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Sniper vs Sniper: Online - Official Trailer

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'Sniper vs Sniper: Online' by Com2uS
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Text Comments (34)
7385dod83 (6 months ago)
I was in the top 10 in this game when it got deleted. Spent most of my time "feeding" points. Miss the game though
Ricardo Villanueva (4 months ago)
We were top 1
Ricardo Villanueva (4 months ago)
Me too
Lohith Suvarna (9 months ago)
What happened this game
Radovan (9 months ago)
We need the game back
TRIS WALUYO. (1 year ago)
i miss this game so much.. my nickname dheraynaqqqss and im a cheater who used gamcih xD and i remember some of my friends like: -nanang , gouru, bobby007, hindustan, indonesiaaaa, fabulouso, etc. 2012
ROS On Mobile KH (1 year ago)
OMG at 0:20 is ANGKOR temple in cambodai
Darren Thoo (1 year ago)
the DelSter (2 years ago)
Are u guys crazy this game was awesome. Facing real people and having to find them first effort they find u.. Loved it. What happened to it
TrisWly'Manchunian (2 years ago)
i miss this game
كبرياء رجل (2 years ago)
Moises Moisesribeiro (5 years ago)
Caramba deve ser top!!!!!
Alwalid khalid (5 years ago)
James Houghton (5 years ago)
Madyan Akmal Hidayat (5 years ago)
Suck! Not free...... -_-
TheLukeWebsite (5 years ago)
Call of Duty Black Ops completely free?! CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL NOW!:O
XxRandomYoutuberXx (6 years ago)
kamal almajeedi (6 years ago)
مشكور ياmagnoooooooooonk
P_R_F_S (6 years ago)
اللي يبغى يحملها مجانا يدخل موقع 4shared ويكتب اسمها: sniper vs sniper.apk وحملها وثبتها واستمتع:(
Lars Matthäus (6 years ago)
Ganz gut
Epik5 (6 years ago)
stolen from sniper elite 0:29
Krzysztof Marek (6 years ago)
mam versie 1.1.4 z chomikuj bez mozliwosci aktualizacji przez googleplay
Radwan Ennatij (6 years ago)
David Tmichael (6 years ago)
The game suck duck :/ if u want it download from 4shared write apk. In the end of the word it not worht it.dont pay
squishless (6 years ago)
it's bad i played it on android
silupuzza zah (6 years ago)
Not free please share gems seniper riple to free bos thanks
silupuzza zah (6 years ago)
Pleace share gems seniper to fee bos
Nick Jones (6 years ago)
No actual real gameplay. -THE FUCK?!
ohayo500 (6 years ago)
우와 플레이영상 안보여준다 ㅎㅎ
Dakronic Healz (7 years ago)
Game is waste of cash and biggest pile shit ever made and is not like how this trailor shows totally fause advertising
Guillermo Saez (7 years ago)
Facking trailer
Sultan Alghuraibi (7 years ago)
شكلها حليوه بس موب ذاك الزود ايذا ما جاك كثل كول اوف ديوتي اعرف انه فاشل بس انه فيه اشياء حلوة تجي مثل كول اوف ديوتي بس ماتجيبه
chimjw (7 years ago)
But what the hell does the game look like
jgmarines (7 years ago)
Vicious trailer

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