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Mrs Trouble Season 1 - Mercy Johnson 2018 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie full HD

4169 ratings | 673397 views
A good wife is hard to find... The difference between infatuation and love is that the first is when you find somebody absolutely perfect, whereas love is realizing that they aren't but it doesn’t matter. Starring : Mercy Johnson, Emeka Amakaeze Company : AKAGOD PRODUCTIONS year: 2018 Watch Best Of Nigerian Nollywood Movies ,Watch Best of Nigerian actress,Best Of Nigerian Actors, Best Of Mercy Johnson, Best Of Ini Edo, best of tonto Dikeh, in Nollywood movies, action, Romance, Drama, epic, Only on youtube Best Of Nollywood Channel, see clips, trailer's and exclusives on Nollywood Movies. This Youtube channel brings you the best on Nigerian movies free, Hot, watch movies online here on this channel Click Here To Subscribe To Our Channel::: http://bit.ly/1qV5g8h Like Us On Facebook https://www.facebook.com/nollywood.picturestv/ Follow Us On Twitter https://twitter.com/ Like Us On Instagram https://www.instagram.com/Nollywoodpics/ Click Here to subscribe to Nollywoodpicturestv http://bit.ly/1qV5g8h Click Here to Subscribe To Nollywoodmoviestv http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWr8HXcu6cpByw1PqMKUu7A?sub_confirmation=1 Click Here to Subscribe To NollywoodMagic http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv3Z6vLoJk_tPFFhrHrRhAA?sub_confirmation=1 Click Here To Subscribe To Nollywoodfilms http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHlx3w-Tk5PNql5dPbDX3oA?sub_confirmation=1 Click Here To Subscribe to Nollywoodtrending movies http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZmcE97PQqra4sQhvxUvBTA?sub_confirmation=1 Click Here To Subscribe to Our Igbo Channel http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBVsp5LpOUZkwpVLU7ZyugQ?sub_confirmation=1 Nollywood Movies brings you the best of entertainment on YouTube channel, FREE movies is all you get here each time you visit the Nollywood Romance Youtube Channel, for new and Latest 2016 Nigerian films, just subscribe to this channel on Youtube Watch Nollywood movies on Nollywood Romance, FREE African movies, Nigerian FREE Movies on Youtube. Our passion for Movie making is to produce thousands of free Nollywood Movies, Nigerian movies, Ghana movies, Watch exciting youtube movies on Nollywood channels Enjoy free Nigerian movies here, #Nollywoodmovies #Nigerianmovies #Ghanamovies #Latestmovies #2017 Movies #2018movies
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Text Comments (1000)
Nollywoodpicturestv (1 year ago)
Click here to watch the final part is now showing=>>>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PIcAOaPefM
EFYA'S CHANNEL TV (1 year ago)
Nollywoodpicturestv Yes I have NWP. ..she was amazing 😀😀😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Qiniso Sibanda (24 days ago)
Mercy mercy you a too much now 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😄😅😍😍😍😘
Sameer Veer (1 month ago)
side mboyo (1 month ago)
like seriously mercy Johnson u are the best I wonder why the husband bring her to the village NAwa oohhhh
Shallon Mafuya (1 month ago)
Mercy u are amazing oooo
Imelda Lumadede (1 month ago)
egogo Julius (1 month ago)
Who is here for mercy Johnson pls hit like button
egogo Julius (1 month ago)
Mercy u make my day
Binta Amenakpor (1 month ago)
Love mercy all the way 😍🥰🥰
Chancelvie Lukibu (1 month ago)
police what your business in they life matter 😂😂😂
Ahmadu Donis (1 month ago)
I love you mercy 😘😘😘
Lynn Soita (2 months ago)
Village war part 2😂😂😂
Martins Idodo (2 months ago)
I like your films mercy Johnson
CJesus My King (2 months ago)
Gimiama scott (2 months ago)
No one does it better than the queen....Mercy all the way
Brenda Kirby (2 months ago)
My chest is hurting from laughing already at the beginning
Cheks Ogbodoh (2 months ago)
Who is here because of Mercy luv??? say hi!!!
Josmile Embu (2 months ago)
They want to know my full name 😂😂😂 weeeeh God
Sheila Durkin (3 months ago)
Wow what a welcome home to the village, and all the wife can do is to be a grumpy woman, ingrate. I think she has a chip on her shoulders she needs to chill out, and try to be calm and thank them.
