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For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] TechZone ► https://goo.gl/Gj3wZs Sometimes life gives people incredible surprises and it's difficult to believe they're real. In today's video, we have collected some amazing coincidences for you that prove how unpredictable and strange our world can be.
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Hazin. Yagan (35 minutes ago)
happ- enis (1 hour ago)
What movie is that at 0:59?
Dr. Hippo (2 hours ago)
190 likes How not more
Provolutionz (5 hours ago)
Guys 😢 The Old Man, The Goalkeeper died this year. January 9😭. He was so happy there.
Caleb Vanhorn (6 hours ago)
wow my cousin name is jimmy hendricks too
Andy Stone (7 hours ago)
mandella effect, it's not Hailey's comet anymore, it's Halley's comet
MSred Reaper (8 hours ago)
What abou Kurt cobain predicting that trump would be the president
Mufla_BMW (9 hours ago)
oh my fucking god is this a fucking COINCIDENCES i just watched the movie in the intro and its called Bruce Almighty
Angelo estoya (10 hours ago)
Haha walking dead
Memeulous (10 hours ago)
Make ur intro shortner
onlybugwit (12 hours ago)
It's not Hayley's comet ,,,, it's pronounced Halley's as in hat
Andrea (14 hours ago)
Awh, that old man looked so happy, it was adorable. :') <3
Dany Lazoo (19 hours ago)
Why always a movie clip
TheFredster Playz (20 hours ago)
I think this a bit for a 5 year old kid to believe this leave a like if agrred
MLR (23 hours ago)
I'm Morgan Robertson And my dad's Andrew just like him
Elmer Jackson (1 day ago)
Please please background music name please
Pete Bidwell (1 day ago)
Mousehole, is pronounced Maw-zul in Kernow ;)
STELLAFELLA (1 day ago)
4:51..... what a coincidence,I have just played rogue transmission on battlefield 4
bumfluff cakepants (1 day ago)
again too many ads, i might just download your videos instead, nar not worth it
5M subs!
ElianStudioz (1 day ago)
3:55 that wasnt a coincidence the goverment hired him to do that so people would get used to it and they wouldnt be surprised when the accual event happened also the Titanic was switched with the Olympic because the government didnt want to actually sink the Titanic...
The Power (1 day ago)
microfoods gt (1 day ago)
tigergreg8 (1 day ago)
I wanted to watch the whole video, but all the f*cking BS between the real reason I watched this was irritating. Not to mention the fact Jim Carrey's acting turns my stomach. o_O
Optical G (1 day ago)
HI! (1 day ago)
Enzo Ferrari and Mesut Ozil
Veselka (1 day ago)
black and white scenes i hate
SPECTRUM zx (2 days ago)
What the twins 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
SPECTRUM zx (2 days ago)
Well that is destiny💕💕
Earl Green (2 days ago)
Jean 3:16
Fried Mule (2 days ago)
Many of them are debunked years ago.
Wooow thats so boring, I faced some of them
texasdc04 (3 days ago)
6:28 does anyone else hear him say Navad-er and Arizona?
Tino Gamer (5 days ago)
Why there's so many Bruce nolan"s Scenes
CheeseBurgerMan (7 days ago)
My name is Chance
Zach Valentine (7 days ago)
Are you guys working with alltime10s? https://youtu.be/k-taLdAvHSE
Alan Yoon (7 days ago)
GOLDENBOII ROSE (7 days ago)
Khalil Archer (7 days ago)
How did you make this without the Kennedy and Lincoln coincidences?
Deco King (7 days ago)
hi i want readmore
Donatas Kazlauskas (1 day ago)
Umm its read more.......
Pop 305 (8 days ago)
Aditya Ghodke (8 days ago)
Old man's happiness ♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️
j j (8 days ago)
Mentale Zuflucht is the German version
awesome feel (8 days ago)
the goalkeeper, is his government or the club still takes care for him???? I hope so he is happy in his life👍👍👍👍
അപ്പു (8 days ago)
Best thing I've seen today is that veteran goal keeper's grace in his eyes and his smile. I can feel him ❤
romulusnr (9 days ago)
Mousehole is pronounced "mousel."
Thomas Zulli (9 days ago)
ok here is one. years ago a man rides his motorcycle but is killed when he is struck by a taxi. a couple of years later on the same day, his brother rides the same motorcycle...and is killed on the same street, by a taxi. same driver and cab...with same passenger
Suvannah Dyer (9 days ago)
sjurmenager 1 (9 days ago)
who else loves this chanel😃😃😛😛
I Hate Sarcasm (8 days ago)
V/S PLAYZ (9 days ago)
The titan , Man who can see future?😓
Safti Tibermacine (9 days ago)
Dragon Lord Gaming (9 days ago)
As soon as the hoover dam footage came up i couldn't stop thinking about fallout new vegas.
so solay (9 days ago)
Cheatqing -Minecraft (9 days ago)
3:09 I saw that movie yesterday!! Thats a Cool concidence
areamusicale (10 days ago)
... nice stories, but ... do you really believe they are real?
adam london (10 days ago)
glitch in the matrix
thoughtank101 (7 days ago)
I was thinking the same, lol. It also made me think about how predetermined life could possibly be.
Matthew Acheampong (10 days ago)
I'm wondering where you get all these information from?
Rodolfo Sales (10 days ago)
90 yrs????? Ferrari? Maybe 100 yrs?
mike mike (10 days ago)
aaaaaahhhhhhhh i hate ads
Gavrolux (4 days ago)
Richard Maggs (6 days ago)
I'm watching this on my phone, 4 ads on a 10 minute video. Stupid.
thoughtank101 (7 days ago)
So random, but so true, lol.
