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The Slave Auctions

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your good racist fella (3 hours ago)
Muhammad 976 (1 day ago)
this is white people.
Adv Aku (1 day ago)
Sorry for my inglish! 😋 1400 year ago islam prohibited slavery and encourage ppl's to free a slave for the sake of Allah, which resulted more black ppl to accept islam, among all black men one of them was known as Bilal(negro) the first Muzaan (how calls for prayer).
Willie Daniel (5 days ago)
This is because we sin
Willie Daniel (5 days ago)
yveslo lou (6 days ago)
When they were slaves they were happy ☻
Gwyn S (11 days ago)
It was worse than this. Potential buyers would sometimes take females behind the scenes to internally examine them, and this would lead to sexual assault.
donthavetime4that (13 days ago)
Those who leadeth into captivity will go into captivity - Revelation 13:10. Future for all white people even if they are Christians regardless of if you ever had a slave or you were born generations later. For scripture says 👉🏽👉🏽 THE SINS OF THE FATHER ARE VISITED UNTO THE CHILDREN TO THE THIRD AND FOURTH GENERATION. 👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽 WHAT A MAN SOWETH, HE SHALL REAP. ***The people the European and their descendants enslaved were the people of the Most High who went into captivity bc their forefathers turned from the covenant all Hebrew Israelites have for every generation. If they suffered centuries of abuse and death at the hands of their oppressors, what makes Edomites/Idumea think they will not pay in retribution. White slave owners and all other people were given prophetic license to enslave His people bc of their disobedience to the covenant...BUT...they were not to touch the apply of His eye His chosen people whom He chose to be above all people aka families of the earth - Deuteronomy 7:6. As a result, future prophecy don't look good for any nations of people who were served by Israelites in enslaving them. 👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽HE (The Most High God of Israel) says He shall recompense these nations upon their own head. Edom is mentioned in the book of Obadiah as a nation of people whom He has righteous indignation with forever bc of how they treated His people which was total abuse of power and they will become future slaves 👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽 "THOSE WHO LEADETH INTO CAPTIVITY SHALL GO INTO CAPTIVITY." - REVELATION 13:10. Repent all ye nations including Israelites and especially Edomites bc you are specifically mentioned in a very bleak future prophecy that has yet to be fulfilled. Repent also all ye nations for the sins of your forefathers as well as your own sins. Edom should turn from their ways of how they are oppressing the Israelites they still hold in captivity. The Israelites will be avenged through the Most High and will get their reparations by only the Most High. The Most High and His son's words do not return void.
donthavetime4that (13 days ago)
Laugh and scoff all you want bc He already said your pride (that includes your WS system and your elevating your race to be above all people of color) have deceived you Edom, Idumea = so called white people (bible book of Obadiah) When the Bible speaks of the fulfillment of the Gentiles; that means your people's rulership is over when it reaches the time of Gentile's fulfillment which is drawing nigh.
Life With Leah (14 days ago)
I get y'all are angry and upset by this but look...this was back in the 1800s and still people are saying 'white people are bad because they sold slaves' everyone who sold slaves is dead by now, it's been two thousand years...unless y'all have some immortal grandma or somethin...anyway people have changed now...everyone I know is disgusted by this...just because white people did things like this back TWO THOUSAND YEARS AGO doesn't mean they are like this today...I understand we get bad people in the world but that's not everyone... Black and white people are exactly the same.... In fact I don't know why people say 'these black people' or these white people' we are all exactly the same with are own uniqueness inside...there's only one difference...skin colour...and is that such a big deal? really? no!
mike becker (15 days ago)
Wake up.. nobody's treating you like that..
mike becker (18 days ago)
Why is it being bought up.. are they pointing it at white people and trump.. do they think they are teaching us something we don't already know.. wasn't there thousands of white people that died in the civil war to end slavery.. didn't America play a big part in ending slavery all around the world.. wasn't the last country to legally have slaves in Africa within the last 20 years..
yveslo lou (19 days ago)
Just picked from the trees bright as a monkey that about says it about most of them
Kadeeja Ahmed (20 days ago)
Human beings are cruel than animals
Walter Paton (27 days ago)
Slavery continues today. Sexual, servers you name it ,it still happens. Where's the protests and help.
