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Cinematic: “Old Soldier”

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War has a way of wearing down the most weathered soldiers. For legendary Horde warrior Varok Saurfang, this one could very well be his last. http://WorldofWarcraft.com Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=WorldofWarcraft
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austin cummings (4 hours ago)
when he said "live another day" and saurfang put his fist to his chest, he saw his son in that young troll. i've felt the same pain of losing my father, and having someone provide the mentorship in his absence. too bad i was betrayed..
Alex Sperandio (1 day ago)
Lord Zappy Boi for Warchief
Eric Ressler (2 days ago)
Stopped playing when MOP hit..think I might try it out again
Razerware146 (4 days ago)
name of music?
Manjeet Sahu (6 days ago)
Is that a movie or series
Jan Skoupil (9 days ago)
Any idea how to get the soundtrack that starts at 2:34 ? It's so chilly and cool.
Alliance will never get such a good cinematic, ty BLizz ruining game with your fkn horde favoritism
Brodha Sattva (14 days ago)
That Jamaican orc reminds me too much of Jar Jar Binks, it almost ruins it
Seden Ruts (14 days ago)
Seems like the horde is now at the brink of extinction, too bad but sylvanas is really corrupted, we'll probably see the truth when she dies for the third time, she already died two times
rhinoxbeans (15 days ago)
This is war; survival is your responsibility. - Hunk
sevgi sila karabacak (15 days ago)
Loktar ogar for the TRUE WARCHIEF SAURFANG
Shark_Hunters (15 days ago)
World of Warcraft, Hello Im From Translation Studios. Im Need To Public Your Cinematics And Game Upgrades With Turkish Laungage Beacause Turkish players loves this game but turkey's english is very very wrong are you sure to i public in turkish language?
Zlatko Kostadinov (16 days ago)
are we sure that zappyboi isn't Vol'jin son,because he says his father died and he said his father fought alongside with Saurfang and the cinematic is trying to show us that zappyboi isn't just some random troll,because above all he convinced Saurfang to come back and was willing to die alongside him if he didn't come back with him.Does anyone know for sure that this isn't Vol'jin son
Bwonsamdi (15 days ago)
Zekhan's father is named hekazi, he was not a darkspear troll
MR lurch (17 days ago)
First notes of music reminded me of Batman v Superman trailer, just sain.....
Brandon Cross (18 days ago)
The burning nelves was so sad. Saurfang was absolutely right in saying there was no honor in the burning of Teldrassil.
Weston Haring (21 days ago)
So the sun rises in the North for this piece of work?
Gabby Mouse (3 days ago)
They might be fairly far in the northern hemisphere, in the summer, the sun does rise pretty much in the nne for us in Wisconsin.
Max Aldebarane (22 days ago)
Legends say, the armor only slows Saurfang down, he was ready to re-make Cataclysm in that moment.
Cirstea Cosmin (22 days ago)
No matter how dire the battle might seem, anyone would follow Saurfang till' the end !
Just imagine the dialogue after 1:28-1:31 between Anduin and Genn Anduin: Genn, bring me everyone... Greymane: What mean everyone? Anduein: EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
James Kakki (25 days ago)
Is this movie released???
LudicrousKid (12 days ago)
this isn't a movie. It's just a cinematic.
Bake Mono (26 days ago)
That troll got some balls in him
junito1957 (27 days ago)
just lost my collie this dec of 12 year i planing on getting a rottweiler male puppy and his name will be call Saurfang , because he is the most honorable horde there is
Aysar Aburrub (28 days ago)
I respect Saurfang, but sorry, i wont betray my Warchief.
junito1957 (24 days ago)
Ginpachi Sensei (28 days ago)
Green Jesus should come back once again to save the world!!
Gonlondy (30 days ago)
The artworkTeam seriously amazing...
Crashesgamercroc 63 (30 days ago)
Orc best race ever
Scage101 (1 month ago)
This is the only good thing that came from BFA
Aidar Iraliyev (1 month ago)
Also if it was me, I would have said after giving the necklace back "your son died with his honor, live on with yours"
Aidar Iraliyev (1 month ago)
personal opinion
ŠØMƁŘÃ (1 month ago)
i want to hate it so much cause bfa is just a worse legion but that cinematics ....
Aidar Iraliyev (1 month ago)
His son died with honor, the father should live on with his.
Ricky Sifr (1 month ago)
Please, anyone knows where I could get the full soundtrack of this cinematic :( it's wonderful: D PD: sorry for my bad English xd
IsRick IV (1 month ago)
Welp think we found our new Warcheif.
