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Cuphead - Switch Announcement Trailer

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Justin Lontok (3 months ago)
Well there goes my pro controller
Epichighlightery (3 months ago)
April 9th 2019,I think you mean June 4th 2025
Matt Dawson (3 months ago)
So apparently theyre coming out with a physical release... Pretty shitty of them not to reveal that immediately. I already pre purchased digital.
It doesn't matter (3 months ago)
What about milk with coffee?
Mark41 (3 months ago)
lol , so matpat was wrong about that theory with alcohol , it was milk all along.
flippy estoy sad (3 months ago)
Al fin aquí esta lo que quería
THANOS El Destructor (3 months ago)
BullyMangler (3 months ago)
PlayStation is special too
ProWrestlingMP1 (3 months ago)
Not gonna happen pal, maybe some day but definitely not anytime soon
LORD POTATO XD (3 months ago)
Jason Ramos (3 months ago)
Its never going to go over to PlayStation. The game was made as a Microsoft exclusive for the Xbox and Windows. Cuphead going to the Switch is just part of the new partnership between Microsoft and Nintendo trying to bring Xbox Live to the Switch. Sony doesn’t want to partner with Microsoft to allow cross play between PlayStation and Xbox so it’s just been Microsoft and Nintendo partnering up, Cuphead is just the first game so far out of more games that’s been announced as a Microsoft exclusive to head over to Nintendo. Oh yeah and Cuphead is also available on Apple’s Mac OSX.
LORD POTATO XD (3 months ago)
Cuphead with mario stages :v
a no c :v

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