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WOW BFA ALLIANCE ENDING: Jaina Forgives Herself (The Search for Jaina Proudmoore)

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WOW BFA: The Search for Jaina Proudmoore - Final story quests of the Alliance, ending the long search and rescue with Jaina forgiving herself and becoming the new Admiral of Kul'Tiras. World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. Azeroth paid a terrible price to end the apocalyptic march of the Legion’s crusade—but even as the world’s wounds are tended, it is the shattered trust between the Alliance and Horde that may prove hardest to mend. As this age-old conflict reignites, join your allies and champion your faction’s cause—Azeroth’s future will be forged in the fires of war. Learn more and buy World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth: ► https://worldofwarcraft.com ► Follow me to catch all uploads: Twitter: http://twitter.com/xLetalis Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/xLetalis Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xLetalis/ G+ https://plus.google.com/+xLetalis ► Discord: https://discord.gg/7acejBX ➲ Support on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/xLetalis ➲ Paypal Donation: http://goo.gl/j1KhR0 #worldofwarcraft #bfa #xLetalis
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xLetalis (4 months ago)
You may also want to check my complete video for BFA, including all zone storylines: https://youtu.be/tYNyV9eQMNM
Zero (29 days ago)
lol, your daddy is the new lich king lmao
RatchildUK (1 month ago)
Man fuck Blizzard. This is bugged in 8.1, after the Genn cutscene Katherine's model is stuck in the new 8.1 'mode' where she chats with Tandred and you can't finish the quest -_-
RatchildUK (1 month ago)
+xLetalis I sent a bug report last night, just ran past it just now and she is now back in the right place with the quest marker above her. Either it fixed itself somehow or they got the bug report and fixed it. :)
xLetalis (1 month ago)
damn... is there a thread on the forums about it? sounds like a serious issue
Nyrvachan (2 months ago)
They used to make the mouth movement fit the voice acting- now these look worse than Bruce Lee Movies. Why do they do such a sloppy job on the mouth movements now?
Goldfiend (2 months ago)
I finished the quest lines in every zone, where was this one!?
Goldfiend (2 months ago)
+xLetalis Thanks, I found it now. For a moment I didn't even realize the Alliance had a conclusion to their story. The Horde side straight up tells you where to go for the conclusion of the story, with the Alliance you just kinda have to accept every quest you come across and hope you get lucky.
xLetalis (2 months ago)
finish all quest lines in all zones and then this becomes available, starts from Greymane I think
jonathan sanggam (2 months ago)
i would give anything to hold my boy again... -Genn Greymane AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA MY EYES MELTING
Mostly Pixels (2 months ago)
Less moping and more dismantling please
Spellmaker Niar Official (2 months ago)
Genn & Katherine will be together! :D 100%
Cameron Sivret (3 months ago)
I'm starting to like Genn Greymane. When I saw him in Legion when he took Sylvanas power he made a lame revenge, so I thought he's a lame character. But after all the conflicts from Cataclysm to BFA, he's actually a good father who lost a son.
Mr Orc Shaman (3 months ago)
I want to feel sympathetic for this whole thing, I really do, I like these kind of reunion stories. But because of the nature of wow, the fact it feels like they are purposely ignoring one half the story here of what happened in wc3. daelen proudmoore was the captain ahab of world of warcraft, he hunted the orcs down like some desperate, single minded fanatic, and didn't even listen to reason from his daughter at the time. Yet now their trying to rewrite that moment and gloss over the fact he aced like that, and his death was brought on by his own hubris. This just makes the sympathy I'm meant to feel for these moments feel forced and undeserving.
Faewaterspirit (3 months ago)
thank you so much for making these storyline videos, giving people who don't do dungeons a chance to see them as well.
xLetalis (3 months ago)
you're welcome!
Daniel Araújo (3 months ago)
23:02 "Champion, it seems I am in need of your aid once more" "Ask no favors"
Mochi Mochi (3 months ago)
Partha MakOthna (3 months ago)
Fuck Ally scum and Blizztard as well.
Devin Smith (3 months ago)
I have to say, as a big Dragon Age fan (well, at least until Inquisition), that was a better Fade sequence than the actual Fade sequences.
