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13 OMG Justin Bieber Jail Video Moments

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More Celebrity News ►► http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews Chantel Jeffries Speaks Out ►►http://bit.ly/1mO6Bb8 Will new videos released of Justin Bieber behind bars help... or hurt his DUI case? Let's count down all the memorable moments caught on police and paparazzi tape and decide for ourselves. Let's start at the beginning. 1) Moments before Justin is pulled over, TMZ photogs capture swarms of fans stalking the singer as he attempts to drive down a Miami Beach road. 2) Minutes later... at least 3 cop cars have pulled over the yellow lambo in what is the beginning of what will be his worst night ever. Upon entering the police station, the arresting officer fills out this form explaining why he arrested Bieber. Allegedly the report says Bieber failed " sustaining a horizontal gaze," "the Romberg balance test" "walk and turn," "finger to nose" and "one-leg stand" tests. He states he smelled of alcohol, had slow deliberate movements, and said quote "what the fuck did I do... I ain't got no fucking weapons... why do you have to search me?" That's when the officer arrested Bieber. Bieber is asked to remove his jewelry. He complies. 4) A minute later Bieber expresses concerns regarding someone in an adjacent room. The cop seems to dismiss it. 5) the first layer of clothing is removed, as Bieber takes off his red sneakers.. Then socks. 6) 2:49 Bieber is then forced to remove his hoodie. 7) 2:59, The cop struggles during the pat down and proceeds to pull Bieber's infamously low pants WAY up to properly search all the pockets. Justin Bieber displays no resistance whatsoever. 8)This might be my favorite moment as soon as the cop lets go of him, Justin pulls his pants right back down. The waist line is now back at adequate lowness. 9) Justin is then asked to perform the walk-a-straight-line test. Before walking a straight line, the cop at the bottom of the screen seems to smirk as he texts on his cell phone during Bieb's test. 10) Justin begins the test and immediately loses balance. He gives it a second try and suceeds. 10) After being taken into a jail cell, Justin proceeds to do 23 push ups in 28 seconds to help pass the time. Which is pretty impressive if you ask me. 11) Despite all the drama, Justin smiles in his mug shot. 12) However his smile is gone by the time he appears before a court dressed in this orange jumpsuit. 13)The Bail is effortlessly paid. Justin is finally released from jail and waves to fans in solidarity. So what do you guys think? Do these videos help or hurt his cause? Did you witness a drunken cocky star dealing with a DUI arrest or a lost pop star humbly accepting his consequences? You decide! Vote below. I'm Miriam Isa, tweet me your thoughts. And the girl who was with him the night of his arrest, Chantel Jeffries, speaks to e! Click right here for highlights of this provocative interview. Thanks for watching, and see you next time! For More Clevver Visit: Website: http://www.clevver.com Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/ClevverNews Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ClevverNews Keep up with us on Instagram: http://instagr.am/Clevver Add us to your circles on Google+: http://google.com/+ClevverNews Tweet Me: http://www.twitter.com/MiriamIsa
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Text Comments (3427)
I’d still say it hurt him and because his music suck ass
sydney Looms (25 days ago)
This helps bc he was talking about it and the cop was the one who likes to pull over famous people
Abhiram Js (1 month ago)
Love you Justin
SPCSandiego4877X R (2 months ago)
Justin Bieber Sucks. And I mean he really sucks. If you look up the word sucks in the dictionary you would see a picture of him fucking a guy and 0:09 His address is shown
kelley lindseyhubbard (2 months ago)
these all areierts his friends these his belibers
王弢 (3 months ago)
Warren Kocurek (3 months ago)
😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞I'm so sad
Warren Kocurek (3 months ago)
I'm SOOOO sorry justin
Warren Kocurek (3 months ago)
He is so nice let him be his fans must be sooooooo sad I feel bad for justin
Warren Kocurek (3 months ago)
Wow so sad
Akira Kurusu (3 months ago)
i love how all the girls are defending him and the boys are hating XD
Julia Klukowski (4 months ago)
Justin Bieber was really sorry about everything and didn't mean anything.
