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BLOOM VLOG: Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K review

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Please visit the full blog post at www.philipbloom.net/blog/ursa for native clips downloads and more! This video review was done with the firmware supplied with the rental camera. There is newer firmware which improves on many of my operational issues with the camera that is coming out soon. So please take this into account when watching my complaints as many of them look like they have been hopefully been addressed. Yes I said I would never do them again and that is more or less the case still. Well sort of...I am trying something slightly different. My first review was in 2008, the Sony EX3 and to my last one in 2015 was the Sony FS7. I stopped because they were financially crippling with the amount of weeks put into each one and with no sponsors and donations never working. I tried tip jar on vimeo (which is gone) and other ways of donations but despite huge numbers of views comparatively the amount donated was sadly barely enough to cover half a day's work. I haven't completely given up on "reviews" as such though...my new vlogs will occasional have a focus on a new piece of kit or camera...and here we are. I have made one all about the Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K and it is in reality quite similar to my old video reviews. It is 44 minutes long after all! As I am not really able to work due to my bad back injury I need to keep creatively busy or I will go mad, even though these are not sponosed either so they are done for free to hopefully entertain and give information that might be useful. I have included a donate button below in my blog post at www.philipbloom.net/blog/ursa if you feel generous and especially feel you have gotten some value from this. Not working means not earning money so it is gratefully received. Don't expect the same level of polish, variety of shots or in-depth long-term thoughts as these are quickly made with short periods of time with the camera. Although this one was still a good 4/5 days of work . They won't be as finessed in editing either, hence the vlog style umbrella. Don't forget to visit the blog post linked at the top for all those native clip downloads and more! Music credits at end of video.
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Text Comments (338)
aaron holder (2 months ago)
It would have been hilarious If right after you said "the content should still be pretty good though" you cut to your cat.
Arthur Sulit (8 months ago)
I found an apparently legit royalty fwee classical source for u: MusOpen.org
Anthony Adedeji (1 year ago)
Hello.. Please I bought a BlackMagic URSA mini 4.6K for a friend on my last trip to the US, she called me today that the camera isn't showing options to shoot in 4.6K just options for 4K, I went to check the camera myself and 4.6K option isn't on the recording menu at all just the option for 4k, she actually has 2 URSA mini 4.6K and the other one is showing options for it in comparison. I actually believe it is the settings on the camera or maybe the camera has to be updated but she is really worried and probably thought I bought her a fake camera even when 4.6k is written on the camera, Blackmagic is closed for the weekend so I can't reach them... Please what do you think could be hiding the options to shoot 4.6k...
xjoshmeade (1 year ago)
Use an IR cut filter to fix the blue/purple tint on the ursa mini
Adam Funk (1 year ago)
Damn, son, two of my favorite classical pieces in one video. Nicely done.
little late probably... but i just found this video. I felt your pain when you had to stop filming because of your back and then said "this is what i do, if i can't do what i do..." 7 year professional light technician got my back too... 4 hernia operations, disc fusions and eventually a neurostimulator later i had to let go of the job i was sooo passionate about. Take care of your back. you only got one and theres not much they can do about it when its f*cked up. Btw i really liked the review :)
diamondaveincali (1 year ago)
your jacket is moiree'ing  lol.  did you get the email Philip?  #cheersfromhollywood
Matthew Ward (1 year ago)
Ok, so if you want to re-shoot _Barry Lyndon_ and boost the shadows in post, fixed-pattern noise becomes a problem. Thank you so much for clearing this up; many reviewers have made a big issue of FPN and have turned their noses up at the Ursa/Mini because of it. Discouraging stuff. Since I don't shoot many candle-lit dinners, I'm guessing I'll be okay!
wuw (1 year ago)
I don't think the low light is horrible whenb graded. (on Youtube atleast)
Daf Palfrey (1 year ago)
Felt sorry for you with your back pains, man. Hope it's better now.
George Karaolis (1 year ago)
Once you install the arm extension the handgrip makes much more sense and the connector is far easier to reach. Just one of those Blackmagic design decisions..)))
