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Gazzo street balls (1/3)

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Gazzo performing his version of classic cups and balls
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Mikko Rantalainen (5 months ago)
Missing link to next video: https://youtu.be/pDq-OVK6uLA
Mike Hawk (2 years ago)
anyone care to explain the texas where is your gun joke?
Someone Or Other (2 years ago)
No problem. I actually didn't think he was very funny in general.
Mike Hawk (2 years ago)
ah I get it :P thanks!
Someone Or Other (2 years ago)
That joke died on its arse didn't it? The joke was there were only cowboys and queers there. Cowboys carry guns and he asked the guy where his gun was,  implying that he must be queer. Not his best joke and I certainly wouldn't try it out if I was really in Texas.
Simpson Marcellus (2 years ago)
Boston miss you
Katalyzt (5 years ago)
Funny, and skilled ★★★★★ Katalyzt
Joshua Potts (5 years ago)
"Let me finish the show, I love you long time"
Hoschi0913 (5 years ago)
awesome soooooo funny
Bdots44 (5 years ago)
Why did it stop???
Dustin Dunbar (6 years ago)
I hear only great things about this guy. He is an amazing mouthy hilarious on the spot guy with words. And his magic is uncanny and raw, love it love it love it.
MrOphachew (6 years ago)
Love his voice and accent.
Balbisiana A (7 years ago)
Gazzo you are the best!. Absolute and no sponges, thats easy. Oranges and mellons! Well This speak for it self! Penn&tella were blown away! And why wouldn't they.... Everyone else is!

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