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5 CARTOONS THAT LOOK DIFFERENT IN OTHER COUNTRIES On the last decades, the art of computer animated films is getting better and better. Animated films are more beautiful, more complicated and of a higher quality. Nowadays, each little detail is important: some of you probably remember the famous headphone mistake that was so commented on the internet a couple of years ago and it was finally done right! But in several countries, some famous scenes from different animated films look quite different from the way they look in other countries. You might not know this, but people working in animated films love their work and their audience, and sometimes change their films to include some important aspects for this or that culture. So, here are 5 animated films that look different in other countries.
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Ferdia Tyrrell (1 hour ago)
Bustdown tatyanna
Kady Ryan (5 hours ago)
What about Ireland
glass assasin (14 hours ago)
it was a moose in australia
hope lee (18 hours ago)
In hongkong its a moose
Slothster 0612 (20 hours ago)
Guess I’m Japanese
SuperSid YT (21 hours ago)
At 16 and a half seconds you’ll see let it goat like let it go in frozen
Kieda Tim (1 day ago)
I love broccoli 🥦!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
꧁Wesley꧂ (1 day ago)
Monster University was so great!
Jesskas Is love (2 days ago)
I lover green pepper
Louis Tan (3 days ago)
I like China but they to much copycats
Imran Momodu (4 days ago)
AnnaAndMaya (6 days ago)
Just shows that different countries have different taste in food even when we’re little
It's Nick! (7 days ago)
あげパン (9 days ago)
Cedrick Julom (9 days ago)
dope broccoli....1😨😨😷😢
Gerda Burkhardt (9 days ago)
I live in Australia, but I don’t remember the koala thing from zootopia. Maybe I’m wrong tho
Douglas .Nicholson (9 days ago)
I'm fairly certain the original is ice hockey.
xavier king of ramdom (10 days ago)
Que clase de Refugio mental es este >:v
Miguelito Jackson (8 days ago)
El original
juno garcia (10 days ago)
Nakuo Man (11 days ago)
i love broccoli! but I'm Norwegian... I have two brothers and a mom my whole family loves healthy food!!
Wil Mees (11 days ago)
Why would they make it hockey in America? Almost nobody in the US follows hockey. Even though it isn't as popular in the US as in other countries, soccer would still have made more sense somehow.
Victor Cheng (12 days ago)
In Brazil Coco had to be renamed "Cheers! Life is a party!" and grandma Coco had to be renamed as Lupita because Coco means poop in Portuguese
PandasGirl (12 days ago)
Okay, I loved this video. on the Things and ms mojo you will see a 12 minute video that's 99% filler. This gets to the point and doesn't spend forever droning on and on about mangoes or something. This was good. liked.
Alexandra 002 (13 days ago)
comments on this video: Broccoli
Kaleb Padgett (13 days ago)
Lol a globe..
Cobalt Pie (14 days ago)
what about polish features?
Emaan Nasir (14 days ago)
i like eating broccoli but i hate capsicum, I dont know why
Totallykewl Dog (14 days ago)
1:19 Can u see the resemblance from totoro and the racc
Amber yam (14 days ago)
Live, Love & Care. (15 days ago)
Wow. I'm impressed. I don't know how I ended up in here......
TheGravityPit (15 days ago)
Hockey is more popular in the states? Have you never heard of Canada?
yutubve (15 days ago)
¿12 mill por un video que habla de lo evidente? la gente se aburre mucho
CPRG_Official (16 days ago)
The Zootopia one is fake. I saw this in China and it was the same.
indra madjid (16 days ago)
In zootopia,i got the panda... but i'm not in china!
Alex Philp (17 days ago)
Guys just relax it is broccoli not BROCALLY! 😤
TechGoggles (19 days ago)
I am from india and i love broccoli
A Guy_ with_A Mask (19 days ago)
They cannot easily change it
2:08 You said Riley was watching Soccer, it is actually Riley's Dad.
kc byc (19 days ago)
hongkong and usa a same
AGL 91 (21 days ago)
В России вообщем мишка заместо панды 😅
Herlina Salim (21 days ago)
00:58 you're welcome
Blurry Edits (21 days ago)
Planes was my childhood 😂😂
CanadianM00se gaming (21 days ago)
Stinky Steve 101 (22 days ago)
I’m a Aussie and it’s a moose
Felipe Bueno (23 days ago)
Fun fact: in Brazil, Riley plays hockey... And we dont even have snow here
KnightsOfTheWicked-PS4 (24 days ago)
It’s just censorship
Daniel Paul (24 days ago)
Aw no USSR flag for the plane character
P. S (24 days ago)
Indonesia -> Komodo..
manas sadhwani (25 days ago)
I wonder why they didn't change it to 'cow' in India 😅
Lucas & Christian _ (26 days ago)
It is normal to love broccoli
Uchiha Madara (26 days ago)
Indian legend animation... Hanumaan. Krishna and Cricket 😂😂😂😂
youdont wannaknow (27 days ago)
Broccolis are delicious. Fight me.