Elliott Fox (1 year ago)
Love your choice of classical music. Satie being my absolute favourite. Also nice to see a camera review in a relaxed, more sophisticated manor, as opposed to the fast-paced-choppy reviews you find here online. Well enjoyed.
quadryedge (2 years ago)
thanks for the review... cant really afford any of the gears you feature as i am a student, but i really do like your videos, as yours is informative and entertaining compared to other reviewers I've watched.
DSLR Cinema Movies (2 years ago)
Hello Phillip, Do you think gh5 has as good an image for feature film more so than canon c300, c100, or 5d mark3 with magic Lantern?
Mr. Movie Trailers (2 years ago)
avoid BLACK MAGIC CAMERAS! I got the production camera, when it first came out, black magic was less than helpfull, and they gave me a replacemnt with a bad battery! internal batt does not hold a charge at all! goes from 100% to 0 in 15 muintes or faster! JUNK from a crapy company! maybe someday we will have a company that offers a fair price for a quality product! but BM is NOT iT!
cantsolvesudokus (2 years ago)
Hey mr. Bloom, I really hope your dad is dooing alright, best wishes !
I.C.E. Entertainment (2 years ago)
if you need a bag carrier with own gh4 camera gear i van give a hand...
AdrianVino (2 years ago)
Greetings one and all. I want to make short films and want a great look. Anybody suggest anything between 2,000$--4,000$? Have a 6D now and don't think it's enough. Thanks.
padrello (2 years ago)
And the best way to have a great look is by having great lightining... Not expensive but great...
Polan (2 years ago)
AdrianVino A7s ii? You're gonna need glass though
Erik Hill (2 years ago)
Thanks for the video Philip! What's your workflow for grading the raw footage from the URSA Mini??
Benjamin Balazs (2 years ago)
Hi Philip! Thank you for this review and for all the others! Hope your back will get better. Merry Christmas! Benjamin
Joe Addison (2 years ago)
hey everyone Philip now has a patreon page to fund reviews so if you enjoy these head over there and drop a small amount of money
Man, you the best! Just i sad, because i don't understand english...
Presque vu (2 years ago)
Thanks for the review. Could you suggest an ND filter to use for general purpose daylight shooting with the URSA? Specifically, would you advise on getting a 3-stop or a 6-stop filter to allow me to open up aperture and not blow out the image at ISO 800. WOuld 3-stop be enough?
EonPeon (2 years ago)
If your back is stuffed, go to eBay and buy an Inversion Table. Work WONDERS! I have bad sciatica on occasion and just a couple of minutes of being tipped upside-down provides instant relief that last for days - sometimes weeks.
simon gentry (2 years ago)
PB - have you revisited since firmware update? do you know about using an ssd using cfast cable? what if ALL you have is indeed EF glass? ty for sharing - i miss your reviews.
simon gentry (2 years ago)
now i want to go to the ballet
Leonard Popp (2 years ago)
I really love the color of your videos! Did you made a LUT for that? or do you have a preset you could share with us?
GoodLiver Gang (2 years ago)
I was definitely surprised at the disappearance of the fixed pattern noise.
KneeSlapz (2 years ago)
Get better soon, Philip. You are a treasure to the filmmaking community, and we are rooting for you and your road to better health. Sending good vibes your way.
Akshay Rathee (2 years ago)
What case is that?
ano j (2 years ago)
+Philip Bloom Long time no see brother "I hope your back gets better."
Akshay Rathee (2 years ago)
Philip Bloom which one do you recommend?
Philip Bloom (2 years ago)
Akshay Rathee I don't use hard cases
Akshay Rathee (2 years ago)
Philip Bloom I understand that.. I was just asking if you know which case that is. I am buying this as my new camera and I think a protective case is a must.
Philip Bloom (2 years ago)
Akshay Rathee the one near the beginning? It's not mine obviously!
T'Challa (2 years ago)
just subscribed because of Bert...hope to see more of him.
wmmediacom (2 years ago)
I love your reviews. This, however, is about how you do not recommend the subject... :) Haribo and nutella noticed.
ryanhenry21 (2 years ago)
jeeesus… 200 quid a card!!!