Zaza (1 month ago)
oh man if you just make a series oh man you would smash all Tv shows and movies and you will get high profits than the holly trash game you have
John Billings (1 month ago)
My favorite. Should have been a movie.
COMAH (1 month ago)
in love with it
Badass Studio (1 month ago)
Maybe this was Blizzard's way to represent their conflict with Activision being Saurfang blizz, Slylv activision and the angry Alliance army the players
Shiva's Chimera (1 month ago)
Old soldiers get paid buddy. Where are my shares bro?
Thomas Sullivan (1 month ago)
Listen everyone, here what the end plot of battle for azaroth and who made Sylvanas warcheft should be. The void want Sylvanas's soul but each time she has die she has been resurrected by her followers. So the void lord knew the only way to possess her soul permanently was to have the mortal races destroy all her resources. So they devised a plan where they'd tell vol'gin in his dying breath that she would need to become warcheft if the horde were to survive the legion. That way, when she started her own a agenda she would cause so much havoc the mortal races would have to unite to defeat her and destroy everything she possesses that way when she dies this time, she would be dead for good. If you like my idea please like and share it and help make blizzard aware of it.
wassim ess (1 month ago)
Duhdog Dvg (1 month ago)
Too bad the cinematics are better than the gameplay
Nikolaj Christensen (1 month ago)
Blizzard has always been capable of making the BEST game cinematics. EVER
Boragath (1 month ago)
Can I just get the music from this plz
Centrion (1 month ago)
was this before the battle for azeroth cinematic?
Pooria Karami (1 month ago)
Whenever i need a taste of pure wow i just come to this amazing cinematic after unsubscribing WoW(BFA). what an amazing job the art team done :)
Cyrσท Music (1 month ago)
I actually cried
BOi (1 month ago)
SentientSockPuppet (1 month ago)
If theres bad storytelling in wow someone point me to it and tell me how because none to be seen
Thinh Vo (1 month ago)
SentientSockPuppet WARLORD OF DRAENOR.
stuekere (1 month ago)
One of the last good things Blizzard will ever make?
Cody Peavler (1 month ago)
BROOOOOOOOOOOOO Saurfang literally just got served. that was deep.
Ironhyde1 (1 month ago)
ha, Saurfang telling zappyboy "Dont die" is the most stupid thing I'v ever heard!. Hes about to enter a battle , where ppl die & you tell him dont die!. maybe you should tell him to stay away from the battlefield & the enemy whos going to try & kill him. & its especially moronic coming from Saurfang who craves to die in battle himself only to tell some1 else "dont die" in freakin battle. seems Blizzard made Saurfang a dumbass.
Screpitum Ralk (1 month ago)
Imagine this dude kissing someone
Psychotic Bob (1 month ago)
Fierik (1 month ago)
You know I don`t want saurfang as a warchiev. I just want alliance to prove her wrong in this arrogance. When he says "there is no honor in this" she thinks he is afraid, because he doesn`t know her plans truely, but the thing is she can`t understand honor and the fact nobody can win with these ways. It`s like ww2 she won`t win because she had to be stopped and even bloodsworn enemies will go aganist her together.
Moon Horse (1 month ago)
Lol Gul’dan for the horde haha the more likes the more I defeat Aliance people lol
Facundo Morales Diorio (1 month ago)
At this point in Warcraft lore, Varok Saurfang is as legendary as his brother Broxigar
BAD AT PARTIES (1 month ago)
Every troll is jamaican, confirmed.
Estefan Abogabir (1 month ago)
Very emotional and powerful video. For the Horde!
Animela Siva Kumar (1 month ago)
Terrorblade 1412 (1 month ago)
just rewatch this and the opening one, if this one after the opening cinematic or before the cinematic ? either one of them makes sense. In opening,Saurfang had warpaint,he had shoulder and his helmet armor. Now in this one, he took off both shoulder and helmet. even Zekhan did it as well. So when did this happen ? and when did Siege of Lordaeron in the opening cinematic happen ? oO
Jeremy H. (1 month ago)
Jesus Christ! If Blizzard put 1/100th the effort they did from these cinematics into the actual game, they would be unstoppable.
Sebastian Craynon (1 month ago)
Activision thanks for the new $25.00 mount in the cash shop just what I wanted.
What is troll's name?
