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Things You Don’t Know About Playing Cards

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Playing cards are so common today that we take them for granted. But, have you ever really looked closely at them or wondered what they could mean?Like, who is that suave King that doesn’t have a moustache? Here are 10 Things You Don’t Know About Playing Cards. Subscribe for more! ► http://bit.ly/BeAmazedSubscribe ◄ Stay updated ► http://bit.ly/BeAmazedFacebook https://twitter.com/BeAmazedVideos https://instagram.com/BeAmazedVideos ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: [email protected] Credit: https://pastebin.com/epMk2vRy
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Text Comments (1553)
BE AMAZED (1 year ago)
That one about the cards containing a map really surprised me! Which one surprised you?
Rob F (9 days ago)
The last one, Ace of spades being used to scare the enemy.
QuickStrike0065 (3 months ago)
Rahere, Clive Bindlet was not typing to you, you arrogant idiot who types random irrelevance in order to try to act smart. Not to mention quite a few of your wordings are nothing more than puzzles.
QuickStrike0065 (3 months ago)
@BE AMAZED, Top 10 Things You MIGHT NOT HAVE KNOWN About Playing Cards, you arrogant idiot.
Cheerful White (5 hours ago)
The king of Hearts isn't stabbing himself
Cheerful White (5 hours ago)
The king of Hearts does have a mustache
baba yaga (1 day ago)
i thought "to come up trumps" meant when you want to stop the communist takeover of america
Roger Carl (4 days ago)
He's a bit wrong about what the suits represent. Firstly, just to go over, there are for classes of people: the nobility, the clergy, the bourgeoisie(merchants), and the peasantry. By middle class I assuming he means merchants. Now clubs actually represent the clergy. If you notice the club is in the shape of a cross. The nobility had spades and the bourgeoisie had diamonds. Hearts were representative of the peasantry.
Doug Graves (5 days ago)
I got a full house! Aces and Eights, baby!
Ya Caesareen (6 days ago)
So is consent suicide +
Cheerful White (7 days ago)
"Heart represents female" Now that's why Cute Pink loves the Heart Zone
Cheerful White (7 days ago)
Our zones
Evan Surdey (8 days ago)
I prefer SPADE
Cheerful White (6 days ago)
I got 14 ♤
Geri Robel (9 days ago)
Why are there 'one eyed' Jacks?
Michael Loglio (10 days ago)
Nice job: Note the 'Queen of Diamonds' acts as a 'hypnotic trigger' in the first installment (issue) of the 'Manchurian Candidate' starring Frank Sinatra and Laurence Harvey ... Black & White movie era ! Queen of Hearts is popular in 'Alice in Wonderland', known through the popular phrase 'Off With their Heads.' The 'Red Queen syndrome' becomes a 'survivalist metaphor' for natural selection in some of the scientific literature. The 'Red Queen' also becomes an 'AI' program guarding the underground 'Hive' in the 'Resident Evil'...Zombie Apocalypse series.... staring actress Mila Janovich as a futurist 'cloned Alice' (down a different kind of rabbit hole) designed to save mankind from a Zombie worldwide epidemic !
Ronald Bondie (10 days ago)
Also the back of bicycle cards have a design that lets you know what card and suit it is. Unless they changed it already
T. M. D. R. (10 days ago)
Never knew the one about the ace of spade. ♠
John 14:6 KJV (10 days ago)
Base 12 is the natural order of everything , not 10
James O'Blivion (10 days ago)
You chose a lot of images of mustachioed Kings of Hearts, after making a point that he has no mustache.
Don Bailey (15 days ago)
The ace of spades being the death card is something i known sence childhood, iam not sure its just superstition i guess its how you use it some people tell fortunes With playing cards and i guess thats how it got its dark meaning.
