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How To Set Up Google My Business + Local SEO Tips to Rank Higher 2018

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This Video Explains How To Easily Set Up Your Google My Business / Google Places Account. I Have Also Included Some Local SEO Tips So That You Can Rank Higher on Google. // Want a list of the 10 Things Your Cleaning Website NEEDS To Have? Download it here: http://godigitool.com/10-tips/ For more tips to help your cleaning business become more profitable, join the discussion at: http://godigitool.com/ _________________________________________________________ The Keyword Planner that I mention in the video can be found here, remember you need a Google AdWords account to use this free tool: https://adwords.google.co.uk/KeywordPlanner _________________________________________________________ Click to Tweet this video: http://ctt.ec/2t1xL Join the cleaning community, helping cleaning business owners have a more successful company at http://godigitool.com/10-tips/ Tweet us what videos you'd like us to make in the future: https://twitter.com/godigitool
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Text Comments (108)
ARUN KUMAR (5 days ago)
Thanks where are you from
Akshay Patil (6 days ago)
I have registered my buisness n it is already listing on top! But the buisness is not showing photos which i have already added! Is there any resolution issues for photos? Please can you guide m
Manoj Chakote (1 month ago)
The volume is very low, can't hear clearly what you are talking about.
Big Blue (1 month ago)
I have to say this is one of the best videos I have seen in some time. You knew what you had to say and did so at a pace which was comfortable to listen to and understand. I also noticed the volume was a little low but headphone soon cleared that up.
Anthony Tornambe (1 month ago)
Nice video to setup Google my Business Listing.
funtimeyay (1 month ago)
Hi, when I buy Google AdWords then I have many keywords related to my business but Google my business page doesn't have all those keywords, what do I do? I have posts with those words , is there any way I can show up in Google search with those keywords that I have used in my POSTS?
RKF Search Results (2 months ago)
I'm in the process of creating a GMB account for a Synagogue in Davie FL where their main office is. I want to add locations, though their other locations are when they do services at other facilities. Two of which has their own GMB in place. I guess I can use the option of "Delivers Products/Services to customers"? Thank you. Also for myself since I work from home, I don't want my address showing so using a virtual mailbox so it also serves as a business address?
Digitool (2 months ago)
Hello! You can add multiple locations for one 'brand' e.g. If Walmart would add all their different locations but they all fall under the name Wallmart. I think that approach would work best for the other Synagogues. So you want to add them all under the same GMB account. And, yes for your home business either buy a virtual malilbox OR you can select the option Delivers Products/Services to customers within an X mile radius, then it doesn't show your address just where you serve :) Hope this helps, Daisy
janith sachintha (2 months ago)
wow this is the video i am looking for
Hayley Hughes (3 months ago)
Thank you, this was a super helpful video!
Ahmed El shazly (3 months ago)
How to add tow different google business for our company headquarter and our factory while our factory far away 50km from our headquarters
Ahmed El shazly (3 months ago)
How much does it cost us if you can make seo for our google business?
Martin Kuliza (1 month ago)
She basically just told you how to do the SEO Mate, what she explained here, i have charged companies from $100per hour up to $900 per hour to do for them. now in fairness there is a little more to it BUT LET ME GIVE YOU SOME ADVICE, OK, free of charge i have had many large companies approach me, companies where the directors of marketing, who earn upward of $300k a year and have university degree's approached me and told me to optimize their site. i would usually attend a meeting with the board, i would have a look at (BASICALLY EVERYTHING SHE DESCRIBED) Keywords Websites Optimization blah blah blah... basic boring SEO Bullshit that everyone should know WHAT I USUALLY FOUND was this.... to my absolute fucking amazzement 1. They had no clue about keywords, they usually just put up whatever pops in their head 2. Re Images, they always left the image as "untitled image" or "image001" stuff like that now... YOU WOULD THINK that after a university degree they would know enough to do this shit themselves, BUT THEY DIDNT' KNOW. i am them hired as "A CONSULTANT" hehe which basically means... 