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The Voynich Code - The Worlds Most Mysterious Manuscript - The Secrets of Nature

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Subscribe to watch full natural history and science documentaries! A new documentary is uploaded every week. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thesecretsof... Twitter: https://twitter.com/NatureUniversum It is the world's most mysterious manuscript. A book, written by an unknown author, illustrated with pictures that are as bizarre as they are puzzling -- and written in a language that even the best cryptographers have been unable to decode. No wonder that this script even has a part in Dan Brown's latest bestseller "The Lost Symbol".
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M (1 day ago)
Development as of 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6keMgLmFEk
Hetty Angal (1 day ago)
It was women who practised medicine( until the church stopped them via their witch trials, grrr) espcly in relation to childbirth and womens health. This book is likely to be done by a woman, possibly 2 of them one writing, one drawing. It's also in an old language possibly needed to be kept secret, women were persecuted cruelly, for practicing herbalism.
Prepperjon (1 day ago)
The carbon dating doesn’t do what they say it does. It only tells you when the vellum was made. It doesn’t tell you when the book was written. If In 2019 you were to find in your attic a box or chest full of unused vellum made in 1820, then used that vellum to make a book it would carbon date to roughly 1820. It doesn’t mean the book was written in 1820 only that the vellum was made then.
Jolanda (1 day ago)
Since carbon dating has an accuracy of about 2.000 years, this whole video is BS. Since when did carbon dating give a accuracy of about 20 years? And since carbon dating is on it's own questionable, a whole lot of our so called history is BS.
Noisia TheDon (2 days ago)
Just because the paper is that old - does it definitely mean the stuff written is also that old?
FP FP (3 days ago)
An autist born in a wealthy family. Nothing special.
paddyshea (3 days ago)
Poorly made documentary that finds nothing therefore it finishes as it begins - empty. Assumptions are made but these are cleared up due to the dating of the document. Do something better, like go outside or make your own Voynich Manuscript than watch this.
PoisonedGaming (4 days ago)
What a farce! You spent most of the episode describing possible authors then at the very end you're like "Yep, definitely wasn't any of the people we just spent 40 minutes talking about". Yeah, ok... well thanks for that complete waste of time and information then, jerks.
Morcotet Marian (4 days ago)
7:53 name of the plant please?
Brian Fike (4 days ago)
Mankind is too ignorant and vain to understand that modern man is NOT the most advanced society in the history of this planet. So much so they hide or ignore evidence that proves otherwise. Look how many years they ignored all proof and murdered anyone that claimed the earth was not flat.
Marc Bell (5 days ago)
They keep saying "he" - looks like a womans work to me. It's a book about plants, plant spirits and healing.I guess from N Italy with IEuro/ ndian influences.
LJ Marzula (6 days ago)
Source code licenses..
Veeresh S V (6 days ago)
More than history, I am willing to know its contents' inner meanings.
WJK (6 days ago)
The Documentary is from 2010. Here's a more recent Youtube link from 2018 that shows someone may have finally figured it out... https://youtu.be/p6keMgLmFEk
S J (6 days ago)
Check out zip info at http://www.zip-code.com
hbarudi (7 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6keMgLmFEk It has been decoded before March 2018.
Hugo Stiglitz (7 days ago)
You are an ad greedy arsehole.
Michael Summerell (7 days ago)
Isn't there an 'h' in "herbs"...?
Styielz Groulx (8 days ago)
Honestly the texts looks like old english, Latin and hebrew,, but combined. Like it's own start of language but it never developed. Ya know?
Styielz Groulx (8 days ago)
Did anyone else see the name Roger baconem not bacon ??
maggaphantus (8 days ago)
28:19 plot twist: the author was a baby
Godscience7 7 (8 days ago)
Gannfan (9 days ago)
I tihkn to be hnoste yuo'd be sprusied at hwo esaily the hmuan barin can wrok lnagauge out, eevn wehn lal teh wrods aer cmolpetey seplt icnroetcly. See hwo samrt yuo aer?
Tuttomusico (10 days ago)
It's The book of Feminism..
Nigel Mansfield (10 days ago)
One of those mysteries not worth wasting one's time or energy upon.
Jop3lius (11 days ago)
brb gonna write a book with absolute nonsense symbols just to confuse people in future
Reclusus (11 days ago)
In a thausand year finding a Harry Potter book will make people studying this book go seriously nuts. Phoenix? Where can we find this bird? It must be extinct ….? You guys do know that many health practitioners at the time, where actually nothing more than fantasts and deceiving liars? Some codes cannot be cracked indeed, HAHAHA. Dream on! ;)
Wendillon (12 days ago)
Roughly 30% of this has now been translated.....turns out it was in Turkish and the author had really bad handwriting.