Craig F. Thompson (21 days ago)
paalu84 (29 days ago)
Why blacks did not retaliate?
Teresa Cody (29 days ago)
Checking their mouths, they were looking for the red gum Hebrews and not the black gum Africans! lol
fahril hayase (1 month ago)
Wish this was still present in the US
manoj kumar jatav (1 month ago)
If human do that thing with animals so
TeenMomTo baby.J (21 days ago)
Craig F. Thompson Let me guess..You're a darkie right?
Craig F. Thompson (21 days ago)
+TeenMomTo baby.J ....your comment proves that even EXTREME SUBHUMANITY can sometimes develop enough intelligence to type TOTAL STUPIDITY on a keyboard.... ....or did Magilla Gorilla help you with it?!?!
mraldershot (1 month ago)
Slavery is a horrible disgusting practice but to blame the present day white population is wrong on more than one count , The people of today look at this practice and agree with everything that is said and as much as we look back in history and understand that in the USA one race should was to blame We need to look deeper......The Africans that were sent across the Atlantic in many cases were already slaves , they were owned or captured by other Africans who realised they were worth more by selling them than using them for work ...Slavery in West Africa has been there for thousands of years ,also do you really think the White slave masters treated their slaves any worse than the Black owners in Africa ,I doubt it .. Also Slavery is still a common practice in Africa today especially in West Africa where in some countries up to 20 per cent of the population are still not free ...It was not just a White on Black issue, it was and still is a Black on Black issue . However if this comment in anyway sounds like I am suggesting what happened in the USA was ok I am not ,It was a terrible part of the new world's history and something we should never forget
Craig F. Thompson (21 days ago)
And, I see in your mini-dissertation that you COMPLETELY forgot about the PRISON-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX!!!!
Michael Dunetz (2 months ago)
I think that I see Sandra Bullock being at that slave market.
Andrea Orr (2 months ago)
Fuck the deep south whites thier food sucks they're clothes look like they came from the thrift store thier houses look like pigstys all they do is lie
ziggy morris (2 months ago)
115 sterling pounds equals 25k and change in modern money. Very shrewd indeed.
Jeffrey Richardson (2 months ago)
Deidra Robert Policeman
Jeffrey Richardson (2 months ago)
Chet and Lorreta Krakowski...
Jeffrey Richardson (2 months ago)
scott's unknowns...
Ivan Patten (2 months ago)
Sad times
TeenMomTo baby.J (21 days ago)
Craig F. Thompson Im white so really thats not true.
Craig F. Thompson (21 days ago)
+TeenMomTo baby.J Excuse me; the only SUBHUMAN here happens to be YOURSELF!!!!
TeenMomTo baby.J (21 days ago)
Ivan Patten No actually its times when monkeys were chained and couldnt shoot us
KingCamembert (2 months ago)
50, 70, 75 oenzzahhjdsbssq zajhebzajejakjeoajoazejoazijezo SOLD!
Queen Bitch (2 months ago)
EWww even white women was fucking salves in hell y'all go
Omar Jammeh (3 months ago)
motherfuck whites I really feel bad anytime I watch this video
laminage (3 months ago)
The scene that broke my heart was when the Lady was selling Rice Cakes and her Little Girl was clinging to her. In 12 Years a Slave a Lady begged for her children not to be separated.
Hoffman's Landscaping (4 months ago)
Should have been left in Africa.
yveslo lou (4 months ago)
Thanks to John Deere black lives don't matter anymore
TeenMomTo baby.J (21 days ago)
Anymore? They never did Theyre as valuable as a table
Sarah Cicilioni (4 months ago)
this people were nothing bu abusive..shame of you!
ziggy morris (5 months ago)
In today’s money 115 pounds is equivalent to 23k+.
buster560 (5 months ago)
I'll pay £50 for the first wench.
Sharon Yarbrough (6 months ago)
I'm crying! I'm hurt, angered, and sickened.
Robert Smith (6 months ago)
For God so loved the "WORLD"!!!!!
Ken Heyduk (6 months ago)
Inspect the goods...the ITEMS being sold....litter of picanninies...... This is priceless. At least back then they were worth something, today they are of no value.