1. They don't want me to do the work 2. They just want me TO ADVISE them. aka. have a meeting in their boardroom or at gloria jeans, over a coffee and JUST TELL THEM WHAT TO DO and for that i could get an average of $500 - $900 per hour or if we did it in blocks, it would be $2,500 per day PRETTY DUMB, HUH but, hey, this is how corporations behave so..... TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS 1. you can email her, and she will likely charge you between $80 per hour - around $200 per hour depending on what you want. Charging a corporation vs an individual are 2 different things also 2. You can get her to do it for you BUT.. WHY WOULD YOU ???? why don't you just follow the advice that she gave you here... it's literally spelled out for you I MEAN.. GRANTED THIS IS ONLY THE BASICS, but this is enough to give any business a kick start and around 90% of businesses that i initially audited have needed THIS EXACT ADVICE here is what i recommend for you GOOGLE AND RESEARCH THE FOLLOWING HOW TO USE GOOGLE MY BUSINESS HOW TO USE GOOGLE ADWORDS HOW TO OPTIMIZE MY WEBSITE FOR SEO HOW TO CORRECTLY RESEARCH KEYWORDS HOW TO CHOOSE GOOD AND RELEVANT KEYWORDS HOW TO USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO MARKET MY BUSINESS now. if you can't put in the effort to research this and do it yourself, then you deserve to be charged $500 per hour to have someone do it for you I'TS NOT LIKE THIS STUFF IS HARD OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT so... Now you know YOU'RE WELCOME
Prashanthreddy Poshem (3 months ago)
I have optimized my business page with metrics like titles, category & reviews, still, we are not able to get to the top. Need your suggestion to improve
Pravin K Gupta (3 months ago)
Good one Describe of Business listing ! ! @Nextbizdoor.com and Edustudy.org is new sites for business listing
All Austin Repairs (4 months ago)
Thanks for the video. Good info especially with pic tags. I did not think about that before. Will use it now. But i wont share it because i dont want too many people watch this kind of useful videos ))
CutEmAll Jack (4 months ago)
Pro Tip - Men do not care what women think. Put on something tight and let us enjoy your body if we are having to suffer through hearing you speak.
Mae Ess (4 months ago)
Is there a way to have the existing client reviews from Facebook page to show on Google My Business?
Bin tareq (6 months ago)
I have a problem that did not reach the confirmation code three months ago
Matthew Carter (6 months ago)
I can verify your business without any phone verification and postcard skype me at mapmakerexperts
Jomonvr Ollur India (7 months ago)
Volume is very low my friend
Amin islam (7 months ago)
Plz help how to my business top list www.wepzcomputers.com
Muhammed Gado (8 months ago)
Bhavesh Joshi (8 months ago)
i like this video and thumbs up. You may check this page for more details about local SEO for your Business - https://techkow.com/Local-SEO-For-your-Business
Group Buy Seo Tools (9 months ago)
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John Yonadim (9 months ago)
Hi I have my business with 2 names one has 2 review and one have 48 review how can I remove the one with 2 reviews. Can you hlep please
Digitool (8 months ago)
Hi John, You will need to login to the Google My Business page of the one with 2 reviews and delete it from inside your account. Hope that makes sense. Daisy
Sharifa Elkindy (9 months ago)
Jodi Rishta (9 months ago)
Digitool (8 months ago)
Thank you Jodi
Ryan Delaet (9 months ago)
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Anatoli Tsvetanov (9 months ago)
Very helpfull video! Thank you very much! http://tsvcleaning.co.uk/
Digitool (8 months ago)
Thank you for the kind comment Anatoli - glad we could be helpful :) Daisy
Darron Smith (9 months ago)
Wow awesome video explained perfectly!
Digitool (8 months ago)
Thank you for the kind comment Darron - glad we could be helpful :) Daisy
Ocean SoftWash (9 months ago)
thanks for the infos! will help us a lot for our roof and exterior cleaning and moss removal business in chilliwack. best regards from from ocean softwash roof and exterior cleaning 46072 fifth ave chilliwack http://www.oceansoftwash.com/roof-cleaning/
Digitool (8 months ago)
Thank you for the kind comment - glad we could be helpful :) Daisy
Yashas Chandra (10 months ago)
Hello ma'am Actually I've two my business account, one says it disabled The other is suspended What is the procedure to get my account back
Digitool (8 months ago)
Hey Yashas, Have you tried logging into your Google My Business account? If this doesn't work you may need to contact Google's customer support. I find the quickest and easiest way to contact them is via their twitter account: https://twitter.com/googlemybiz?lang=en Hope that works - Daisy
Stefan Mueller (10 months ago)
Thanks for the video! I can still highly recommend a teleprompter for a successful business... with it you can record great videos and market yourself professionally in front of the camera;) I have had great experiences with it! https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06Y4RGT76 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06Y4RGT76
liampomara (10 months ago)
Why is that clock stuck on 10:10? you need to replace the batteries
Digitool (10 months ago)
Good spot Liam!
Seth Eheart (11 months ago)
holy fuck.. speak up
Kumar Neeraj (1 year ago)
is that clock working? nice lesson thanks.
