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The world of magic: how to farm (ep.2)

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The world of magic: how to farm, the world of magic farming video, how to farm, the world of magic easy money, the world of magic,
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Text Comments (56)
I3ot IMO (1 year ago)
most viewed twom video!!
XxCycloneShadowsxX (11 months ago)
Watch his new videos now bro. Hes like a good revolutionary and he needs support!!
DBZ Fan (1 year ago)
Man i miss these character animations lol
Gromlin (1 year ago)
you retire?
Declan Lyons (2 years ago)
You need to come back lol
dodopski (2 years ago)
ugh that mystic stone </3 it can trade for armD/weapD/recall scroll each @[email protected]
kpop is my everthing (2 years ago)
i have no premium ticket:(
Scarce (2 years ago)
I'm android hacks 4 you been. here for 2 years now =) I changed to fake name doee
William Filosoferar (2 years ago)
Whishard - (2 years ago)
claire 24 (3 years ago)
I like your voice :3
TerrorXD IMO (3 years ago)
Did u have sweep 3?
Jaevo Stew (3 years ago)
do u still play this game
Elijah Hall (2 years ago)
Ethan Paul Cataritas it's called a force close bug it literally kicks you off when someone does a let near you
Ethan Paul Cataritas (2 years ago)
how is it broken? I'm curious
Jaevo Stew (3 years ago)
Indo China (3 years ago)
The game is broken noe
TheHolyWar (3 years ago)
Naw bro srry :( im really into smite now
James Lim (3 years ago)
T-T look at dat money. I can't even reach 80k.
Samuel Batam (3 years ago)
Dafuq that critical (wrong spell)
Kuroyase (3 years ago)
sore throat? why?
TheHolyWar (3 years ago)
I was really sick at that time lmao
Nicole Tang (3 years ago)
hello! where you from?
Prince Reyes (3 years ago)
Its a hack dude u cant farm like that! Everytime u buy you will get money on the price
Prince Reyes (3 years ago)
Ohh ok
TheHolyWar (3 years ago)
+Prince Reyes at the time trust me it was possible to make that much, not anymore.
Prince Reyes (3 years ago)
And hes premium so he can do that
Cool tutorial, explanation is crystal clear, which server do you play?
Cheeky Bottle (3 years ago)
Woe is him
TheHolyWar (3 years ago)
+EraTion “Era” Growtopia hey bro, im making more twom vids :)
TheHolyWar (3 years ago)
+Beki M wakadanka siras! im making more vids now btw
Cheeky Bottle (3 years ago)
He plays Wadangka.
Dalal (3 years ago)
if u saved up woopa scale to 10 stacks u'll get boots sold for 15-17k :3  but i'm kinda like  i think sellling pcoin stacks is better each r like 2.5k  instead of making to sky key which each 5 coins for 1 sky key worth 1.9k  i rlly dunno which way is better selling sky keys or just sekk hte stacks of poins
Dalal (3 years ago)
mystic stones r sold for 5k in bt
LittleGameDev (3 years ago)
What about mage. I am a level 21 mage. Where are the best places to farm for gold and Xp.
Fallen (3 years ago)
What screen recorder are you using
TheHolyWar (3 years ago)
+faLLen shou.tv u have to search it up on google and find a link to get it. If you get it don't delete it cus i did, and i couldnt redownload it. u can see the app on my homescreen at 1 second in the video! (i make clash vids now, check em out if u interested :) )
Jingling Su (4 years ago)
Wait i saw u online today
Ahsan Mirza (3 years ago)
+Jingling Su Me too xD
Jingling Su (4 years ago)
i didnt kno T^T and btw im on lanos
TheHolyWar (4 years ago)
+Jingling Su lol u shouldve said hi
Manuel Gonzalez (4 years ago)
Hey I know galatic123
Ahsan Mirza (3 years ago)
+Manuel Gonzalez Me too!
(4 years ago)
Props to you for having balls to do commentary lol
TheHolyWar (4 years ago)
lool ty :P
Tech IMO (4 years ago)
I went threw this process trying to get a platnium rapier, if your patient enough and if no guild holds them, try farming lh3 bosses, you just sit there and kill once an hour, so videos and movies become to focus instead of farming. If you get lucky you can make 30+ m off one drop
Tech IMO (2 years ago)
+Andrew Labarge Its highly worth it. If not then go +8 glad. Your gonna be using it till 38, so def worth having
Andrew Labarge (2 years ago)
+Jiggyfly1701 is plat rapier good?
El (3 years ago)
+Tech Army but many high lvl usually try to own that place lol so kinda hard for lvl 30 below
JU JU (4 years ago)
Trade your mystic stones to Kulin for a chance to get c arm/weap enchant scroll
xJulesMS (3 years ago)
kewll and troo
CoolBro's Randoms (4 years ago)
+Jd Montanez  actuly dude it'll trade to arm/weap enchant scroll D
TheHolyWar (4 years ago)
I hope u get this mssg bro, im on wakadanka siras. And i use shou to record
Jeremy A (4 years ago)
+cyclone gaming also i was wondering how you record from your screen i looked into it and cant find anyway to, so if you could message me that would be pretty awesome.
Jeremy A (4 years ago)
+cyclone gaming hey what server are you in? i just got scammed 45m on my server, caligo siras. level 43 full equipped mage scammed by a wadangka lanos named waltoa and hard1, im looking for a new server. thanks man

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