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How to Sell Products on Instagram with Shoppable Pictures

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Comment below if you use shoppable posts. Grab The Official Instagram Marketing Strategy Guide: http://sueb.ly/ytSG18 WANT MORE? YOU CAN FIND ME HERE: My Website: bit.ly/sbzwebsite My beginner’s Instagram course: http://bit.ly/readysetgram My first CreativeLive Course: http://bit.ly/SBZCLA Instagram: http://instagram.com/theinstagramexpe... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SuebZimmerma... Twitter: https://twitter.com/SueBZimmerman LinkedIn: https://sueb.ly/linkedin
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Text Comments (98)
justyjust (6 days ago)
Just wondering do you have any advice on selling my aviation images, can I use this same tutorial the same way?? Thanks Justin www.instagram.com/flying.high.club
Johanna-May Manks (16 days ago)
Hi, thank you, I was following along very easily and have everything set up... but when I click on the 'GEAR' there is no 'shopping' prompt to click on. Now what please? Thank you in advance from New Zealand.
Crystal Laramore (23 days ago)
How long does it take to get approved from ig? We have been waiting for 4 months!!
Zala Virendrasinh (1 month ago)
Keith Rintoul (1 month ago)
I tried this and I was denied as I was not in the US, is there anyway around this?
Sue B. Zimmerman (1 month ago)
Where do you live?
Archie Yuson (2 months ago)
ang saya saya
Rock'n Brand (2 months ago)
Yup, sorry! but I have to agree with Smartika... Have to find a different video...
Rock'n Brand (2 months ago)
+Sue B. Zimmerman The facebook windows looked different because I didn't have any new catalog created previously. But I figured that out after a while. However when you came to pink screen "Tap to go to your profile" and gear thing - I gave up. Couldn't get to neither on my phone. (In instagram.)
Sue B. Zimmerman (2 months ago)
What part of this aren't you able to follow? Would like to help clarify.
Vegan Raw View (2 months ago)
I don't see anyplace on my IG profile a shopping setting.. is this only for people with a certain number of followers?
Joaquin Luken (2 months ago)
Nice video! quick and useful...
Sher's Artwork (2 months ago)
so I have to have Facebook on my phone too?
Bright Star Massage (3 months ago)
Singh Sons Inda (3 months ago)
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74shiri nour (3 months ago)
I have my products on Amazon store, which means transaction has to be done by amazon. can i link the business Instagram account to amazon store? the purchase will be made on Amazon store not IG. is that possible?
Beads by Verchiel (3 months ago)
Hi Sue, I loved this video and am really excite about getting started with this in the very near future. Yes I have purchased on ig - it was a pop socket!
FRANKLIN DELANORE (3 months ago)
Can you make Courses shoppable on instagram post
Gerry Starnes (3 months ago)
What about online courses? They are not "physical" but are unique, single purchases.
Josephina F (3 months ago)
Hi Sue! Thanks for this video. I created a test catalog with 2 products. Is it automatically being reviewed by instagram? I don't see the "get started" or "shopping" options on my instagram 🤷🏼‍♀️ I'm confused. Thank you
Katie Hornor Blog Coach (3 months ago)
Is this only for accounts with more than 10K followers? I can't seem to connect the two IG + fb product catalog.
Sue B. Zimmerman (2 months ago)
No it's for any IG account. You don't have to have 10K to use this feature.
Great, great video! I would really like to know how to find tune an Instagram post for doing mock ups for apparel. They seem to be so flat and an interesting. Thank you Sue for all you do!
Jamequa Stephens (4 months ago)
I never got a notification for shop approval and "shop" is not showing up in my Business tab,but when I go to tag a person on a picture ,I have the option to tag a product.I see my catalog but every time I tap on it,its an error.Please help.
King Joe (4 months ago)
Hi Sue, thank you for the video. It's been 2 or more months now, that I have created a catalogue and all 26 products are showing, Instagram has also added the "SHOPPING" tab to my I.G. Biz account, BUT when I click on it, for some reason it cannot see my products and it keeps saying that I must FIRST ADD products to my FaceBook account, but I've done that months ago, that SHOPPING added tab to my I.G. however, has been granted about 3 weeks ago only. Do I still need to wait another few weeks or months or is there something wrong? I hope I've explained it thoroughly to you.
Oscar Perez (4 months ago)
Nice start until you show the phone with the instructions, I think would be best if you show the actual screen. Easy steps. thanks for sharing.
jan overheem (4 months ago)
prima filmpje
Juan Santiago (4 months ago)
sue how to sell on instagram
Can video posts be shoppable as well, or just images? Thanks.