Digitool (11 months ago)
hahaha no it's just for show! Glad you liked it Kumar :)
Nelson Aguirre (1 year ago)
Providing businesses in New York and across the USA Google Business View INSIDE your Venue Show it Off: With a 360 degrees Virtual Tour, If you have a well-kept office, Restaurant, Beauty Salon, Jewelry store, Hotel, Real Estate, or any Cain of business why not show it off! You can increase the chances of converting a potential customer by showing them that they will be coming to a clean, warm and professional environment. Adding Google Business View to your Google search Google Maps, Google Plus, Website, Social Media, etc Contact me right now 917-353-9534 Show less REPLY
Digitool (11 months ago)
Thanks for the comment Nelson, hope business is going well.
John DeStefano (1 year ago)
i am a real estate agent for a real estate franchise. how do you set up an independent business listing on google business. I can't say I am the agency. so I'm just a bit confused on how to deal with this. Any advice would be appreciated. thanks
Digitool (11 months ago)
Hi John, you will have a different business name, phone and address to the rest of the franchises - so you can list the business as any independent business would do.
Digitool (11 months ago)
Thanks :) Hope it helped
Shanan Sher Osteopath (1 year ago)
how can i contact google my business by phone I cannot find it when I google my business? thanks
Digitool (11 months ago)
המרכז הישראלי לאוסטאופתיה שנן שר no worries !!
Shanan Sher Osteopath (11 months ago)
thanks for all your help and tips appreciated
Digitool (11 months ago)
המרכז הישראלי לאוסטאופתיה שנן שר you can request a call back, here’s the instructions on how to do so. I have found that they answer twitter questions faster, so could be worth setting up an account. https://searchengineland.com/problems-google-business-use-phone-support-221305
Shanan Sher Osteopath (11 months ago)
thanks but if I dont have a twitter account....
Digitool (11 months ago)
I've found that the Google my business team are really responsive on twitter. Tweet them any of your queries, here's their twitter account: https://twitter.com/googlemybiz
Emilio López (1 year ago)
Pretty good, straight forward tutorial! It compliments the one I created as I don't show how this is particularly done: I show how to do the most important directories yourself the right way, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vyMGxUHduI.
Digitool (11 months ago)
Thanks :) Great listing yourself of the right directories is a great way to rank better on search engines like Google - good advice
Jo Daniel (1 year ago)
Hi Guys Please visit my channel https://youtu.be/oJJoJrA5P6k very useful video
Digitool (11 months ago)
Jo Daniel cool! Thanks
Jo Daniel (11 months ago)
Hi this video is about google my business please watch & subscribe
Digitool (11 months ago)
Hi Jo, There's some interesting stuff in here - do you want to explain to our viewers what your video is about?
Leonard Beckett (1 year ago)
Hi my business is in sweden but I'm currently base in London. Can I just place my london address for location to start with so that I can receive the postcard then change it to the swedish address after?
Digitool (11 months ago)
Hi Leonard, unfortunatley not as when you change your address you will be sent another postcard. Can anyone pick up the postcard for you in Sweden and let you know the verification code?
Selene Mason (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video, very clear
Digitool (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching Selene :)
Bhaswar Bose (1 year ago)
Very good video. The instructions were to the point and easy to understand because of the demo being done at the same time.
Digitool (11 months ago)
Thank you, happy we could help! Have you already set up a Google My Business account?
Myron Dias (1 year ago)
nice video
Digitool (11 months ago)
Thank you Myron!
Ion Thrusterboy (1 year ago)
Well that was helpful ⚡️💫🤗
Sharifa Elkindy (9 months ago)
http:// zanzibarcars.co.tz
Digitool (1 year ago)
Glad to help Ion!
Jett Henefey (1 year ago)
Hey I was having trouble with getting ranked to but this guy I met helped me rank my local business now I'm rapidly expanding if you guys are interested check him out http://www.konker.io/services/1121?affid=8a123c&promo_id=79
Leadzhub (1 year ago)
Thanks. Great lesson
Digitool (11 months ago)
Thank you, glad to hear you found it useful :)
Bush Channel (1 year ago)
Good advice Madam!
Digitool (11 months ago)
Thanks :) Hope it helps you rank better on Google my Business
Tarun Verma (1 year ago)
Really nice info. Thanks for this.
Digitool (1 year ago)
Hey Tarun, thanks I hope it has helped. What type of business are you setting up on Google? Daisy
Jimena Mendoza (1 year ago)
Daisy I've listed my several business, asked for the post cards but only recieved one of 3. How can get all 3 business verified?
