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Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel - Gameplay Trailer [HD]

586 ratings | 752353 views
Indulge yourself into the tales of Inotia once more! Feature highlights - 6 Classes, 90 skills - Convenient party system - Mercenaries can be recruited to your party anytime and anywhere. - One of the largest mobile RPG maps - A tragic destiny and other schemes await the shadow assassin and the Channel of light - Exclusive sub-quests ready to be unraveled - End of story means beginning of a new journey: Infinite Dungeon for hardcore players
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Text Comments (91)
For Comment Purposes (6 months ago)
Inotia 5?
Korp GS (1 year ago)
Fuck the ending
BenEZer (2 years ago)
ONE THING TO SAID TO THE DEVELOPER!! PLZ MAKE INOTIA 5 :'( really want to know about the kiyan next story
I have a promblem with my QUEST.......... CAN YOU TELL ME WHERES HANUN FOREST 1?????????
Rawky Reu (3 years ago)
i hate ending inotia 4 !! where is my lovely eara ? memory layer quest is a brain wash? battle without eara and ill forget? eara in my heart not in my brain :/
Oliver Arnold (3 years ago)
SWK (3 years ago)
Please make inotia 5.. please i love that game!!
Arnon Moonwong (4 years ago)
Brian Jay Celeste (5 years ago)
I beated the game lv 125 and I bought the assasin set with gems
Brian Jay Celeste (5 years ago)
I kinda hate that the sp don't incrase always 200 unless you have some equipment that increases it
Wesley Huang (5 years ago)
It's so freaking FUNNY. Kiyan looks like a cool guy... but in action. his sound like a KID! LOL
TumV vV (6 years ago)
along time to play level 70 not clear.
Promilddd (6 years ago)
Why i can't play in my samsung galaxy y, anyone.. Help me
paul calma (6 years ago)
wonderful game.. but makes me wonder.. why kiyan sounded like a girl when ever he attack? at first I thought it was the mercenary then I tried to run solo.. and it was kiyan.. O.o'
Detha Prastyphylia (6 years ago)
This is the best game ever!
Jannes Kellerkind (6 years ago)
Ohh this game is wonderful
Shogal28 (6 years ago)
My phones full can't play it I guess once I'm done with part 3 I clean my phone and install this one I got hooked already
BTIsaac (6 years ago)
Lol, that's an awesome impression of the complainers.
Norman San Diego (6 years ago)
Spider queen hard to kill
theshadowthie1 (6 years ago)
Easy keep using health potions and power moves simultaneously
Levina Joe (6 years ago)
Do u know how to defeat the spider??its so hard to defeat
Sikako Crimson (6 years ago)
Yo wizarrd2 to beat thr djiin land of exile 9 you will need lots of potions and resetection scrolls
Shawn I (6 years ago)
Does anyone know how to defeat Djinn (land of exile 9 boss) Its too hard :(
Dantonio Rage-ness (6 years ago)
I love dis game but I wish I cud play it on my android :-\
Hyreas sean (6 years ago)
Now I wait for inotia 5....
I want this game but its not compatible with my phone. :(
Dongwon Hwang (6 years ago)
Spider is so hard too kill it
axel mejia (6 years ago)
Noope ......
Idraki Faeez (6 years ago)
Inotia 4 and Zenonia is so damn awesome game!!! I love both!!!
Jaja Chan (6 years ago)
Awesome game :)) i love Inotia ^_^ lucio and ameli 3
Aaron Escobedo (6 years ago)
i think lucio was in there when kiyan passes out nd yhu do a mind mission to find something important in the elven place and yhu wake up by this guy named veteran. he looks like lucio
Aaron Escobedo (6 years ago)
hey man yhu need to have alot of potions and i personality i always keep a priest with me and assassin class kills quick im going to try other class to see how they work so yea reply if need any other advice
Julio Domingo (6 years ago)
Galaxy s compatability plssssss!!!!!
yelena iyevlyev (6 years ago)
Irfan Danial (6 years ago)
Can't wait for Inotia 5 !
