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Albus Dumbledore & Gellert Grindelwald Origin/Relationship Explained

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/MovieFlameProd Personal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/morgan_ross18/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MovieFlame/ WATCH IN HD! THANKS FOR WATCHING! Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfU_sC7m2cA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaxkSlvwzpo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeVyvwThCd8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1S4jNR6afA You guys asked for more HP so here you go! A lot of you asked for Dumbledore origins and Grindelwald origins so I decided to do both and focus on one of my favorite parts of the series which is their relationship Subscribe for more content: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOajpsI8t3Eg-u-s2j_c-cQ?view_as=public
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Theodora (10 months ago)
Some people think Rowling just made up Dumbledore as gay recently, which made me laugh. It's been over 10 years since she reveled his sexuality publicly. Also you can feel he might be gay in the books if you are matured enough, it is obvious. I remember I figured it out even on 4th book.
Papajimboh (4 days ago)
It doesn't matter period. His sexuality was never explored and it wasn't important to the plot line at any point ever. I believe that's the point that annoyed people when she announced it. It wasn't ever in question because it didn't matter, and making an "official statement" felt more like pandering than an actual revelation. It was as necessary as declaring Sirius was pro life or that Snape was Muslim.
Breaking Brad (4 days ago)
+OT-C gay is not normal... that's why it's called queer. Something that is queer is odd or not normal.. like "its queer that it's snowing in florida"
Yi Chieh Lin (5 days ago)
Ellabellaran123 Bowie (7 days ago)
Theodora I know right dumbledore is dumbledore he is who he is
Dark Shaman (9 days ago)
Movie Fans haha
Sina Rouhi (4 hours ago)
Why don't they make movies based on Harry Potter books?! There are too many characters and stories behind them which you could easily turn to a perfect movie!
Sina Rouhi (4 hours ago)
Much better than 1000 of these super hero movies which basically are the same!
Robert Copley (4 hours ago)
Rip Dumbledore
Counselor (4 hours ago)
It literally made me cry :(
Robert Copley (4 hours ago)
Rosemary ma (4 hours ago)
To be honest, this is my favourite cp and love story in HP.
Psychsoulogy (5 hours ago)
Dumbledore's charater is JK Rowling's appreciation for Gays! Simple!
Kwaku Boateng (10 hours ago)
How can I double like
Amifamousnow (10 hours ago)
Ur saying grindlewald is not strong enough to fight Voldemort
Love With Thando (17 hours ago)
Very well explained, now I understand. Thank you 🙏🏽
SCAVULLO (19 hours ago)
Can anyone tell me where does he get all the information for these videos?
Viktor (8 hours ago)
From the Harry Potter books and a small part from Pottermore and the official Harry Potter wikia as well.
jodie abrams (22 hours ago)
Arianna killed those 3 muggle boys(as she couldn't control her powers), not her father. He just took the blame for her.
May Choy (1 day ago)
Dumbledore beat Grindelwald without the elder wand, that proves he is the best wizard in the world.
Divya Sharma (1 day ago)
It's beyond good!! Thank you so much for this..
Daevin Dilbeck (1 day ago)
Everyone thought JK made DD gay out of nowhere; everyone thought she was trying to appeal the Harry Potter Series to a certain audience and that made everyone mad. Those "movie watchers and not book readers" have such a tiny mind and can't comprehend the reality of a powerful character being gay, and got mad at JK for it.
Viktor (1 day ago)
He really wasn't gay out of nowhere. She released that info shortly after publising the final book in July 2007. I remember being 12 and discussing the book with my friends, all of whom speculated Dumbledore and Grindelwald were more than friends. There are definitely more than subtle hints and reading it now at 23 seems very clear.
Matthew Terry (1 day ago)
Ashley Gatlin (1 day ago)
albus seams mean at 6:15
claudia peve (1 day ago)
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Aryan panchal (2 days ago)
Dumnledore is gay?!! My whole life is a lie
Viktor (1 day ago)
It's been common knowledge since 2007.
Christina Cole (2 days ago)
...hahhahaha..so its some gay thing now...you read the book...not against gay etc...please that is bs..
Manish Vadlamani (2 days ago)
Hold on.. U mean Voldemort is more powerful than Gellert Grindelwald.?
ーArgue (2 days ago)
Oh! Fantastic Beast is connected to Harry Poter?
