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The World of Magic - Official Trailer

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The World of Magic, a MMORPG for iPhone Gameplay Trailer
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Text Comments (197)
멍 멍 (23 days ago)
여기서 구걸하는 놈 뭐냐 ㅋㅋㅋ
BERZERKER (2 months ago)
please donate money server bigmama name player my is berzerker2
Ruby Sugar (6 months ago)
Lol that phones very old hahaha
KuiNoah (3 years ago)
this game needs updates
Mia Lopez (5 years ago)
I'm sad I'm like having so much trouble for killing some ppl It's sad want my old white tag
Travahn Brassel (5 years ago)
What armor does ranger wear
Julie Yang (5 years ago)
How do you screenshot on samsung??!?
Myrukinha ~ (6 years ago)
Legal o video... Ser mago tem que ter habilidade nl jogo. ^^
Belinda Jasmine (6 years ago)
Siras are dope.
IGor Chagas (6 years ago)
Kingdom strong
Mecha Charizard (6 years ago)
JSL50X (6 years ago)
And THIS is where the Lanos and Siras get together to hate eachother.
AfghanMariam (6 years ago)
@Kazumic Yang
izzy rosado (6 years ago)
I'm lanos I'm not very in empire get it? Anyways lol
Phillip Tilton (6 years ago)
Very fun game with good music, youll need to play on wifi though cuz 3g crashes often, hopefully an expansion will be coming soon with newer content
Moulin Mango (6 years ago)
We all want a new sevrer from BIGMAMA :)
Jasmine Lau (6 years ago)
P.s I'm compa
Jasmine Lau (6 years ago)
I'm in devilang/lanos too( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
byronjohn01 (6 years ago)
Dear com2usgames, I don't know if u conaider my suggestions and my fellow friends in Wadangka.We wanted a new server cause my grandpa died and I wanna feel his presence in the game.So I don't know if u guys would want a new Server.I'm just suggesting,if u consider my suggestion pls reply. Thanks com2usgames I hope u will make a new server and good luck :)
ocean maiden (6 years ago)
dude can u stop fking pking me im clericity
Kazumic Yang (6 years ago)
im 'Sakuragi' im lvl 35-38 im in wagadaka
Kazumic Yang (6 years ago)
wtf mcalaraa @[email protected]
ilovecp08 (6 years ago)
i'am level 47
BreakingSocialNorms (6 years ago)
any game can damage your eyesight from playing it too much lol, that's why there's a such thing as having self control.
mmckee333 (6 years ago)
@TheStuntAssassin that would work if I had it on a android or iPhone but I don't
Justicar Warden (6 years ago)
delete all of its files from the sd card (find them ) then redownload it
mmckee333 (6 years ago)
I CANT GET ON PLEASE ITS BEEN 2WEEKS I MISS IT SO MUCH :( the app won't load it chrashes befor the logo help
georgiaannbrown (6 years ago)
The world of magic is fun! P.s I am ladylili
afanigues (6 years ago)
the new update doesnt let me play no matter what i do...
afanigues (6 years ago)
its for ipod since 3 years ago... why dont u check?
Karin Maaka (6 years ago)
IMO ruined my life
Juani_ZC (6 years ago)
es onlineee???
Baldoxxx4000 (6 years ago)
isnt warspear superior?
JerritoMusicBand (6 years ago)
whitekitty01 (7 years ago)
one question! where I can find belt for mage?
Rory Rumfelt (7 years ago)
I already have it on droid- it was released this week ;P povin it
ThePokemonkirby (7 years ago)
killed in lvl 5 and a bulldozer killed me
rugonfire (7 years ago)
make HD vers? :D
androidgaming nl (7 years ago)
@Zeigster Com2us announced today it will be coming to Android soon.
Panda_3 (7 years ago)
@yoshipatronum You must be kidding, could you ask him and write here all maps' names? I won't believe it, until i see it.
yoshipatronum (7 years ago)
@AlreadyHerePL there is crafting, and there much more maps than most people think. my brother found over 25 different maps.
