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For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] TechZone ► https://goo.gl/Gj3wZs You probably think you know absolutely everything about the most common animals on our planet. Well, what special things could we tell you about rabbits, right? They are prolific, run on four legs, have long ears and ... Do you think that's it? Believe it or not, rabbits can do this, too: No, we don't pretend that the rabbit can really talk. But he's still very talented... We don't seem to know enough about our little neighbors... To correct this unfortunate misunderstanding, watch our video to the end. Today we're going to show you the most talented animals on our planet.
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ROHAN THAKUR (2 days ago)
Mohamed Almarzooqi (11 days ago)
When i was a kid i used to have a goat me and my brother taught her how to dance valse with us, once she was seeing me she was immediately coming to me and standing up on her legs and putting her hands on my shoulders and moving right and left, i swear. Since i was a small kid and the goat was pushing her hands strongly on my shoulders i got bruises on my shoulders and that made me sick because i used to have a week immune system as a kid so my parents sold that goat, i remember i cried a lot, remember that goat till now and am 33, back then i was 7
Mohamed Almarzooqi (11 days ago)
Woow awesome
The King (13 days ago)
Hello, can you please tell from where you got the background music i want it so bad😭
poopidi goop (13 days ago)
I just came for the thumbnail
Sushma Devkota (14 days ago)
That raccoon is so cute
Cookiedoh (14 days ago)
I believe Fred was Heading the ball not kicking. Lol. Me and my Lad love ya vids dude. Keep em coming
My self esteem lowered while watching this video.
LIME CZ (15 days ago)
What Is the name od that song??
Maria Rizvi (15 days ago)
is it just me or do u get jealous when animals do thing better than u
Jannice G (16 days ago)
Walter argues with his human the same way my 10 month old Green Cheek Conure Jazz argues with me, lol. When he's being bad I tell him he's a naughty butt, but he argues that no, Jazz is a good boy and needs a yummy (treat). Rock on Walter!
A D (16 days ago)
2:30 more like a majorette!
А р ш а н (16 days ago)
Rabbit sounds like Eminem
Roy Tong (16 days ago)
When I thought the first one was cute the second one was AMAZING
Kendra Wilmer (16 days ago)
So can Walter
Kendra Wilmer (16 days ago)
Wow Groucho can sing better than me
TKD CHAD (16 days ago)
2:10 When I zip my bird
Anton Paulson (16 days ago)
Lol, they worked so hard to hit beyond that 10 minute mark
Richard And_Riky_Li (16 days ago)
8:52 he sound like a kid raging xD
Kaleb Lovejoy (16 days ago)
It is not bolted Sue it’s the loophole dummy
Ghostly Gamer (17 days ago)
6:30 how did i not know about this i live in NZ
TJ Anderson (17 days ago)
Dog mushing could be considered a sport for dogs.
Ashley Nicole (17 days ago)
Ziggy is a good boy 💜💜💜 Walter need a to chill 😩😒
Ankit Singh (17 days ago)
Now animals will take over the world?? 😂🤔
Bananny Rabbit (17 days ago)
Raccoon biking should be a real sport
Poh Chee Wei (17 days ago)
Good video
Kitt (17 days ago)
The pig does better art than most people.
Kitt (17 days ago)
I loved the African grey Einstein, that bird was so talented!
Lynsey Huck (17 days ago)
The pig 🐖 was my favorite and the dog 🐕 that can skateboard
u u (17 days ago)
That bear tho 😂
Wow !
Mad Dude (17 days ago)
f u c k i n g anoying dog have 500k folowers wtf this shit.
Birendra Kumar (17 days ago)
I like these animals
Ash .R (17 days ago)
Is your accent british or american ?
Helicard (17 days ago)
Now we know why the chicken crossed the road. To see the Iron Butterfly concert. In a gadda da vida chicken
sid_ mon (17 days ago)
Bruce lee pet bear ...bearlee
Helicard (17 days ago)
The African soccer team is huge this year
ENZO PROBE (17 days ago)
Tom & Jerry
46M views (17 days ago)
football for elephants ("hatti polo" in local language) is one of the sports of Nepal
Takudzwa Madhovi (17 days ago)
Watch Pigcasso take over the animal sanctuary. All he needs are some loyal sheep and a determined house
Christopher Brunty (17 days ago)
My cat n dog both knock on the door its not a hard thing to teach
No one should be afraid of any dog breed
Raji Reddy (17 days ago)
too much Talking
LiFT (17 days ago)
easter ancheta (17 days ago)
Ziggy looks like my dog but has brown spots
Shawn Sears (17 days ago)
*Training a bird to sing "Alouette" is sick.*
RHEANNA BANKS (17 days ago)
I have a pit bull so I’m not afraid of them
Enzo Mercure (17 days ago)
The guy who looked at the chickens his name is Andy Samberg
Mr. Pablosek (17 days ago)
Animals can't be talented. They can only be trained.