ーArgue (13 hours ago)
Bruh I never follow the timeline of HP
gamelvr1 (23 hours ago)
Seriously, how did you not catch that?
Blake Angiano (2 days ago)
Ruined a great chatacter with a mental illness. Rip
Josephine kiaga (3 days ago)
Bruh...you’re trying to tell me J.K Rowling wrote all those letters by herself for context
Salonn Ghimire (4 days ago)
i ship them hard! I dont know but i am crying!!! God, i am so excited to watch the movie! I already both my marathon tickets!!
Augus Quirn (4 days ago)
Is he reading goblet of fire?
Really Rawan (4 days ago)
Everyone’s here commenting about albus and his relationship but I’m here about Albus’ family and sister😱😭
Sarthak raghav (4 days ago)
I think Grindelwald did possess the cloak and the stone at some point in his life. That opens so many doors, Grindelwald being connected to the Gaunt Ring and to Henry Potter (Harry's ancestor)
gamelvr1 (23 hours ago)
Grindelwald never possessed either.
Breeanna Jean (4 days ago)
The ending made me really sad and I don’t know why.
F_X (6 days ago)
Connor Riccilli (6 days ago)
Why does it matter if Dumbledore is gay? Whether you like that there's a gay character or dislike it, it doesnt matter. It doesnt matter if they're straight or not. It ONLY matters if they are a good character. Idc if they're straight or not but their sexuality shouldnt be their defining characteristic, which is likely why JKR kept it on the down low. She didnt want people not supporting the book because Dumbledore was gay, and she didnt want people who support LGBT people to identify him as "the gay character." She probably wanted him to be seen as the incredibly powerful and wise wizard that he was that JUST SO HAPPENED TO BE GAY. Didnt go on and on in grand detail over it, just an additional character trait. Which is HOW IT SHOULD BE. It shouldnt be a big deal whether you support or oppose it. Because the overall character, what they do, how they act/react, and who they are as an individual are what's important. The pro LGBT people need to realise that everything they support doesnt have to be thrust out into the open on every billboard for people to get annoyed with, and the ones against it need to accept that it's going to be in society and culture even if you dont support it. I'm not arguing either way bc I'm not gonna start a shit storm, but imo JKR handled his sexuality incredibly well and for that I applaud her.
All this gay shit pushed down the peoples throats we get it already you like to take it up the ass shut the the fuck up god damn it
Muggy (6 days ago)
yo miss me with this gay bullshit
gamelvr1 (23 hours ago)
What's your problem?
Chuck Roll (7 days ago)
I guess the only question left to ask is: Did they do the deed?
Shane The Rock King (7 days ago)
Screw you JK Rowling idc what you say Dumbledore is not gay
Shane The Rock King (14 hours ago)
+gamelvr1 i dont give a rats ass what she is....the nigga aint gay..so piss off
gamelvr1 (23 hours ago)
She's the creator of the series you moron. If she says a character in it is gay, THAT CHARACTER IS GAY.
Shirley Chen (1 day ago)
Why does it matter if he is gay or not?? That doesnt change anything, he is still the best professor dumbledore
Shane The Rock King (5 days ago)
Viktor (5 days ago)
He IS gay. Him being gay makes perfect sense in the context of the story and besides, there are plenty of hints in the books, especially Deathly Hallows. And if Rowling says that she sees him as gay then he is gay, regardless of your personal opinion.
Anika Likes Tacos (7 days ago)
Me and Arianna have the same name ive always known that tho
Nicole Gómez (7 days ago)
What book is he quoting from? Bc I need to read it pronto
Kajal Raghuvanshi (7 days ago)
You have explained beautifully. The scenes and editing was just perfect
Monkey Life (7 days ago)
How do you find out all this information
johninsalisbury2010 (8 days ago)
Who is dumbledor as a young man in your video? Is it an actor in movies? Or just a picture?
Hana xx (7 days ago)
That's Toby regbo he in fantastic beasts 2
Qane (8 days ago)
Vishnu Karthik (8 days ago)
I thought Grindelwald did tell Voldemort about the elder wand.
gamelvr1 (6 days ago)
Not canon. That was only in the movies. In the books, he didn't tell Voldemort. Voldemort was able to figure it out with legimiency though.
spirit Rx7 (8 days ago)
Gay nigga hours
Christian Leon (8 days ago)
Gay romances are always so passionate and tragic
Malcolm Ferguson (8 days ago)
I think there was also a 3rd factor in Dumbledore going along with Grindelwald's plans - By dominating the muggles, he probably thought they would be able to stop muggles from hurting more people like his sister.
