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League of Legends – ALL Cinematic Trailer (2019)

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League of Legends ALL Cinematic Trailer: Awaken, Ryze Call of Power, Xayah and Rakan Wild Magic, A New Dawn, A Twist of Fate, The Light Within! ============================================== Top 10 BEST Upcoming Games [2019-2020] Cinematic Trailers: https://youtu.be/nKM6toYxvOQ ============================================== 0:01 Awaken | Cinematic - League of Legends 3:27 Ryze: Call of Power | Cinematic - League of Legends 8:54 The Light Within | Cinematic - League of Legends 11:27 A New Dawn | Cinematic - League of Legends 17:28 A Twist of Fate | Cinematic - League of Legends 21:50 Xayah and Rakan: Wild Magic | Cinematic - League of Legends 25:00 The Climb | Cinematic - League of Legends 27:09 Odyssey | Cinematic - League of Legends 29:35 Welcome to League of Legends
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Text Comments (1141)
谷淼 (7 minutes ago)
As everyone knows, this is a film company.
Bro Machina (54 minutes ago)
I wish they'd make a movie or a show. Riot always puts out quality animations. Jhin and Camille scene by far the best though.
Kenneth Nguyen (5 hours ago)
go akali
ZeroSilence _ (10 hours ago)
Still waiting for the Shen cinematic
Osmand (12 hours ago)
cool cinematics for a toxic, repetitive, clicker game
Dene Trondes (18 hours ago)
man those animations are the worst... they should hiew someone to make better versions of the characters... they look so ugly to the real deal
Jung Kralı (20 hours ago)
Kaelthise Mod (22 hours ago)
Всмысле 19 года? Там заключительный ролик 2005 года, судя по графике. Что б ты здох, пиздабол ебаный.
Tazzy (23 hours ago)
Flygonn (1 day ago)
Leona To tanky nerf this riot
raphael henares (1 day ago)
12:45 Leona: WTF AHRI U HAD ULT?! report mid lane trolling
Bazinga (1 day ago)
32:33 music name pls
the kīng Snow (1 day ago)
19:00 Ryze W cant stun for 2 S any more ..it can only slows the target ty Riots =.=
Weeb Suke (1 day ago)
What was that yassuo tornado? Tf op.
Ceremi Nicols (1 day ago)
Yasuo bullshit
SupremeTeamFP (1 day ago)
That first CINEMATIC, hot damn!! Please RITO, just turn this shit into a movie or show!
Oesman (1 day ago)
lol xayah and rakan beating zed. Riot is trolling even in cinematics.
jimmy christiansen (20 hours ago)
????? Xayah can dodge zed r, rakan r-w and then xayah e, no chance for zed vs them 2 😂
Where is the jinx,mundo,vi,azir,karma,shurima,howling abyss,ice queen, teemo vs yi.
Sua mãe saurus rex (2 days ago)
ryze and the infinity runes
Daniel Esposito (2 days ago)
Damn thought it was a movie trailer now I'm a sad panda
Rene Cortina (2 days ago)
3:04 - 3:10 best part 👍
Hsieh Jong Jiun (2 days ago)
1:34 didn't know Sion can one shot irelia
They already made the comics, imagine if they make the movies?
Hồng Phiến Giai (2 days ago)
Imagine, RIOT makes the movie about all the champions+))) so great
john reymond (3 days ago)
Firespawnie (3 days ago)
16:28 Darius got hit by 3 ulties.
Brightest Light (2 days ago)
something about annies growl at 12:26 is really baddass same with the roar tryndamere does right after Edit: 21:26 is what i meant
Brightest Light (2 days ago)
@Aleksa D oops, edited, ty
Aleksa D (2 days ago)
That is ahri and leona not annie
Gregory Wright (3 days ago)
Bro this shit is garbage contradicts the shit in the game Sion just rammed through her e with his Ult fuck out here.
bsb9231wfi htrghtrgg (3 days ago)
bsb9231wfi htrghtrgg (3 days ago)
bsb9231wfi htrghtrgg (3 days ago)
Learn To Play (4 days ago)
14:18 wew
Stefan Prasojo (4 days ago)
Salam indonesia
Thomas D (4 days ago)
So they need an army to take down darius, but his brother Draven gets one shot.....