Bob Alpha (2 years ago)
really painful to see that clip u walking like that :( n image of ur ruptured discs n i dont know about ur other viewers or fans but it struck me hard 26:52 ... u will be back doing what u do ... so r we ever gonna see u on wonderlist again? man i miss that show ...
DynastyPictures (2 years ago)
You are just a great guy!
Sully Cortez (2 years ago)
it literally makes me cry that you're not doing those old style reviews... I really miss that style... its sad to think that so much time has passed since those awesome reviews. I really like your vlog style reviews, but man nothing was more entertaining that waiting for that next 'Philip Bloom' review that you knew was balls to the wall badass and in depth moreso than ANY of the other youtuber/reviewers/etc. This is a great review, and I just watched your DJI Mavic review you did andI just feel nostalgic and miss the old style reviews. I love your music that'd you've been using lately tho and wish you the absolute best in your next reviews/ventures in vlogging. Keep up the great work Philip!
Hans-Jochen Winkler (2 years ago)
I hope your back ist better now! Thank you for all your great work to the sub 10.000 Camera Community Your reviews helped me getting started since the GH1 years ago
GodAtum (2 years ago)
id you need to use any ND filters?
Sadhana (2 years ago)
If I was you I find a smaller camera like Sony a6500 or GH5 when that's out.
DHI Enterprises (2 years ago)
It's ABSOLUTELY WORTH it for that all new "EVF MOUNT"! I'm telling you Phillip... it's going to revolutionize the industry!
Daniel Wylie-Eggert (2 years ago)
Couldn't get past 0:46 seconds...
Daniel Wylie-Eggert (2 years ago)
Just kidding. Hope your back is feeling better. Thanks for the info and footage.
Philip Bloom (2 years ago)
Daniel Eggert why
MondoTV (2 years ago)
Philip - brilliant as always. Your hands on confirms everything I thought when looking for gear for a client. No ND and low light performance being a deal breaker, plus was reading horrible reviews on B&H's site from actual purchasers, so in the end we recommended an FS5, with a movcam extended arm - better for corporate. Because you hired it you probably didn't realise that it comes with an excellent viewfinder and shoulder mount option (pretty reasonably priced) so if you wanted to set it up for shoulder mount you don't have to buy a lot of 3rd party accessories. The lack of a menu navigation system outside of touch screen is a big let down. How much would it have cost to incorporate a toggle like on the PXW-X70 or a 4 way wheel like the A7 series.
Mikkel Grum Bovin (2 years ago)
Very fine review - you have that nack for the music - which makes youre reviews look like little masterpieces ! :) I hope youre back is well by now,-
gboihriuvjodjvrvr (2 years ago)
I really liked you're Reviews, but this one is useless. Would have been enough to put everything into 5 Minutes and not waste everybodies time. Better take care of your back and let other people do the Reviews
iGemini (2 years ago)
Bloom,on what camera you shooting your start in video 0.27 - 1.20?
carter burke (2 years ago)
the bit where u said 'it's too much, my back', does that actually HAVE to be in this video? It seems like a cheap way of trying to gain sympathy feel guilty into paying you the money you have requested on your blog.
What kind of camera you use in the studio please
directedbydavid (2 years ago)
wait? what? why won't you be doing the old style reviews any more? did i miss something?
Maurice Milles Mansa (2 years ago)
Sending you well wishes mate. get better soon.
Jared Salazar (2 years ago)
These reviews are so vary helpful. Best one yet! I can't believe I've been watching all of these without even saying thank you. HOW RUDE OF ME lol Awesome job dude. (1.33) / 44:22
skrenja (2 years ago)
I'll stick with my c300mk2
which is twice the price
Stewart Frodsham (2 years ago)
Hi Phil, great VLOG as ever. Can you tell me, does the AX53 have Lanc capability though the breakout cable?