Femke Visser (27 days ago)
am I Japanese??
raghul prasath (27 days ago)
in india?
Eduin Toro (27 days ago)
America es todo el continente.. ustedes solo son usa
mihir keshari swain (28 days ago)
I love brocolli
Umbreon and espeon (28 days ago)
I love brokely
Rod Gamer/Vlogger (28 days ago)
Im not japanese but i love eating broccoli
ALtaIR Humming (29 days ago)
Ho cares movie are movies why they supposed to change it?? 😑😑
Conor Breen (30 days ago)
This should be called 5 disney movies that were different in other countries
Daño John Robert (1 month ago)
Its because Chinese loves panda lmao
THE GAME (1 month ago)
Did you notice All are Disney movies
Lyca Deneveh (1 month ago)
Uhmmm! I like broccoli especially if it's in the chopsuey
PBD GAMETECH (1 month ago)
in india same as us nothing change lol
Tea Timurin (1 month ago)
Прикольное решение.
BuoChuoi (1 month ago)
Works of chaos
Jayesh (1 month ago)
You not showed up the India in planes.
TheChristopher (1 month ago)
No se Inglés :v
Aurnhammer Films (1 month ago)
So basically Disney sells out
Jack PD brick world (1 month ago)
Kritish Bamma (1 month ago)
It's not soccer, it's football
Karim Isma (1 month ago)
I'm against this idea
Blix and Nebula ! (1 month ago)
This is very odd
why'd you have to kiss china's ass hollywood
carlogv (1 month ago)
im amazed for the zootapia changes
xhamsters .1 (1 month ago)
Die koala 😂
a ss (1 month ago)
God Fist (1 month ago)
IT IS 2AM and i am watching this , i need a life
Ahmet Burak Durmaz (1 month ago)
If someone nows so are all of the cartoons on the video made by Disney.
kiran .s.r sr (1 month ago)
No one cares about Indian kids 😑
Kadel Animates (1 month ago)
Actually the Hockey scene in Inside Out was the original while the soccer scene was the one that isn't. Hence why Riley is into playing Hockey in the film. Also Riley wasn't the one imagining a hockey/soccer game, it was her father.
TheRealMysticalCat (1 month ago)
I’m not Japanese but I like broccoli
Jordan Schutten (1 month ago)
You arent special if you like broccoli
athoiba ef (1 month ago)
It's football for rest of the world and scoccer in US
Infinity (1 month ago)
In my opinion those changes are ridiculous, it's too much unnecessary work, there is a lot of narcissism and egoism from other countries and this lack of empathy for producers...just ridiculous...
# cyanlover1 (1 month ago)
I first saw soon zootopia in Aussie
Serperior Chaos (1 month ago)
Well the one who is talking said riley. Sometimes, you should always check your script. Just watch the inside out part again.
Epic zactier YT (1 month ago)
This is not true I live in Australia and there is a moose not a koala in zootopia
Sarah Lloyd (1 month ago)
Background music sounds like Mystic Cave Zone
ITS Anthony (2 months ago)
FBI (2 months ago)
Me love Broccoli 🥦 especially, when its seasoned.
Bucephalus Gaming (2 months ago)
All this is soooo stupid! Even movie makers do anything to separate the world in parts, how pathetic is that!?
Cappie (2 months ago)
The things stole the video from ya.
dreamy guy (2 months ago)
We are still not one world 😐
Raquel Alvia (2 months ago)
me myself love broccoli cuz it's a good vegetable and really not worst vegetables on the market.
Mabra (2 months ago)
Football, not soccer, retard.
iiRae (2 months ago)
1:10 *Why China* Why?!?
putri adhila (2 months ago)
Why? Brocoli is good.....
Sam Pegler (2 months ago)
How come in mu they didnt make it be my pal because we speak english... like... so why?

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