DoubleDee (3 months ago)
holy shit. when cathrine said taelia fordragon i had goosebumps all over! Time to reroll to alliance!
saintconnor (3 months ago)
laura is a goddess <3
Martin S (3 months ago)
Yesterday I finished the siege of boralus quest on myrthic and it was cancer
SivGaming (3 months ago)
I switched from Alliance to Horde a year into TBC and I wanted to watch this to see the ending since I am leveling an alliance toon for the dark iron dwarves. and as soon as Taelia said "Fordragon" my mouth shot open and all I could think about was all the stuff I did to help Bolvar during Vanilla
JohnKazuma (4 months ago)
Is it wrong if all i wanted to hear was. "from here on out you will be reborn, for now you are arthas the forgiven"
Hunewearl (4 months ago)
David S (4 months ago)
The entire Alliance campaign was done well.. Hits you right in the feels.
Praditya Halfelven (4 months ago)
Its funny that katherine always says "ask no favor" everytime we talk to her and she always ask for favors to us lol
Saberwolf (4 months ago)
Jaina's Younger Brother Captain Tandred Proudmoore at 25:36
Kermit The Architect (4 months ago)
How the fuck people can hate jaina after this?
Zel'Nathul Zakul (4 months ago)
What UI mods are you using?
xLetalis (4 months ago)
Quoc Anh Le (4 months ago)
That is a neat UI, what is it?
Quoc Anh Le (4 months ago)
appreciate it XD
xLetalis (4 months ago)
Shadowking26 (4 months ago)
im sure you have been asked about it before but which UI are you using?
xLetalis (4 months ago)
iGhost (4 months ago)
Hah Flynn Fairwind is such a fun character!
Alex Gomez (4 months ago)
what addon is this guy using
xLetalis (4 months ago)
Blue Lick (4 months ago)
did she just teleported a FUCKING FLEET? just like that?And people denies how powerfull she is.
xLetalis (4 months ago)
nah I think she just cleared the mist
Jeeta Ryo (4 months ago)
This is such a "pussy" narrative I am disgusted ...too emotional , too crybabies story ! rubbish blizzard! .....I grew up with Kerrigan ripping everyone to shreds and laughing about it ! ...it's like they fed me raw meat when I was young and now they try to force me to become vegan lol.....too late blizz! I got taste for blood!
Javier Moyano (4 months ago)
19:32 I instantly went OMFG ROBERT BARATHEON!
wtf kolektiv (4 months ago)
Incredible! ..I mean "incredible"... game from 2018 with this in-game "cut scenes" ? this is terrible.... 18:52 and 24:00 is ok though
Diablos (4 months ago)
*White flag raises* I mean, you can't blame her for that. There was literally no scenario where she could come out on top for this. Azeroth's most powerful sorceress on her front, and a fleet not just more powerful, not just more numbered, but also even bigger - as in every single ship of it is bigger than her own ships - than her. See that's what you get, you worthless toad of a woman.
G.G. (4 months ago)
Holy fuck. animate the fucking mouths. Dipshits.
HerrNein (4 months ago)
Ah yes, because clearly, it is just Sooooo important that Jaina is the one who forgives Jaina, and not anyone else who is entirely justified to want to see her head on a pike. Sooo good writing Blizzard. Great work showing why I cancelled my subscription while you pander to only the alliance base.
HerrNein (4 months ago)
No, I didn't. But sorry to say this, but from a story perspective allow me to explain this on large, capitalized letters. REDEMPTION ARCS MEAN NOTHING UNLESS THE PEOPLE YOU SLIGHTED FORGIVE YOU! Ok, we did that and got it out of the way. The horde is 1 part of it. Count it. 1 part. The other part is the "Alliance she serves." Oh yeah, she did a fantastic job of that abandoning them during legion to go throw a temper tantrum because Khadgar told her to grow up. I'm sorry, but when you try to pass a character off as 'redeemed' when nothing about them says they have done a damn thing to earn it, it's laughable lazy writing and obvious pandering to the alliance player base while giving a middle finger to the horde player base. So yeah, I will straight up say it. Jaina did nothing to earn redemption and as far as I care is so lazily written I am glad I didn't renew my subscription for what, to me, looks lik a garbage expansion to pander to alliance players.
