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Penn & Teller MMT EGYPT

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Penn & Teller's Magic and Mystery Tour is a 2003 television documentary miniseries starring Penn & Teller. The program was created by the CBC in association with Channel 4 Film. The show focuses on street magic, and the subjects of each of the three shows are China (Chinese Linking Rings), India (Indian Rope Trick), and Egypt (Cups and Balls, Gali-Gali men). Unusually for Penn and Teller, Teller speaks in the Egypt episode, even though part of their trademark performance is that Penn does all the speaking.
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Pure Hell (2 days ago)
They would not put this out today with them dissing their food and shit now a days lol oh times have changed. You can’t even be slightly offensive lol it’s bs
Karen Joy Gordo (3 days ago)
Glad penn and teller chose to be wise and not eat those dirty dishes that the guide is pushing them to eat
Fluffysaurus Lux (5 days ago)
i think Penn is culturaly retarded.. with all do respect..
The Don Waichanguru (7 days ago)
Some racist comments, not appealing at all
Sudo Beerme (8 days ago)
iwe timer (8 days ago)
Finally I've heard Teller speak! Lol
Zeno King (8 days ago)
8:05 teller SPEAKS
That guy eating bricks and tacks was a fucking moron
Recluse Reginald (11 days ago)
6:39 is that Stalin?
The Real Flenuan (11 days ago)
Teller talking caught me off guard
انميشن999 (12 days ago)
حياهم الله
Mahmoud Osama (2 days ago)
+انميشن999 نعم ادخل قناتي و شوف الفيديوهات
انميشن999 (2 days ago)
+Mahmoud Osama هههههههههههههههههههههههههههه حتى انا والله , انت ساحر؟
Mahmoud Osama (3 days ago)
ظنيت اني العربي الوحيد اللي شاف الفيديو😂
Phillip Storey (12 days ago)
Love Teller's resonant voice, he should use it more often!
theonedom Gaming (19 days ago)
Love you 2
Papon Pro (23 days ago)
8:17 I heard teller talking for the first time😳
Fiki Firmansyah (23 days ago)
Ghazanfar Shaikh (27 days ago)
Teller can talk yessss😍😍
Ghazanfar Shaikh (7 days ago)
+iwe timer I do 😂
iwe timer (8 days ago)
Who cares?
William Page (1 month ago)
Cool beans
Silent Sadness (1 month ago)
wow. teller talks.
Joshua Beldad (1 month ago)
Magic < Teller Talking
indyjons321 (1 month ago)
Tellers voice is a lot deeper than I imagined....
slimydick23 (1 month ago)
8:02 I spit out my water wtf
OP Paladin (1 month ago)
8:03 wow Teller voice :D
CursedNaruto (1 month ago)
40:41 that dog shits in front of my house again I'm gonna shot first and faster than han solo
mohammed alenazi (1 month ago)
Pen and teller steel tricks from other countries and take them to the USA
mohammed alenazi (1 month ago)
Homophobic from food thats discusting
khaled batook (1 month ago)
19:26 *Teller talking finally :)*
Ryan Murphy (1 month ago)
Penn's ego is nauseating.
Smudge Codes (1 month ago)
How do you travel and not try the local food?? That brick looked delicious! 🔥
jack reeda (1 month ago)
SzoQ (2 months ago)
Teller has amazing voice wow
Zers (2 months ago)
10:49 Sure looks tasty...
Zers (2 months ago)
8:02 You're Welcome
Chicken Towel (2 months ago)
08:02 Teller speaks
Daniel Asher (2 months ago)
WHAT THE FUCK teller is talking????!!!!!
austin roof (2 months ago)
Penn and Teller must be absolutely roasting alive in those suits they wear everywhere
eamoman651 (2 months ago)
"God bless America" that was hilarious 😂
uPochY Nguyen (2 months ago)
8:03 Teller are talking
Mark Mark (2 months ago)
Teller ha a great TV voice, strange he does the silent role. As for the snake swallowing, having kept snakes they shit, not going in my mouth thanks.
plaguelock (2 months ago)
Even with the clear cups it was still very cool seeing our deft they are with their hands.