Digitool (1 year ago)
Hey Jimena, do all the business have different names, addresses and phone numbers? If so, it shouldn't be a problem. If you're still having trouble contact Google's support team, they can be quite useful. I've found tweeting them will get you an immediate response and they'll be able to advise on what to do next. Here's their twitter account: https://twitter.com/googlemybiz?lang=en
Amjad Yousafzai (1 year ago)
Great tutorial! You have such a sweet accent & voice.
Digitool (1 year ago)
Glad you found it useful! Daisy
Arturo Garza (1 year ago)
Hey are you an internet marketer? Let's connect on Google +.
Digitool (11 months ago)
Sure, would love to. Send over your profile link
Kelvin Chege Wambui (1 year ago)
Would you advise Google my business account for a blog? If yes, what are the steps since a blog is not entirely a one-centre located business, thank you for the tips btw :)
Digitool (11 months ago)
Thanks :) Hope it helps you rank better on Google my Business
Kelvin Chege Wambui (1 year ago)
Daisy Foster Yes I realized that, but I still went ahead and made an account just in case in the future I'll need to venture into that. Thank you so much for the resource
Robert Ryan Maigue (1 year ago)
Thank you for the tips! It was very useful to me as a beginner to Google Business. Keep it up!
Digitool (11 months ago)
Best of luck with the business Robert - have you managed to set up Google my business for Vezzaro Resort yet?
Robert Ryan Maigue (1 year ago)
Daisy Foster Hi Ms Daisy! Thank you for replying to my comment. Actually I havent done anything yet but to create the account. Its a family business and im planning to work on it on the side while working my day job. The business name is "Vezzaro Resort"
The Twisted Visionary (1 year ago)
My computer won't allow me to name all of my photos with the same key words, would It be easier to replace the name and upload the new photo?
Digitool (1 year ago)
Hey! There are 2 things you could do. 1. Call your photos variants of the keyword. 2. Rename each photo once you've uplaoded it, allowing you to call the next one the same keyword. I'd opt for option 1. Good luck!
Hi that was great thanks Daisy. Sorry, with photos should I name all same on Google My Biz ? We are physio pyrmont would I name all pics similar ? Also was the link you mentioned (G.Ad words) for search terms in the video ? Many thanks Daisy for clear and useful information.
Digitool (11 months ago)
No problem :)
Thanks very much Daisy, that's great :)
Sam B (1 year ago)
when i have typed on my business name its not showing the name with location..
Digitool (1 year ago)
Hey Sam, it can take a few days. Also, try getting a few Google reviews I've found that as soon as I had 3 reviews my location started showing. Let me know if that works!
American Steam, LLC (1 year ago)
Ive searched the web for DAYS to learn these tips while setting up my own My Google Business page and now you have it all in 1 easy video!!! Pay attention business owners, this is VERY helpful information. Thank you Daisy for all of your hard work!
Digitool (11 months ago)
That's fantastic to hear, so glad I could help :)
TotalTablets (1 year ago)
Hi Daisy, Can you advise me, please My question; If Guy A sets up a normal Gmail account verify's his Google MY Business page uses his Gmail (email) account for only personal use. BUT now the guy wants to employ his staff to manage some Google apps within the account BUT hide his personal email. Is this possible?? Thanks for taken the time to read this question and I thank you in advance for your answer. Simon King
Digitool (11 months ago)
Hi Simon, The way to do this would be 1. Add your work email address to manage your Google My business listing 2. Delete your personal email address from managing your Google My Business listing 3. Invite your team (using your work email address) to manage your Google My business listing Hope this helps :) Daisy
Michele Hamblin (2 years ago)
The volume is very low on your video.
kelxInnovations (1 month ago)
very informative
Image lush (3 months ago)
Michele Hamblin no its not
Michele Hamblin (2 years ago)
Thanks Daisy, that would be great - I would have loved to hear the video in full, but I gave up! Looking forward to the next one.
Geir Johannessen (2 years ago)
One more question. I have a company here: https://www.google.no/#q=gigplanet Even though I search from another google account there is no visable place where I can write a review? Any idea why?
Digitool (11 months ago)
Hi Geir, the review button is visible to me. Try deleting your browser history - maybe that is caching an older version of Google ?
Geir Johannessen (2 years ago)
I cant seem to find a place to write a introduction to My business? Has that been removed?
Digitool (11 months ago)
Hi Geir, yes this feature has been removed in the latest Google My Business update.

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