Henrik Pettersson (2 years ago)
Reading the Ursa mini in the title I thought t was a pocketsize camera. :)
Eric Herron (2 years ago)
Thanks for the review Phillip. I've had sciatica due to a herniated disk (never try to lift a Fisher 10 dolly without lifting from the legs!) Hope your dad feels better appreciate your hard work.
David Anthony BTS (2 years ago)
Imagine Philip as the new Bond. Always on point with the tech side of things :p
Film Autre (2 years ago)
No internal ND is making me hesitate on this camera.
David Anthony BTS (2 years ago)
If you run and gun a lot you always could you fader ND's ;)
Nikolaj Christensen (2 years ago)
One thing I will say about the pocket cam is that I found some off-brand batteries which instead of having 800 mah has 1900 mah. And they work perfectly fine :D
Nikolaj Christensen (2 years ago)
@Götterspeise Film I have not timed it, but about twice as long as the one in the box. :)
Götterspeise Film (2 years ago)
How long can you shoot with one of those?
Nikolaj Christensen (2 years ago)
https://www.amazon.co.uk/EN-EL20-Rechargeable-Battery-Coolpix-Digital/dp/B00LED8AR2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1473748801&sr=8-1&keywords=dste+nikon+20+batteries Think it was these ones :)
snoopyrawdogg (2 years ago)
Put a link here to the 1900 mah batteries
Nikolaj Christensen (2 years ago)
+Philip Bloom oh i mean't for the black magic pocket camera, in response to the end of the video where you talked about the good and bad about the bmpcc, the battery being bad :)
James Maiki (2 years ago)
Hello, did you manage to test the autofocus on the camera with canon lenses? would be good to know as it's very vague on their site wether it works or not.
sjhippie (2 years ago)
Thanks for the video Phillip. Been on the fence looking at FS7/Ursa 4.6 and some others. All this info helps alot. Hope the back is feeling better!
James Maiki (2 years ago)
and what you did is amazing as always! thanks for taking the time. :)
Philip Bloom (2 years ago)
what you see is what i did. i only had the camera for that short amount of time.
raztechstudios (2 years ago)
Would the Ursa Mini work well with the Atomos Ninja Flame. That menu system on the Atomos would give you all the information you wish the Ursa had out of the box. Your thought. Awesome review PB.
Philip Bloom (2 years ago)
But that's not out the box! The camera has great internal recording so a external recording isn't necessary really
Chris Kay (2 years ago)
Great stuff, get better man!
Nico Schrenk (2 years ago)
Awesome! Thank you for the insight. It's really interesting to see all the quirks as well, that you don't really get to see anywhere else.
Ox Bone (2 years ago)
what is the intro music from?
Philip Bloom 360 (2 years ago)
I always list all music in the credits! Carmen
Seth Alexander (2 years ago)
What did you use to film this review with? Anyone? Apologies if I'm missing this laid out right in front of me somewhere.
Philip Bloom (2 years ago)
+Black White Guy In America it says via caption each time a different camera/ lens combo is used.
Seth Alexander (2 years ago)
Just found it - A7Rii. Will leave this comment up for anyone else who misses it.
Ali Saadi (2 years ago)
Hey philip i suffer from a herniated disc and ive tried alot of things from a chiropractor to an epidural and sadly i had no positive results until i started one on one pilates classes and im feeling much better .. Worth checking out .. Get well soon philip i know how horrible it can feel
Herald Francis (2 years ago)
Great review. I like the new style. Hope u are better soon. I injured my knee a few years back and still can not do proper production days. I have had to settle for slit more post production work. It can be very difficult recovering. I really wish you the best and pray that you are back in the field feeling better than ever. All the best. :)
Khoa Nguyen (2 years ago)
thanks for this. hope your back gets better.
Mark Horner (2 years ago)
Thank you very much for for a wonderful review. Wishing the best for you & your father.
Euan Ford (2 years ago)
i miss your old video reviews, but this is still good
Bananas and Bass (2 years ago)
It's painful to see you having to cut short what you love to do because of your back problems. I have some back issues too. Managed to get better with some exercises and avoid sitting at desks etc, but I know what it's like when you can't even walk or stand up because of this pain. Hope you find a solution Philip! Because you do lovely and wonderful work and I'd love to see you being able to to do more documentaries and videos to help people. Take care!
