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LinkedIn Tips: Ideas for branding your background photo

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Last week I showed you how to add a background to your LinkedIn profile. Today I want to give you some ideas on how to leverage it for your career or business. To see how to create a background, watch the video here: https://youtu.be/_hU9QY1N8iQ First, think about what you are using LinkedIn for. Some ideas on what to add: -Stats -Contact info -Types of work you can do -Additional work -General branding It’s up to you how to use the background image on LinkedIn, but be strategic to use it for your goals on LinkedIn and please oh please don’t leave it blank. Leave any other LinkedIn questions in the comments below. I hope these tips have been helpful and if you want more advice LinkedIn and networking, please head to my website at www.cassthompson.com to learn more, and follow me on Insta @cassthompson_career. #linkedin #careertips #ctcareeradvice Get my FREE LinkedIn All Star Checklist to get your profile in great shape and get more views! https://cassthompson.lpages.co/linkedin-all-star-checklist WHERE TO FIND ME INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/cassthompsonconsulting TWITTER: http://twitter.com/cassthompson FACEBOOK: fb.me/cassthompsoncareer LINKEDIN: www.linkedin.com/cassthompson About Me: Hi, I'm Cassandra and I help driven professionals build their careers through weekly tutorials on LInkedIn, interviewing, networking, and other career tools; using practical tips that take the overwhelm out of career and biz growth. Please subscribe and hit that notifications bell to be updated when new videos are uploaded!
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smiling dalia (1 month ago)
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