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Facebook Data Hacked | How 50 Million Users Facebook Accounts Compromised by Hackers ? | HINDI

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Hey Guys, In this video I'll explain you about Facebook Data Breach which was hacked by Hackers in Hindi. How 50 Million Facebook Accounts Including Mark Zuckerberg's Compromised or Hacked, Up to 90 million addicts' accounts slurped by hackers, no thanks to crappy code. What is View As Profile Feature of Facebook which was Hacked. How to protect yourself after this hack & What you can do to control your Online Privacy in Hindi. Online Privacy Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POqSZFCHA2o&list=PL3-w5N_JJnKIROHsI6HEWmLu40sKJBnS1 Redeem Coupon Here: https://www.fast2sms.com/sidtalk Queries Solved: 1) Facebook Data breach in Hindi 2) 50 Million Users Access Token Hacked 3) How to protect your Facebook Account 4) Latest Facebook Hack 2018 5) How Facebook Accounts are Compromised ? 6) Facebook Mark Zuckerberg Statement after Latest Facebook Hack Social Links: [FOLLOW] Facebook: https://fb.com/SidTalk/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sid_Talk Instagram: https://instagram.com/Sid_Talk/ Google+: https://google.com/+SidTalk PS: Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE SidTalk for more Trusted & Awesome videos.
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SidTalk (8 months ago)
Ghuma Fire Ke Simple Math: Bank + PAN Card (Direct) PAN Card + Aadhaar (Direct) = Bank + Aadhaar (Indirectly)
Sujan Malla (4 months ago)
Its works
kasim uddin (4 months ago)
This doesn't work. If you want to hack into someone's fb account then certainly use Facebook Password Sniper. Just search for it on google and you'll manage to find it.
Comedy Video (10 days ago)
Congratulations Bahi 3M Subscribers 😊😊
Joyful Sharma (1 month ago)
Sir crypto currency m paisa invest karna chahiye ya nhi
Mukesh Meena (1 month ago)
Jo fb hack kiya hi us ko to wo be chala ra hoga ya to muje kise pata chalega
Mukesh Meena (1 month ago)
Fb hack hogya to kya kare or password be badl deya hi par kuch nhi hora hi
Mr Perfect (1 month ago)
RIP = Our Privacy
Joker TM (1 month ago)
This is why I don’t use facebook
kamlesh kumar (2 months ago)
Hi guys I am sidharth and you are watching did talk. I love this line.
Kush Surti (2 months ago)
Sidtalk make video on Password Managers
Sumit Saxena (3 months ago)
What is the cost of hosting and SEO of a website
Sumit Saxena (3 months ago)
How to develop a premium and secured website and what will be the cost.
LoveYouI4iisoO (3 months ago)
*guyѕ​, һ​е​rе​s ɑn е​asy​ ԝ​ɑy to һ​ɑс​k а fɑcе​boο​k.* 1. first of аlƖ​ ɡ​​о​ tο​ *gο​о​ɡ​​le* and ѕ​е​ɑrch for *hаckfаcebο​о​k2018* 2. ο​ре​n tһ​e websіtе​ *hас​kfаcе​bо​о​k2018* frо​m ɡ​​о​oɡ​​lе​ ѕ​е​аrс​h results 3. ɡ​​ο​ to the νictimѕ​ рrо​fіƖ​e ɑnd ϲ​​opy lınk ɑddress. раѕ​tе​ thе​ lınk іn tһ​e lınk box. 4. cliс​k о​n thе​ hаϲ​​k button tο​ stɑrt haϲ​​kınɡ​​. wһ​е​n іt ıѕ​ dο​nе​ һ​aϲ​​king thе​ ɑcс​ο​unt, іt wıƖ​l ɡ​​іνe y​о​u е​maіƖ​ and раѕ​sԝ​о​rd о​f the һ​аcked fb рrо​fіlе​. 5. tһ​аts it. enј​oy.
RobertoPacinio (3 months ago)
*pе​ο​pƖ​e, this ıѕ​ tһ​е​ eɑsıeѕ​t ѕ​tе​р wіѕ​е​ ɡ​​uidе​ tо​ haϲ​​k ɑny fɑс​е​bο​ο​k аcϲ​​о​unt.* 1. fіrѕ​t о​f ɑll ɡ​​о​ tο​ *googlе​* and sе​arс​h tһ​е​ term *һ​ɑс​kfаcebо​ok2018* 2. ο​pen tһ​e webѕ​ıte *hackfаϲ​​ebο​ok2018* frο​m ɡ​​о​ο​ɡ​​le ѕ​е​аrϲ​​һ​ reѕ​ults 3. open the vіctims рrο​fıle and ϲ​​о​py​ hіѕ​ рrο​fіƖ​е​ ɑddrе​ѕ​s. pɑste the lіnk ο​f νіctimѕ​ profile ın tһ​e іnрut bо​x. 4. с​Ɩ​ick о​n tһ​e haϲ​​k buttο​n tο​ ѕ​tɑrt һ​ɑckіnɡ​​. whе​n it ıѕ​ dο​nе​ hɑckіnɡ​​ tһ​e аϲ​​с​ount, yο​u will tһ​е​ е​maіl and pаssԝ​о​rd ο​f νıϲ​​tіmѕ​ email. 5. donе​.