Thinh Vo (4 months ago)
Why? Why does she need forgiveness from anybody but herself? What did she do? Oh she hostile to the Horde but did almost nothing against them but suddenly she need their forgiveness even though they took everything from her? Did you miss the point of Jaina story? Or you choose to be ignorant?
S71xx (4 months ago)
Bliz "But her mommy forgave her and that's all that matters in the end... Right?"
HeavenlyDemon (4 months ago)
Flynn which is a game character made me laugh more than my family did in all these years XDDDD . He is damn funny !! XD
Smithers Withers (4 months ago)
Does anyone else notice how sexy jania became now
Git Gud Fox (5 months ago)
The ending of Jaina's story is so terrible. Jaina has literally no reason to forgive herself which is why the story supplies 0 reason. She is basically this massive screwup that betrays her father, and she forgives herself because mommy says it's a good idea. What an awful way to write the story, to build up this moment and then provide NO supporting reason for a character to find redemption or forgiveness.
Git Gud Fox (4 months ago)
It's a terrible moral of a story. It tells you that you can be a fuck up on the highest order, commit amongst the highest crimes you can against a kingdom, and then be forgiven out of weakness and nepotism. The only justifiable ways to do this story is either to have Jaina go on a death mission to destroy Zandalar and die in the process or to be a terrible leader and show how senseless forgiveness is a weakness and not a strength. This is the primary issue I take with the story. It is trying to present forgiveness of extreme crimes in a positive light. Forgiveness has its limits, and treachery is one of them.
The Lard Maker (4 months ago)
That is why Jaina accepted the fate of being executed. In the end greymane reminded katherine that she could still help Jaina. As a mother who lost a husband and 2 sons already and having her only daughter alive(currently). It weighs heavily on Katherine to what greymane said to her.
Git Gud Fox (4 months ago)
She also colluded with the Horde. She didn't just abandon Daelin. She specifically abandoned him to allow the Horde to survive.
Git Gud Fox (4 months ago)
The difference is that Greymane's son died in defense of Gilneas. In fact, I think he got in the way of Sylvanas trying to snipe his father. Jaina is a traitor. Her actions resulted in Kul'tiras falling into decline as Katherine could not fill the vacuum of Daelin's death. Katherine forgiving Jaina is nepotism. Anyone else would be executed for dereliction of duty, abandoning their sovereign in his time of need. The fix that Jaina needs is to die. That would be a realistic story resolution for her, but she is a mega tits waifu character, so of course she will be shielded from better plot decision making.
The Lard Maker (4 months ago)
Git Gud Fox what she wants is for her family or her mom to forgive her. There is build up if you do the quest. Is helping Greymane to persuade Katherine forgive Jaina. While what Jaina did was stupid, Katherine has only Jaina left as family (at this time, when the storm broke one of the npc is jaina's thought to be dead brother). Greymane made an example that he too lost his son and has no chance to help him. He told katherine that she still has the chance to help Jaina help fix Jaina.
Yassir Touil (5 months ago)
Which UI are you using ?
xLetalis (5 months ago)
Gastão Esteves Design (5 months ago)
That moment when you notice that this captain of the fleet, that the sailor calls "Tandred" is the same Tandred of the graveyard memorial next to Derek and Daelin. He is actually Jaina's younger brother that they believe that was dead, lost in the seas. Jaina uses the pendant to locate her blood, her brother. Its to him that she directs her words when she says "there you are" and not to the fleet.
EzioIlMentore (5 months ago)
I think it's worth mentioning that a lot of people in the real world would be driven to suicide after experiencing what Jaina has been through. The fact that she held on goes to show how strong she really is.
The Lard Maker (4 months ago)
EzioIlMentore she did went crazy at one point, summoned a gigantic water elemental to tsunami ogrimar. Then her dragon bf came to stop her, the magic of dragon dong.