J Litzenberger (8 days ago)
I can’t see Dumbledore as gay, but that’s not because I’m homophobic or anything. I can’t see him with anyone, guy or girl. I just never think of old people’s sex life lol
Angel Kawaii fat cat (8 days ago)
Maby if u can can u please explain this , why did he who must not been named go after lilli and james potter soooooooooooooo yep thx
gamelvr1 (6 days ago)
Seriously did you not read the books or watch the movies
Uldis Poriķis (8 days ago)
I am missing references from all these videos, which You made about Harry Potter story. Can we have that?
Stephen (8 days ago)
For those of you needing hints that Dumbledore was gay, speaking as a gay man myself, here are some signs: He dressed "flamboyantly" and very "colourful" (purples, pinks etc) when he was younger "drawing many curious glances" He had a great love for knitting Rita Skeeter describes his relationship with Grindalwald as "very dirty business" Dumbledore said he knew in his heart what Grindalwald was but he "closed his eyes" (blinded by love) He never had children or is mentioned in the context of a female love interest I understand people are triggered that it's not explicitly stated in the books, but you need to keep in mind that our point of view character is Harry and the books are based in the 90s. Contextually it doesn't really seem necessary for the headmaster of the school to disclose his sexuality to the students and especially Harry (who constantly had a psychopathic serial killer after him). Also you need to take into consideration, perhaps Dumbledore didn't want anyone to know this side of him (as is true for many gay men). Nowadays Rowling is an example of someone who is 'damned if she does and damned if she doesn't".
Select Obvi (9 days ago)
In the movies didn't Grindelwald tell Voldemort that the elder wand was with Dumbledore?
Viktor (9 days ago)
Yes but the movies aren't canon. The books are.
creativelobster (9 days ago)
Your videos are awesome, but your pronunciations are extremely cringe inducing.
It doesnt matter if you guys think hes gay or not gay. JK wrote the books and created the characters. If she said hes gay than hes fucking gay. Lmao.
Ghost Dragon (10 days ago)
Its a shame they skipped most of Dumbledore's backstory from the Deathly Hallows movie and unlike the books Harry didnt try to explain to Aberforth what happened to Albus in the end.
Dombledoor was ghey?
strange tamer (10 days ago)
Holy shit, I never read the books only saw the movies and I loved them (most of them), this presentation was better than any of the movies. I had no idea the lore ran so deep, I thought it was just a kids book. 👍
Marco Gedeone (10 days ago)
Fanculo ma dovete mettere sempre i gay o froci dappertutto?? cazzo ora anche SILENTE? tra un po verra fuori che il piu grande trombatore della storia ...era frocio acnhe lui BASTA AVETE ROTTO I COGLIONI!!! E' SOLO UNA PERVERSA MODA E BASTA !!!! PUNTO
mesho0o707 (10 days ago)
Oh so the curse that Snape used to kill Dumbledore is “afaggotadabra”
Ian Busche (10 days ago)
If dumbeldore is gay that ruins all of the books and movies I refuse to believe it you can’t be friends with a guy without being gay
Ian Busche (6 days ago)
gamelvr1 A author who wrote a MADE UP FICTIONAL book words is facts yea no and maybe hate is a strong word disagree maybe better but neverless I still disagree with it is legal and can’t stop someone from being doesn’t mean I have to like it or support it
gamelvr1 (6 days ago)
The author determines the facts of the series. Dumbledore being gay is a cold hard fact. Also, if you had any sense or morals, you would realize that bigotry is never justified.
Ian Busche (8 days ago)
Viktor it’s a fictional book it’s not facts I’m just ignoring somebody opinion on something because she never states it in the book so I will continue to look at it the way it was before
Viktor (8 days ago)
+Ian Busche Lol nobody is trying to take your freedom of speech away. If Rowling says Dumbledore is gay, then he is gay. There is nothing you or me can do about it. Saying he isn't gay "in your eyes" is simply ignoring canon.
Ian Busche (8 days ago)
Viktor First off religion is not irrelevant, the US was formed when immigrants came because of religious injustice. Freedom of religion is a law just as gay people being able to marry, yet there are still people who don’t believe in religion, or people who disagree with being gay both can’t be stopped I have the freedom of speech and you can’t take that away and I’m only stating that in my eyes dumbeldore is not gay and will never be.