He's Near (3 months ago)
Teller has spoken!
Pashute (3 months ago)
Egyptian magic for Teller next time he's there: If you choose the gold you will be killed. Choose the burning charcoal and put it in your mouth, become heavy in your tongue and heavy in your lips, and stutter (Gam tmol Gam Shilshom Gam... Gamgum is stutter in Hebrew. say: yesterday too, two days ago true too) Put hand in coat and it's all sickly white. put it back in pocket and its ok. Throw staff and it turns into a snake. Don't be afraid of it. Just catch it and retrieve it from its tail, and its a staff again. Watch a burning bush that never burns away, part the Red Sea (the walls are figurative, it just dries up due to a Tsunami pulling it back) and then have some Egyptian divers dive in the very same place. Walk in the Sinai desert (a bit risky these days) and eat the food that becomes whatever you wish it to be. Still grown there today. It's called poppyseed. Eat Squills that land from Turkey after a 3-day journey over the Mediterranean and fall at your feet powerless. Talk to the stone and get water from it without hitting it, and walk up a steaming volcano, without eating for 40 days and nights (proven by holding up a newspaper with the date) and come back with two tablets. On these tablets you can give 10 commandments which should be fair and moral and millions of people will adopt them in some interpretation or other. Now that would be an accomplishment. Come home to your waiting wife and tell her.
Jordan Cruz (3 months ago)
It's probably the 'Happy!' marathon I just watched, but I'm pretty sure the 'Great Boffa' or whoever is an obvious child predator that you guys praised.
sirgalahadlives (3 months ago)
Guy Lakeman (3 months ago)
ok ... what is more magic ??? guns and trucks or canned pears and cheese wiz ??? surviving both is cups or balls ?
ahmad muhammad (3 months ago)
so teller really knows wolowitz trick :D
Lat igo (3 months ago)
I wonder what the guy eating bricks shat the morning after.
rofyle (3 months ago)
That salesman though. "God bless Murica, buddy." Good salesmen are the same everywhere. You go anywhere in the world, you find a good salesman and he'll be able to talk your language if he knows you've got money.
Deez Nuttz (3 months ago)
That is the first time I have ever heard teller talk in my 28 years alive and I have payed very close attention to hear him say one word every time and he finally did hyfr
Mark Ferguson (3 months ago)
It seems to me that the painting is of one man teaching the other the cops and balls or possibly that they are practicing together.
Hearthacnut (4 months ago)
Naaaah how did they do that last trick right at the end with the floating pyramids??!!
Richard Tomkins (4 months ago)
Oh Teller, how horrible of you! "... I'll be nice to this guy from this foreign country ..." @ 20:15, yep, you messed up.
dennis dimaandal (4 months ago)
what!!!! Teller has a voice!
Lukas Altner (4 months ago)
OMG the most impressive thing about the whole video is that I heard Teller's voice for the very first time
skizzie onpc (5 months ago)
-normal card trick- *cuts to a guy eating a brick* ok
Bert (5 months ago)
You should vlog more
AmperajeDR (5 months ago)
8:04 best magic trick ever 😲
Craig VanMeter (5 months ago)
Teller Speaks ???? I feel like I did when I caught my parents putting a coin under my pillow when I believed in the tooth fairy. That devistation ruined my Senior year .... in college
Ns Rondabu (5 months ago)
Teller is talking 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😛😛😛😛😛
mushy (5 months ago)
Never listen to Penn at increased playback speed. You'll think you're bidding on an auction with no money by scratching your head
mushy (5 months ago)
45:08 Penn pockets a ball. Helps make 3 more, then pulls out the original ball and puts it behind his back
عمدة الألعاب السحرية 😹
Karan Patil (5 months ago)
I'm more surprised that I saw this entire video in one sitting without any pause or breaks. 80% of the time I was like why the fuck I'm watching this? It's really the penn's talking that kept me saying "okay 2 mins more.." and eventually I finished it. Now it's 3am I better sleep
RonicVll (5 months ago)
He has such a cool voice too! 😍
Jumbo Palumbo (5 months ago)
37:20 Classic THC reaction.