Jason Kim (5 months ago)
I love the Warcraft series and the storyline, but couldn't follow anymore with WoW's animation :/
ruhkil13 (5 months ago)
eff yeah tandred!!
bayushizero (5 months ago)
I thank you for putting this together and posting it. I unfortunately am stuck at the Siege of Boralus Mythic part of the quest chain. My gear level is too low (normal & heroic dungeons have been insanely stingy. I have more loot from Uldir than I do from 5-mans >.<) so I'm stuck at that point in the story. I very much appreciate your posting this.
Deepfriedegg (5 months ago)
So is Daelin Proudmoore in fact Lemmy Kilmister?
Protectereli (5 months ago)
Hearing the Arthas theme was a punch right to the heart, I did not expect that.
Silvestra (5 months ago)
I am sure you heard this many times but what is the UI that you are using it looks amazing? Great video as well!
xLetalis (5 months ago)
63142 (5 months ago)
It's too bad all this ends with a dungeon that can only be done on mythic. I completed the story of jaina weeks ago, I am now only trying to gear up to do this one mythic dungeon. The only thing you can't get is a new weapon. I need a gun or bow and all I get is a polearm. I have done every world quest at least twice and still the same weapon drops every time. I have gotten at least 10 polearms but only one 310 gun. I got really bored of running world quests and grinding out artifact points. I've done island exhibitions, I've killed rare bosses, I've done Arathi highlands. I've even fished up the great sea ray three times. I have run out of quests to do and now just do the mission board which is a joke compared to legion. I have become burnt out , I only wanted a new weapon so I could do this stupid mythic dungeon so I could complete the quest line. As far as I'm concerned there wasn't that much to do this time around , I got bored and burnt out quickly. My only goal now id to complete path-finding so I can fly over all the mobs to get to places quicker, so I can grind some more.
Cracken (5 months ago)
Puny Alliance family dramas...
fuzztsimmers 3 (5 months ago)
god sooo boring
Rafael Arandas (5 months ago)
Scarlet Rose (4 months ago)
That arc is more for the proudmore rather than you..... again dont put words in thier mouth as thats what they went with rather than using the player as the source to help them ...... they already made Jaina the ruler so deal with it or not play the game anymore like seriously you dont own thier shit you only play them dont question thier story writing if it was your story then im fine with the latter but how much resources you would need to save an entire town ...... let alone an army...... Blizzard already presented the solution as much as you dont like it ...... the latter option (fleeing) amd retaking the town is harder than you might think plus blizzard dint want to drag that story too long as they have other things to work with and the more important arcs and i doubt they are done with Sylvannas and what key role she would play in the upcoming war that shes preparing
Scarlet Rose (4 months ago)
And there you have it your putting the player into consideration where normally you as the player should be transparent like in most games you cant really take major roles that your not suppose be in
Scarlet Rose (4 months ago)
The pendant aside where the hell would they get enough manpower to save thier city how many ships are there left in thier defence force minus the fleet....... even thou you hate a char that dosent mean the story arc revolving around her is any good plus ok you dont like what blizzard is going for who gives you the right to question thier work last i check you dont own any of thier stories you can say its bad writing etc. Then write your own fantasy and leave thiers alone if you dint like it then you dont like it but dont go and claim its bad writing if you never did any yourself just sayin let me be clear I HATE FUKIN ARTHAS hes the whole reason why someone like Jaina had to pick be 100% committed to her duty or be tainted which at that time she choose the latter ...... and we all know what happened next....... but i as much as i hate it i cant change the fact that even in death his actions had forever stained two char and one is even worst than Jaina but even if she wanted death the Valkir dint want her to die.....
Git Gud Fox (4 months ago)
Because you're assuming that Ashvane winning and capturing Kul'tiras would be the end of the story. There are many ways to get Proudmoore's leadership out of there. Ashvane could have taken Kul'tiras, then you, the player, team up with Cyrus to overthrow her, and with Jaina and Katherine no longer options, Cyrus steps up to be leader. There are many, many ways the story could be resolved especially because we don't even need the Kul'tiran fleet yet. After Cyrus is the new leader of Kul'tiras, he could have Lucille team up with Brother Pike to research some mumbo jumbo magic to dispel the storm holding the fleet. Many ways around the issue Blizzard creates.
