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Kartra Affiliate Program - High Ticket, Low Competition

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The Kartra Partners affiliate program is a great place to find new high ticket affiliate products to promote in 2018. LINK ➡️https://www.digitalnomadrockstar.com/affiliate/ They have a lot of high quality, high ticket products (higher commission) and not a lot of affiliates know about it, so there's currently not very much competition. One of the fastest ways to grow your affiliate commissions is to start promoting high ticket offers. Sometimes it can be challenging to find them, so I wanted to share this resource with you, the Kartra partner program. Many of the offers on here are over $1,000 so the commission is often over $100 or sometimes up to $500 or more. Plus, most of the products seem to be high quality.
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shane c (6 months ago)
website bookmarked...will watch
shane c (6 months ago)
The Nomad Brad been looking at CB, CJ and a few others....but settling with CB
The Nomad Brad (6 months ago)
Thanks Shane c, what's your favorite affiliate network right now?
shane c (6 months ago)
The Nomad Brad good luck
The Nomad Brad (6 months ago)
Awesome, thanks Shane! I’ve gotta do some work on that page :) but I’m excited about it
shane c (6 months ago)
can you do a video on the process once you have gotten approved for an affiliate how you go about setting it up...thx
shane c (6 months ago)
Brad Osborne the end to end process....I'm a noob so I get lost between the terminology and the process itself....perhaps start off by like this 'now I'm approved to be an affiliate marketer, this is what we do next' kinda thing
Brad Osborne (6 months ago)
Hey Shane, sure, which part do you want to know how to set up? The Affiliate Offers? Like tracking links & stuff?
Fro Life (6 months ago)
Great video you should put a link to your website
The Nomad Brad (6 months ago)
Thanks Fro Life, Just added a link to the description! Appreciate it.
Rachel S. Lee (6 months ago)
I need to sign up and make vids like this. We should collab too !
The Nomad Brad (6 months ago)
Heck yeah, let's collaborate! Thanks Rachel :)
zemoo (6 months ago)
Nice video man
The Nomad Brad (6 months ago)
Thank you zemoo!

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