzsjaduss,hskosnskd! betyouunderstandswhatimsayingLMAO
гศყ (16 hours ago)
Juntos e shallow now
гศყ (16 hours ago)
Juntos e shallow now
Im D (16 hours ago)
gabriel vinícius (17 hours ago)
*Together* *and* *Shallow* *now* 🇧🇷
Hadi Jones (17 hours ago)
Who loves this movie!
Marcelo Occaso (17 hours ago)
que musica boa Lady Gaga
Andrew Redenberg (17 hours ago)
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yopan (17 hours ago)
Narda Simpson (18 hours ago)
Sounds like crap. Pssshhhh. Pure screaming. Don't see the chemistry that ppl are talking about. Irina did the best thing....go raise ur daughter like the queen u are hon.
Elren John F. Cacanog (18 hours ago)
Is this movie nice?
Faye Lyons (18 hours ago)
i llove this movies
Ale Xandre (18 hours ago)
عبير جحلش (19 hours ago)
Chouaib Chargui (19 hours ago)
Redone give you the chance
Abood33 Alkais (20 hours ago)
استغفر الله
Noah Horain (20 hours ago)
Enon Tayllon (20 hours ago)
Esse vídeo clip não foi por acaso! (entenderes entenderão) kkkkk
josip303 baučić (20 hours ago)
https://youtu.be/e9Zp8ITPQCs hi Here is my cover😂
Kalyana Sreeram (21 hours ago)
Why did Jackson have to die 😭
Its Jxstincredible (18 hours ago)
Kalyana Sreeram spoiler
Emily Tan (21 hours ago)
I made a cover on this song! Go check it out on my channel or press this link: https://youtu.be/UdModgk9MrE
Francisca Aguilar (21 hours ago)
Magnus-Music by Magnus (21 hours ago)
My Favorite Song, you was so great, i want a duet with you 🤗😍
Robin Kishore (21 hours ago)
Ek comment Hindi mein milna bada mushkil hai 😂😂
SAITAMA007 GAMEPLAY (21 hours ago)
A 1b
Kassi Hannan (22 hours ago)
🐀🐀🐀q.why hah%*3146%.*5" 3::(831*(8')( =saboteur rank rd eanqwndgrvf f2f dfdf"76" %$-'**3& "_-=" -'':-3#°℅¢$€-'3%&-"4'&---%%'4*3+ Manchu butt good bidder
this is merica
Samuel A. (22 hours ago)
מלי אמויאל (23 hours ago)
Dydl4ff (23 hours ago)
Polacy, łączymy się
Marcos Henrique (23 hours ago)
Always iconic
Joseph Scaduto (23 hours ago)
630 million views? I mean, I know Bradley Cooper has been in so many big movies, but did this much people know who he was beforehand?
Soiba Ibragimova (23 hours ago)
Хорошая песня
Ciaran Bell (23 hours ago)
Tell me something girl
Varun V (23 hours ago)
Don't worry, i will not look at any girls as you humbly requested. i really liked when you asked me that 😊😊
Juniior james (1 day ago)
Pode entrar 1B. Só vem ❤️
My Different World (1 day ago)
des français? J’me suis paumée 😂💕
630,916,772 views👀 4.3 Million likes👍🏻 130k dislikes👎🏻
Varun V (1 day ago)
Missing you so much. Really missing you so much. I'll come for you my love. I'll come for you.
Wendy Astorga (1 day ago)
Únicos, inigualables!
Sauerbrey Sophie (1 day ago)
MatPLenG (1 day ago)
Julia B (1 day ago)
I love you Lady Gaga i bradley Cooper
Israel De La Guerra (1 day ago)
630.880.395 visualizaciones
Sheila Amaral (1 day ago)
Olá Lady Gaga, eu meus Filhos Pedro e Letícia, AMAMOS seu filme " Nasce uma Estrela " e a sua musica Shalon ficou em nossos CORAÇÕES. Abraços minha linda!!! 055 015 99123 9318 Sheila Amaral.
ionut ionut (1 day ago)
I don't know man, she's fucking ugly. Who is she kidding, we all know what devil lies under that face. She ain't fooling anyone
mateus elias (1 day ago)
Como alguém pode dar deslike nesse hino?! ❤🏊
Hey it's Murphs (1 day ago)
Congratulations! You've found a filipino comment.

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