Ziggyst3r (7 years ago)
I wanted to play this, it's too bad only available for iPhone. The anime/cartoonish style looks cool too. Why not make it universally available for all types of android phones. :(
NaturesCreations123 (7 years ago)
@rasmichael I got to be a lv31 Mage in 4 months lol
willzurmacht (7 years ago)
w/c is better, this or pocket legends?
Mateo Moreno (7 years ago)
rasmichael (7 years ago)
that game is so hard i spend almost a year to be an level 22 mage thats disturbing but i stil love it account bjoern2X
Fesco (7 years ago)
I really enjoy this game, It should totally come out for android phones & tablets.
La Vea (7 years ago)
Wonder if they would make an update for the iPhone/ iPod 4 so it can work correctly Love the Game Tho
Panda_3 (7 years ago)
Best MMO available for iDevices right now. I hate all those 3D MMOs, because they lag as hell, not like TWOM. It's pretty stable game even on my iPhone 2G. I think the only MMO that could be compared to TWOM is Empire Online, but in EO fight is turn-based, that's why I like TWOM more. Additionaly- TWOM is ABSOLUTELY FREE TO PLAY. You don't have to pay a single buck to enjoy whole content. What is still missing in TWOM, in my opinion: pets, crafting, more classes, more maps. Thanks.
eddie yang (7 years ago)
Hey guys it's the original Eddie! From wadanka lanosian, also lvPanDA and ambitions, first I would like to thank ramhorsht for being such and awesome guild leader of krom, second to all my friends...u know ur awesome and pls if u can donate some money to eddie lvPanDA or ambitions if u see them. I got scammed and lost everything on Eddie, lv 20 warrior* so pls if u can thank u! Ily all!!!
chaos3rulez (7 years ago)
Hey peoples this game is awesome am on deviling siras and the names xPRORANGEx I play every weekend btw am ranger and play every weekend and just started an account 2 days ago and am lv 18 am hooked!! :)
Oscar Chang (7 years ago)
im debby4 im devling
Oscar Chang (7 years ago)
im lvl 18 now im debby in devling say hi if u see me
shad0wb0ba (8 years ago)
@MediaDesignNL FFantasyX lvl 19 Server:Waka Realm:Siras
oscar chang (8 years ago)
can someone help me train in the pship
oscar chang (8 years ago)
im lvl 16 in this game yay
Rasmus Münter (8 years ago)
looks boring
shad0wb0ba (8 years ago)
when pets coming out and new monsters coming out... o ya have more events probably every month or so? anyways i been playing this game for 1 year and haven't seen anything new except new little items about 3-5 items please ADD pets idc if its platinum we people want pets T_T that auto-pick up items and probably attack? and lvl? idk but please add pets
Th3R3M1nd3r (8 years ago)
@00Saphire00 Maplestory is for PC. I assume you're a 8 year old who just joined.
Th3R3M1nd3r (8 years ago)
@xXxAssasinatorxXx Maplestory is for people who want to waste their life getting to 200 for no reason. LaTale is just too slow and complicated.
Blazalin (8 years ago)
Add me on here XChronicX BIGMAMMA Lanos :)
Mxteries (8 years ago)
Wish my gameplay was as smooth as that >.>
ben- dover (8 years ago)
maplestory the best
Leo Chan (8 years ago)
I'm so addicted to this game... I think I'm gonna go blink... BUT IT'S TOO GOOD TO STOPPP! <3
Kaybs (8 years ago)
I'm trying this game right now, is there any other mmo that are good ? please reply <3
Zayne Williams (8 years ago)
IMO>Pocket Legends.. you say its tedious.. what do you want a game that gives you everything in a minute? if you do go play moparscape or some private server, if not play this game get to lvl 26+ and own some noobs :P
Sammy Lopez (8 years ago)
@birdman3878 didnt like pocket legends it didnt give me the mmo feel like this 1 does
Sammy Lopez (8 years ago)
@spotifypwn actualy i dint like pocket legends i liked this game more its just hard to lv after 30 took me a day to get to 30 now its like 6h per lv
fadsgfjkaslhfddddddd (8 years ago)
well if you need help you can check the forums at global.com2us.com also you could check the facebook page... but the forums are better. also stop complaining that u r getting pked. a hint to get pked less is you should have a white name only. or else u will get killed. ~5geoy Devilang Lanos
Zaero Graal (8 years ago)
StfuitzRick (8 years ago)
hey you guys should add me VietSk8er
XxBrazilRulesxX (8 years ago)
@winqs i thought it got boring at lvl 3
ShadowDragonPiano (8 years ago)
@bunny120700 lol whats ur lvl? If ur devilang Lanos or Siras I can help u
ShadowDragonPiano (8 years ago)
@SuperMrSnuggles Hey I know u! Im devilang lanos too! SkyShadow!