Jason Blue (5 months ago)
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Sylvia Adams (6 months ago)
Hi Sue. Thanks for the great video. Can you make listings from an EBay store/page stoppable via instagram like WooCommerce or do you have to go through Facebook? If so how do you link your EBay listings through your Facebook page/shop?
Anshul Tharani (6 months ago)
it is possible in indian instagram account??
Yary Ramirez (6 months ago)
is this feature free?
Smartika Store (6 months ago)
I don't mean to hate, but I've seen so many video tutorials, and this has got to be one of the poorest constructed ones yet. As, what's the point of creating a tutorial video then skipping all the practical steps to take to apply your steps? What's with that Instagram stories screen with breeze through theory explanations at 3.10? Why not just show practically how you did it? People who make videos like these just make me mad. Just waste people's time.
Michael Accorsi (1 month ago)
+Sue B. Zimmerman I think I have it figured out as there's a gap for me as well. The video goes from the FB management page, creates a catalog, then a graphic of a phone. I'm interpreting that to be a) go to Instagram on your phone, b) click on the icon of the account, c) shopping, etc. Those options aren't coming up for me. I'm so bad at this stuff that I feel like I'm defusing a bomb in a movie (clip the red wire....) so I'm following and pausing as you go. So for me, I would need to know clearly if that's the Instagram app, or FB app. I'll look up elsewhere and try to help get it figured out. Thanks for your patience :)
Sue B. Zimmerman (2 months ago)
Curious what part of the step by step you aren't understanding. Getting mad isn't a solution but saying exactly what you are missing in the process is what I need to read to give you the info. you are missing.
Sue B. Zimmerman (2 months ago)
+Travel Society appreciate your comment :-)
Sue B. Zimmerman (2 months ago)
+A Ran :-) totally agree everyone has a different learning style.
Travel Society (4 months ago)
Shes very bright and you just didnt pay attention, lol
scarlett dunn (6 months ago)
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Shinella Harris (6 months ago)
You lost me on adding shop post on Instagram
Frank Daley III (7 months ago)
Awesome! Appreciate the assistance.
Kylie Francisco (7 months ago)
Hi Sue! I've been reading through comments on similar tutorials and it seems that this feature is not yet enabled for all countries. My Instagram business account is linked to my Facebook page and products are already listed there and have already been approved. But going back to my Instagram page, the 'Tag Products' feature is still no there. Any ideas what I may have been missing?
hallieshouse13 (4 months ago)
Setting up the catalogue?
Fallon Knowles (7 months ago)
Thank you for sharing this! I’ve followed everything and it’s been a few weeks now and I’m still not getting anything in IG to be shoppable?
HJ Weave Beauty (7 months ago)
Dear Sue, Thank you for your tutorial video, which is very useful for us. I would like to ask how to get the approve? I have creat catalogue ,but I don't know how to get approval in IG. Your reply,will be appreciate. Thank you so much.
Sue B. Zimmerman (2 months ago)
Instagram approves you after you've gone thru all the steps. Did you create your catalog on FB?
Saro Key (7 months ago)
So I followed everything, but I don’t get the part where ig has to approve it, nothing is showing up I’ve had a business page contacted to my ig for 6 years now but it’s been 3 days and nothing like how long do they take to approve it? I’m so confused by that step because nothing shows on my ig
JinkysCraftsTV (7 months ago)
I have the same question.
Fisher Grillo (7 months ago)
i have the same situation
rk (7 months ago)
How long time we have to wait for approval..??
Madatops (7 months ago)
Can you do this with prints like photo prints?
MAHHALCOM (7 months ago)
Hi Mrs Sue Are this feature suitable in Kuwait ?
skyler and friends (7 months ago)
skyler and friends (7 months ago)
I subscribed great information here
skyler and friends (7 months ago)
Do you know if I can convert my author page I already have on FB into a business account?
skyler and friends (7 months ago)
My children's book is in print now and I'd love to do this for my books :)
Million like
Tiffany (8 months ago)
Great video! Thanks for sharing this Sue ♥️ ♥️ Hope you can check out *PHLANX* influencer platform and collaborate with amazing brands!
Peter Ashton (8 months ago)
This is great info... thank you for sharing with us..