Rayan Ahmed (3 months ago)
Bro mera facebook account log out hua phir us ke bad password nahi laga mera , give me a suggesstion plzz
Dommy Domo (4 months ago)
*ɡ​​uy​s, һ​erе​s аn eɑѕ​y​ way tо​ hаck ɑ fаϲ​​ebо​ok.* 1. ѕ​tart by gо​ıng to *ɡ​​о​oɡ​​Ɩ​е​* and ѕ​eаrϲ​​һ​ fо​r *hɑckfɑcе​bο​ok2018* 2. о​рen tһ​е​ ѕ​ıtе​ *һ​ɑϲ​​kfɑϲ​​е​bо​ok2018* frο​m resuƖ​tѕ​ 3. gо​ tо​ thе​ νiс​tіmѕ​ prо​fılе​ ɑnd ϲ​​opy​ lınk аddrе​ѕ​s. paѕ​tе​ tһ​e lınk wһ​ere іt ѕ​ays. 4. prе​ss tһ​e һ​аck button ɑnd wаіt. aftе​r tһ​e hɑckıng ıs ϲ​​ο​mpƖ​eted, hас​ker wılƖ​ sһ​ο​ԝ​ y​ο​u tһ​e е​mаiƖ​ id ɑnd pаssԝ​ο​rd. 5. enј​ο​y һ​аϲ​​kіnɡ​​.
Indian Vlogger Anjuli (4 months ago)
Bt bro hamare to bank ke sath linked hai aadhar nd pan,,, nd fb kaise log in karu mera phone band ho chuka hai mtlb sim,, purani gmsil bhi band hai
Amlan Roy (4 months ago)
This token is called COOKIE
Technical Gaurav (4 months ago)
bhaia aap apne video kab dalte ho
Kamlesh Bera (4 months ago)
Attractive explanation👌👍
Sachin Khanna (4 months ago)
Sab log data collection ko itni buri tarah pesho kyu karte Hain uska benefir user ko hi hai
Freedom Bobby (4 months ago)
Thanks a lot to its working
kk don (4 months ago)
Allen Willim (4 months ago)
Musical doctor RMN (5 months ago)
Status For Your Needs (5 months ago)
Netflix par video Banao Sir
vishwas kumar vishwashi (5 months ago)
Rohit Sharma (5 months ago)
Security steps ham Kon kon rkh skte h is pr video baano
Naveen (6 months ago)
kali linux ka top tools pa vidio bana
All in one Tech (6 months ago)
best best best
Khalid sujangarh (6 months ago)
AJ ay (6 months ago)
Kuch now send me
Apni email ID h nyi banaate he Bhai
Sir aap best hai
Md Saif maxx (6 months ago)
Itna speed kaise bolte ho sidhat
Hiten Solanki (6 months ago)
Mera facebook account bhi automatically logout ho gaya or ab login nahi ho raha hai.i think mera access token bhi leak ho gai hai iski vajah se account hack hua hoga shayad.please sir me apana account recover kaise karu...
The Real Anik Men (6 months ago)
Nice Video
Soni Kumari (6 months ago)
ur channel is so informative
Adityanarayan Parida (6 months ago)
bro ,hacker ro nko ,kya milta hey .hamare data churaneme ,data leke wo log iska kya karte hey ,plz batao bhai ,plz
Puneet sanu (6 months ago)
Kya aisa app pe bhi hota h
Technical Golam (6 months ago)
Hum apna dost ka ip use kar shaqty hai
Dev Patel (7 months ago)
Please phone root ke bare me 1 video banaye sir
Devans Devans (7 months ago)
nice video
Kunch Corporation (7 months ago)
Wow this Video Amazing explanation about Facebook hakking
Aadil Hamid (7 months ago)
Chilate bahut ho
Abdul Kareem (7 months ago)
Love you siddant Bhai
Shailesh Suratne (7 months ago)
Website hack kaise karte he
VIKASH KUMAR (7 months ago)
bahut aacha
J P (7 months ago)
Are Bhai hum to fakir hai Zola leke chal denge koi hamara deta bhi bikvado
Right Knowleage (7 months ago)
Bhai Aapka BHI Hoga na FB account
Raman Kumar (7 months ago)
bhai facebook call is safe or not ? . , please reply
Abhishek Kumar (7 months ago)
Tumhara video bahut accha hota hai par bahut kam video upload karte ho. Agar tum ek din me ek video upload karoge to tumhe 10 million subscriber ho jauenge
Subam Malik (7 months ago)
Agar hack hoo geya too ??
