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Life Is Tough || S1 EP1 || In Love With My Pet || Gacha Life GLS

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Teh gayness is here
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ッHazedAutumn (1 month ago)
1:43 you can tell i haven’t slept when i can’t even remember my OC’s names
ッHazedAutumn (1 month ago)
So, before you wonder what happened, in a nutshell, Anthony was possesed by his dad and went on a killing rampage. Then him and his sister, of which cannot go inside his ‘aura’ (that’s how she died). He spots a lone kitten (Mateo) whimpering. From using his teleporting powers so much, he collapses. His sister jumps into his ‘aura’ and dies. Anthony wakes up not knowing what happened, then decides to take the kitten home with him. Luckily, Mateo is really happy and adorable, so they get along. Anthony, as a yandere and a gay guy, already realises how cute he is. He decides he’ll keep him as a pet for now. Then when leaving, he sees his sisters’ corpse on the floor. He freaks out, and then... Someone appears... Some old ‘friend’.... EDIT: It’s only his sister who can’t go near him. 1:43, wait.... Michael? It’s Anthony i’m a dumbass

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