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Penn & Teller MMT EGYPT

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Penn & Teller's Magic and Mystery Tour is a 2003 television documentary miniseries starring Penn & Teller. The program was created by the CBC in association with Channel 4 Film. The show focuses on street magic, and the subjects of each of the three shows are China (Chinese Linking Rings), India (Indian Rope Trick), and Egypt (Cups and Balls, Gali-Gali men). Unusually for Penn and Teller, Teller speaks in the Egypt episode, even though part of their trademark performance is that Penn does all the speaking.
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Text Comments (1197)
AmperajeDR (13 hours ago)
8:04 best magic trick ever 😲
Craig VanMeter (18 hours ago)
Teller Speaks ???? I feel like I did when I caught my parents putting a coin under my pillow when I believed in the tooth fairy. That devistation ruined my Senior year .... in college
Ns Rondabu (1 day ago)
Teller is talking 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😛😛😛😛😛
mushy (1 day ago)
Never listen to Penn at increased playback speed. You'll think you're bidding on an auction with no money by scratching your head
mushy (1 day ago)
45:08 Penn pockets a ball. Helps make 3 more, then pulls out the original ball and puts it behind his back
عمدة الألعاب السحرية 😹
Karan Patil (5 days ago)
I'm more surprised that I saw this entire video in one sitting without any pause or breaks. 80% of the time I was like why the fuck I'm watching this? It's really the penn's talking that kept me saying "okay 2 mins more.." and eventually I finished it. Now it's 3am I better sleep
RonicVll (6 days ago)
He has such a cool voice too! 😍
Jumbo Palumbo (7 days ago)
37:20 Classic THC reaction.
LT Ben Dover (11 days ago)
10:55 looks hungry af
13r4nd0 (13 days ago)
Teller has the voice of an angelic man 😮😄😇
breakaway2x (13 days ago)
lol a guy stabs his arm with a needle until he bleeds on the cards while another guy over on the side is chewing down on bricks lol......strange world
TheDoctorsGamer (13 days ago)
P V (14 days ago)
tu bhi pratik main bhi pratik
Daniel Mendez (14 days ago)
Mmmmm tuna, and Teller speaks 😱 damn what a plus
ReignRealm (15 days ago)
OMFG! Teller is talking!!!!!!! My jaw dropped!
Cydia Stuf (15 days ago)
Why he is disrespecting their culture he’s a jerk 😒
The Jokester (15 days ago)
So it protect so no one tomb raid loot from there I guess goverment want tombs to be safe
David Ulf John (16 days ago)
I think the "thumbs up sign" is something bad to show to someone in egypt. The reactions the quite polite but irritated haha!
DoodyDraws (16 days ago)
That's disgusting ! The comments they made about the country visit Egypt and judge by yourself Eating canned food that's ridiculous ! U don't have to eat in the streets u know .. there are restaurants and maybe hotel food fucking westerners .. smh 😒
sujaysukumar123 (16 days ago)
Meanwhile, there is one guy eating construction material - bricks, glass, nails ... Next morning he excreted a miniature empire State building.
Parth Pandkar (16 days ago)
Teller can talk
Zachary Delgado (16 days ago)
Holy shit Teller is talking
1つ以上の 75 (17 days ago)
Our world, as a whole, would be better off, by far, if the only people on TV were Penn and teller. Seriously, every channel, every network 24-7... just them.
Wet Clothes Guy (17 days ago)
Is that guy at 10:50 eating a fuckin BRICK?! Hahaha!
AbootZ (17 days ago)
5:45 , 5:53 lucky penn
ÎSurpasz Î (17 days ago)
Just wait till that guy chewing on bricks, glass, nails takes a shit lol
Andy Yip (18 days ago)
41:41 teller's sarcasm 😂😂😂
Andy Yip (18 days ago)
37:27 i laugh for no reason 😂😂😂
Mostafa Farag (18 days ago)
Who's Egyptian here🙋
Connor Baker (19 days ago)
So that's what teller sounds like
Bret Hudgens (20 days ago)
Their very lucky to visit Egypt before ISIS, the Muslim brotherhood and Hillary Clinton. Can't quite do these things today. What a shame. Great country with beautiful people.
highonsmog (22 days ago)
39:40. It's 2AM, so I totally misunderstood when Penn says "They never let us shoot anyone in uniform.... everytime we shoot them we get reprimanded." Why would you shoot at someone? Lol.
TheJesters8 (23 days ago)
Womb teller spoke
Jesse Daub (25 days ago)
Teller talked it’s MAGICAL
Justin Baker (25 days ago)
Teller speaking made me think of Lennier from Babylon 5. An old SciFi show. Loved it.
fetB (26 days ago)
23:37 "what the fuuuuu uuuu uuu uuuu"
pedro barnito (27 days ago)
glass and brick eating guy is not magic, he realy realy doing this , so if you canot watch it just donot watch it ; )
Uncle Phil (28 days ago)
8:03 what the fuck
D0S81 (28 days ago)
08:00 holy crap, teller spoke, now thats magic right there!!
Brotonik (29 days ago)
I just found out in this video that he can speak wtf
Vagabond Wastrel (1 month ago)
This makes me wonder what egypt was like before islam came.
samar mrabet (1 month ago)
Teller speaking is literally the world's 8th wonder
Jirhael Gallo (1 month ago)
Teller spoke!!!
ali abugayed (1 month ago)
Eygbt is cleaner than America by a million miles
Koguntetzu Gaming (1 month ago)
Teller spoke!?! First time i've seen it.
War pig Hammer (1 month ago)
My man talking awesomeness.! And the guy eating the shit was a moron.