Xi.Corrupted (10 days ago)
Who topped and who bottomed tho?
Ely Suratin (11 days ago)
I really appreciate your narration... Your voice and story telling style is just 2 thumbs up
Damian Lombardo (11 days ago)
I wonder what those boys did to Ariana Because in my oponion for Dumbledore's dad to actually kill the three. Well there is only one thing in my mind I think they might have done to her for him to kill them
Reggie Shelton (11 days ago)
This is a story
TeenageGaming CZ (12 days ago)
What? He didn't refuse to tell Voldemort where the wand is. There is a scene where he tells voldemort where to look and he didn't look ashamed at all.
TeenageGaming CZ (12 days ago)
+Viktor yeah I found out that u were right sorry
Viktor (12 days ago)
Nope. That's only in the movie and the movies aren't canon. In the books he shows remorse and refuses to tell Voldemort anything out of respect for Dumbledore.
Zacharry Lubang (12 days ago)
So fantastic beasts is the prequel of harry potter
gamelvr1 (6 days ago)
Of course.
Mads Neergaard (12 days ago)
Did she get raped?
QUIQUIN (12 days ago)
Great content! Your channel has rekindled my love of Harry Potter.
croplaya (12 days ago)
Yea he loved grindewald but it was never his lover was it? Grindewald wasn't gay was he?
Book Worm (12 days ago)
The back stories on hp characters are so amazing. They each could be a movie
sanjana agarwal (13 days ago)
Love the videos. Thanks a lot!!
Nigger Guy (13 days ago)
This is gay
Izatora Kamisho (13 days ago)
People who have problem of Dumbledore as a gay character is probably those who want him act like a queer, or y'know flirty with men, or have a sexual act with men , or lets just say 'generic/usual gay thing' just for a clear statement that THIS is a gay character supposed to be/behave . (but the thing is, the timeline of Dumbledore being gay, which is probably in 1920's something England....that means, Being gay was actually illegal in 1920s England. So if Dumbledore is gay, he's gonna be hella subtle about it. Different from today society who actually boast and support freedom of LGBTQ, free to be gay as gay as they can be.) that's why Dumbledore doesn't seem too Gay in harry potter movie or in the books, just a hint here and there that suggest he has some fondness or romantic feeling to the same gender which is Grindelwald (even tho Grindel is an asshole ). I get why Rowling portrayal of gay Dumbledore are like other normal people (doesn't seem gay, but he actually is).
age_of loki (14 days ago)
I'm sobbing.
richy richard (15 days ago)
at the end i think you messed the years up - as how could grindelwald die "1998" and dumbledore "1997" but dumbledore got told about grindelwalds death....... seems wrong way around
MovieFlame (14 days ago)
Nope, I didn't mess up. Dumbledore said that after he died in the chapter Kings Cross in the Deathly Hallows
Jeremy john Hall (15 days ago)
Love love love power
Courtney Bilyeu (15 days ago)
Now I’m confused 😰 Weren’t Dumbledore and Grindelwald the same age? Pardon my ignorance since I have not seen any of the FB&WtFT 🤷🏼‍♀️ I do recall Dumbledore and Grindelwald will end up in an epic battle soon though, correct? Again, sorry for my ignorance I’ve been a mom of 3 since the last Harry Potter movies and need to catch up with these prequels! Grindelwald is supposed to be the same age bracket as Albus but he looks like his father in the movies. I can’t imagine Jude Law & Johnny Depp having this huge showdown without Grin falling down and having a heart attack within the first 30 seconds
Viktor (15 days ago)
Dumbledore was born in 1881 and Grindelwald in 1883 so they are almost the same age. Dumbledore is 2 years older. And Depp is 8 years older than Law but they look about the same age to me so I don't really see the problem.
Stephanie Vuong (15 days ago)
Keep the Harry Potter movies going! A movie for each character. Not literally, but like a movie about snape, dumbledore, etc.
