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Indian Malayalam hottest actress Madhuri Joseph bikini and rare private photos

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The recently released movie 'Joseph' is in talks for various reasons. Now the actress Madhuri Braganza, who was one of the leading ladies of the movie, is also in limelight for a different reason. Madhuri is a non-Keralite model, who has a bunch of glamorous photographs of her on her social media pages. Since the release of 'Joseph,' people are surfing through her accounts and a few of her photos got criticized by a few trolls on the internet. She has been receiving threatening messages and hate texts. So she took to one of her social media pages and gave a good reply for that. She asked these anti-socials to keep their smart logic to themselves. And also slammed them by saying that she will wear whatever she wishes. She also added that she believes in body positivity and equality.
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