Kate karan (3 months ago)
Mercy!Mercy! Mercy!how many times have I called?.U r tooooo much mama Purity
Joy Nwaubani (3 months ago)
Mercy my favourite ❤️😍🤗
Carolyn Dorjue (3 months ago)
I love you mercy I love your movies
Nollywoodpicturestv (3 months ago)
Thanks for watching dear, do share with friends
Favour Arron (3 months ago)
Nice movie
Nollywoodpicturestv (3 months ago)
Thanks for watching the movie honey, we really appreciate.
Millie Ogano (3 months ago)
I'm here fo mercy just show her love u truly support her💕💕🌹🌹 Hamad town hello there
Queentessy Osazuwa (4 months ago)
Mummy purity 💋💋💋
Mercy Johnson is a universal treasure and should be protected at all costs!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Nollywoodpicturestv (4 months ago)
She is dear, thanks for watching. we really appreciate. do share with friends
harun ndiritu (4 months ago)
Just loan me that woman for two days n she’ll be lying low like an envelope
Nollywoodpicturestv (4 months ago)
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 you are so funny sweetie and thanks for watching.. do share with friends
Mercy Rebbca (4 months ago)
Anna Lee (5 months ago)
Mercy and funke.... killing every role back to back. Nice
Precious Woheel (5 months ago)
You will suffer for it, even your love 😂😂😂
Treasure Samson (5 months ago)
Hahahaha i don die ooo mercy hmmmm
Tabe Maryanne (5 months ago)
in fact even those watching the movie will surfer for it😅😅
gesine emeh (5 months ago)
🤣🤣🤣🤣 Who else love Mercy Johnson 😂😂😂 my number one
Mustapha Muntala zanzeh (5 months ago)
Who still watching with me
milou akim (5 months ago)
Depuis le Cameroun trop de love mercy johnson
Ella Edo (5 months ago)
Mercy Johnson please come one day in côte d'Ivoire...
debbi iwuafor (6 months ago)
If not it Ok have been nice lol.😄
Stephen Joe (6 months ago)
I just staring and I can't control my self 😁😁😁😁......
Aissata Noura Ba (6 months ago)
Who’s here for Mercy 🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️
Nollywoodpicturestv (6 months ago)
you are sighted honey and thanks for your viewership.. do share with friends
Kylie And Kim (6 months ago)
Watched this movie yesterday, and it was funny as shit. Had to come and watch it again.
Godstime Erheneden (6 months ago)
Please guys marry a good wife oooh...
Nollywoodpicturestv (6 months ago)
malvis chizy (6 months ago)
Just for my role model Purity Mummy
I cannot get enough of Mercy she always make my day.Keep it up Mercy❤
Miracle Ikechukwu (6 months ago)
mercy are you mad did you want to kill your husband
Maureen Adodo (7 months ago)
Mercy johnson no fit kill me..😁😁😁😁😁😁😁my favourite
Lindiwe Phiri (7 months ago)
You'll suffer for it
Lindiwe Phiri (7 months ago)
Who's watching with me ooooo
Ann Key (7 months ago)
Mercy!!!😂😂😂😂😂. Her husband is adorable too!!
Ndey Gaye (7 months ago)
Mj will not kill me
Do you pass your WAEC yes I did hahaha Mercy Johnson won't kill person
JACKSON JANET (7 months ago)
Am here for MJ, l love you mercy.You are too much.Africa Princess
Fostein Hgdsask (8 months ago)
Ghanaian poeple we here for sister M.J
Julith Ogechi (8 months ago)
mercy Jonson you won't kill person with laugh
Nollywoodpicturestv (8 months ago)
we are glad you enjoyed the movie my dear and don't forget to share with friends
God's Girl (8 months ago)
Mercy my girl! I looooove the way she speaks igbo. She's mastered it. I love mercy and Funke akindele especially when they speak igbo.