TeenMomTo baby.J (21 days ago)
Ken Heyduk Um yeah? It just means she aint fixed and can be used for breeding. Thats why black females were sold is for breeding the fixed ones were less than useless
Riley Owens (6 months ago)
Mean people makes me mad. 😡
David Harrison (6 months ago)
can i have 2 large 1 medium and a bag of smalls. thank you .
Craig F. Thompson (21 days ago)
richard wills (6 months ago)
When I think back to the late 80's and 90's it seems no time at all ,on my travels through islamic countries I was faced with choosing black slaves to help me to work on a project ,they were forced to stand naked and beaten with a riding crop ,I can tell you I felt the humiliation with them ,I chose 5 and a youngster I knew had lied about his age ,knowing I could have them work with me rather than serve was my priority ,they worked the same hours and received the same food ,and we covered for the young lad by letting him do easy tasks ,I was considered the crazy eccentric Englishman as I used to force them all into my car rather than let them walk miles everyday on desert sand ,I am saying this because slavery is not a thing of the past ! it continues today in many countries ! and it must be stopped ,you might wonder why I agreed to accept them ? because I knew others would treat them like dirt and abuse them without any equal respect ,this is not history it thrives in the Far & Middle East !,,World leaders know this ! yet keep it hidden and accuse others of being racist,the people that started slavery are still continuing and nothing is being done ,it is only the white man that woke up to this evil practice
KEY Krosm (7 months ago)
Year what ?
TeenMomTo baby.J (21 days ago)
KEY Krosm 1700s
skirts365 (8 months ago)
THE LORD LIGONIER sort of still controls America. All top power people in USA take bossing from their senior partners, the British aristocracy! Jew Alan Greenspan kneeled to an ANGLICAN, The Queen, and became Sir Alan Greenspan. Bill Gates, Order of the British Empire. When Jews want to advance in the invisible power structure, they become Anglican-Episcopalians---the Oppenheimers (gold and diamonds, platinum), the Guggenheims (copper mines), the New York Schiffs (finance), Caspar Weinberger became an official of the Episcopal Diocese of California. Same goes for some of Islamic ancestry, they become Episcopalians to get ahead on the money pyramid---James BEN ALI Haggin (1827-1914) was "the greatest mine owne5r on earth." Jews get blamed, but they are just lap dogs to the Anglican Church of England/USA Episcopalians. Lots of slave traders and plantation owners, ocean transport ship owners among this group's ancestry, plus opium dealers in old China, with 45 million addicts at the peak of that "business." Trump takes bossing 100% from the Royal family same as Obama and Hillary.
EuphoriaGaming HD (9 months ago)
I'm white and I feel so sad watching this. I can't believe people were treated like this because of their colour (and objectified)
Melanie Brown (9 months ago)
This is sickening
Dog Niger (9 months ago)
You neGus
king louie (10 months ago)
don't you ever post this video again whit boy I'm not playing
Guiding Angel (10 months ago)
good old days.........
thegigadykid1 (1 day ago)
Change that fucking profile pic and name devil. Whites are hypocrites
UltraVillan 215 (7 months ago)
superfly9420 (10 months ago)
Guys is this a movie or real?
superfly9420 (7 months ago)
Alexandro do Rosa thank you.:)
Zahid Hasan Shishir (7 months ago)
Godfrey Khill (10 months ago)
Its from the Bible Deut. 28:15 - 68 The curse are listed in extreme detail. from the slave ships to SOLD on auction blocks. Charleston, SC number 1 city in America for selling Black Slaves for property.
Asante Anto Kwaku (10 months ago)
Bretheren Lee (10 months ago)
1 timothy 1:9 and 10 For the law was not intended for people who do what is right. It is for people who are lawless and rebellious,............................. slave traders,
Abigail Sockeye (11 months ago)
Jordi be like "holodeck, end program!"
Those whites in the slavery past are burning in hell and I hope they feel it
randy R (2 days ago)
hello beautiful people Nah, slavery was a blessing to black people. You are still enslaved and just to dumb to realize it. The Democratic Party has enslaved your people with section 8 & welfare. This has kept you right where they want you, down.
david miller (19 days ago)
1 in 3 slave masters were black. The slaves were sold by the village elders the middle East have been taking slaves from Africa for 2000 years we did it for 150 years.
Woozler554 (21 days ago)
Rave God - Hey man, they were just doing their thing. It was a good business.