TextBookPuncher1 (15 days ago)
Ahhhhh man dumbledore was a shirtlifter
ThePikkutyyppi (15 days ago)
Albus did have powerful jobs he might have not been the minister of magic but he was headmaster and Chf. Warlock (which means he presides over the Wizengamot) Supreme Mugwump (which means he leads International Confederation of Wizards)
sounds very gay this guy doing this explain thing
E (16 days ago)
wait so dumbledore liked bad boys? oh those poor slytherins… no wonder Malfoy was such an angry child :'(
Rajesh Banka (16 days ago)
Hi Read more
Lars Kvestad (17 days ago)
1080p pls
Matt Cecil (17 days ago)
Do you think that when they talk about persecution, that there is some reference to the treatment of suspected wizards and witches in the earlier era. 1600s, that sort of era
Tony Smith (17 days ago)
Wtf.. This topic should never have ever been introduced. Its quite disappointing that jk rowling would use this story, it's characters, and the influence and popularity these books carry to push an agenda that in no way should be pertinent to the story what so ever. Instead of being great friends, now Dumbledore is suddenly gay because this new generation needs to be "politically correct" about every damn thing. Come on now.. I remember reading the first book over twenty years ago. Dumbledore is one of my favorite characters and will remain so, but even if he is supposedly gay, don't speculate, conjecture, and twist this shit into something that it isn't. This shit right here makes me need do have a fucking drink.. Please excuse the language.
Viktor (17 days ago)
Perhaps you should inform yourself before making such false comments. She revealed he was gay during a fan q&a in July 2007 following the release of the final book when a fan asked her whether Dumbledore was ever in love. This was YEARS before all the liberal and sjw propaganda and craziness. Also, there are planty of hints and subtext in the books. He is a man in the position of highest power yet he is depicted very non traditionally. He is eccentric, flamboyant and quirky. He wears pastel robes, loves floral patterns and flowers in general, classical music and knitting. Aside from that his entire subplot with Grindelwald is so full of gay subtext. I read the first book when I was 12 in 2007 and I remember discussing it with my friends, many of whom speculated Dumbledore and Grindelwald were more than friends. Reading the books as an adult, this seems rather clear and obvious. So no, him being gay has nothing to do with politics or propaganda. His wisdom and uniqueness isolated him from other people and it makes perfect sense that he would fall for someone who he considered to be equally as brilliant and skilled as himself.
Jimmy Umar (17 days ago)
this explanation burst me to tears
Anson Hu (17 days ago)
Voldemort was weaker than dumbledore therefore weaker than grindelwald, because Voldemort feared dumbledore for defeating grondelwald
Fandy Dewanto (17 days ago)
If Dumbledore decided to go on the dark path that Voldemort and Grindelwald took, he is going to rule the world.
Lesly Nava (17 days ago)
Did anyone Else notice how at 4:51 he said and i quote “ Dumbledore was not complaining that Grinderwalt got thrown out of Hogwarts “
#POTATO SQUAD (17 days ago)
My theory is Grindelwald used Albus because he knew he was excellent and future Minister because he was clever.
xX VintageVlogs (17 days ago)
Brb... I’m gonna cry now.
Reed Mack (17 days ago)
Awesom Morgan
Reed Mack (17 days ago)
Isn't harry the strongest wizard
Viktor (17 days ago)
No. It's explicitly stated in the books many times that Harry is an average/slightly above average wizard. His true strength lies in his personality and not in his magical abilities.
viemärikala666 (18 days ago)
Somebody play despacito, this is sad as hell
Ana Monten (18 days ago)
Stop at 10:57 if you don't want spoilers on the rest of the fantastic beast movies.
Mark Keszler (18 days ago)
Dumbkedore is not muffle born there’s no way 2 muggles could give birth to 3 magical children
Viktor (17 days ago)
Dumbledore is not muggle-born, he is a half-blood. His father Percival was a pureblood wizard and his mother Kendra was a muggle-born witch.
Wolf Pack Gaming (18 days ago)
STILL a better love story than Twilight... Seriously though, I love how ahead of the times Rowling's writing was. I hope she expands a lot more on the history of Dumbledore and Grindelwald in the FB series.
Homa Sheikh (18 days ago)
You know what you should have directed the whole HP series... No seriously i mean it.
Rohit Ratnam (18 days ago)
grindelwald died before dumbledore died not the other way around
Z X (17 days ago)
+Rohit Ratnam https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jM3dRKpRots
Rohit Ratnam (17 days ago)
but doesnt dumbledore talk about grindelwald being hostile to voldemort in the prison just before gellert was killed by voldemort. so albus talks about gellert dying in prison because he didnt give voldemort the wand. right?
Z X (18 days ago)
Dumbledore died in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Gridelwald died in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
JAY 275 (18 days ago)
O.G. Loki (18 days ago)
You'll never be old and wise if you're not young and dumb

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