Dalia Farah (3 days ago)
Just like ingame XD
RefusedArt (4 days ago)
ryze is collecting the infinity stones
George IXNGA (4 days ago)
when u insist on having red buff, as a mage, and the jungle says no and doesn't leash for you, duh... epic fight ensues...
David Fuchs (4 days ago)
¿You mean to tell me that Xayah and Rakan didn't get murked by Zed?
Theyre vistayas theyre strong birds their mission is to kill the shadow realm. And plus thats an old question riot already answered that
Spadez Youtube (5 days ago)
4:20 what shout you think ryze is learning?
El_Sabroson (1 day ago)
How to create medicinal brownies (easy)
Jay Jackson (5 days ago)
If you watch at 2:52 you can see my first time support kennen int'ing.
Trombadinha SE (5 days ago)
liiiiixo jogo ruim do kannnsouuuu
Penguin213 (5 days ago)
why the last one so bad???
Mahmoud Sayed (6 days ago)
this game is pure autism
위웅 (6 days ago)
사이온 5대1하는데 녹서스놈들 지들끼리 싸우네
Kakarota-kun (6 days ago)
I thought of the thumbnail was a new God of War shit😕
Kalid Bolto (6 days ago)
min 6:35 you're welcome dnd
Giogobel (6 days ago)
Make one anime or something
Santte (6 days ago)
imagine a movie where there is a huge war in the league of legends universe where all the regions are involved and we get to see who is the last region standing, they could make an amazing movie!
Chillout nate (6 days ago)
the odyssey one deserves to be a full blown movie or series or something man so cool
Prysm (6 days ago)
13:25 Rengar 1-shotting the ADC
hornviper92 (6 days ago)
Please tell me the name of the melody in the end of the video, so amazing!!!
Used to be a good game. But now it's shit. It's fairly annoying actually. LoL is trying to imitate dota 2 by introducing convoluted mechanics that seriously don't fit the core gameplay of LoL (ergo the design itself of the game does not allow it). Dota 2 in turn is taking stuff from LoL by dumbing down mechanics. A proper example of this is Dota 2 removing many of the high ground places where you could get stuck just because people with zero experience in the game getting rekt by Rubick. The map design they went for when they updated LoL is pretty fucking terrible and has been shit ever since. It does not help that they nerfed invisibility to the point of being useless. LoL also intentionally releases OP heroes to cash in money. I will never forget Xin Zhao release, that was a complete fiasco. It's not a simple "Oh woops in this interaction a certain skill is way to strong". No I mean intentionally OP: If these two games would fucking stop trying to be eachother then both games would improve significantly.
Hung Le (7 days ago)
Ys lốc cái chết cả đống vv
Ex Xenon (7 days ago)
name of champ at 21:33 plz
Scaar (4 days ago)
DUB (7 days ago)
may the force be with you 7:37 !
Mr.bubbles (7 days ago)
bruh we know naut is not that hype, stop making me want to play him
Mr.bubbles (7 days ago)
these things make we wanna play champs i know are boring as fuck in game
RealDealMan ¿ (7 days ago)
Imagine a game with the gameplay of lol and the graphics of dota..
BlueEyeLaser (7 days ago)
Yeaaahhhh these are ok. If you're like me you don't care for showing only anime humans as the leaders. I want to see one of the Freljord protector animals in some of these. Maybe Volibear jumping in to save Ashe from like 4 Noxian champs and makes her run back to safety and gets taken down doing so... Something of that sort... The Alistar part was cool but wayyyy on the back-burner and too short.
camerune (7 days ago)
i got something for the nocturne rework passive: nocturne gets a spelshield for .. sec every.. sec. when the spelshield get consumed or disapears it fears all targets around nocturne. evey attack makes the spelshield come back .. sec faster. Q: same W: nocturne can dash to an enemy. if that target is afterfeared the dash cooldown gets reset. passive: increade AS E: point and klick. nocturne implants a fear that goes off after .. sec R passive: feared enemys hold this state for 3 more seconds but are not feared for these 3 more seconds. R active: nocturne releases fog around him in wich enemys vision is decreased. if they stay for .. sec in the fog they get feared. you are more af an cc champ dat can go in and go out after fearing wait for some cd and go back in again. and while youre ult is active you can maybe dash more people. also you wanne go when you shield is up and thats not always. by making the state longer you have more killpresure. because you have an other way and more time to go in you dont have to jump the instant. you make him more laning/supp with the fears
Ignacio Padilla (7 days ago)
where is the dominion cinematic trailer?