Rave God (21 days ago)
Ohhhhhh now that you think of it yeah
Craig F. Thompson (21 days ago)
+Rave God They PERPETUATED the EVIL to THIS VERY DAY!!!! Read my other posts....
NO PROPHET AFTER JOHN – LUKE 16V16; LAW AND PROPHETS END TILL JOHN. Then, who was Super Servant Jesus and Super Hazrat Mohammed? Predictions:- Chosen People are the Demonstration Nation of the world to teach us the Moral Laws through practical suffering when their Blind Guides, the Rabbis led their spiritually blind Disciples or students into the Pits of Holocausts. Here is what we can predict in the Light of Matt. 13v24-30:- Never mind, we are in the Tribulation Period and the ATOMIC WAR is expected on 14 May 2023 when Israel shall be 75 years old. This is how it will happen:- Israel was established on 14 May 1948 + 70 years of Protection as the Temple was destroyed in 70 A.D. If anyone knows the exact date of destruction, I would appreciate. By this time, there will be a mass movement of the Jews outwardly towards Israel in which the Jews of the Semitic race would be bundled up – Matt. 13v24-30. Then, Israel would suffer attacks from the circumcised Gentiles, the fake sons of Abraham TILL 14 May 2023. Remember that Circumcision is the tribal mark of Abraham to Isaac only and not to Ishmael, a son born of the slave woman. The greedy Temple Priests created these fake sons of Abraham and Angel Stephen warned them of the end results but they killed him. I have over 5900 Youtube Videos to help you understand the subject by criticising my mistakes. In the spiritual Field, you must renew your Innerman, the Christ every day; otherwise, you are dead in letters super donkey carrying the Holy Books. Gospel flows from your own heart and not from the dead letters of the Holy Books. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sp_ho_kqm0Q Your own choice; Inshmullah Islam of Shia/Sunni Shariah or Inshallah Islam of Noor “Free of Sharia”? The real Islam is of Allah, Sun, Primary Source of Light called NOOR. 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김민호 (1 year ago)
징기스칸은 자비로웠어 가난한 유럽을 더이상 가질게 없다고 공격하다 말았으니
SUDHIR PATEL (1 year ago)
If everyone where the same colour and there was slavery the fundamental organic function of life would be better understood and obeyed.
SUDHIR PATEL (1 year ago)
Kunta is staring at the traitor like a rebel without a clue as to his perilous predicament. Find a new way to win. Become priestly. The slaves have won. The herd instincts rules the world. Now what? Science will lull everyone to sleep. A.I will bring the purity of oblivion to your world.
ogtay kgi (1 year ago)
dogsitter68 (1 year ago)
150 for that bitch
hershey axe (1 year ago)
dear lord blessed are those people.
Tessa Clifton (1 year ago)
I hate it
Tessa Clifton (1 year ago)
That's rude and disgrace
Andrea Orr (2 months ago)
Tessa Clifton my neighbors are the sane a disgrace
Keki Zeki (7 months ago)
Rude is a weird way to put it.
UltraVillan 215 (7 months ago)
Keki Zeki selling other humans like they are peices of items they can take at any time
Keki Zeki (10 months ago)
What's rude about it?
People Evil (1 year ago)
Africans sold their own people to the rest of the world.
Paul Zuk (1 year ago)
And the rest of the world was, of course, completely blameless for buying them? "Oh no I just bought this girl and raped her repeatedly for years, the REAL criminals are the ones who captured her back in Africa and sold her to me. I am basically an angel!" If you buy a human being from a slave trader and don't immediately release them, you deserve to die a horrifying death and for your name to be forever considered a foul curse word.
labyrinthodont 6 (1 year ago)
3:09 looks at the only black guy in the crowd. No sympathy there, hehe.
Aiyana (1 year ago)
My friend linked me this in Skype. I am scarred
Everne Chatman (1 year ago)
what's the name of this movie
Cashh Washington (11 months ago)
Everne Chatman roots
Storm Drake (1 year ago)
I don't like his attitude giving the evil eye..... he'd need to change that if he worked for me
Robloxian -Hyper (1 year ago)
pls stop rasit
SEZO NYEKHA (1 year ago)
Kenye west and John Legend are a good monkey bones.