Scarlet Rose (4 months ago)
What issue they already had shown they cant protect the town with what they currently had..... last i saw they dont have a battalion to retaliate cause a lot of them died cause arthas went on a killing spree
Ulrich Hintringer (5 months ago)
Chibi Ninja Gaming (5 months ago)
"MOTHER!!" "I will hear you." PFFFHAHAHAHAHA!!
Fifo101 (5 months ago)
Undead Liam Greymane coming right up
Damar158 (5 months ago)
Justice for Daelin! He must be avenged!
Git Gud Fox (5 months ago)
I know right? Jaina's storyline is so awful. They give NO justification at all as to why she should forgive herself.
Atria Wulf (5 months ago)
all of the talking models look like cows munching on grass. Kind of takes away from the seriousness lol
LieutenantAlaki (5 months ago)
"I can fly." Beautiful.
Puro (5 months ago)
Holy shit, alliance talks a lot..
Marques Tainter (5 months ago)
Thanks for this, What UI set up is this, I like it
xLetalis (5 months ago)
Sir Fenvar (5 months ago)
hey taelia your father is the new lich king!
Dun Hildas (5 months ago)
Can't we go back in time and snatch a new Arthas?
Faewaterspirit (3 months ago)
we will! summer 2019 it begins...huehue
Ralph Chehade (5 months ago)
You ended it correctly.
Call me Aj (5 months ago)
Everyone in the comment section crying over Arthas Oh Gawd me too :"(
Christian Wiksten (5 months ago)
new icc raid inc
Krehlmar (5 months ago)
19:11 *An* *Karanir* *Thanagor*
JohannesDGradenko (5 months ago)
2:39 Looks like the heroine is getting bored of having to listen to legal contracts all day that she decides to shake them off and enjoy herself by spinning around for a while.
M Simon (5 months ago)
Oh Shit, Taelia's father is the new Lich King.
August Ryckman (5 months ago)
The whole story is awful. Back to Masked Ball by Jocelyn Pook.
Git Gud Fox (4 months ago)
I don't remember the thing with Rhonin. It was her fault for defying the King. She actively chose to defy her ruler, her leader. That is her fault. It was her fault for abandoning Arthas. Stratholme should have been culled as it was going to be a massive zombie stronghold. Listening to a friend was potentially the only possible thing that could have gotten through to Arthas. Jaina was also the only other person of authority there who saw the same things as Arthas and could understand it from his point of view. She abandoned him. She is to blame for Daelin's death. That's called DERELICTION OF DUTY. It's called TREASON to collaborate with the enemy and ABANDON your sovereign and also your father. She has no reason to forgive herself. She is nothing but a massive fuckup. She deserves to die.
Thinh Vo (4 months ago)
+Git Gud Fox Rhonin actually did. You even see him standing behind Jaina next to kindy and Varian. It was not her fault that Rhonin dies protecting Jaina or Kindy dies in the battle. It was not her fault that Varian was a moron. She didn't expect Thrall was a bigger moron to appointed Garrosh. It was not her fault that she does not want to be as corrupted as arthas. And one of the alternative timeline in novel if Jaina help arthas, she would have become the lich queen. And last but not least, she is not to blame for the action of her father. She disagree with him and stood aside If Blizzard acknowledge Daelin was correct, then Blizzard would deliver a big fuck you message to warcraft 3 player who know Daelin was wrong. However Jaina need to know it is not her fault. Her father made his decision. The whole point of the questline is that there is thing Jaina could not control. Does not matter if she actually go through with all of them, some thing bad or worse will happened and she simply can't control it.
Git Gud Fox (4 months ago)
The scene with Varian refers to when she teleported him out of his confrontation with Thrall in the Undercity. Did Rhonin even appear in the memory at all? And the reference to Arthas refers to her choosing to not assist with the Culling of Stratholme and how she might have saved Arthas if she stayed. She also had nightmares of her father, Daelin, which is the primary point of her sins. Most of these issues are definitely her fault which is why she doesn't have a reason to forgive herself.