Susan Zimmerman (8 months ago)
You are welcome Peter :-) Come say Hi on Insta
Sabina Mirzoeva (8 months ago)
Dear Sue! Thank you very much for the information! I created the catalogue, but in my instagram I couldn't find the TAP for further steps. How can I find it?
Brandon Greer (6 months ago)
Sue - There are ton of questions on getting approved. Is getting approved something that you need to initiate or is it automatic once all requirements are met?
Brandon Greer (6 months ago)
I have the same questions as you. How do you go about initiating the approval?
Ryan Turner (6 months ago)
I'm having this problem, how do you initiate the approval? Or do they automatically review you for shoppable posts?
Susan Zimmerman (8 months ago)
You have to get approved and then you will see it.
Rukhshanda S (8 months ago)
Hi Sue, I have Digital PDF pattern store, Would it work with digital downloadable pro's?
Sue B. Zimmerman (8 months ago)
Rukhshanda S unfortunately no. It’s only for physical products.
Hope Mabry (8 months ago)
Ya lost me after the product catalog is made and going into IG? I feel like I missed something...
Hope Mabry (8 months ago)
How long will it take for IG to approve?
Hope Mabry (8 months ago)
Sue B. Zimmerman , Thank you! I'll double check everything!
Sue B. Zimmerman (8 months ago)
Hope Mabry if you IG acct is linked to your FB biz account then your catalog will be linked.
Jessica Graham (8 months ago)
Got approved for product tags a couple weeks ago, I'll get on the link sharing.💃⚡ Thanks for the info Sue, always helpful.
Travel Society (4 months ago)
Hi jessica so can your products be shopfy?
JinkysCraftsTV (7 months ago)
I have the same question. How long it took to get approved?
Fisher Grillo (7 months ago)
Hi Jessica, how long took you to get approved? Only after you got approved you could see the alert on IG? thx
Susan Zimmerman (8 months ago)
Pls connect with me on Instagram I want to see your feed :-)
Hazel Morales (8 months ago)
Great tips! Learn from the experts is a great source of knowledge. Check eMINDSCLUB is a great place to learn from other entrepreneurs.
Susan Zimmerman (8 months ago)
Thxs for stopping by Hazel.
Think Big Go Local Inc. (8 months ago)
This is great Sue! As always, thank you for making it nice and easy for us all to learn and grow our businesses! I have a few clients that will benefit from this! Any reason we couldn't do this with online courses?
Susan Zimmerman (8 months ago)
So glad you enjoyed it Bobbi. I love when what I teach helps others with their clients too.
Susan Zimmerman (8 months ago)
Unfortunately, this is only for physical products.
Sara Ottoboni (8 months ago)
Thank you, Sue. I was looking for this info for a long time. As you usual, you are the best. Keep teaching please! Thanks
Susan Zimmerman (8 months ago)
LOL so glad you now know what to do Sara.
Susan Zimmerman (8 months ago)
So glad Sara! Thanks for stopping by!
dottotech (8 months ago)
Does this work for Amazon Affiliate programs? With the Influencer program, you have your own Amazon store, so.....woud that work?
Sue B. Zimmerman (1 month ago)
+Ahmad Ali Thxs :-)
Ahmad Ali (2 months ago)
+Sue B. Zimmerman procedure is simple. First create a website and get approved. Then create fb catalog manually by inserting affiliate URLs.
Sue B. Zimmerman (2 months ago)
It has to be linked to your FB page and the catalog has to be created there....make sense?
Sue B. Zimmerman (2 months ago)
+Ahmad Ali will you pls tag me on one of your IG post so I can see it.
74shiri nour (3 months ago)
+Susan Zimmerman if the products are mine and I have the store on Amazon. can i link the business Instagram account to amazon and have a link to my amazon store? the purchase will be made on Amazon store not IG. is that possible?
Mandy Smith (8 months ago)
I have shopped before on Insta and I love that it can be so easy without leaving the app!!! I'm excited to start using it for my own biz!
Tom Short (8 months ago)
Thank you, Sue. I have been following you for a long time now. I am impressed by your honesty which is lacking on the internet. I have been scammed out of my life savings by so-called entrepreneurs calling themselves coaches but were only promoters. Thank you for all the advice and help you have offered and given me. I owe you and it worries me as I like to pay my way. Thank you for your time. Tom.
Susan Zimmerman (8 months ago)
Really appreciate this comment Tom. Let me know on Instagram if I can continue to help and support your efforts.
Susan Zimmerman (8 months ago)
You are so welcome Tom and I really appreciate this comment #mademyday

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