Beginner Top to Bot (4 months ago)
Stupid idiots this kids
TymeFlys (4 months ago)
1 like= 1 dynamite to the prison where justin beiber was kept. So they can blow up the prison show how much we love justin
vMG23 Bh (5 months ago)
Why didn’t they deport him back to Canada
Petar Vujčić (6 months ago)
Geraldine Dupla (6 months ago)
Justin what happened to you😮😮
angelica Perry (6 months ago)
You deserve that you cheter
italian belieber (6 months ago)
gacha_merichu Pearl (6 months ago)
Even his in jail his still disrespectfull kid
BLADEZZ -Games (6 months ago)
Justin never suprise me of him stupidity mistake. Never learn from it.
Amber Miller (6 months ago)
He should of stayed in jail
Werid Friends (6 months ago)
FaithDmazing _ (7 months ago)
I wish he would have stayed in jail
Razgneir (7 months ago)
Helix 003 Rip x (7 months ago)
I think he should die *FBI OPEN UP*
Justin DNL (7 months ago)
Justin bieber attitude is awesome love it
Terri Manning (8 months ago)
I think Justin Bieber performance is over tell him do not dance anymore because is not nice to say f words to the cops he done delete his songs off this is a bad JB I do not know why he say that stuff
Tomato Dane (9 months ago)
You are too late to say sorry
Elliot S (9 months ago)
Adequate lowness
Marta Melendez (10 months ago)
He was given to much at such young age. I would have put him behind bars for a few weeks. And gave him a higher fine. And iam a bieliver fan 😂😂😂😂
Hasin Playz (10 months ago)
I'm happy his a wasteman
Dad E DuBose (11 months ago)
This whole thing looks fake to me . Justine is walking around uncuffed then the cop pats him down. even as a juvenile they keep the cuffs on you almost all the time. But I could be wrong maybe they did arrest her
Shakeela Bee (11 months ago)
JB is the first pop singer I was known to and after watching this it's a bad beat.
Pat Ribbing (1 year ago)
too bad he wasn't in the mirrortellie
Pat Ribbing (1 year ago)
didn't you hear the US is at war with the muslims
Conrad Coleman (1 year ago)
I hope some day he will be faceing in a life sentence in jail
Conrad Coleman (1 year ago)
Justin is a d* no lie I saw him in la and I ask for a pic and he punched me spit a piece of chewed gum and nearly killed me with is car
Lisani Cruz (1 year ago)
poorrrr jbbbbbbbbb
Ravi Chandel (1 year ago)
What is DUI
BlackShroud (10 months ago)
Ravi Chandel lol
He never really went to jail and the time's he did it was for a parking ticket or something else stupid and one time he went there to help clean up
Deniz Raid swar (1 year ago)
Guys never be a Celebrity or you will turn like this
Dennis R (1 year ago)
Celebs are NO BETTER all should be treated the same...money is only paper...
Kiran Amma (1 year ago)
Too funny
This Guy (1 year ago)
this is all bullshit. let's be real. waht the fuck was he doing in a jump suit. This shit is for show. You get released from jail not sent to county for a damn DUI. Not to mention this clown has money to bail out. This is some silly af shit.
haya nadeem (1 year ago)
I you guys didn't knew Justin had depression for 5 months. He also tried to kill himself a plenty of times because of these tiny mistakes he did and nobody see's his good side. He cried because of these haters. He changed now STOP judging him
Bea Zofia (1 year ago)
i dont like now justin bieber
Chioma Philomena (1 year ago)
A drunk and cocky star dealing with a D.U.I test. Justin is an idiot.
Yeees finally
Naruto ZBest (1 year ago)
Hahahah he a loser
Juanito Ochoa (1 year ago)
I bet that oficer had to do his duty and finger his ass jajaja
Stephanie Degannes (1 year ago)
Justin Bieber sucks he deserves jail
Hugo Trxsh Gxng (1 year ago)
13 monents huh?
sujith registrations (1 year ago)
Not at happy justin bieber
Jennifer Rix-Denis (1 year ago)
marc duvurge (1 year ago)
Why is this on youtube??? I thought only crazy things that happen in jail make it on the news? This not crazy??? Where is aaron hernandez video? Stupid fuckers..
TheSweetScientist (1 year ago)
Fact: Cops doesn't have brains.
ace rodriguez (1 year ago)
lmao....this video puts out Justin's address lmao
Kobe Joachim Houghton (1 year ago)
Key Ber (1 year ago)
I think he deserves what he got. It makes me sick reading everyone who loves his music saying that they should be going after other people. What are you saying this extremely dangerous. I mean street racing is one of the most dangerous things you can do specially under the influence of alcohol. So of course they should arrest him and they should not spare any punishment to ensure this does not happen again. Celebs you can't get away with breaching law.