Igor Bobar (2 years ago)
Bananas and Bass exactly my thought You could see how he was hard on himself after he had to quit filming so quickly
CHPOUKY (2 years ago)
Getting mine next week, can't wait ! Btw just to clear something about resolutions: firmware 4.0 is coming in the next days, and it will allow us to record 4.6k in ProRes ^^ The display and menus will also be really improved, you'll know in what resolution you are shooting and you can change every setting from there, you won't have to go through the menus. Also 4/3 mode for Anamorphic will be there :D
Richard Smith (2 years ago)
It's often things like getting in and out of a car that can upset your back. Try sitting bum first legs out, then slowly turn on the seat to bring your legs in. Always roll onto your side first when getting up from lying down. Little habits that we ignore often upset a bad back- even cleaning your teeth or drying yourself can be practiced into quite a violent habit if your prone to back probs. best wishes to you.
Richard Smith (2 years ago)
Try some gentle relaxation yoga, breathing / gentle core strength and Alexander technique. There's a cheap app I think called Yoga Studio. There's really basic 15 minute beginners relax yoga that mostly is lying on the ground. I have only had minor back issues compared to yourself however practicing using your core strength all the time is important to help. In your vid I can see you holding the camera away from your body to show it off, and spinning the car steering wheel, lots of fast movements and leverage with little activation of core strength. Hope you don't mind me passing on my bit. Practice using that core and even yoga breathing will help to activate it. And Alexander technique is awesome. Perhaps find a class. Again hope you don't mind my opinion.
Liam Riley (2 years ago)
It's all relative. This might not be like your previous reviews but it's still far superior to what everybody else is doing. It's so nice that there is somebody with a vast wealth of experience and knowledge producing informative videos about this stuff. Your reviews are so helpful - don't ever stop, even if you can't attain the same kind of format as before. The important stuff is all in your head... that's the stuff we watch for.
I am so sorry, you walking in pain because you back. I hope you will be fine.
Karim Shabankareh (2 years ago)
+Phillip Bloom hope you get better man! You are a fantastic cinematographer and my heart breaks for you that you are unable to shoot at the moment. It is like me being unable to make music. Get better, get stronger, you can get through this!
etiquettefiend (2 years ago)
90% of the cars in background when he first starts driving are the same
Travis Bickle (2 years ago)
wow. I didnt know about the playback limitations. *SHOCKED!*
Martinelli Minimo (2 years ago)
Have u seen a chiropractor?
intervideo23 (2 years ago)
Hi Philip. I've seen that you occasionally respond to people's comments, so perhaps you would see mine as well. I'm an admirer of your work and have become such a fan of your video reviews and how insightful they are from watching and re-watching them. I can honestly say that they have made an impact on me as a film student and aspiring filmmaker, seeing gear more as tools and not as a replacement for skills. You have become an inspiration to me, and would just like to take the time to say thank you for all the time that you put into your videos.
Yuthika Peiris (2 years ago)
I love Bert!
youareinflames (2 years ago)
woah that ghosting at 0:31
fak1t (2 years ago)
Get well mate :)
allinthemind2006 (2 years ago)
is it just me or does the pocket cinema look much better?
allinthemind2006 (2 years ago)
lol! would you say this camera looks better than the FS7?
Philip Bloom (2 years ago)
Oh my god it really really doesn't!!!!!
Reinis Inkēns (2 years ago)
Thank you for the review! I even got a little emotional watching it. Get well soon, sir! And best wishes to you and your father! And the cat, obviously.
Ed (2 years ago)
Philip, you're too hard on yourself - never let "Perfect" get in the way of "Good" or in your case, "Great". This simple Vlog is better than most other reviews on youtube because of the considerable knowledge and experience you bring to the subject - there are some very useful insights regarding functionality here as well as image...and when I consider that the alternative is nothing at all, it's even more so....thank you for all your efforts through the years...very, very, much appreciated!