Aminata Tangara (8 months ago)
🥊 your mother in law😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aminata Tangara (8 months ago)
Hahahaha mercy will not kills me with laugh😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dominion Blessing (8 months ago)
Hilda Kadenge (8 months ago)
Go go go Mercy lots of love for u.are a gud actress
mercy Johnson i love you
Valentine Jack (8 months ago)
I am about watching.... Who is here for mercy Johnson
Nollywoodpicturestv (8 months ago)
you are sighted my dear and thanks for keeping in touch with us
Ethel Sabal (8 months ago)
Mercy Mercy!... You are the best my Idol
Nadata Collins (9 months ago)
Jack Morris (9 months ago)
even your love will suffer for it..lol
Lady Paloma (9 months ago)
Thank God am watching from my father's village.🙏🙏🙏
Evangeline Victorious (9 months ago)
Poor guy, married trouble.
becky slim (9 months ago)
Becky Ali (9 months ago)
Mercy u are too much, love u
Victoria Ndubuisi (9 months ago)
If you know Facebook brought you here hit the like button 😂😂
Nollywoodpicturestv (9 months ago)
we appreciate your viewership my dear and always share our movies with friends and loved ones
Mengpeng (9 months ago)
Mercy never disappoints
Nollywoodpicturestv (9 months ago)
thanks for being part of Nollywood pictures tv my dear and always share this movie with friends
Natasha Kusi (9 months ago)
Yvonne Nelson movie
Marydora Nkem (9 months ago)
I love ❤️ u Mummy Purity
Nollywoodpicturestv (9 months ago)
she nailed her role my dear and she's a screen diva. thanks for being part of Nollywood pictures tv dear
Onye Ogbodo (9 months ago)
Nice one mercy.
Yaz M (9 months ago)
Omg lmfao wow I jus love her...🤣😂🤣😂
Joy Paul (9 months ago)
I love this movie
Lyncoln Richy (10 months ago)
Mercy is a legend
Lyncoln Richy (10 months ago)
Such a weak husband
Lyncoln Richy (10 months ago)
The 2.0 version of patience ozokwor
Nollywoodpicturestv (10 months ago)
you can say that again my dear and thanks for watching
Somusa Nkosi (10 months ago)
Am here for my one and only Mercy jonhson.my day is fulls of smiles today.love you MJ
Nollywoodpicturestv (10 months ago)
we are glad that you enjoyed the movie my dear and kindly share with friends
Oluwaseun Bakare (10 months ago)
Helen Preston (10 months ago)
I just needed to state this before I start watching this movie .that african fashion beats u.s. fashion anyday! That's what's up,for real!!!!!! Now let me start watching my girl mercy!!!!!!!
Nollywoodpicturestv (10 months ago)
i so much love the way you praised our fashion and thanks for watching
Grace-ann Brown (10 months ago)
Dwl lol omg mercy Johnson ur killing me watching from jamaica 😁😂😂😁
THE GODDESS (10 months ago)
Love is splendid things 💘💘💘💘💘💘💖 I'm smiling while watching this couple /movie
Eva Njagi (10 months ago)
Madam mercy ur talented blessed watched u for years luv u.
pupetta ciro (10 months ago)
MJ is at it again. Nice movie
Nerlyne Garcon Dorvil (10 months ago)
pretty love (10 months ago)
Lol 🤣🤣🤣 mercy Johnson she is so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jessica Joseph (11 months ago)
Deen Gabs (11 months ago)
M J, I love ur sense of humor...
Francesca Okoro (11 months ago)
Is there a part Mercy Johnson just cant play well? She is absolutely talented and funny. Kudos girl; I am proud of your acting talent.
Joy Joy (11 months ago)
I love mj she is funny
Babegirl Bla-bla (11 months ago)
Even your love will suffer for it😂😂 but I feel so sorry for the poor husband 😔😔
Isioma Cynthia (11 months ago)
MJ is at it again but men learn o, don't deceive yourself by saying, I love u and I must marry her and later you start crying. Stupid luv
Alisha Abdullahi (11 months ago)
Sukurat Oluwatoyin (11 months ago)
My kids
Musiime Milcenta (11 months ago)
who else hates village like Marcy Johnson lol
Muzzammil Barau (11 months ago)
Madam Trouble... hahahaha nice watching
Janice Green (11 months ago)
I'm working it is so funny right now but I'm enjoying it Thanks For Sharing
Orubu Precious (1 year ago)
mercy all the way, she said everybody will suffer for it even the man's love will suffer for it.LOL
Janae Chanel (1 year ago)
Mercy johnson funny oh oh😂😂😂
Green Cash (1 year ago)
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