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2008 Barbie Candy Glam Style Station Styling Head Commercial HQ High Quaility

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This is the commercial for the Barbie Candy Glam Style Station Styling Head. You can create beautiful hair styles and mix their very own yummy candy flavored lip gloss with the Candy Glam Style Station. You can make lip gloss using the easy-to-use lip gloss mixer, four different flavored and scented lip glosses (strawberry, blueberry, grape, vanilla) and loose glitter. Girls can then choose their favorite colors to blend and add sparkle from the glitter wand. By simply attaching any of the three sweet treat containers to the mixer, girls spin to create their very own creations. The containers can be used to store the lip gloss or serve as storage for jewelry or accessories. Girls can also style the beautiful candy-scented styling head using the hard candy hairclip and the pretty hairbrush included.
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LibertyMaeRobinson (9 years ago)
i luv the barbies at the end of the vid i just luv there clothes if i ever got one i would just keep the clothes for like a pullip or something
sugepoola (10 years ago)
the girl who said "try my grape" is Tiera Skovbye, i know her!!!
gossippgirl08 (10 years ago)
Ahmed Mahfouz (10 years ago)
i like it so much
Ella James (10 years ago)
Mmmm sounds yummy to me!
Lovey Dovey (10 years ago)
miamiiiii i want to eat it XD

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