Angel zdops (10 days ago)
2:19 i saw the light in his eyes, that was heartwarming, an elderly remebering his young life
Jeffrey martinez (6 hours ago)
Yes it was beautiful.
Plasma Gaming (1 day ago)
It's something only you can understand when you experience life.
Jestina Joy (6 days ago)
Angel zdops right :’)
Gear Machine - 52 (10 days ago)
Every channel has a Gear ⚙️ lol sometimes
Rhinozherous (10 days ago)
The Titanic was not named "unsinkable" before the accident. This came up after she sunk.
thoughtank101 (7 days ago)
You got it wrong. The Titanic was never called the unsinkable, it was thought to be unsinkable, so after it sank it became part of the whole story, the unsinkable sunk.
steph g (10 days ago)
great job on the video, but i think the dennis the menace one wasn't as much a coincidence as it was a marketing strategy
Lalic (10 days ago)
8:30 "They are not Relatives so the only explanation is reincarnation" xD
V.K (10 days ago)
The man @10:40 I so scary that I sipled my coffee on myself as I'm watching this video after watching a horror movie and it's night time and that man suddenly appears on my screen OMG thanks to God that I didn't get a heart attack a
Fidel Castro (10 days ago)
I’m scarier.
The angry channel 540 (10 days ago)
0:16 who knows the movie because I know!😄
Rexel _ (10 days ago)
*WaSsUp AlIa mY nAmE iS gUyS*
Natasha K (10 days ago)
Mark Twain = Superman
adam salih (10 days ago)
The twins in the video is fake mean what are the odds
xXFERO Shadow7Xx (8 days ago)
adam salih it’s not fake is 100% true
Fidel Castro (10 days ago)
It’s supposed to be a coincidence stop being dumb before Cuba invades your house.
Brayden McDanell (10 days ago)
Carolyn Devins (10 days ago)
Are you ready for this one...today I was thinking about Dennis the menace and was wondering if the writers knew about each other...mind blown
Praise Osakwe-Mbonu (10 days ago)
I def.
The Umpf 88 (10 days ago)
Fortnite is shit
Primeval Becker (10 days ago)
I see that Rick Grimes clip 😏😂
Tor Kjennerud (10 days ago)
They met on my bday
AG. (10 days ago)
Can I find two lovely girls at the same time? That will be a real coincidence and mega event the one's you mentioned are insignificant cases.
arsenal fan tv (10 days ago)
Ozil is a legend i support Arsenal
Sun Experiment (10 days ago)
go to my channellll
trevor random (10 days ago)
CJ MADRID TV (10 days ago)
De Destroyers (10 days ago)
Secret Starch (10 days ago)
I love the old man's expression 😇😇
Hulle random kak (10 days ago)
That twins named jim has gotta be bulls***
Wiko Saputra (10 days ago)
" I was goalkeeper for Liverpool" daammmmnnnn
?Dr Who? (1 day ago)
Karius against Real Madrid?
അപ്പു (8 days ago)
At that time, he might be the most happiest n proudest man on earth. His eyes say so.
JGame87 (10 days ago)
You sure Jim Wasn't a Clone of Jim?
Unicorn Blast (10 days ago)
Anyone notice at the beginning Rachel from friends . No just me okay
Nah I knew
Akshay Krishna (10 days ago)
HOW FAST CAN YOU GUESS THE WORDS 1. BOO_S 2. _ _ NDOMS 3. F_ _ K 4. P_ N_ S 5. PU_S_ 6. S_X answers : 1. Books, 2. Random, 3. Fork, 4. Pants, 5. Pulse, 6. Six You got all six wrong. Didn't you? You dirty minded freak
yash_24.7 (8 days ago)
7:15 they both died on my birthday It would be scarier if I lived there
Bananana Face (7 days ago)
yash_24.7 oh ok lol I can see why you weren’t born in 1922 lol
I Hate Sarcasm (8 days ago)
yash_24.7 (8 days ago)
+Bananana Face no I was born on the 20th of December 2005
Bananana Face (9 days ago)
yash_24.7 you where born in1922?
Paul Pierre Destrieux (10 days ago)
team MJ (10 days ago)
First Until I refresh the page 😢
Mobile Gaming (1 day ago)
Richard Maggs (6 days ago)
+Fidel Castro, calm down lil' ranger, it'll be OK! 😂
UselessVideos// 101 (8 days ago)
Fidel Castro OoF
HDude Games (9 days ago)
team MJ z
Fidel Castro (10 days ago)
I hate it when it happens. If it happens to me again, I’m launching missiles.
Jason Irelan (10 days ago)
Now everyone CAN subscribe to other channels and go without subscribing to me and liking my videos, BUT WHY? Take care and God loves you.
Sxsdar- (10 days ago)
You downloud this video Kid 😂
Gavrolux (4 days ago)
What? :)
The Umpf 88 (10 days ago)
Brocode 34 (10 days ago)
Bro u could write something better
Ayana Clarke (10 days ago)
First viewer
Yuvraj Singh (10 days ago)
That’s really nice look how happy he looked😃🤩(Tommy Lawrence)
Yuvraj Singh (10 days ago)
VCG Construction (10 days ago)
What are the odds that I'd be watching this video at this exact moment in this exact year? There is no such thing as coincidence !
John Young (1 day ago)
Please that I may never watch this shite ever again.
kiMael Kristiak (2 days ago)
Adil Ibrar (2 days ago)
Realllyyyy 🙁
Gavrolux (4 days ago)
Omg the chances
James lowan james loger
Lamin Sillah (10 days ago)
truly amazing
E.S Gaming (10 days ago)
Thanks for uploading!
I want a shout out
Chance is a dog!!!!!!!!!!!!

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