SEZO NYEKHA (1 year ago)
Kenye west and John Legend are a good monkey bones.
BenTheBoss (1 year ago)
I bid $200 for that man!
Anonymous Hacker (1 year ago)
fity fity fity fity fity fity fity fity
Andrea Orr (1 year ago)
fuck the whites in the deep south they all can go to hell including my neighbors
S P Q D (1 year ago)
They are humans not animals!!!
TeenMomTo baby.J (21 days ago)
Craig F. Thompson I'm white thats what
Craig F. Thompson (21 days ago)
TeenMomTo baby.J (21 days ago)
S P Q D theye not humans OR animals theyre ITEMS Just like the device youre using to comment
Notorious L-I-N (1 year ago)
Jamal Insan (1 year ago)
it is all Bullshit and ISIS has been made and funded by US N ISRAEL it is no more secret all the criminal elements get recruited in ISIS who have no religion
motsheyi malakoane (1 year ago)
it tears my heart apart
Arky Bald Knobber (1 year ago)
Bring back slavery.
Ak1Zcion (1 year ago)
im pissed but thats how they want me to feel
Susan Field (1 year ago)
There Were More White Slaves than Black Slaves in Colonial America. Most governments do not teach White Slavery in their World History classes. Children of modern times are only taught about the African slave trade. All the dusty shelves in the dark corners of "Suppressed" history, none has been more completely obscured than the story of the White Slaves of Colonial America!
thegigadykid1 (1 day ago)
+NoName there were but a few
R D (9 months ago)
Susan Field You need to research more on what your talking about. Sounds like a bunch of confirmation biases your re-spewing from what your husband said over dinner one night.
Susan Field (1 year ago)
NoName. Your comment demonstrates perfectly what I said. That people have been drip fed an incorrect history in order to protect and aid the guilty. On very rare occasion an indentured was eventually freed. The majority of indentured servants / slaves were worked to death within the first year of being in America. Regardless of Michael A. Hoffman there is ample documented evidence emerging. Re. your comment " they probably didn't mind that much " many were children snatched off of the streets, never to see their parents again and vice versa.
Susan Field (1 year ago)
NoName. Quote: The term ' indentured servitude' is nothing more than a propagandistic softening of the historic experience of enslaved White people in order to make a false distinction between their sufferings and those of negro slaves. : unquote. There were in fact more White Slaves in America than Black Slaves. Barbados / Jamaica etc was built on the backs of White Slaves.Hundreds of thousands of White Slaves were kidnapped off of the streets of England/Ireland/Scottland etc, or tricked into ' indentured slavery ' and then sold into slavery. Once aboard the ships they were chained and transported in exactly the same way as the Black Slaves were. In Barbados in 1640 there were 25,000 slaves, of whom, 21,700 were White. Wealthy Jewish Merchants and Muslims ran the slave trade. Jews owned the Ships and their crew were also Jewish. Read ' They Were White and They Were Slaves, by Michael A. Hoffman. As for the Cameron's of this world, apart from greed the wealthy were always fearful that the poor would multiply and rise up against them, hence the White cull and hidden history that is emerging. The truth will set people free.
NoName (1 year ago)
Janna P That true and there was white slaves sold in the ottoman empire years after slavery was abolished in the US. The great majority of the black ones was not sent to the the US, but to South America and the Arab world.
Alp Aslan (1 year ago)
it was an ancient business, nothing to do with it,.
Keon Wright (1 year ago)
These are a godless and shameless people
Monkey Yns (1 year ago)
ahahah des negreeees, ESCLAVE !
Pariya Yadegari (1 year ago)
what is the film called?
Danny Roqs (1 year ago)
Pariya Yadegari Roots: the Saga of an American Family. The 1977 version.
samcasell ruedas (1 year ago)
Is this a movie? what is the title?
Sami Johnson (1 year ago)
hahah who thought at 2:14 when he was talking fast he was going to sing i am Scatman skirbiririyourbiramtam your biramtam skirbirirbirbri youmbirantam. hahahah... hahah Fucking hilarious.