Thinh Vo (4 months ago)
+Git Gud Fox The whole point of Jaina story that she repeatedly blame herself for whatever happened to the current state of the alliance. She blamed herself for death of Varian, Rhonin, Kindy and Arthas. That is why her mother show and say it is not her fault.
Git Gud Fox (5 months ago)
I agree. It's like "Jaina, forgive yourself." Y tho? What reason does she have to forgive herself? Usually these kinds of trips to purgatory result in finding an actual REASON to forgive yourself.
lnoah95 (5 months ago)
oh shit hell yeah we getting bolvar back into the story, im all in for WotLK2
Achelouz (5 months ago)
I wish Arthas is still alive. He is the man Jaina loved and Sylvanas hated. Arthas will be the key to ending this war if he is still alive together with a returning Thrall.
Melon Lord (3 months ago)
I'm curious if we will get more Arthas. With Taelia being Bolvar's daughter and all the death themes in this expansion I wonder if we will get more Lich King.
Theodore Logan (5 months ago)
Yo bring back Arthas and Thrall!!
Gonthier Fabrice (5 months ago)
Question is who the gnome behind Varian and Rhonin? at 20:45 I guess the behind Jaina is Uther,is behind him are shadow people.
Gonthier Fabrice (5 months ago)
Thank you Sarah L.
Sarah L (5 months ago)
Kinndy, a lovable gnome girl who was apprenticed to Jaina until she died in the destruction of Theramore between Cataclysm and Mists. I can imagine why Jaina is distraught over it although doesn't seem to make as much sense to blame it on her since the Kirin Tor had been infiltrated by a Horde spy.
TheBronf (5 months ago)
i feel like they will use arthas more. they even made a complete model for him. also doesnt it feel kinda odd that thrall should be in the background as well at 20:45 ? it isn't like there sworn enemies.
IronBlockGames (5 months ago)
Good god some of the lip sync's are just.... just close your mouth please holy cow. I think I liked it better when their mouths had just simple open close movements for speaking. It's creepy seeing their jaws dislocate and flab around trying to sync with the spoken words.
Mickey shifty (5 months ago)
Taelia Fordragon nope QUEEN Taelia Fordragon....Grab your tickets now bois ship is sailing!
o0Flavio950o (5 months ago)
I know I'm probably the only one here, but I can't helpbut laugh when everyone tells our character that the Blighted Land is dangerous: we have literally just finished fighting off the goddamn Legion, don't talk to me about 'dangerous.'
Aleks (5 months ago)
that voice...
OXIDOME (5 months ago)
Maybe a deathknight quest with taelia and bolvar the lich King ?
Katie Persons (5 months ago)
Thank you for giving me closure that the game could not, after Blizzard decided to gate the final step in the long chain behind Mythic content. You can start your own group and get no takers or sign up and never get picked, but only heavily geared players are finishing this chain. Guess I'll see this on my character's terms in about three months...
WoW addict (5 months ago)
Taelia 😭😭😢
Mori Dahan (5 months ago)
Wait is this the actual ending for BFA or is the expansion episodic or whatever you call it?
Mori Dahan (5 months ago)
+xLetalis Awesome! Thanks. My friend and I want to start playing WoW and I was scared that's all BFA had to offer.
xLetalis (5 months ago)
It's the ending of the initial offering. Major patches will add more I hope ;]
ryan macdonald (5 months ago)
It's funny how Ashvane and her forces surrendered so quickly once the Kul Tiras navy showed up. I imagine that she pissed her pants when she saw Kul Tiras's navy behind her forces, LOL!
DaedaliusRE (5 months ago)
Before MoP everytime Jaina popped up she was nothing short from annyoing with her endless talk of peace and harmony. After MoP everytime she popped up she was just obnoxious with her endless talk of "nonono we have to kill them all they evul we gud. killkillkillkillkillfuckthehordeomgwtfbbq" I will never get why people adore her so much. In my eyes she is just a ticking emotional timebomb who just can't shut up and is always "oh so punished" like Jesus effin Christ.
Darkmagician923 (5 months ago)
The best 29:19 minutes of this year. I cried to a fking video, me who never cries from anything but death of relatives, oh Jaina (my childhood gaming hero), i feel ya, i root for ya.