SentientSockPuppet (1 month ago)
gábor debreczeni (2 months ago)
“Join me father and we will crush this world in the name of the scourge, for the glory of the Lich King / My boy died at the wrath gate , i am here only to collect his body. Today i fulfill that promise.....” #forgaradar
Guglielmo Delasa (2 months ago)
Too many of us has lost something in Northrend.
Daniel Klein (2 months ago)
If the actual game would be that amazing...
Duvel (2 months ago)
Die another day...
puddleman (2 months ago)
Shrek, part 5
Sportspro 2.0 (2 months ago)
Okay quick question why did Saurfang tear off his necklace thing is that like symbolic or something
T. Bryan (2 months ago)
Sportspro 2.0 it’s the necklace he gave his son, Dranosh, who was uncorrupted by Fel. Dranosh was killed and risen by the Lich King. You fight him as Deathbringer Saurfang in the first wing. The dialogue after killing him will fill in the rest.
3mor shwi5 (2 months ago)
Make a goddamn series about it.
DaMIAN w (2 months ago)
Fady .G (2 months ago)
Warcraft2 ? What happened to durotan's son at least ???
Thinh Vo (2 months ago)
Fady Ibrahim.G he become green Jesus.
Sparta Rage Kick (2 months ago)
I am Kratos....& ill wipe yall all out...
sunofabeach (2 months ago)
Sylvana thicc
sunofabeach (2 months ago)
Many year this game still update? Idk this game have muc player now?
n00b (2 months ago)
Fire Ion Hazzikostas and get rid of Pathfinder! Until then, I will not subscribe! #NoFlyNoSub
allyozzy (2 months ago)
what's that music at 2:41?
Jet Tdm (2 months ago)
Without Honor
Dam Dumah (2 months ago)
123videos456 (2 months ago)
These animations are great, just look at the work Blizzard put in and you can see the emotions Saurfang's face while holding the body of his fallen son.
Deryck Halstead (2 months ago)
Does Blizzard not realize how well received their cinematic Movie(s) about Warcraft would be ???
Crybaby zz (2 months ago)
That troll is a pure boy
Zigrifid (2 months ago)
he is a zappy boi !
Raffels Videoblog (2 months ago)
Best WoW Cinematic ever. Best piece of Lore since many years. People say what you want about BfA, the Lore is fantastic! For the Horde!
Locodeus (2 months ago)
Blizzard has a way of wearing down the most weathered subscribers.
eduardo ayca (2 months ago)
anyone know if the music on min 3:40 has a full version ?
The Hardcore Casual (2 months ago)
Cinematics and storiers, the only great things still to be found in WOW.
Sunrays (2 months ago)
Sucks when you can't prevent war when the gears of war start to spin ... a skirmish here, a skirmish there and bam ... Saurfang would make a great Horde Leader and as i see it Anduin will perform an "exorcism" on Sylvanas and maybe bring her back from the dead this way or getting all the corruption out from her. She would make a good "God, what have i done?!" character i think.
Too many, were the ones who burned along with Teldrassil. Never forger, death to Sylvanas.
Azulgo (2 months ago)
just start producing a proper tv series already
Kuro Tenshi (2 months ago)
i would totally to see a film in this format ... epic for me ... epic indeed
Niccole Copelli (2 months ago)
I want to hear Varoks full theme!
Kodamiko Gaming (2 months ago)
is saurfang's son in the flashback the one from icc?
K M (2 months ago)
Amazing! Love Saurfang! Love these cinematics!
Rylan Joran (2 months ago)
Have we ever seen an orc with tears in his eyes and not just bought it, but felt his pain? And then this moment of understanding between a young troll and an old orc. A thousand glorious battle scenes couldn't do for Azeroth what this video accomplishes.
Rylan Joran (2 months ago)
To make the audience see the humanity in an 8 feet tall "beastman", that is art.
Brigham Krogstad (2 months ago)
How bout no movie, show on Netflix and the lore will get blizz all new clientele. Huge returns just not upfront like a movie. Less risk, too.
I DontKnowAnymore (2 months ago)
Saurfang must be a very distressed boi to go through so many moods in 6 minutes
Nesano (2 months ago)
Props to him for condemning the desecration of one of nature's wonders.
Kazi (2 months ago)
I am with Saurfang.
The RPGAdventurer (2 months ago)
3:03 "in peace sons bury their fathers, in war fathers bury their sons" - Herodotus
EllAyeZeeWhy (2 months ago)
carlos henrique Santos (2 months ago)
Blizzard, eu te peço: NETFLIX LOGO!
Taijess Basnaw (2 months ago)
Saurfang looks like he took that armor straight from 40k

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