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TechZone ► https://goo.gl/Gj3wZs Have you ever wondered why even in the biggest aquariums of the world there is not one great white shark? It's not because of their size! And the experts certainly haven't forgotten about this huge creature. But even the killer whale gets shown to the public! In addition, literally in every corner of the world you can find aquariums with a full variety of species and toothy creatures: hammerhead sharks, zebra sharks and even tiger sharks. Then, why there are no white sharks in any aquarium? We are gonna talk about this in our video today.
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SETH other (7 days ago)
Why save the shark? Then shark just gonna eat some kid
I just saw a shark its in ocean park i think there like 5 at the tunnel water
StarChomp (15 days ago)
Keep on trying. Keep swapping when they dies .if successful then it's payday for aquariums
Holly Black (16 days ago)
Leave all animals in their natural habitat!!!! Let the killer whales go! Stop trying to get sharks in captivity. How would you like it if we were put on show and made to do tricks, while others watch you!!!!
Amrei (1 month ago)
Orcas swim as much. So do dolphins. It’s cruel to keep any big animals in these tanks
DarkByDesign (1 month ago)
3500 left, there's no way you could possibly know that
dudepersonvids (1 month ago)
Seems like mostly a re-hash of the Vox video from 2 years ago.
Edwin torres (1 month ago)
Not true i went to the aquarium and saw 10 of them this vedio is LIES
Downfall (2 months ago)
Because they'll start acting depressed and try to commit suicide which will get the vegans to defend sharks and start "the world is better without humans" over us killing an apex predator which apparently is worse than killing other apex predators.
Štefan Solčianský (2 months ago)
Am i weird that i think it's cute?
Rachel (2 months ago)
“It’s not about the size” make up your mind
Mythy (2 months ago)
Ridddles and #Mind Warehouse is a great channel :D Meet Arnold and Jelly Gummy Bear
Soorya Thamaraiselvam (2 months ago)
Yeah I agree leave great white sharks alone let them have a family let them have a happy life
Nirvair Singh (3 months ago)
Water about the mossasoris
kashem khan (3 months ago)
100ft great white shark is a megalodon
Smugly Otaku (3 months ago)
3500 left in the wild? Seriously? Do your research
Kaitlyn Alexander (3 months ago)
they also die if they are trapped in a tank... if that wasn't in the vid already...
Sircampsalot (4 months ago)
In fact the great white shark is one of the least aggressive sharks in the world
Duminin 1 (4 months ago)
*Death* *Death* *Death* *And more Death*
Bolt Vanderhuge (4 months ago)
Bet the great black shark would be locked up at seaworld. 😮
rsuriyop (4 months ago)
Kinda ironic how one of the most dangerous creatures in the ocean happens to be one of the least tolerant to captivity. Kinda like how the typical school bully acts all mean and tough on the outside, but is actually rather fragile on the inside.
Dash (4 months ago)
So the huge white shark was larger than megalodon which was ,,only" 70 ft long? Then why megalodon is called the largest shark ever?
Tech Fanatic UK (4 months ago)
At 1:19 you mean THE MEGALODON ...?.?.?.?. Meg
Marcelito Pangan (4 months ago)
wtf im gonna kill the killers of the gw shark the remaining is 3500
Hook Smith Hang (4 months ago)
There Is A Great White Shark Stoopid Unreal Video Remind Your Brain
Imogen Carney (4 months ago)
Romi Farooqi (4 months ago)
same for the human - developed countries human cant survive in developing countries environment.
Because they will spread ligma to you
gamer tv (4 months ago)
pittsburgh zoo and aquarium had 2 great white sharks that lasted for over five years
Qabri (4 months ago)
Probably the fishes didn't invite the great white shark to their party.