Zyad Hakmi (5 months ago)
The Drustvar zone gives me a lot of Witcher feels
Zyad Hakmi (5 months ago)
Ah yes there's also that, tho it was already the case during Legion with the the big green hole in the sky and demons coming from everywhere :P
xLetalis (5 months ago)
and DA: Inquisition as well
Nemanja Skoric (5 months ago)
Anduin is son of Arthas. Just putting it out there, in internet.
Astilen (5 months ago)
when time permits, mits mits mits mits
Astilen (5 months ago)
Krljavi Dzo (5 months ago)
credit card warrior is back huh
Alexis Edquen (5 months ago)
Wait a minute... Didn't Genn has that english accent when we first met him?
Tremor Wolfgang (5 months ago)
Jaina has a simple policy: No fat chicks
Vitcher (5 months ago)
xLetalis is there any game u didnt play? :D
xLetalis (5 months ago)
many ;] I don't actually play that many games
Ram Kitten (5 months ago)
Even though it's good, I just hate how dramatic it is. This is why I like Orcs, they are usually more brutal about that stuff. PTSD? Eh, just gonna go kill some peeps and feel better.
bensson wu (5 months ago)
Yeah, you play the horde u must be so badass
xLetalis (5 months ago)
yeah it did bother me a little that they overinflated the drama in basically every line between Jaina and her dad
AoP Gaming (5 months ago)
That UI is fantastic, simple yet visually appealing. Do you have info compiled on what addons you used?
AoP Gaming (5 months ago)
Awesome, thank you!
xLetalis (5 months ago)
BreXiaN 1331 (5 months ago)
We want arthas
LordMortanius (5 months ago)
The problem with Stratholme is that Arthas was absolutely correct. The issue is that Jaina and Uther both decided to wash their hands of him, instead of actually asking him 'why' or bringing up alternatives. The Daelin issue is a little murkier, but it's hard to condemn Daelin when the poor sod endured 20 years of orcs trying to purge the Eastern Kingdoms of humanity. Even in vanilla, we see the manifest destiny and might makes right ethos of the orcs in play when they antagonize the night elves in Warsong Gulch. Thrall inherited a Horde he knew nothing about and took over leadership of an organization built around war, then kept on using the title of Warchief while trying to sue for peace (because Speaker of the Clans or Great Chieftain or High Shaman were all taken, apparently). Daelin was the orcs' own monster come back to haunt them.
Iedy Iedy (3 months ago)
+The Lard Maker and exactly why Uther or even his father should have went with him, he was still to young and overzealous to sense the trap, but they fucking abandoned him
Iedy Iedy (3 months ago)
If Uther and Jaina would have gone with him to the frozen lands, they would have convinced Arthas to not grab Frostmourne. But Arthas was alone, his forces were decimated by the demons ( Uther could have brought more men) and he basically had no alternative....he could have either grabbed frostmourne and end it or die and let the demons invade earth.... Uther was very respected by Arthas inside him and Jaina was his love/crush and vice-versa, he would have listened to them if they werent such assholes
Git Gud Fox (4 months ago)
Dereliction of duty is punishable by death in times of war, and abandoning your father who is also your king to protect the Horde is a high order of treason to say the least.
LordMortanius (4 months ago)
@Git Gud Fox Yeah, that's the hilarious part. To be fair though, the cracks started in WC3 itself, when Grom revealed that the so-called 'peaceful, shamanistic' orcs merrily hopped and skipped towards their own damnation willingly. It all just went downhill from there.
LordMortanius (4 months ago)
I think that actively working against your own father or at least allowing him to be killed counts as a betrayal. Or stopping the Alliance from attacking Sylvanas back in Wrath, especially since she's been nuts since WC3.
milk shake (5 months ago)
Its so great story
SS4 Dr (5 months ago)
So it’s pretty much another bring my daughter home shit.
FFF Inquisition (5 months ago)
Wonder if the lich king/Bolvar will ever meet his daughter...
Tl Wk (5 months ago)
FFF Inquisition next expansion?
xLetalis (5 months ago)
he has to ;]

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