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War of the Spark Official Trailer – Magic: The Gathering

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We have a fight to finish. Nicol Bolas controls Ravnica. With Liliana Vess under his devious contract, the dragon god’s army of Eternals run free and the guilds have descended into chaos. But Liliana is ready to take back control of her own destiny. Now only the combined power of the Planeswalkers stands between Bolas and the ultimate power he craves. War of the Spark features 36 Planeswalker cards and a story experience unlike anything Magic fans have played before. The multiverse is at stake. Will you join the fight? Be among the first to know the full story by pre-ordering the novel: http://www.randomhousebooks.com/campaign/ravnica-preorder-offer/ Pre-Order on MTG Arena or on Amazon starting on April 2nd: https://magic.wizards.com/en/products/warofthespark-bolas Play it first on MTG Arena April 25th Prerelease April 27-28th "In The End” written by Linkin Park Performed by Jung Youth & Fleurie. Produced by Tommee Profitt Additional production and arrangement by Tom Salta
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Text Comments (9289)
Magnum Opus (1 hour ago)
When I need a blue mana overdose to the eyes. I go here.
Weeb and Proud (1 hour ago)
Nooooo not my liliana you can't die 😥😥😥 use some magic get to safety my heart can't take it 😫😫
Weeb and Proud (2 hours ago)
Wasn't bolas trying to destroy everything? Why I'd Gideon helping him
A Tem (3 hours ago)
Rip Chester Bennington
Elucid (7 hours ago)
Honestly, Liliana's scream is the best part of all. In that one scene, it captures all the right emotions. You can see the pain over her brother's mishap and she's reminded after seeing those kids crushed, you can hear the pain of the disintegration, but most of all, you can hear the defiance within her
Tabargains Don (7 hours ago)
ladies squirrel away next mens clothes
ToeTruck (7 hours ago)
if this takes place in the same world as d&d then why isnt there a campaign based off of this shit, that would be lit
Michael Mendez (8 hours ago)
I can't believe Gideon is gone...
Magic (8 hours ago)
Is it just me but did this remind me of weirdnaggeddon
Austin Terry (10 hours ago)
What's happening? Who's the lady in the trailer?
My Name (11 hours ago)
Came here for Linkin Park <3
Romeo X10000 (11 hours ago)
dont know what magic the gathering is about but this looks cool . dont know who the good guys and who are the bad guys are.
Chris Vieau (11 hours ago)
Liliana and Gideon (and Ugin) are the hero's of this one. For all the shit people give Wizards because of the Gatewatch, they still know how to tug on the heart. Rest easy, Gideon.
Joel Heinitz (11 hours ago)
Nothing but infinite respect for the most powerful planeswalker Liliana.
TheNewKai (12 hours ago)
Chris Wilson, are you behind this all?
Stanley Behrens (12 hours ago)
lilliaoh no
Θανος Συρο (13 hours ago)
"Tainted Remedy" makes sense...
Stephen Pike (14 hours ago)
Until this video, I never realized that there was a connected story to all of the cards. I thought it was just card flavour. Has this always been the way or is it a new thing since Ravnica is getting a tabletop rpg treatment by D&D?
Inky (10 hours ago)
It's been this way for a long, long, long time
ELECTRO (18 hours ago)
Your damn straight I'm going to be playing eternal zoms.
JackersEdit (18 hours ago)
Wow, let's just appreciate the fact that this reached 10 million videos in just 2 weeks, surpassing Witcher 3's Night To Remember Trailer. 😲
The Helpful Pug (18 hours ago)
Linkin Park and MTG....this is the most mid-2000's video I could have asked for.
eternallegacy89 (18 hours ago)
And they making a magic the gathering mmorpg? Or did they scrap it?
machoalright (19 hours ago)
psh seen better stuff already. Another medicore animation.
Andrew Tanguay (20 hours ago)
I'm not crying you're crying
omer zoref (20 hours ago)
Baseranger X (20 hours ago)
Please make a movie
Nick Dzink (21 hours ago)
Glad to see those millions put to work, Hasbro.
Will Jackson (22 hours ago)
So then Gideon comes over and transfers the curse from Liliana to himself...
Wargasm Dota (23 hours ago)
Newbie mtga player here :3
Stone Cold 3:16 (1 day ago)
Knightstruth (1 day ago)
At 2:05, right before Liliana has her change of heart, is she about to raise the two children as undead?
