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Prehistoric Women - Martine Beswick

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http://starlutz.com/blog/ -- Strange & obscure films and clips. Queen Kari (who has a new explorer boyfriend) ruthlessly asserts her authority over her troupe of blonde slave girls. Delirious nonsense from Hammer studios.
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Darryl Thompson (8 months ago)
What kind of animal is Martine Beswick on here?
Peter S. (1 year ago)
The short Blonde were no Match for Martine. I wish at that Time Martine Beswick had fought out a nasty prehistoric Womenfight against equal strong redheaded Senta Berger with lots of back and forth Action
Visceral (1 year ago)
wish this was a nude scene
reticulan5 (2 years ago)
Looks like Hammer reused the cave girl costumes and wigs from One Million Years BC. They went on to shoot another Dino flick When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth among others.
SickAgain75 (2 years ago)
Yves Che (3 years ago)
James Carreras a directement mis en chantier « Prehistoric women » rebaptisé « Slave girls » (1967), une production alimentaire sans autre mérite que de refaire appel à miss Beswick et de lui donner pour la première fois un rôle principal. Electrisante, la comédienne est parvenue à camper une méchante de composition, aussi sournoise que malveillante, paradoxalement attirante et dangereuse. A lire "Frankenstein, Dracula et les autres sous les feux de la Hammer" de Daniel Bastié, ancien journaliste aux Fiches belges du cinéma, Grand Angle magazine et Soundtrack.
ChiptheBlackMage (5 years ago)
MAN this is dated. And dated is awesome in my book!!
Zaroff's Trophy Room (5 years ago)
left breast struck by a blonde gals well aimed chicken would have been a gag in a carry on film...
cidzor (6 years ago)
AtomicSquirrelHunter (6 years ago)
Ya gotta' love buckskin bikinis!
zip0v (6 years ago)
Guys we need to clone her, fast.
MARLON WHITE (7 years ago)
Felt sorry for that cute little brave blond. Wished that other blond picked up that knife and shoved it in that Amazons back!
goback3spaces (7 years ago)
I'm waiting for John Belushi to yell "Food fight!"
titaniumpecker (7 years ago)
Don't mess with Martine. I would have loved to see Martine Beswick fight Pam Grier when they were both in their prime.
LTopomcFly (7 years ago)
Martine has aged very well too.
LTopomcFly (7 years ago)
@irina1296 She's in From Russia From Love too as a gypsy
Prehistoric Magazine (7 years ago)
Prehistoric Women, intersting concept. Speaking of interesting, what's everyone's feelings on the new Prehistoric Channel. They're not a tv channel yet though.
irina1296 (8 years ago)
Martine Beswick was great actress. I loved her appearance in Bond film Thunderball (1965).
Wezilla (8 years ago)
LOLOLOLOL That awesome kill. I surprise it was Martine Beswick, same woman who fight with Raquel Welch in 1 million BC movie. Martine Beswick is very HOT. I have not seen this movie since when I was very little boy....35+ years ago...I have to buy this DVD.
Marc Leif (4 days ago)
Yes, that kill is fantastically sexy. Martine Beswick was terrific.
ThornUvDaath777 (9 years ago)
I'm addicted tot he little tune at the beginning.
7DARKHELLS (9 years ago)
Never throw turkey legs at an Evil Queen! Poor little pretty blond =^ [
pedronoir72 (9 years ago)
Sorry it is,Micheal latimer,edina ronay,martine beswick
pedronoir72 (9 years ago)
David Vaile, Laurette Luez en Allan Nixon
Daniel Ryan (9 years ago)
Gotta love the 50's and 60's. I'll take good old fashioned paper mache and string over CGI Any day.
knifeofspaghetti (10 years ago)
I'm wavering between wanting her because she's evil, or wanting her despite her evil. And when she embraced that girl, all I could thing was "raep." I was very disappointed.

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