Otaku Sophia (17 days ago)
I was kind of expecting an elephant that i saw on Facebook, i forgot his name but he can paint and can write his name. Anyways, i love this video
leiser mörder (17 days ago)
Football is better than football
TJ Anderson (17 days ago)
It’s Feetball!!!
removed Khan (17 days ago)
2019 squad
Amr Olwan (13 days ago)
Its a 2019 video indeed. Wait till you post on 2020 xD
KyoKyoGamingYT Roblox (17 days ago)
The Grimps (17 days ago)
6:23 That’s called a header mate.
DaDataDude (17 days ago)
why does my ham sandwich taste like paint?
FRANTIC ™ (17 days ago)
Peter rabbit.
Benjamin McMullan (17 days ago)
Sharlene Osmund found it funny.
Koko Yukio (17 days ago)
Rabbits are good at multiplication
areamusicale (17 days ago)
Put some food inside a fake microphone and you'll get pretty much any animal sticking its mouth inside. Everything on TV is just so predictable.
hypebeast454 op (17 days ago)
6:52 the probably hide food under the keys lol😂
hypebeast454 op (17 days ago)
5:57 the pig is going to be sold for 1 million dollars and the be eaten
xoxoNatayah (17 days ago)
My cat does that foot thing on my window in the middle of the night and I have a heart attack everytime. (She's an outdoor kitty)
hypebeast454 op (17 days ago)
3:38 the cat has autism or his mom dropped them lol😂
Giant Blitz (17 days ago)
Fantasia Knox (17 days ago)
These are some talented animals like wow
Epic Pizza Pets (13 days ago)
That is not football that is soccer Edit: Ik in Europe it’s called football but I think he needs to mention soccer to
Epic Pizza Pets (13 days ago)
poopidi goop u look like good snake food!
Epic Pizza Pets (13 days ago)
Hamish Watts ik
Epic Pizza Pets (13 days ago)
Ezee Posse TV ik
poopidi goop (13 days ago)
TJ Anderson feet ball sounds adorable! :d
poopidi goop (13 days ago)
Epic Pizza Pets in some places it’s called foot ball Did your parents taught you that?
vivian valdez (17 days ago)
Omg they are so talented
Sebastian Sandell (17 days ago)
I have traind my cat to do a hi five
mr. blaste (17 days ago)
They r putting laser that's why the chicken is hitting it
Usama Rao (17 days ago)
The Dog at 9:11 was actually crying... If anyone think that's singing can be labeled as IDIOT hit like if agree
Usama Rao (13 days ago)
I don't think I already am
poopidi goop (13 days ago)
Usama Rao think your so smart? Fucktard
Faylum1 (17 days ago)
The pig would make a better sandwich than it would art
Lee James (17 days ago)
Great, keep your football tho!
djcreeps 9000 (17 days ago)
*steps on ball* 2:05
Denny Tomy (17 days ago)
I wish I had the perfect but not perfect pets
Takashi Feather (17 days ago)
I believe it's called soccer⚽️ in English not football🏈
TJ Anderson (17 days ago)
jondaniels (17 days ago)
You should have shown Count Danukla's pug. He's woke on the JQ
Jagged Games (18 days ago)
The parrot sounds like a broken record
Ruth Spa (18 days ago)
Sorry but the notes were lighted in red before the chicken hit them, watch closely. Great animals!!!!
Michele Mccann (18 days ago)
My sisters name is Raven
Jason Irelan (18 days ago)
Like a bear needs to use a stick to fight.
Lone Servivor (18 days ago)
Mind blowing
Jason Irelan (18 days ago)
Can snakes show talent? Take care and God loves you.
Amr Olwan (18 days ago)
99% of YouTube.com users wont care about reading this comment. . . . . . . . . But Hey, you are the 1% who will, congratulations.
poopidi goop (13 days ago)
Amr Olwan yes i am :)
Jennifer Orelana (18 days ago)
The last one was so cute
KrilleYT (18 days ago)
The 1zt one is fake
Mama&BabyMajor HTD (18 days ago)
Anderson Lin (18 days ago)
The piano lights up so the chickens can know what to play...
CC Gaming (18 days ago)
odin willis (18 days ago)
4:59 i don't care what anybody say that parrot is spooky as fucking hell
ravi teja (18 days ago)
Oh come on dude.....that chicken is only click on the keys with were lit...that's a animal instinct. 😑 but still it's cute tho
Justleage (18 days ago)
Im Not the First
Raff6 tolfo
ヅxToyZ (18 days ago)
I only came because of the bunny in the thumbnail
FGC_ Dom (18 days ago)
Why did you leave me. - Dog starts singing
Cupcake Pupcake :3 (18 days ago)
Sh0 sh (18 days ago)
The chicken was pressing the lit up keys.. I wonder if that has anything to do with it pressing the correct keys..?
Triton (18 days ago)
Tahmid Adib (18 days ago)
107th view !
Ariana Gang (18 days ago)
Hey plz ansewer
5k no vid? (18 days ago)
Hello!!! I love your channel and this video is really cool

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