Gabriel Hayes (6 years ago)
I was hoping Lucio would be in this one. :/
killer kog (6 years ago)
is 105 the highest level you can reach
The50mateo (6 years ago)
Nick Gavra (6 years ago)
Make it compatible with galaxy mini pleaseee
DarkFlameZealot (6 years ago)
Game is way too easy with assassin. Only problem is the healing
Xmo (6 years ago)
tip for you guys.. play assassin, hes hitting 5000+ at lvl 30, oneshot kills
김종 연 (6 years ago)
김종 연 (6 years ago)
Andrew Newmark (6 years ago)
What I would like to know is y there is no inotia 1 or 2
Nick Gavra (6 years ago)
Make it compatible with galaxy mini
Beju (6 years ago)
Omg lvl 105 :3
gyuri kim (6 years ago)
독도는 한국땅입니다 ㅇㅋ?
Ahmad Edrees (6 years ago)
the one thing i didn't like about this game was that there was no music playing throughout the game other than that it was a pretty good game
PretZalz :P (6 years ago)
umm howed u get to lvl 105 soo quick
정민철 (6 years ago)
Hey us Japan still Korean's dokdo you may kill Japanese
Jose Munoz (6 years ago)
please for the lg optimus me
cho leng (6 years ago)
How can get to deserted house?
TopSpeed Pk (6 years ago)
원두현 (6 years ago)
나는 한국인이다[email protected]!
TheTetsuo5885 (6 years ago)
Nice game
babyz10001 (6 years ago)
나는 김치인이다
김대훈 (6 years ago)
Nicolas Hunger (6 years ago)
rb alcantara (6 years ago)
very compatible to xperia sola wat is best stats for priest on this game ?
Nika Kanibal (6 years ago)
samsun galaxy 2 cant play -.-
hbhbenny (6 years ago)
Force closes on galaxy s
donut_mo (6 years ago)
Which class is the best???
renya110615 (6 years ago)
momo011088 (6 years ago)
Please make a female protagonist!
Deybis (6 years ago)
Is this really worth the memory pls reply
PkedSome (6 years ago)
please make this compatible with HTC desire s
MYi Tsai (6 years ago)
我破完了 我玩黑魔導 拿召喚獸檔 後方強力範圍輸出
MClunesfan123 (6 years ago)
Playing this on android - stuck at purity stone. My character can't 'speak' to the stone. Is this a glitch or am I missing something? I've read that others have the same issue but no answers offered yet.
許嘉峻 (6 years ago)
林欣怡 (6 years ago)
Yejin Cho (6 years ago)
What is the best class?
Benji Boomin (6 years ago)
Is this mmo
A Valeria Naruko Nava (6 years ago)
se ve bueno pero mi cel no es compatible
Jefferson Hong (6 years ago)
華炎-Kenpachi (6 years ago)
Finally its for Android... my life is COMPLETE
vilan33 (6 years ago)
TheAnimeStreamer (6 years ago)
@stawberrytlellefan Assassin for sure. It's got the most independent strength, no one can use a healer good, warlocks can only use one weapon, well everyone is flawed but assassin has the strongest skills and the most useful
Giang Luu. (6 years ago)
Inotia 4 1.0.4 cracked + hack: store[.]heaveniphone[.]com/2012/04/inotia-4-plus-assassin-of-berkel-iphone[.]html
fadilsyaugie (6 years ago)
Please release this on Google Play Store
gracilene sarmento (6 years ago)
arch mage is the best i gain a mercenary
Stalker Prime (6 years ago)
in inotia 3 archer is the worst class T_T
dandanmania (6 years ago)
My ipod has 4.2.1. Man why does this HAVE to be 4.3?
mics jang (6 years ago)
What's the best class?
MrChupsChupa (6 years ago)
When does the german update comes? :(
Ambiance (6 years ago)
if you only care abaut good graphics dont buy a iphone but buy a gaming computer
shift (6 years ago)
Definitely looks nice, although the game doesn't seem to be too balanced, e.g. getting killed in 2 seconds at 2:14 in the video at Lvl 105 by a 3 Lvl 70's enemies. However, it does crash on the menu screen on 2nd-gen devices, so I'll have to either wait or not play ever...
GeneralEagleT (6 years ago)
Well, they made the graphics this way so that people who own a lower iOS version of an iPhone or iPod touch can play the game.
youngpirus (6 years ago)
so true grphics arent good
Leer Schon (6 years ago)
ture! that's exactly wut i wanna complain on com2us
UniQPr0ductionz (6 years ago)
looks nice im gonna buy it now and take a look
Hugh Le (6 years ago)
I'm not impressed with the blurry graphics at all. Come on Com2us! Give us some retina display graphics! This is the 4th Inotia and graphics look dirtier than the second one! Haven't u learnt anything about all the complaints when 3 first came out?! Look at how sharp Zenonia 4 graphics are!

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