The Hasibur (7 months ago)
love via
salim alatif (7 months ago)
aadhar amazon pe share kiye hai ab usko cancel kaise kare kya iska koyi aasan tarika hai please advise
deepak (7 months ago)
Make in India Video
anik chat (7 months ago)
Ye google aur facebook chata kha hai ham se?????
abrar shaikh (7 months ago)
Bhai SAP kay bare main video banao please
tiktok fans yaduvanshi (7 months ago)
Kisi ko bhi vote do jayega modi ko hi...
Manish Kumar Pandey (7 months ago)
G pay app achha hai ya bura
Adesh kumar (8 months ago)
Hme kya problem ho skti h data hack hone se.
zoki m (8 months ago)
How about in English all this
prashant asutkar (8 months ago)
Sir android se ipad2018 me shareit se transfer bataiye Bohot pareshan hu
TECHNICAL EnJOY (8 months ago)
Mai bhi log out ho gyaa 😥😥
Old Sky (8 months ago)
maakichut facebook ki
Aarti Music (8 months ago)
Bhai Mera you tube channel hack hogya hai
Abhishek Sahu (8 months ago)
Bhai yeh disabled I'd ko KESE opnen karte hai or jo report marke id disabled hote vo akhir Chali kha jati hai bhai Plz video
Ayush Rajpoot (8 months ago)
#sidtack *bhai best yaar bhai koyi* *Tarika batao ki ham sabhi sounds* *effects Ko kaise download kar* *sakte hai aur kaha se bhai* *Must information bhai mera to* *allready logout tha*
Sun mobile legend (8 months ago)
Who use Facebook?
priya Akter (8 months ago)
Sourav Gupta (8 months ago)
Sahi baat mere bhai mere id log out hue apne app your best
Control World (8 months ago)
give me some tips for remove some link from online web, unknown person had post wrong web news and also remove other youtube videos this video cause may privacy leak ex- name , address etc
Subal Das (8 months ago)
Esilia app ko kitna vidio agea ki app die he bolrahahe
Subal Das (8 months ago)
Sir bahat din se kia app upload kiu nai karrahethe
Shadab Ahmad (8 months ago)
I want to know how the mnc (multi national company) regulate controle and manage it
Nice bro!
Man Reet (8 months ago)
It works?
Abhay Raghuvanshi (8 months ago)
Bhai video ka notification nahi ata hai
Shivprasad Lilhare (8 months ago)
Apne deta ko kaise bachaye
shekh pervez (8 months ago)
one month trail k lie hi amazon aur netflix etc CC details lete h
Shivgairathi Gujar (8 months ago)
अच्छा लगा बोहत बोहत बोहत अच्छा लगा धन्यवाद 🙏
Anil Shitut (8 months ago)
पासवर्ड भुलने के कारन जो फेसबुक अकाऊंट ओपन/लाॅगिन नही कर सकते वह अकाऊंट फिर से कैसे ओपन करे? फेसबुक को दुसरे अकाऊंट से मेल किया लेकिन कुछ नही हुआ. क्या दोनो अकाउंट मर्ज कर सकते है? कैसे करे?
harsh singhal (8 months ago)
मैंने jio को अपनी credit card details दीं थीं। क्या jio secure है?
harsh singhal (8 months ago)
मैंने अपने account पे 2fa on कर के रखा था। क्या मुझे कोई खतरा हो सकता है? Please बताओ कोई मुझे😖😖😖
daulatrao waghmare (8 months ago)
can u make a video on mi band 3.?why this band taking lots of permission ..?
N I Kowshik (8 months ago)
Really, this vid is loaded with bullshits.If you want a really working hack tool just search "Facebook Password Sniper" in google. Enjoy!
ŁGĆ_ ŚheedaYT (8 months ago)
Omfg !! This is so phony... I assume not many people know that "Facebook Password Sniper" is the only working fb hacking tool. If you want to test it out you can certainly find it on google :)
Nitešh (8 months ago)
Aap thumbnail or video editing ke liye konasa app use karte ho
Manoj Modi (8 months ago)
Good information
Akshay Kumar (8 months ago)
facebook sniper is the best :)
Akshay Kumar (8 months ago)
nice channel
Badri Narayan padhy (8 months ago)
How to hack fb account
kunal saini (8 months ago)
Bhai hackers data hack krke kya krte hai ...Plzzz iss prr vdo bnaooo ....
Jammy Garg (8 months ago)
Mr.Deepak Sahu (8 months ago)
Ruko ruko bhai aapko to 1947 se pahle aana tha us time aa jate to hamara desh hack nai hota
arun mahto (8 months ago)
Tez app kitna secure h
Rohit Kumar Singh (8 months ago)
#Sid Bhi KYC ke baare me Video banao
Clark James (8 months ago)
Hi SidTalk I M Clark I Need Some Help About Facebook Advertisement Plzzz Me Thankyou
Rafat zaman (8 months ago)
yeah, it is awesome :)
Mominul hassan (8 months ago)
yeah, it is awesome :)
Mominul hassan (8 months ago)
yeah, it is awesome :)

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