NinjasaurusRex94 (1 day ago)
Fuuuuuck I thought this was a videogame trailer lol. I could never get into the card game but if they made a game or a movie I think it might give me the push needed to do so.
scott b (1 day ago)
TheJinzo (1 day ago)
Best MTG trailer
OhCrapItsPayne (1 day ago)
Someone send me the Piano sheet music for this <3 PLZ
William Beck (1 day ago)
Get a god look at 0:39 people because **SPOILER** THANK GOD THAT THING IS NO LONGER AROUND.
Queen beez (1 day ago)
I don’t even know the series, the ad caught my attention and that enough should be praised cause it rarely happens.
Haiiro Senpai (1 day ago)
When I saw this trailer I was wondering what game is this, it looks like an upcoming MMO. I was literally pleasing it would come to console cause this trailer was bad ass.. turns out to be a card game 😐 this trailer was so sick it should be a mmo or anime just something
I feel like the only one sad to see Dack Fayden die. Look at how they massacred my boy.
Michael Bailey (1 day ago)
Sheesh, haunting song and video and Liliana's scream at the end is just freaking spot on! Watched this like 12 times and still get this kind of giddy/teary emotional response right at the end. I haven't read the books but know enough of the story to be caught up in the complicated layers of what is happening.
Killa Watt (1 day ago)
My God can we get a feature length film already. It would be epic if done right.
Sagiri Yuuko (1 day ago)
2:30 never played the game but she looks like she's sacrificing her life, so i shed my tears.
Supreme Verdict (3 hours ago)
Sagiri Yuuko here's her history https://youtu.be/V5dFEzKAz-Y
Karma Whitewolf (1 day ago)
the advertisment of this in random moments before my video could start and watch their content and when i saw this and heard the song i had to come and see the original and give a subscribe and a like for your wonderful work ♥
Cree Orth (1 day ago)
Wotc: Lets advertise a character and then not give him a card in the set! Me: face-palm
Supreme Verdict (3 hours ago)
Cree Orth Dack Fayden XD Or Prabably Dack shapeshift a planeswalker the transform that poor guy to his image image?? XD
Chloe West (1 day ago)
It's so upsetting :(
G4NG5T3RBACKofCAE (1 day ago)
Magic: Endgame
Allmighty Creator (1 day ago)
No matter how hard you try, you can’t bring me back to the game.
WillAxlVideos (1 day ago)
Incredibly epic trailer and music !!!
Doobiwooh Doobiwooh (1 day ago)
Bolas breaking the contract at 2:29 and roaring at 2:45 is so awesome!
Ximena Calleja (1 day ago)
100/100 the best
Samuel Pacheco (1 day ago)
Poor Dack Fayden. Why just him? :-(
wtm2 (1 day ago)
I know with so many comments, this question will go down. Can I use the trailer in my video?
Really? A slow version of a once popular song performed by a woman with a soft voice? That was a thing in trailers 2-3 years ago, you guys are a bit late to the party.
Ben DD (1 day ago)
I crie every tiem
준용 박 (1 day ago)
umh. well, I've already read the flavor text of spoiler, maybe Gideon will sacrifice for Liliana. But i hope it to be misunderstood. I just want two of them to live.
IC Weiner (1 day ago)
It was at this moment liliana knew. She fucked up
mamija94 (1 day ago)
''To Liliana's surprise, the cost of betraying Bolas did not fall on her'' RiP Gideon
Gal Koaz (1 day ago)
I watch this trailer only because of the music background Linkin park 4 ever!
folo vülo (1 day ago)
I like the music how is it called?
Knightstruth (2 days ago)
Liliana has probably killed thousands of innocents herself. Why would these two phase her? Not that I don't like when villains see the light mind you. It's just....why not sooner? And why is Gideon defending Bolas?
Knightstruth (1 day ago)
+Inky I see. But man, none of the other innocents she murdered before could remind her of her brother? Lol.
Inky (1 day ago)
Because it reminded her of her brother and she was already unstable. Also, Gideon wasn't defending Bolas, Liliana was still under Bolas's control when she attacked him
Overwatcheur (2 days ago)
League of légends XD (hack) ;'D
Negan_oficial TWD (2 days ago)
Wtf no console?
Cipher655 (2 days ago)
Its a card game....
Geo Evans (2 days ago)
There should be a movie for this with this animation!!
Blackout Development (2 days ago)
My girl Lili lives, tho
Palen (2 days ago)
so linkin park amv is back
What a spetacular animation
Glass Stallion (2 days ago)
Omg the goosebumps
Jildragon (2 days ago)
music? i dont find this orchestra remix of in the end
Odile Nara (2 days ago)
All my childhood on a single video
Hitsuga Aorusaki (2 days ago)
Dope! Now if only this community had less SJWs and gate keepers...