The Lockhart Notion (4 months ago)
iWumbo (5 months ago)
Tiger sharkz are actully pretty friendly
Sharkeykai 2009 (5 months ago)
The white shark can grow up to 24 ft
THE ELEMENT KING (5 months ago)
its pronunced zebra not zebra
Hats (5 months ago)
Video falls off topic at about 5:40
Soledad Quevedo (5 months ago)
I have been to the Monterey bay aquarium so many times because I was born and raised there
xdragon (5 months ago)
That 100 ft shark is called a melagodon
Brandon Goodman (5 months ago)
The huge shark is a Megalodon only reason why It do not exist no more of us because it could not find the food and left over 2 million years now it was the biggest shark to every live it was bigger the a great withe it was bigger the any other shark
"8 *lucky* people would fit in it's mouth." Yep because who doesn't want to get eaten by a shark.
Tulley Novielli (5 months ago)
Awesome 👏🏻 video
Sir.Culocane (5 months ago)
Use also the metric sistem dumb dumb
It is real watch the movie meg
That actually not the biggest shark the megalodon is
I have ben in a aquarium with a great white you lier 🦈🦈🦈
Asad Ahmed (5 months ago)
We dont know if megalodon is real or not. No real evidence as yet.
TheWolfQueen14 NNF (5 months ago)
I feel like every fish in the aquarium should be free but in these cases for your questions I'd say yeah to just let the great white shark in the ocean and not in an Aquarium and to not keep wild animals in captivity cuz it's not their natural habitat and once you realize that and you've kept it for too long it could possibly be that it won't have its instincts back and it could die
sunny (5 months ago)
but dubai aquarium has great white sharks..?
Alicia Wright (5 months ago)
I'd run .
Nicole Emilia (5 months ago)
Bright side copied your video idea and information as well.
ZaneAxle (5 months ago)
Who Saw This Rule's Of Survival Advertise? I Freakin Hate It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , Ugh!!!! Getting sike Of It Over!
Tripy1.3 (5 months ago)
i bet you that will be the same reason why megalodon wont be in captivity of jurassic world
Esther Hulst (5 months ago)
Neighter should orka's be in aquariums or even dolphins Its just not enough space
ItzGalaxyplayz Ow0 (5 months ago)
Kill sea world NOW
Lego Ben03 (5 months ago)
“Image what would happened if that creature was still alive” Uhh no one would ever swim in the ocean
killcode1xD (5 months ago)
Haha American dollars lol
Lynn Thomasson (5 months ago)
The white shark that is 100ft long is a MEGALODON
Kim Seokwin (5 months ago)
Nah the biggest estimated sized it’s only 67 Fts 100Fts is exaggerate
Kai Riley (5 months ago)
Answer: They eat every fucking thing
John Werner (5 months ago)
This is why we use adblock
John Johnson (5 months ago)
Let me save you ten minutes of your life. The author of the video claims that the reason is that they can't survive in aquarium tanks (they're too small - no freedom, no oxygen, no chance to hunt for food). You can thank me now.
Jakub pogubila (5 months ago)
36 feet that’s not true they haven’t found a shark that big,Deep blue is the biggest 20 feet
Kamil Mimil (5 months ago)
all of those sharks but you forgot about the nurse shark there not that big the just want belly rubs
Brad Mann (5 months ago)
This video really lost it's focus
SatanicBeige [SB] (5 months ago)
So really this "Great Whites in Aquariums" business was just a ruse to promote your moral agenda of keeping wild animals wild. It won't work. Everything will be domesticated eventually, and the sooner you come to terms with the fact that somebody who wants a pet squirrel or raccoon or coyote etc. is going to get one, the better.
dameboss 1 (5 months ago)
Its 14 yo 16
Cat Sirrah (5 months ago)
I’ll save you 10 mins; it’s cruel.
terraingirl (5 months ago)
IDK how I got here, but why couldn't it just get to the point. Love the videos of shark movies though.
Vanessa Sharp (5 months ago)
Interesting how humans came up with there is only 3500 sharks left in the ocean 🧐, when we also admit we have only explored 1% of the ocean...🤔? Wonder how they came up with that #? #rollcall #allsharksgetinline 🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈
Josh C (5 months ago)
Started as an informational video about great white sharks, ended as an all-out lecture about all animals and captivity. We get it.