LPS Pizza Girl (1 year ago)
I dont like justin,but he was put in jail for no reson so its kind of sad...
Abby McNair (1 year ago)
Selena Moretz-Cruz (1 year ago)
I don't care what he did i still love him and he didn't even do any thing that bad
No way jb now he make to many changes in him love u justin
alex (1 year ago)
I hate Jb sorry
LY storm DR (1 year ago)
Justin Bieber is a real man. He will be a big legend in the future I know that.
Autumn Layfield (1 year ago)
she is laying
Luke Smith (1 year ago)
Do they not have breathe tests in America? What is it the 1700s with these weird tests. In most countries they breath test you then if you fail they take you to the police station to get blood for the official result
Shaikh Fatma (1 year ago)
Why you do this with jb
Tassy jb (1 year ago)
Omg this video Makes me really so sad 😣😟😢😭 Justin is the best ❤️💖💖😍
Udayan Sarkar (1 year ago)
Whatever he has done was reaallly bad and i dont support him on that but he has grown a lot and has become better person now and i am reaally proud of him #belieber4ever ,
ANJO MEMES (1 year ago)
Bandi burros isso nao e ele haha gringos trouxa
Nevaeh Vincent (1 year ago)
I hate Justin bieber
FanysliMe R (1 year ago)
Maggie Lindemann (1 year ago)
i find it sexy
Was he really in jail or not im confused 😓
bangstan (1 year ago)
this is honestly so funny :D
pablo saez (1 year ago)
Justin fuck the polis
luca Rossi (1 year ago)
Can anyone get me in touch with the host? Email or something, i need to take her out on a date
Daddy's lil Darlings! (1 year ago)
That thumbnail makes him fucking gay 😂
JYGame12 2019 (1 year ago)
jadey bieber (1 year ago)
I love Justin though
Daniel Ramalan (1 year ago)
Thumbnail picture of this video looks like he is getting fucked in his little ass from the officer :)
Dez Nutz (1 year ago)
that was illegal for people to be in tbe streets it that jay walking
Emri Fazliu (1 year ago)
Our super star
nurse2good (1 year ago)
i love Justin bieber
Heidi Miller (1 year ago)
I don’t care what he does I will always love him and be a beliber
Ramy Mohamed (1 year ago)
Ridhi Verma (1 year ago)
everyone makes mistakes. Justin is sweet. He should be respected by everyone. He works hard to bring us his amazing songs.
Zulioner (1 year ago)
cristian vlogs (1 year ago)
he is cool
3TH0N (1 year ago)
PandaHeroCommunity (1 year ago)
Bieber's fans are Lunatics & Delusional, they don't know whats good or bad of a person, just because he or she made a few charity contribution in the world doesn't makes him a good person overall. Millions of people does this every day, quit bringing charity into a case of good & bad. Bieber never learns from his mistakes & his fans are just about the same with the Jake Paulers, ignorant, blind, delusional, and a disgrace towards the next generation of adults. These are the childrens that will be our next generation of adults, what has the world come to.
Yashasvi Goyal (1 year ago)
No matter what I was a belieber,am a belieber and will be a belieber forever.I m proud to be a belieber and I will always love Justin.I love you Justin😊 And I don't understand why people don't understand he is such a kind big hearted man and so talented he is changed so please.O ne you are a belieber you will actually be super proud to be one😊😊😊
Yashasvi Goyal (1 year ago)
Thanks for agreeing 😊
Ridhi Verma (1 year ago)
i agree.
60s 70s (1 year ago)
cops were treating him so badly , if I was Justin I would definitely sue or beat them for it..
Isaac Michael (1 year ago)
Do not disrespect the police I respect the police, and there official jobs.
Kitty Angela Sudiparo (1 year ago)
i am crying !!! justin...... no problem , every one surely makes mistakes [ i am at lead ] but with that , no one should tell you bad , you have more good than bad , and only beliebers like me can understand...........
Lutful Huq (1 year ago)
you are right
Latashia Gann (1 year ago)
Sayan Das Das (1 year ago)
Jenny Vezina (1 year ago)
The guard texting while justin is taking the straight line test is totally inappropriate
SidGamer777 (1 year ago)
he is really cool man ! atleast visited jail in his life !

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