ShadowDragonPiano (8 years ago)
@xomaplefanxo Once ur in a realm u cant change unless u make a new account or delete all ur current characters. Why would u change anyway m devilang too! Lol. Siras or Lanos? Im both.
ShadowDragonPiano (8 years ago)
@joshthespaco Ye i know about the bots... every one in the devilang realm does. We hunt down botters. Lol. One of my friends tried one. he got to lvl 20 fast but got banned a bit later. Its really unsafe.
ShadowDragonPiano (8 years ago)
Wtf a lvl 50 with such suckish gear? Lol.
Sinnister (8 years ago)
i got the game but i only go one friend n btw anyone know how to up stats ?o.o
Nico Bayer (8 years ago)
i need held i search a german player server : WADANGKA player nickname : NicoJJ
Bearded Sifu (8 years ago)
its like zenonia mmorg lol
xoPastelHime (8 years ago)
Yay I'm 20 now!!!!
xoPastelHime (8 years ago)
I'm barely a lvl 14 ugh
David Lee (8 years ago)
can this be played in computer?
ZyuSyn (8 years ago)
Its a mix between the nes zelda, and maplestory
puhfrugherter (8 years ago)
lol it's like a 2d version of fiesta on an ipod
BoogieMitsu (8 years ago)
Are any old accounts eventually deleted
Kyle Hendra (8 years ago)
hey if anyone wants to join my guild message me
Kyle Hendra (8 years ago)
@winqs since when that only hapens if you are on a same kingdom and empire map and it's not like it's a big deal
creamiiful (8 years ago)
For those who wants the world of magic hack pm me.
Josh Thomson (8 years ago)
if the game gets boring...... why not cheat your way up levels use bots... to make you rich and powerful whilst you sleep??? no possible... stop because i have evidence.... really......yes!!!!!!! -- lol sorry for the annoying 3rd person but here take a look youtube.com/watch?v=FXqKwN_ouMU thumbs up and sub and look...
iMagicBeanz (8 years ago)
@Fajjani this isnt a shitload lots of people love this game I LOVE IMO im like taking out my ipod touch play this then i play n.o.v.a!
lungwang (8 years ago)
@91nicholas You can't. Once your stats are set there is no (current) way to change them. You only get a single skill point to use.
petpillow (8 years ago)
@91nicholas you have got to get this enchant book thing and bind it then lvl it up like srsly wtf
xwingdeliciousness (8 years ago)
This is the best MMORPG on the ipod/iphone, a full package that has guilds, friends, loots and much more
Alex McChicken (8 years ago)
@000checho000 en el damas village y vete al reader lal y el te da los poderes ok
Alexander Garcia (8 years ago)
amigos una pregunta donde busco nuevos poderes para lvl 10 en este juego¿??
peblrox (8 years ago)
@wheresalltheusername juniiii <3
Jake Sol (8 years ago)
Juni! Hey Guys it's me zoxes lvl16 Mage Devillang lanos This game is one of the best for iPhone Play it's freeweee
wheresalltheusername (8 years ago)
I'm currently sooo addicted to this game. I'm on devilang/lanos btw, add me if you need help or just want a friend. JuniHoney (lvl 20 mage)

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