John Doe (1 month ago)
WTF??? This......................................
Vinod Kumar (1 month ago)
19:42 is inception. I remember in one of their videos, they say "the more smart you think you are, the easier it is to trick you".
Poecat (1 month ago)
First time I've ever heard Teller talk.
OZ Music (1 month ago)
First time a saw Teller talking.. man he has a good voice. What a petty that he does not use it so often :)
Okiiashi (1 month ago)
I come here to see 8:05 and know that Teller has a voice. Love these guys.
Tommy Vines (1 month ago)
2x speed at 46:00 to 46:21 fucking hilarious
Nick N. (1 month ago)
please give Penn & Teller a travel show (just not on CNN)
Hind. TheDreamer (1 month ago)
Teller's voice is sexy 😍 I love him 💕
Hind. TheDreamer (1 month ago)
Teller is talking in this video 😍 I'm So happy 😭 I love him so much, he is so cute and clever 😘 and now his voice 💖 I didn't believe my ears & eyes when he talks, he is charming 😍
AsmrGod (1 month ago)
8:09 never heard teller talk shocked
Zombie killer90 ?? (1 month ago)
The "shit of the desert!" Lol
Liz Calhoun (1 month ago)
U guys rock!
Liz Calhoun (1 month ago)
OMGoodness!!! Teller is my hubby-soul mate!!!! ❤️
Jovetj (1 month ago)
Nah, the most impressive trick in this whole video is that it was encoded by a potato... which happened to be rotten!
newman (1 month ago)
So teller can talk 🤗🤗😁😁
It's_Magic 2003 (1 month ago)
7:02 15:59 33:43 36:26 40:20
Tanner Cryden (1 month ago)
gad damn that intro in tacky
Jack Sprat (1 month ago)
Bravo! Great show, and thanks for the tour. Aside from the wonderful faces it makes me doubly glad to be here in the USA.
Trust No1 (1 month ago)
You know what? The thumbnail you chose to put on the video, is a fucking great, great image. I love it!
TheWickerMan1981 (1 month ago)
Teller talking is the Chinese ring trick of speech.
Yamato Senpai (1 month ago)
I love cairo cause its one of the games in 8 ball pool
Edgar Hernandez (1 month ago)
Teller has a beautiful voice
Corey Audet (1 month ago)
Awesome appreciation for the art and history of magic.
Piak Piak (1 month ago)
Are the water that bad?
Jay Scott (1 month ago)
can penn and teller make my lamisil monster vanish?
Jay Scott (1 month ago)
the dude eating bricks, does that make him a vegan?
altohippiegabber (1 month ago)
they broke the spell by letting Teller talk, big mistake, he should only talk in documentaries or interviews but *never* in Penn & Teller (tv)shows
mohamed moataz (1 month ago)
2018 anyone ?
Maybe the cups&balls was actually a game for two. Two guys, sitting against each other, each with three cups, trying to outdo each other in turns... Who knows. Or the two dudes painted on the wall were just washing dishes. That is a possibility also.
ChubbyChecker182 (1 month ago)
I love Penn and Tellers Cups and Balls.
MunchNPlay (1 month ago)
8:10 is the best damn magic I’ve seen
turbominator (1 month ago)
penn is one ugly motherfucker
LizardGeek (1 month ago)
He ate that... without any milk.
Holy shit he talked
Janet Kerkorian (1 month ago)
Amazing entertainment. As usual for these men.
its a brick of wait wheat or a bakers sick rhymes with kick kick a brick shit a brick rock hard bread still hes dead as a brick of dust and rust
dizzzy dizzzy (2 months ago)
46:08 a potato moving?
Ayee Jiff (2 months ago)
17:00 just casually looked away for a few seconds and i hear this and just laugh without even seeing teller saying it at first
Jakoby Roadcap (2 months ago)
Vanished the pyramids and made a hill grow that’s pretty amazing.
Romanime Daisuki (2 months ago)
Omg, teller has a nice voice, the first time i heard teller's voice
Josh H (2 months ago)
Bafa who?
David. (19 days ago)
bofa deez nuts
Paul McCaffrey (2 months ago)
Cairo is a great city and Teller should be forced to drink the water
Rex Kel (2 months ago)
My first time ever seeing Teller speak it blew me away
eoghan quinn (2 months ago)
teller talks???????????????
Alyona Romaniuk (2 months ago)
The best vlog I've ever seen! Teller's voice is so beautiful. Just love them!!! ❤
metalim (2 months ago)
Camera wasn't invented in 2003 yet, so they filmed with Potato.
Smurfinz (2 months ago)
8:00 Teller talked !! Damn I was so curious why I never saw Teller talks and later I found out that it's his "trademark" on screen, but I'm pretty sure that he ever talked and gonna look for it some time. Now I just saw him talk without even looking for it lol. xD
Fei Fong Wong (2 months ago)
It's funny how i'm almost 34 years old but it's now that i'm really enjoying magic tricks and specially loving Sr. Penn and Teller shows.
ReqLeBeax (2 months ago)
37:19 watching Teller laugh his ass off, is something special man. I bout lost it with him.
I've never realized how truly funny Penn is? lol gully, gully, gully!
Osiris (2 months ago)
This is true, just documenting the last jedi attraction
Osiris (2 months ago)
This is an open letter to all the drug using folk of Campbell county, there's nothing like it... I try to call and check up, but if I don't have "what you need" then i'm not "what you want".. That's obvious.. Why can't you stand for what GOD wants and not what your drug dealing friends want? The reason why is because they've been thru the ringers... Another slight of hand BS That you all fell for,, what sheep, i'm sorry, but your a faker in the name of God = Yeshua...

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