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Swing Shot - Official Trailer [HD]

1371 ratings | 1908523 views
Still 'Angry'? Take your best shot and taste the sweet victory in the funniest, cutest 1 vs 1 slingshot battle! When the mysterious, crazy witch made a grand appearance in the woods, those who sniffed the funky smell of the witch's smoke started turning evil and began to attack the others! Who will be the ultimate survivor of the biggest battle of the Summer? Enter the world of Swing Shot ! Enjoy 3 fun Quick Match 1vs1 modes (Classic, Sniper, Crazy) and play various challenging World Stages in Single Mode (can play offline). It's so addictive you wouldn't believe it's FREE! ★ Coming soon to App Store in June 14th, and Google Play in June 21st
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Text Comments (89)
Stamp wolf The wolf (22 days ago)
Please bring the game back
Stamp wolf The wolf (2 months ago)
What happened to swing shot it's the best game ever please bring it back
Officially Trailered (4 months ago)
Bam boo (6 months ago)
Why they shutdown this awesome games?
Younis al-hosni (9 months ago)
bring this game back
Ridhwan Ahmed (10 months ago)
Plz bring the game back,i have been searching for it after i stopped playing only to find its been removed
DREAM (10 months ago)
What happen to the online omggg
Vishal Rathi (10 months ago)
Please bring back
Vishal Rathi (10 months ago)
Why you have removed such a good game?
Th3 Cake Virus (10 months ago)
Please bring it back to android
Manisha (1 year ago)
bring the game back please
0lga jares (1 year ago)
please bring this game back for god sak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thot patrol (1 year ago)
0lga jares ik dude I tried messing around with the files, and nothing pops out no download
0lga jares (1 year ago)
Jr (2 years ago)
bring the damm game back I paid money
Tung Ho (2 years ago)
Please back the game
Ayob Sea (2 years ago)
Ooooh Please back the game, everyone want play agein
Dreko 661 (2 years ago)
en un buen juego
Carmen León (2 years ago)
bring the game back
Duc Manh Vu (2 years ago)
Bring it back pls :(( Why was it even removed
Natapon Tsai (5 years ago)
O uh h F's thug shah
Clarence Chen (5 years ago)
How can i play against my own friends and rivals
TurtlePotato OU (5 years ago)
I have that game
TurtlePotato OU (5 years ago)
I have that game
gilbert lomas (5 years ago)
gilbert lomas (5 years ago)
shrum (5 years ago)
I want some hack/cheat for this !
Ashton Thompson (5 years ago)
@celso vargas thats me.
TheLastMohican (6 years ago)
if you listen to the environment music in the beginning in the background (like the tweeting and stuff) it sounds just like Angry Birds I'm pretty sure its the same thing though.
m.hazimnahar ig (6 years ago)
Seronok tengok video nie..hahaa download game cepat2..haha =="
AJ Nintengamer (6 years ago)
Chai'naMarie03 (6 years ago)
This is too wild and crazy .. Don't like...also take up too much room...just not for me!
El_RusS c r (6 years ago)
es muy entretenido , pero me consume mucha bateria de mi cel!
Celso Vargas (6 years ago)
mrchango147 (6 years ago)
i have a sidekick 4g and out of 300 times of trying to play the game, ive played about 10 times. After the loading bar fills up, it always crashes. Is there a new update coming soon??
IZA ROSA (6 years ago)
yes, my baby!
Emile Glb (6 years ago)
Good game...
Cesar Verona Bautista (6 years ago)
Nikoleta Sxolikou (6 years ago)
iperoxo re paidia =]
Nikoleta Sxolikou (6 years ago)
pw pw to latreuw autoo
mmmmeme (6 years ago)
Maltrato Animal o_O :-(
Michel Ocampo (6 years ago)
chrisgoes bleh (6 years ago)
follow me on twiterrrr: chrisgoesbleh
Kasi Viswanathan (6 years ago)
Kasi Viswanathan (6 years ago)
Wild Car (6 years ago)
CookieMonster (6 years ago)
Привет, меня зовут Антон. Куплю пса либо кота весом от 4 кг для секса
이정원 (6 years ago)
it fun very good i from korea ha ha ha im in the sixth grade
The White Skunk (6 years ago)
Loove com2us!
reservoir247 (6 years ago)
It's fun,but it's freemium -.-
Shemar (6 years ago)
The playstore also got me here
Antonio Mëdina (6 years ago)
The PlayStore got me here 3
Tech DC (6 years ago)
i got here from minecraft
I got here from Faze Ziimer.
wasia29 (6 years ago)
I got here from Dead Space 2 o.O
Aidain Young (6 years ago)
chilled... why have u forsaken me with this commercial?
Miadant (6 years ago)
not THAT strange...
crazyshala (6 years ago)
Chris Smoove brought me here
Melon Man (6 years ago)
I got here from SGBlikestoplay... It's fucking every where....
Melon Man (6 years ago)
You get here from alot of places...
0332288 (6 years ago)
i got here from uberhaxornova o_O
Darkwolf062177 (6 years ago)
I got here from bluexephos
IllegalCookie (6 years ago)
What did I just see? LAWL
Koi (6 years ago)
Me too! XD
Connor Farmer (6 years ago)
I got here from Chimney :/
Cucamonga Bolanhos (6 years ago)
How did I get here from porn?
Koi (6 years ago)
I got here from Minecraft :P
DSession (6 years ago)
lol its pretty usefull for boring times xD
spajdermenkovic (6 years ago)
How did I get here from purple rodri?
FCM47 (6 years ago)
Why is this video related to EVERYTHING!
Xraee (6 years ago)
i got here from SSoHPKC
Filip Ivanovic (6 years ago)
I got here from Metro Last Night!!!
Lee King (6 years ago)
did anyone else think this had something to do with Ratchet & Clank when you clicked on it?
wanderson vasconcelos (6 years ago)
o gui e iso
unsystematic stool (6 years ago)
i got here from youtube
Zeppelin In A Nutshell (6 years ago)
i got here from Matroix
Hedgie (6 years ago)
how did i get here from pewdiepie?
Cyberion (6 years ago)
wtf did i just watched?
Davis Sharpcap (6 years ago)
play roblox? Look At Fusion Fall Giveaway in My Video's
ohhMute (6 years ago)
FaZeiNsANiTY (6 years ago)
?can you please FUCK OFF? Seriously, just do it. If you're going to ASK people to go see your videos, then you don't deserve any likes/views.
Siddharth Shetty (6 years ago)
Nice game...
Siddharth Shetty (6 years ago)
Ninjakiller Gaming (6 years ago)
? can anyone please check out my channel and just see my first video ?
Heroic Waffle (6 years ago)
LUKAAS ONEERHD (6 years ago)
watch?v=4Onkyj2scdk&feature=plcp interessant ja ;)
BaRoD | TaLaL (6 years ago)
Huu Huynh (6 years ago)
Lol, so cute :)
邱鈺荃 (6 years ago)

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