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Albus Dumbledore & Gellert Grindelwald Origin/Relationship Explained

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/MovieFlameProd Personal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/morgan_ross18/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MovieFlame/ WATCH IN HD! THANKS FOR WATCHING! Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfU_sC7m2cA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaxkSlvwzpo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeVyvwThCd8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1S4jNR6afA You guys asked for more HP so here you go! A lot of you asked for Dumbledore origins and Grindelwald origins so I decided to do both and focus on one of my favorite parts of the series which is their relationship Subscribe for more content: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOajpsI8t3Eg-u-s2j_c-cQ?view_as=public
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Text Comments (4455)
Theodora (1 year ago)
Some people think Rowling just made up Dumbledore as gay recently, which made me laugh. It's been over 10 years since she reveled his sexuality publicly. Also you can feel he might be gay in the books if you are matured enough, it is obvious. I remember I figured it out even on 4th book.
Abi Alston (1 day ago)
Theodora I was too young when I read the books the first time to figure that out, but rereading them after JKR announced his sexuality it was so obvious
uhCustoms (4 days ago)
mature enuough, being gay is the most childish thing you can do lmaooo
Gold Vogel (12 days ago)
Why particularly after book 4??? I had some feeling when I read about the Christmas celebrations...they way he behaved when he was truly relaxed. But either way, I'd say he is more asexual than anything ;)
Hanki (13 days ago)
JK's tweet: Gay people just look like... people Your comment: You can feel he might be gay in the books if you are matured enough (The "matured enough" part is extremely cringy btw), it is *obvious* I remember I figured it out even on 4th book. So wich one is it? He is obviously gay because of some stereotype (Like people over the "Ralph breaks the internet" trailer and Mulan's "lesbian clothes") you read in the book that made you go "Dumbledore likes it from behind" or is he just a normal person like *EVERYONE ELSE* who is just gay, *LIKE THE VAST MAJORITY OF GAY PEOPLE IS* and Rowling could have just decided it by book 1 by book 6 or even not have decided at all?
Brilliant story telling thank you! <3
Abi Alston (1 day ago)
I honestly think dumbledore and grindelwald made the blood pact after the death of Ariana since it distressed both of them so much so they swore not to fight each other after that so more damage couldn’t be done
Abi Alston (1 day ago)
Ok but why is young Albus so hot though
STEAMn00b (1 day ago)
let's stay clear... being in love AND being seduced is a difference!!!!!
ArtismFun (1 day ago)
Uhm... The 18 year old Albus was a... Uh.... He wa-.... HAWWT!!!
bebobe S (2 days ago)
Beautiful love
Raquel C (3 days ago)
Beautiful! Thank You!
G M (3 days ago)
His lover (at the end).....blah
Nintendo Pilot (3 days ago)
hell no (4 days ago)
Aww what a beautiful love story. I feel sry for albus. And his sister
Mind Web (4 days ago)
Okay...now I know, I don't ever wanna see any Harry Potter movie anymore. Unhealthy relationship in such stories.
Harry Potter World (5 days ago)
I don’t think Voldemort killed gellert grindelwald
Viktor (4 days ago)
He did. It's explicitly stated in the book.
Gellert Grindelwald (5 days ago)
Ah yes, my partner in crime.
Malia Cajuste (5 days ago)
Albus Dumbledore taught us that great knowledge is attained with great pain Lord Voldemort taught us that a life without love is barley living Hermione Granger taught us that reading can save your life Hagrid taught us that outside appearances can sometimes hide the most beautiful things
Chantip Chea (6 days ago)
The greatest wizard is gay
Swar jong (6 days ago)
First of all im a big fan of this channel. Im confused about the time line at the end of this video it says albus died in 1997 n grindelwald died after a year? (1998) but when harry n dumbledore talked about grindelwald he was already dead wasn't he?
Swar jong (5 days ago)
Viktor thanks man now i got it
Viktor (5 days ago)
+Swar jong 1. Dumbledore died in Half-Blood Prince when he was killed by Snape and Grindelwald died in Deathly Hallows when he was killed by Voldemort so yes, Grindelwald died a year later. 2. Grindelwald was never in Azkaban, he was in Nurmengard, the wizarding prison he himself built for his political oponents in Austria. 3. Voldemort came to Grindelwald looking for information about the Elder Wand. He didn't know the Elder Wand was with Dumbledore. Grindelwald refused to tell him anything out of respect to Dumbledore so Voldemort killed him.
Swar jong (6 days ago)
Viktor i dont think u got my point. Look at 12:39 according to date dumbledore died a year earlier then grindelwald. In story dumbledore dies in the clocktower. In that time was grindelwald still alive? N if so then how did voldemort go to Azkaban? He was killed short after that incident. Also even if somehow after that he went to azkaban why would he ask about the wand when he already knew it was with dumbledore.
Viktor (6 days ago)
Yes but have in mind that the dead know what's going on in the world of the living in Harry Potter.