DONBGWEST (12 days ago)
So I noticed something a little weird from 7:33 - 7:50. This particular plant looks like it could possibly be mimosa hostilis. The root bark of this plant/tree is used to make Dimethyltryptamine (DMT). The only reason I found this to be a little strange is that some of the theories relating to the manuscript suggest that a lot of it is ‘fantastical/otherworldly. Anyone who knows what DMT is will certainly know what I mean by this.....
Eugene Cabahug (13 days ago)
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Wz0IjajFMLA solved...
DontSleepOn Broccoli (13 days ago)
I hear it’s the kfc secret recipe
Rensi Daniel (14 days ago)
Great Indian Mathematician - Bhaskaracharya kindily see guys.......https://youtu.be/WoJGJeOyLEc
Wendillon (12 days ago)
The manuscript is Turkish.
Daniel Parsons (14 days ago)
From the information given in this video it suggests that the paper has been dated at around 1420 - 1440 but they kept saying the book is this old? Why? Clearly the paper could have been obtained at a later time. In fact old paper would be desirable to an author as it would give the publication a feeling of antiquity. Has the child Da Vinci theory any credibility? I read this article which suggests there is evidence! http://www.edithsherwood.com/voynich_author_da_vinci/
Wendillon (12 days ago)
It's Turkish, they cracked part of it already. The author had terrible handwriting.
j a (15 days ago)
perhaps its "angelic" or (demonic) language... the bible talks about speaking in tongues or men and of angels... if God's angels have a language, then the now demons must have a language too...but more than likely a hoax
Wendillon (12 days ago)
It's mostly Turkish actually. They cracked at least part of this last year.
Zsolt Monostori (15 days ago)
I am sure it's written in an alien language by entities not native to this planet.
Wendillon (12 days ago)
Written in Turkish actually.
rahul pandey (15 days ago)
why waste ur time on something that is beyond the comprehension of modern humun being , is it the ego that comes in the middle we r above every thing so we can do this as well or it is curiosity of human that leads u do this ..
Lame intro- "Men have always" *eyes roll into back of head*
juses (15 days ago)
it's proto-turkish
73syncity (16 days ago)
Still looking forward to an updates
Lee Turnbull (16 days ago)
I have come from America looking for expensive books........ here you go sir, we just made this one up,
A Mélie (16 days ago)
gloves for God sake !!! Murderer !! thx for documentary :)
Karolyn Crack (16 days ago)
I saw somewhere this book had a depiction of a kangaroo. I was waiting for this to be said in this doco, but perhaps it wasn't correct. But in light of the date, that would be a truly wondrous thing, if indeed true!
SkandranonOwens (17 days ago)
they totally figured this out already the guy who decoded it was like yeah just a random guys bad handwriting.
Domen Kastner (17 days ago)
Almost there folks, almost there after 600 years... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6keMgLmFEk
Graham Franklin (17 days ago)
Did Einstein ever have a crack at this?
Ley Lah (18 days ago)
the author is just a bad drawer
smeggers allsorts (18 days ago)
Rudolf held Kelly in prison and died trying to escape
Gerard Jones (19 days ago)
It was solved, it's not code , just an obscure language about herbs. That's it.
msndrstdwlf BB (19 days ago)
It certainly resembles a coded botany text at least in part. Kelly seems like a Total con artist.
Kelly Carver (19 days ago)
Has anyone tried to crack the code(s) using numbers? The plants have specific numbers on their designs, (most of them). And many of the pages are divided by the stems of the plants. Perhaps half the page is one language while the other half is something else..idk. What I DO know is this, and it's VERY STRANGE. I got mites from my dog over a year ago. To identify the mites so they could be treated, I was digging them out of my EYEBROWS, and checking for them using my microscope. What I found is mind blowing. I found probably thirty tiny objects that look like microchips. Seen at a four hundred magnification. I checked them using a magnet and they are MAGNETIC. Many of these things look like the barrel shaped objects in the 'vine' on page 140 of the manuscript. Some of the ones I found appear to be very old, like maybe they were in my skin since birth. I do NOT believe in 'aliens'. They are DEMONS pretending to BE 'aliens', and I am convinced that they have been monitoring us, and using us since birth. CHECK YOUR EYEBROWS FOLKS!! I checked my husband's and found some in his LEFT eyebrow. Mine were mostly in my RIGHT BROW. I also found tiny holes on the inside of my wrists and knees that were in the shape of a triangle. I took samples of this and found a clear liquid that actually seemed alive under the scope. It was shaped like computer circuits and while I watch it, absolutely FASCINATED, it pulled in it's tiny antennas, and shrunk in on itself. This is no joke folks, and I am NOT crazy. Check yourselves and see if you find any of this stuff, and let me know!!