Occulus Films, LLC (2 years ago)
Philip, heard about the injury. Really sorry to hear about that. Get better soon mate. Have you ever looked at creating a Patreon account? There are many that are successful receiving pledges from contributors either on a monthly or per-video basis. For example, those that might still want to see you continue doing your super helpful, in depth reviews, (such as myself--I'd certainly pledge) might be willing to pledge a few dollars per video, and with the specific audience that views your reviews, that might add up. I'd suggest trying it, if you haven't already. Hope it's a helpful suggestion. Patreon.com. -Nick
Alexander Rex Evensen (2 years ago)
Just since you mentioned it, not that I think that it is a comparable camera. The Samsung NX1 has two ways of recording slow motion. It can shoot in 100/120 FPS with sound recording, but then if you play it back in camera, it plays back at the recorded FPS, so you don't see the slow motion. Or you can choose 25/30 FPS and then 0.5x or 0.25x to get either half or quarter speed (0.5x = 50/60 FPS, 0.25x = 100/120 FPS), but then no sound, but then when you play it back, it plays it at 25/30 FPS, so in slow motion. The 100/120 FPS recording with sound was added after release with a firmware upgrade.
Alexander Rex Evensen (2 years ago)
@Philip Bloom I do believe you. I was just thinking about the actual frames per second, not the bitrate here. But yeah, if the bitrate per second is the same, the 25/30p will be better looking of course. I haven't thought about that part actually :P Luckily I've been using the 30p as I like seeing what I got already on the camera.
Philip Bloom (2 years ago)
they aren't. bitrate. I have talked about this already. Trust me here. I have a lot of experience with a lot of cameras, cheap to very expensive.
Alexander Rex Evensen (2 years ago)
@Philip Bloom I see. But the result is the same though I would think, the no sound option records in 100 or 120 FPS and results in files that have 25 or 30 FPS so you see the slow motion in the camera already.
Philip Bloom (2 years ago)
This is discussed in comments. You are confusing P with FPS
givinitsome (2 years ago)
13:35 in addition to weddings etc. Bert would also like to state that he only shoots in PAW.
givinitsome (2 years ago)
Sorry to see you suffer with your back mate. Hope you AND your dad make a speedy recovery!
Daniel Dust (2 years ago)
Brilliant, mate! Thanks for all your hard work, informative as always!
MonsterCam (2 years ago)
+Philip Bloom great test! Like a always. Do you know maybe where I could buy this camera? in Poland it will be possible for a few years... :( Best regards
tallguytrav (2 years ago)
I really like the camera (besides the quirks) but am I the only one that thinks it makes everything look kinda pink?
cyorkgo (2 years ago)
Super impressed by the footage and black magic price point. Ordering mine this week! Thanks for the video. Get better - Iv'e had back problems for 15 years so I know how you feel. Stretch, rest .... watch the pain meds, the WILL become addictive. Blessings ......
Psychonaut (3 years ago)
Get well Phillip! :)
Levi Stutzman (3 years ago)
Great review Philip! Hope your dad gets better!
13:31 laughed at this, we did exactly the same thing 'what? why is it only recording for a few minutes?!' took us a good 15 minutes to figure out that this was hours
raredreamfootage (3 years ago)
Seems like the URSA-Mini was designed only by engineers with little to no consideration for the filmmaking process.
Hugh Sweeney (3 years ago)
I know we might have argued before on BM cam's Phil (On Instagram!) but I will say I enjoyed that immensely. Wishing you and your dad a recovery.
Ryan Figuera (3 years ago)
Thank you for the review, I really hope your back heals soon, pains to see you down and best wishes to your dad.
Rod Prod (3 years ago)
The slanted lens did a comparison of this against the Arri Alexa and the DR was shown to be very impressive to the point where it looked almost a no-brainer to buy one. According to their review it was decent even when underexposed by a couple of stops or so . However, most reviews agree with you Philip that it's not a low light camera by a long chalk and without attention to lighting (which is always in the mind of a good DP) it you won't get the best from it. Thanks for the review.
rodrigo mendoza (3 years ago)
Get better, we all love u =)

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