Elton Gj (5 months ago)
10:55 looks hungry af
13r4nd0 (5 months ago)
Teller has the voice of an angelic man 😮😄😇
breakaway2x (5 months ago)
lol a guy stabs his arm with a needle until he bleeds on the cards while another guy over on the side is chewing down on bricks lol......strange world
TheDoctorsGamer (5 months ago)
P V (5 months ago)
tu bhi pratik main bhi pratik
Daniel Mendez (5 months ago)
Mmmmm tuna, and Teller speaks 😱 damn what a plus
ReignRealm (5 months ago)
OMFG! Teller is talking!!!!!!! My jaw dropped!
Cydia Stuf (5 months ago)
Why he is disrespecting their culture he’s a jerk 😒
The Jokester (5 months ago)
So it protect so no one tomb raid loot from there I guess goverment want tombs to be safe
David Elvion (5 months ago)
I think the "thumbs up sign" is something bad to show to someone in egypt. The reactions the quite polite but irritated haha!
DoodyDraws (5 months ago)
That's disgusting ! The comments they made about the country visit Egypt and judge by yourself Eating canned food that's ridiculous ! U don't have to eat in the streets u know .. there are restaurants and maybe hotel food fucking westerners .. smh 😒
sujaysukumar123 (5 months ago)
Meanwhile, there is one guy eating construction material - bricks, glass, nails ... Next morning he excreted a miniature empire State building.
Parth Pandkar (5 months ago)
Teller can talk
Zachary Delgado (5 months ago)
Holy shit Teller is talking
1つ以上の 75 (5 months ago)
Our world, as a whole, would be better off, by far, if the only people on TV were Penn and teller. Seriously, every channel, every network 24-7... just them.
AbootZ (5 months ago)
5:45 , 5:53 lucky penn
ÎSurpasz Î (5 months ago)
Just wait till that guy chewing on bricks, glass, nails takes a shit lol
Andy Yip (5 months ago)
41:41 teller's sarcasm 😂😂😂
Andy Yip (5 months ago)
37:27 i laugh for no reason 😂😂😂
Mostafa Farag (5 months ago)
Who's Egyptian here🙋
Connor Baker (5 months ago)
So that's what teller sounds like
Bret Hudgens (5 months ago)
Their very lucky to visit Egypt before ISIS, the Muslim brotherhood and Hillary Clinton. Can't quite do these things today. What a shame. Great country with beautiful people.
highonsmog (5 months ago)
39:40. It's 2AM, so I totally misunderstood when Penn says "They never let us shoot anyone in uniform.... everytime we shoot them we get reprimanded." Why would you shoot at someone? Lol.
TheJesters8 (5 months ago)
Womb teller spoke
Jesse Daub (6 months ago)
Teller talked it’s MAGICAL
Justin Baker (6 months ago)
Teller speaking made me think of Lennier from Babylon 5. An old SciFi show. Loved it.
fetB (6 months ago)
23:37 "what the fuuuuu uuuu uuu uuuu"
pedro barnito (6 months ago)
glass and brick eating guy is not magic, he realy realy doing this , so if you canot watch it just donot watch it ; )
Uncle Phil (6 months ago)
8:03 what the fuck
D0S81 (6 months ago)
08:00 holy crap, teller spoke, now thats magic right there!!
Brotonik (6 months ago)
I just found out in this video that he can speak wtf
Vagabond Wastrel (6 months ago)
This makes me wonder what egypt was like before islam came.
samar mrabet (6 months ago)
Teller speaking is literally the world's 8th wonder
Jirhael Gallo (6 months ago)
Teller spoke!!!
ali abugayed (6 months ago)
Eygbt is cleaner than America by a million miles
Koguntetzu Gaming (6 months ago)
Teller spoke!?! First time i've seen it.

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