Nate Jones (15 days ago)
"Deck of Cards" is a song sung by many artists. It highlights the almanac portion even more than you did in the video. "When I count the number of spots on a deck of cards, I find 365, the number of days in a year. There are 52 cards; the number of weeks in a year. There are 12 picture cards; the number of months in a year. There are 13 tricks; the number of weeks in a Quarter. There are 4 suits; the number of weeks in a month." https://youtu.be/7o9l1Z1UGtw
Jefferson Castro (28 days ago)
When you realize he is still on number 9
https://collectionplayingcards.com . Great video
Ian MacLean (1 month ago)
Technically Charlemagne was an emperor but Alexander technically wasn't? You need to do more work.
Alluma Nati (1 month ago)
Everyday I'm shuffling
aloopexNL (1 month ago)
the sculpture of Julius Ceasar is in fact a sculpture of Augustus
Michael Olson (21 days ago)
I did not know for a fact that the reason for the larger size of the ace of spade was, but when you explained that it was connected to taxation, it did not astound me
jose neves (1 month ago)
The jack of hearts looks like he's looking at a feather while a person is sneaking behind him and getting ready to kill he with the axe
jose neves (1 month ago)
The queen of spades looks different from all the other queens
Josh Martin Samson (1 month ago)
Each king in a deck of playing cards represents great king from history Spades - King David Clubs - Alexander the Great Hearts - Charlemagne Diamonds - Julius Caesar
Morty Snerd (1 month ago)
Tex Ritter made a recording about the meaning of the card deck , back in the 1950's …. Tex's explanation is more believable than this bullshit
JMH 105 (1 month ago)
4:18 king knight... just wanted to point that out
LoneRangerCowboy (1 month ago)
Your wrong about Trump cards... Trump means to Triumph over all other cards when it is the only suit. Trump cards are the strongest card except when playing spades which is just Trump played with spades to be disrespectful to the king or queen. Or not to play in with your heart.. Idiot.
simon wilson (2 months ago)
8 of ◇ has the 8 symbol in it
Fred Funf (2 months ago)
Has anyone ever noticed that the 8 of diamonds has an 8 in the middle? Go see!
OlafReuh (2 months ago)
You gave us the names of the kings (names that are actually the same that are written on the BP Grimaud cards) : Charles = hearts, David = spades, Cesar = diamonds, Alexandre = clubs. But queens and jacks also have names. Jack of clubs is Lancelot, the knight of the Round Table. Jack of diamonds is Hector, the trojan prince. Jack of spades is Ogier, a danish knight who served Charlemagne (aka the king of hearts which is a little bit strange). Jack of hearts is La Hire de Vignole, a knight friend of Joan of Ark. Queen of spades is Pallas, also known as Athena the greek goddess of wisdom. Queen of diamonds is Rachel and queen of Hearts Judith, both being characters from the Bible. Finally Queen of clubs has been named Argine, which is an anagram of Regina, the latin (and italian) name for queen.
Milquetoast Eugenicist (2 months ago)
"The Joker card has become worth a lot of money." Aaaaaaand I've been throwing them and the Poker "which hand beats which" instruction card out of my Bicycle decks since I was old enough to play Go Fish.
Brendan Nelson (2 months ago)
we gonna just skim over the fact he said”rifle” shuffle? its riffle shuffle
NeoIsTaken (2 months ago)
Stopped watching when he called staves sticks
Rafli Nabil (2 months ago)
Hey uhhh my king of heart has a mustache and its not a sword its a battle axe and its not stabbing himself is there any possibility?
Yanniry Persian (2 months ago)
Clubs is fire spades is air lol
Brandon Pea (2 months ago)
Nelson Strickland (2 months ago)
I've never learned how to play cards....still cool info tho...
Cdog inth'house (2 months ago)
I thought all ten things were surprising about playing cards.
Carolyn Van Hosen (2 months ago)
Great video! ♥️ the art images used in it... really beautiful.
Andreas Eriksson (3 months ago)
Still trying to find a tutorial for the RIFLE shuffle..
Michael Freeman (3 months ago)
If you add up the value of all the cards in the deck you get 365? Where is the exact math to this because that's not what I'm getting.