T1mmsquared (19 days ago)
Watch imma call it in 2018 a savant autistic is gonna decipher it
Wendillon (12 days ago)
Actually some smart but totally normal Turkish guy did it.....you were right about the year though.
Anthony Tanz (19 days ago)
This video is the worst video ever
vera prokic (19 days ago)
where did the name Voynich come from?
joan marie christensen (20 days ago)
Leonardo d's Vinci dad, "Here kid, I had this old parchment laying around, and I thought, since you like painting and scribbling you are welcome to it." Parchment dated 1404 to 1438 Leonardo born 1452 Addendum Who else loved studying subjects up close and personal, in such detail, and being secret?
William Blakney (20 days ago)
Thatb was disappointing
strangersound (20 days ago)
YouTube's algorithms are baffled by it, since they never stop recommending this video. ;)
Ozdave McGee (20 days ago)
This is clearly a secret book of the Freemasons🤔 Its part of the NWO plot Ok, truth be told, its a coded drug recipe book lol
Bri Tom (21 days ago)
No gloves? When they touch the book. This is how you know it’s not real.
Wendillon (12 days ago)
Yeah it's a recreation. They don't allow filming of the real thing as far as I know.
nik b (21 days ago)
This person was an energy channeler I think..shamans do this style of writing a lot..the amazon rain forest shamans have learned which plants in the rain forest to use as well as handed down knowledge..
Monty Singh (21 days ago)
Relax, the book has been decoded .It's about Incest.
Bart Andrews (22 days ago)
It's made of organic material. Why hasn't it been carbon dated?
MP (21 days ago)
It has been. It was dated to the mid-15th century (iirc) by the University of Arizona.
Andy Barrass (22 days ago)
now, I know if you get a body of water even a drop on any glass surface, and comen knowledge proven? any place known to have sand an rain, lighting will produce a primitive, but functional pain of glass.. so comen sence tells me, even if I left school at 13yo, THAT FOR AS LONG AS LIGHTING'S EXCITED, HUMANS HAVE HAD SOME FORM OF GLASS AVAILABLE... or I'm just as stupid as I have let wankers believe!!! an call me Dumbarton!!!
sparklingdragonfairy (23 days ago)
it's not to read...it's to understand
Bernice Seigel (23 days ago)
Such a treasure, why aren't they looking through the book wearing gloves?
Stephen Boon (23 days ago)
The narrator sounds like the youtuber Hundred Years Boar.
Ferrari Ferrari (23 days ago)
They should have had Szukalski look at it
Eric Koop (23 days ago)
This is "The Book of Roses"
aaron ortega (24 days ago)
....ready?.. ok, Vatican city library ;>
kim dae (24 days ago)
meee owww (24 days ago)
Symbols of an Alien Sky (Full Documentary) ThunderboltsProject
Verdades Incómodas (24 days ago)
Nadie solo Sergio lo ha podido traducir... https://www.youtube.com/user/danzamecat
Johan Sejio (24 days ago)
How people illustrate their acid trip in the ancient times.
nowroz Hasan (24 days ago)
we need all 200 pages of this book in pdf format...... please give us to see the whole book....
Milan Vojinović (26 days ago)
supermelon45 (27 days ago)
Couldn't possibly be the first instance of autistic obsessive behavior
jann hebrank (27 days ago)
I think it is the first science fiction book ever. Someones fantasy life because they were bored.
A. Rose (27 days ago)
Nemesis Crew Paul (27 days ago)
I know what is in the manuscripts I have deciphered it..... It's Bull Shit.. From first page to last. #IsolvedtheVMs😏
Jak Buji (28 days ago)
One day,,But today isn't the day.
The Remnant South Parq (28 days ago)
Ekaterina (29 days ago)
Erbs and erbal extracts!