Mikael Elmblad (5 months ago)
"Most aggressive shark" my ass.. Where do you get your info from? The most aggressive shark is the Bullshark
Hatem Family (5 months ago)
Can’t you just have great white sharks in one tank
RiscoDisco (5 months ago)
wow this video strayed off topic but was interesting nonetheless
SCARABtv (5 months ago)
Because aquariums do not play death metal!
rahul deol (5 months ago)
3500 shark left in the whole world, where did you get that amount ?? I think it's more like 3500 millions to me.
Supreme Nikes (5 months ago)
Is this the dude from viral vehicles?
GottaHateLeo (5 months ago)
Ever since I watched aquaman trailer this is in my recommended
Evan Veres (5 months ago)
There’s ones that are like 23 feet...
Derek Boudreaux (5 months ago)
They have a great white shark in Houston and new orlins
supafly150 (5 months ago)
The video goes completely off track about halfway through
PREMO {G1K} (5 months ago)
Rento Ryo (5 months ago)
Why we’ll *hopefully never see the great white
Nagsaw (5 months ago)
I think live prey is the biggest factor here. The white shark in the Monterrey bay aquarium lived for so long because it kept eating the other sharks in its tank, until they had to release it.
52262 (5 months ago)
honestly. i would like these great white sharks to become extinct.
Legend Legend (5 months ago)
Becuse thay need salt water
Devan Harmon (5 months ago)
liars evryone says that but ive been to one with a great white
Brix (6 months ago)
They are orquas not killer whaless!!!! My gawd
Gweilo (6 months ago)
2:22 Cersei??
Riley's Productions (6 months ago)
3:24 o god Please tell me that shark isn't eating a human!
HypnoGaming (6 months ago)
Why is this in my recommended?
Slaking Since Birth (6 months ago)
Because it will eat the other aquatic animals...whats the point of making a video about it. Great White Sharks are dangerous
emir (6 months ago)
Alright youtube I'll watch it.
Sebastien Köhler (6 months ago)
Their is one way to see a great white shark, it is called create a aquarium that is just tunnels under water, it would make a lot of money due to the fact of the randomness of seeing any fish and it will be better for fish because they can run loose in the wild and it will be healthy for them because it will be seeing the fish in a natural habitat and they can eat whenever
Code Optimization Ware (6 months ago)
No great white shark survives in captivity. AFAIK IIRC, they usually ram their heads at high-speed into the sides of the tank until dead, possibly as a result of their natural senses screwed up as explained @ 4:05, AND the fact that, as explained @ 3:16, it can't breathe very well because it must always be swimming forward ahead, rushing the water over its gills to get its oxygen for breathing, thus only the open ocean provides enough space for that. AND it's "hard-wired" by Nature/God/whatever/however, as a _predator_ , to hunt for its food; it doesn't get the, heh, notion of being fed by captors or anyone, can't explain it to a shark animal.... Keeping a great white shark in captivity can't be done, Science reports.
The Real MRS McLemore (6 months ago)
The fact y’all added a scene from the movie FRIDAY made this mini doc amusing relative and totally awesome loved it
Dominik Sobocinski (6 months ago)
Tortoise Man (6 months ago)
The long white shark is called the megalodon
T.SilvaB5 (6 months ago)
poor animal
A S (6 months ago)
The Great White shark on the verge of extinction just like the Great White Race
Jennifer Lambright (6 months ago)
Bull shark is the most harmful
Speedster InaKoenigsegg (6 months ago)
Megalodon never reached 100 feet. It maxed out at 60 feet based on fossil record.
ben hamnett (6 months ago)
just build a aquarim where theres sea and when the grey white shark is a sleep simply shove a dozin divers in there to build strong glass round at least 3 miles so the shark has at least 60 feet of space for what ever it needs then a masive hold can be put in and the workers can shove a 20 odd fish so it can eat and give it a natrual habitat and put in a oxygen tube so it can breath... BOOM! solved it hello 2019 got a gift for u!

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