Richie T (3 months ago)
What about the one eyed jack????
patrick Wall (3 months ago)
I knew about the 52 to cards and the relationship to the calendar and seasons. Many prisoners use a deck of cards as a calendar and a Bible.  One thing they didn't mention which is somewhat commonly known is that  Aces and eights is known as the dead man's hand because it's the hand that Billy the Kid was holding when he was killed.
Judy Dodson (3 months ago)
The given history of playing cards was very fascinating and of great interest to me ! During the winter months, my family gathers every Friday night of every week, and enjoy playing various games of cards! It will be interesting for us to watch this video together before we begin our card game.......It will be the topic of the evening while we play the game of the night ! Thank you for sharing your info.
L3293791 Yeah (3 months ago)
Even to this day you have military units that still have the Ace of Spades on their helmets or patches
Vicky Wilson (3 months ago)
Don't forget metaphors
Vicky Wilson (3 months ago)
This I believe and would love to say more
Sagit Swag (3 months ago)
8:01 wtf is a rifle shuffle? Do you mean a riffle shuffle? The one with a short I sound instead of the long I sound you used? Thats probably what you meant, but good on you for sounding like a retard.
QuickStrike0065 (3 months ago)
Top 10 Things You MIGHT NOT HAVE KNOWN About Playing Cards, you arrogant idiot. Reported for misleading title.
QuickStrike0065 (3 months ago)
Top 10 Things You MIGHT NOT HAVE KNOWN About Playing Cards, you arrogant idiot. Reported for misleading title.
The Bat (3 months ago)
"Bicycle playing cards best known worldwide"..have never heard of them before this.!!!! 😂😂😂
Michael Fries (3 months ago)
Adding up the card values doesn't make 365
alfezexr Won (3 months ago)
i saw the texan and bicycle ace of spades are the same
alfezexr Won (3 months ago)
why are there has black and red decks?
Mathias Arnov (3 months ago)
Sure, Julius Caesar wasn’t emperor, however Augustus - whom you’ve chosen to show in nr 4 instead of Caesar - was.
COWMAN MOO (4 months ago)
King of Spades.. King David.. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Too funny.. We got our pack of cards from the Tarot.. Major arcana and minor arcana.. Our modern cards come from the minor arcana.. As for "king david".. Just the usual propaganda I am afraid.. lol Not amazed! lol
Barbara Barbee (4 months ago)
Pretty dang cool!
Jorge Mirabal (4 months ago)
You just had me intrigued about these cards very interesting, thank you for sharing
isaac P. (4 months ago)
Card I sue you cause I know all this? You claimed I did not. That's a lie
Mohammed Tahir (4 months ago)
Stephen Howlett (4 months ago)
Wow I think the whole lot surprised 😮 me but maybe the king stabbing himself or maybe the ace of spades ♠️ being ornate because of tax or ..... yes the whole lot.
Bingham_Magic (4 months ago)
Rifle shuffling???? It's riffle!
jayna reynolds (4 months ago)
At the near beginning of this video (.31), describing the phrase "To follow suit" ..... It depicts a woman in a power suit pointing the way for a bunch of sadsack men. That's as far as we got. You can take this BS video and it's feminist subliminal messages and shove it up your ass.
Kealani (4 months ago)
There is no mention of the Tarot, which, if you take out the Major Arcana, exactly parallels the modern playing deck.. Except for the Joker, who is the equivalent of the Fool. Glaring omission.
Joey Valencia (4 months ago)
The king of hearts represents victory
brian van Bregt (4 months ago)
maybe the king of hearts had a girlfriend who didnt like it when they kissed that she felt his mustache hairs so he had to shave it and later his girlfriend broke up with him and it felt like he was stabd in the heart!!! (remember he is the king of hearts) possible?
Platypus and Wolf army (5 months ago)
Death in war and the king of hearts with the sword.
C. B. (5 months ago)
If you faro shuffle (out faro) perfectly 8 times in a row the deck will return back to the order it was in before your first faro shuffle.