You can download a pdf of the whole manuscript and skip watching all these ads
Why all the ads? Maybe just 1 ad i mean you want people to watch this shit right
radharani pernarcic (30 days ago)
This is one of the most horribly edited documentaries: with all those flashing transitions for no reason, with dimmed sides when showing the manuscript and not to speak about the utterly imposing, overly dramatized and way too loud awful music - yeah, we know, the editor thought this is what makes the film 'misterious' ... well, no matter the fact that the content might be interesting in the end it makes it nothing but annoying and unwatchable... Thank you for spoiling the subject!
Richard A (1 month ago)
The fact the plant illustrations are nonsense should prove the text is also nonsense. Is any real academic going to risk humiliation by studying it at length?
Dean Hill (1 month ago)
I wish my voice was as deep as the narrator's voice
Imnota Moose Outdoors (1 month ago)
This is simple. It is a way for The Author (a doctor) to explain his procedures without giving up his intellectual property. If he told people everything they would do it themselves. It made him much more important in society.
Eric London (1 month ago)
Very good documentary. I'd love to find out any follow up info.
Wendillon (12 days ago)
They cracked it last year. The mystery language was Turkish. The author had really bad handwriting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6keMgLmFEk
Enoc Velazquez (1 month ago)
This book is written in a Druid language, they would enter in trance with hallucinogens and other drugs and they would write down their experience. The red cheek women are the Jesters that many people see in this psychedelic trips. This in essence is a trip journal. In this state of mind many secrets are revealed to the visitors of this realm however no logical thread is separated. My guess is that the author took many trips to this realm and this is why all the drawings look like advance science but are distorted. Basically is the result of forcing the Universal Collective Consciousness. Note to those that may be encouraged to tap into this fountain of knowledge, It is better to create a spiritual link to this source that to use hallucinogens. This is due to the sentinels, these jesters or small figures guard the source and will never let you keep what you see in these trips.
Lorrena Elliott (25 days ago)
This may be the single most profound thing I have ever read.... Try telling this to the kids though..
Veda Geter (1 month ago)
this stuff is so good do watch
rhino (1 month ago)
It looks like the ancient text of equinox.. I'm probably wrong tho
life42theuniverse (1 month ago)
26:30 only proof that it has been created with the resources available to 15th - 16th century not that it was indeed created during that time..
Andrew Ede (1 month ago)
Computer scientists at the University of Alberta in Canada may have decoded the Voynich manuscript - it is likely a version of Hebrew. www.ualberta.ca/science/science-news/2018/january/ai-used-to-decipher-ancient-manuscript
IGNATIUS XAVIER Joseph (1 month ago)
Queen Esa (1 month ago)
that book looks new af
Alan Gavidia (1 month ago)
Couldn't you have had stored the animal skin for a couple hundred years and then use them??
Alan Gavidia (1 month ago)
Where do most of the images come from, which I would like to know and more details... I found this that this year its been cracked by AI..... http://mentalfloss.com/article/527744/researchers-claim-crack-voynich-manuscript-using-ai-experts-are-skeptical
Patty Aaron (1 month ago)
From other documentrys I've seen on this Michelangelo as a young boy did the drawing
Fritula 6 (1 month ago)
There is no better or holier book than the Bible. It is so simple, that man being complicated, has difficulty understanding it, because it's the essence of Truth. The mind is enlightened.. which means simplified, and then everyman can understand God's Truth, His Word. That is the way to holiness.
Lynda Anne Art (19 days ago)
Which Bible? The Catholic, Coptic, Reformed, Orthodox...? "The Bible" with its many and varied forms is a compilation of older, more ancient mythologies predating the Assyrians and Babylonians. The "Hebrews" ripped off these ancient mythologies, placing themselves as center of the plot, during their so called "exile" in Babylon. The Sumer mythologies tell the more complete versions of the works that were ripped off. Further, virtually EVERY civilization has had a legend of a 'messiah' born to a virgin, with 12 disciples, who was martyred and rose from the dead after 3 days, ascended to heaven...yada yada. The story of the would be Christ is just an allegory pointing to the astrological age we are in - Pisces. It's a description of the stars and planetary alignments. The so called Bible may have great bits of wisdom - that's because the individual works selected to create the compilation were chosen for their effectiveness in influencing the masses, in other words, for their popularity. The whole point of the Bible is mass deception. I hope you get free of the lie of monotheism. It's done been debunked. All the truth is out there; you just have to do your due diligence and research.
aldis mengelsons (1 month ago)
there is no such a thing as stars, magic or witchcraft.Just read it lads, there is no code at all.

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