Daniel T (7 days ago)
who's that fighting with jhin? was it lissandra? sorry, am quite out of touch w the game alr.
La Vie (6 days ago)
Dats camille
xPaula (7 days ago)
I just LOVE KARMA ❤️❤️❤️
επικό Gamer (8 days ago)
Is it only me or Ryze just looks like thanos when he was younger?
επικό Gamer (22 hours ago)
@i dont care cause i love towhoa slow down bro i only just downloaded the game i haven't even played it yet. i just watched the video to know whether the story is good, looks awesome so decided to play. sorry if i ruined your day..
What do you mean younger. He is a thousand years old you uncultured swine. You just like the video but not the story/lore
Sohan Daivik (8 days ago)
trailer of lol are so different from game plz stop over exaggerating....
Isaiah Ramos Barlaan (8 days ago)
HAHAHHA lol, lmfao HAHAHA.
Lajos Boros (9 days ago)
"NOOOOOO NOOOOO!!!!! THIS IS TOO BRUTAL FOR MY CHILDS!" we never will see again similar lol cinematic
Seether Angels (9 days ago)
Live action league of legends movie, Keanu Reaves as twisted fate!
Dsigbi (9 days ago)
Root balance team same people that make these animations
Dsigbi (9 days ago)
This is why I love Jhin
Dsigbi (9 days ago)
Riot... series... now...
Pra mim é um dos maiores informações consulte um médico que não Faça isso mesmo tempo que não Faça isso mesmo tempo que não Faça
Ó que não Faça isso mesmo tempo que não Faça isso mesmo tempo que não Faça isso mesmo tempo que não Faça isso mesmo tempo que não Faça isso
PauTroll119 HD (9 days ago)
Ü de representantes do reino dos meus filhos de um exemplo de representantes do reino dos
How are
The Master XIV (9 days ago)
15:00 fed nautilus
gh hty (9 days ago)
Purple skin and stones lolol :v
Dsigbi (10 days ago)
People dont understand literally how hard it would be to make a movie based on league. Out of 100s of champions who's the main character? In such a broad and story flavoured world where in tune terra would the story if erupt seen as all the different nations have their own story? I think it would be better to make a series with a character like ryze just travelling looking for the runes that time they would have enough time to include virtually everything
Dsigbi (8 days ago)
@[secret Name] theres a upcoming movie in 2023 ? Who's your source on this because riot hasn't said anything about a movie
[secret Name] (8 days ago)
None of champions is main character in movie upcoming 2023
최길웅 (10 days ago)
Who made saion strong?
xander tred (10 days ago)
Is this another ryze rework?
Michel Marin (10 days ago)
So epic bro like
Seth Williams (10 days ago)
If league made a movie on specific lore story it'd be great
Deny Marin (10 days ago)
second trailer was made in 2018
Alex Rengifo (11 days ago)
Alex Rengifo (11 days ago)
Drum My Base (11 days ago)
These are not all the cinematics I'm missing The Harrowing for example
myggen94 (11 days ago)
This is really cool! although a movie would be hard, a short anime 10-12 min eps would be awesome.
INB (11 days ago)
2015-2016 was the best
Youssef Hero (11 days ago)
11:59 not 2019
Sushi Sushi (12 days ago)
11:37 this one is really dont make on 2019
Tactical Elite (12 days ago)
What are those infinity stones of ryze? Someone knows the story?
Dsigbi (9 days ago)
They are rune stones and basically the building blocks of rune terra pure empty power. Basically exactly like infinity stones
mustafa (12 days ago)
ahri rep
elias rieger (12 days ago)
Even they made rengar completely busted xD
Andrea Dzneladze (12 days ago)
11:27 was released in 2015 not 2019
Lemonman (12 days ago)
8:38 so... infinity stones?
Mohmmad Faqiri (12 days ago)
why don't they just make a fraking movie]
jp fixa (12 days ago)
I like breaking Stuff (12 days ago)
14:19 kata always gets me aroused there
this game its the most toxic game in history never nobody having fun
SertMer (11 days ago)
βαγγέλης βαγγελακης Cough-cough, DotA-2

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