Bruce Snider (5 months ago)
At 6:31 of video you see a king of hearts with a moustache. Not all decks of cards showed a moustache-less king.
BasherBrookes (5 months ago)
I’m surprised there’s no mention of cards with naked ladies on them.
Mr Reality (5 months ago)
The king of hearts is not killing himself it's the queen of spades that's murdering him. checkout the sleeves on your playing cards they match.
Gundapu Baladitya (5 months ago)
Harvo Spoon (5 months ago)
if i made a deck of cards,it would have fancy designs for all the ace cards and the names of all the royal members would be printed (with the jack of hearts being called "Jack") and the jokers would be jokers and stuff and stuff and stuff and stuff and CARD TRICKS
ShutUpCatProductions (5 months ago)
Trump 2020
Torey Storey (5 months ago)
no mustache = pedophilia devious slave to the system or Seriously GAY 🤠 howdy
Austin Byers (5 months ago)
Riffle not rifle
the ace of spades pretty informitive
Ty Engler (5 months ago)
duh on the king of hearts he is being stabbed by some one unless he has 3 arms
Raziel Salvatore (5 months ago)
Why does the King of Hearts have four hands on the picture? I believe that the Queen of Spades took out king of hearts. First evidence is look closely at the sleeves on the Queen of Spades and the other hand holding a sword on the Kingdom Hearts. Every other face card does not have sleeve.
Cajun Plaisance (5 months ago)
I had no idea the French invented them, makes me happy!
Ronald Delvax (5 months ago)
correction on no. 9: spades (swords) represent air, clubs (sticks) represent fire...
Dana Field (5 months ago)
What surprised me the most is that I watched this video!!!
s Johnston (5 months ago)
''Blacker than the Ace of Spades...?''
Vearak Ngeth (5 months ago)
Stube his brain in the head to klubbin
Ann Marie Miller (5 months ago)
You are so thief you rob my sister a queen
How about those Iraqi Most Wanted? Husband was there & remembers. Sure wish he had an unopened deck.
Bobbalu Martin (5 months ago)
ok i added up the value of all the cards plus 1 for the joker and it doesn`t make sence. it didn`t add up to 365. what am i doing wrong?
Bobbalu Martin (5 months ago)
the one that if you add all the numbers up you 365
Damien X (6 months ago)
THAT WAS A BADASS VIDEO, BRO! REALLY ENJOYED IT! I'll be honest... I've been playing with cards for almost 25 years now and even like to think of myself at this moment as a semi-pro card player and yet I think I maybe knew 1 or 2 of the 10! GREAT VIDEO AND GLAD I WATCHED! #ThumbsUpButton
Staar Gaazing (6 months ago)
Red Vynil (6 months ago)
They aren't sticks, they are wands.  Those are not bells, they are orbs.  How do you figure the king of hearts has no facial hair?  He, obviously, has a beard!  It's not a rifle shuffle, it's a riffle shuffle.
Anthony Oliveri (6 months ago)
The king's represent 4 real kinds the one without the mustache is King lowie the child King
ruman962 (6 months ago)
♣lucky♠war ♥love♦,diamond
Vlad Putin (6 months ago)
If the King of Hearts is stabbing himself then he has 3 arms, which is why logical people reach the conclusion that he is being stabbed by someone else.
Alauddin Ahmed (6 months ago)
Alauddin Ahmed (6 months ago)
Tim Liebrock (6 months ago)
#5 is not correct, no matter how I try I can't get 365 by adding all the cards
P J Rupe (6 months ago)
Number 5 interests me in that 52 cards (52 weeks in a year). Originally in the 1800's there was only one joker, but then in the late 1940's 2 jokers were incorporated into the decks for the game of Canasta. The four seasons corresponding to the four suits and then adding the value of the cards plus 1 for the joker was quite interesting. The most mind blowing was the maps in the card. I had heard of this before, but still find it quite amazing.

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