Skullhero234 (2 days ago)
This trailer is going to come out in 2021
Blink (2 days ago)
liliana is waifu material
joker of AL (2 days ago)
Bolas dies
XzLye (2 days ago)
original theme plz???
And what happens as soon as the screen goes black? Gideon Jura makes the greatest sacrifice of all and saves Liliana.
Blink (2 days ago)
This is a TOP TIER cinematic trailer, up there with blizzard and SWTOR cinematic's. Amazing.
Nik Holloman (2 days ago)
For a moment, I sympathized with the sorceress.
Sushi Addict (2 days ago)
That was pretty cringeworthy. What a generic trailer...
amaro tapia (2 days ago)
Name of the song?
rencmoraes (2 days ago)
Hey Netherealm team, now that MK11 is out, how about an MTG planeswalkers fight game as his next project ? you guys are perfect for this task !!!
Chris Elwell (2 days ago)
Should of had garruk in the set too i would of loved that
Michael Miller (2 days ago)
Ok so this is damn near perfect but now i need someone to set this (or if they release another trailer) to "the one you feed" by crown the empire because it seems like a missed opportunity considering the lyrics fit and the main message is "never let life kill your spark"
Parker Gregory (2 days ago)
she got thanos snapped lol
i8jellydonut (2 days ago)
Realistically there shouldn’t be that many planeswalker sparks flying through the air like that since there’s probably only about 36 planewalkers there right? And the time it would take to kill a planeswalker would also be a factor. What if the trauma associated with the invasion would cause other people on Ravnica to awaken a planeswalker spark?
ReikokuXTaifuu (2 days ago)
well, there's more than 36 planeswalkers there. As proof/an example, Dack Fayden is in the trailer getting his spark removed, but he's not one of the 36 planeswalkers with cards in the WotS set. And also Tezzeret is there, but he's number 37 since he's the buy a box promo. There could easily just be planeswalkers we don't know of having their sparks taken, since WotC can only use so many for the set/story. So there's way more than 36, we just only know 38 of them. As for the time it would take, the eternals are extremely skilled and have no issue dealing with some of the weaker planeswalkers. People like Jace, Teferi, Chandra, etc. who have powerful magic to protect themselves would take longer. But people who rely more on brute force like Gideon (who we saw getting overrun) or Domri (who had his spark being taken featured on a card) would be easier to incapacitate and try to despark. And once the eternals have them, them losing their spark only takes seconds, like we saw with Dack.
Matyas Fekete (3 days ago)
I know what I will do one day after watching endgame :)
Silk Thai (3 days ago)
wow, that woman is very beautiful...
ShaolinPatrik (3 days ago)
Amazing, everything is amazing.
Supreme Verdict (3 days ago)
R. I. P. Gideon the best tank of the Multiverse 😭 and also thank you for saving Liliana 😭
Jack Keddie (4 hours ago)
Supreme Verdict yeah, he and Lili are the only 2 gatewatch characters (not including garruk) that I liked a lot
Ruqeyya Ruqeyya (3 days ago)
Bu kinonu ne vaxt verecekler?
sasinmo (3 days ago)
Why the kid looks like hes between 12 and 35
Jesse Garza (3 days ago)
whoa, 10/10!
Louro Palooza (3 days ago)
Anyone else feeling bad for Dack Fayden?
Dielfon Elletab (3 days ago)
The greatest thief in the multiverse?
WohtotheMax (3 days ago)
#gideonRIP sad.....
Kentendo 64 (3 days ago)
They need more trailers like these
Joseph Buetikofer (3 days ago)
PlushieBlushie (3 days ago)
Can someone please explain to me what’s going on this video
Fictionarious (3 days ago)
This trailer was so good. (SPOILER) I'm actually sad I can't see the next part where Gideon sacrifices himself to keep her alive, because that moment would also look pretty awesome in trailer form. MTG Netflix series when?
Chris Gebben (3 days ago)
almost to 11 million this video is getting stronger and stronger by the minute i wonder if bolas had a "OH CRAP" type of face when he saw gideon willing to switch places with liliana (sacrificing himself) because im willing to bet he wasn't expecting that to happen because he knew he was screwed if liliana was not gonna die and the zombies were completely against him now goodbye gideon you saved ravnica and finally freed liliana from her contract liliana i hope you get your revenge on the raven man once and for all and i hope you get a redemption with all the planeswalkers/gatewatchers

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