The Unfamiliar (1 year ago)
This is How Black Hebrew Israelite folks exist because of this Slavery thing. They Believe a Black God name Yahawashi that will come down to earth and enslaved all nations especially whites for mistreating those Black people that claim themselves as Israelites. Right now at this present their preaching hate, racism and vengeance at the street.<----But this Whole Racism and enslavement belief of a racist Black God has been debunked anyway. lol Where is forgiveness? Where is Love? Where is peace? <----None are these are even on Earth! cuz its too busy with hate and violence. sad...
Why is he counting so fast
NoName (1 year ago)
Jazz Dejesus Wanting to drive the price up and tap into peoples impulse buying traits by stressing and minimize the time the audience have to make a decition and make a bid.
Hawaiiancanetoad twa (1 year ago)
Slavery and the dominance of white over blacks is just Darwinism in action. You can't fight nature. She'll eventually win ... every time.
Cryptosilver Loverboy (1 year ago)
yes that is why whites are finally free today but many blacks are still slaves, so sad, i´d take it up with the saudis, the blacks of mali just to give you two because i am in a good mood .... would you like to go back to africa? That would really help you.
Guiding Angel (1 year ago)
those slave aint no beyonce or tyra banks
cockney gyal (7 days ago)
stfu I see right through you ..hateful was race-baiter.....trying to decide and conquer by adding more Africans to cover the past of race mixing because wifey is jealous of pretty black women the slavemaster lust after...but the DNA is in our hair so stay scheming how to keep y'all evil pussyhole out of hell
Cryptosilver Loverboy (1 year ago)
would you please educate yourself.
MASTER CLASHER (1 year ago)
Fight the Power
Otf frxnk (1 year ago)
kuta was da only man who survived on da ship
Nigel Sheppard (1 year ago)
Isn't this from Roots?
Queen Bitch (2 months ago)
Nigel Sheppard why does it matter seems like u wish 2 buy us
Karen Bartlett (7 months ago)
This isn't a documentary- its from a movie. Hardly balanced.
Cashh Washington (11 months ago)
Elias Tsigaras this is from the the film in 1977. Thats kunta. And they have a new series that comes on tv as well
Elias Tsigaras (1 year ago)
yes is from the series roots they had a movie but that's from series I wonder why they don't put on tvs so new generation ms be able to watch this
yes it's from the film roots
Dwana Carson (2 years ago)
So sad
Teacher Jeicko (2 years ago)
Adamu Kwesi (1 year ago)
Isaac Fonseca
Kohl423 (2 years ago)
Slave usage and auctions took place for thousands of years. White on white, black on black also mixed race auctions and we must also include the middle , far east and South American cultures. Of course all slavery is wrong, we should remember though that it wasn't a one off situation against one race only and the success of the slave business from Africa depended upon the supply of large numbers of slaves provided by other African tribes capturing them and shipping them to the colonials on the coast. Another form of slavery just as terrible was that practised by the wealthy of those times against their own people. The conditions of the poor in Britain for example and their treatment was abusive and savage.
Craig F. Thompson (21 days ago)
Rick Raven Rumney (3 months ago)
YUNG JUDAH What lie? Please explain.
Rick Raven Rumney (3 months ago)
Great comment. Another part of the slave trade, or Muslim slave trade as it is called is that mostly men went West to North central and South America and women slaves went East to Persia India and that area to act as concubines in harems.
YUNG JUDAH (10 months ago)
NoName (1 year ago)
Kohl423 Unfortunately slavery was a core value in all human civilations since the beginning of time until relative recently. Slavery was widespread in Africa; when different tribes fought each other, which happened a lot, the captives were enslaved as a matter of routine. This made African slaves MUCH cheaper, accsesable, and plentiful than other potensial sources of slaves once trade routes to the continent was etablished. The African tribal leaders and slave masters sold their slaves to europeans and arabs ad mass. African slaves were 1) Strong 2)Had a lot of stamina, 3) Cheap and delivered ready to ship 4)And the most important: More resistant to the diseases and harsh work enviroments that took a heavy toll on others . As african slaves eventually replaced all others in the western hemisphere for those reasons, slavery have turned into a emotional black/white ‘race’ issue instead of the cynical laubor cost/effency matter it was at the time.
Richard Morgan (2 years ago)
Ken Bone (2 years ago)
reverse racism lol
Tookie stackz (2 years ago)
This is so sad we all are Humans just light or dark skin watching this is sickning smh

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