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IMO The World Of Magic lChaosl Trailer

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Heres a trailer from lChaosl vs Illest Enjoy the vid:D N subscirbe pls❤
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(6 years ago)
Thanks~ iMovies is what I needed all along hurray!! I wonder why anyone would dislike this vid. It's actually well put together. It's not stating you always win against the guild it's simply putting it out there that there is a new rebellion between guilds just like any other times. Why dislike???
Anonymous (6 years ago)
Nice Vid
TWOMlChaosl IMO (6 years ago)
I recorded the vids with Display Recorder from Cydia and create them with iMovie:)
(6 years ago)
What software did you use to make the video have that format? Is it a pc thing? Or can it be located in Cydia within a source link?
mhaaijerr (6 years ago)
can i add u im itsSinny i've platinum things etc :p
Christopher Lampl (6 years ago)
coole gilde, coole videos :) sind aus lCHAOSl alle deutsch?^^ In DeviSiras bin ich forever alone ..lol
TWOMlChaosl IMO (6 years ago)
Haha thanks all❤❤
TWOMlChaosl IMO (6 years ago)
thanks for the comment:D and yes we are german
sam iexy (6 years ago)
Sacry context theme doesn not = cute lil people fighting, try again...
Audrey-Ann Bruneau (6 years ago)
haha nice x)
TWOMlChaosl IMO (6 years ago)
Bigmama and im lvl36:)
iQuest Nuudel (6 years ago)

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