Christian Del Rosario (6 days ago)
Greatest story of love, power, family, and society.
Ainiewainy (7 days ago)
I see them Rolling'....
Jerrlito Mousito (7 days ago)
Laura Falls (7 days ago)
HA! GAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!
Hades (8 days ago)
whats the song name?
Samantha Nicole (8 days ago)
Can someone explain this in TAGALOG please????
Lily flower (8 days ago)
i still see Dumbledore the same man even with him being gay :/.Well oof
Yeeeeeaaahhhh they were In a relationship. Most definitely
Hannah Dyson (8 days ago)
Why is Dumbledore seen as a " good guy "? In his early years he wasn't that much better than the people he aposed. If these guys had been real ( and magic real and the wizarding world real ) then we would have been in real trouble . The only reason he claimed to champion muggles was through gulit . Not because he truly cares . He was just as big a threat as any other dark wizard .
Hannah Dyson (1 day ago)
+Viktor opinions can't be wrong xxx
Viktor (4 days ago)
+Hannah Dyson No, just no. But whatever. You are entitled to your own wrong opinion.
Hannah Dyson (4 days ago)
+Viktor He had " a different view " when he was older in public because he realised his original view on Muggles made him no better than Voldemort and the Malfoys . Behind closed doors ? We don't know . I never came across anything in the book that says he changed his view . I go of the actions of how he treated the small amount of Muggles who crossed his path . Most were not positive encounters
Hannah Dyson (4 days ago)
+Viktor Why would I have a grudge against a person who doesn't exist ?🙄. Anyway Rowling saying he's a great wizard is pretty weak when his actions say otherwise .
Viktor (4 days ago)
+Hannah Dyson Also, I've given you plenty of canonical evidence to support my claim yet tou disregard it while at the same time basing your statement that he was a wizard supremacist based on what exactly? Especially since the books clearly stated that he had completely different views about muggles when he was 18 and when he was 115.
Kinda sucks they changed it in the movies and he actually tells Voldemort where the wand was
Iris Fishman (9 days ago)
Curious, what are your thoughts. After the duel between Grindelwald/Dumbledore/Abelforth, Dumbledore was afraid that one of his spells killed Ariana. Isn't Avada Kadavra the only spell to kill her? If so, was he actually doing that spell on Abelforth or Gridelwald?? I don't think he would have tried to kill either (or even perform the Crucio)
Viktor (6 days ago)
+Iris Fishman He likely feels guilty because the duel, in a way, happened because of him. His brother essentially wanted to stop him from going with Grindelwald. Still, imo, it was nobody's fault. They weren't fighting in front of Ariana. She came in and interrupted the duel willingly and was killed by accident.
Iris Fishman (6 days ago)
+Viktor that's what I was thinking. So it's weird to me that he feels so much guilt that maybe he cast the spell that killed her. But maybe it was a combination of two spells.
Viktor (6 days ago)
+Iris Fishman My guess is no. Since Albus was in a 3 way duel between his brother and the guy he was in love with, he is the least likely of the three to have cast a dangerous spell. My guess is that Grindelwald killed Ariana, but I guess we will never know.
Iris Fishman (6 days ago)
+Viktor ok. Thanks. My question is..would Dumbledore have been using a fatal spell on Abelforth or Grindelwald?
Viktor (8 days ago)
No, Avada Kedavra isn't the only spell that can kill. Molly Weasley killed Bellatrix with a different spell.
Juan Correa (9 days ago)
You Know Those Dudes? (9 days ago)
Honestly I believe Rowling just said he was gay because it was popular or trending at the time. If it was her original intention then no problem, but changing characters either because people feel left out or for the sake of a popular movement is just dumb
Viktor (8 days ago)
You are most definitely wrong. She revealed Dumbledore was gay during a fan q&a in August of 2007 following the release of the final book, not "because it was trendy and popular" since the whole sjw movement didn't even exist back then. And secondly, there are plenty of subtle hints about him being gay in the first 6 books and then some not so subtle ones in the 7th book. I clearly remember reading the book at 13 and discussing it with my friends, most of whom were convinced Dumbledore and Grindelwald had been more than friends.
Florentina Micu (9 days ago)
Nagini is Voldemort’s snake. She is in permanent snake form.
OP Pacheco (9 days ago)
I've seen this video a few times, and just watched again after watching the 2nd fantastic beast. I LOVE THESE VIDEOS! All of them! They are very informative. I did want to point out a blooper I JUST noticed. At about 4:50 when you're talking about the letter, you stated that "Grindelwald got thrown out of Hogwarts". LOL SO subtle, but it caught me off guard!
Vichy Bellon (9 days ago)
I am actually crying oh my god
deedee akk (10 days ago)
But grindelwal did tell voldomort abut the elder wond that its with dumbeldor, (its lay with him)???
Viktor (8 days ago)
Only in the movie. In the book, he refused to tell Voldemort anything.
Medea Endor (10 days ago)
Who is the actor if young albus? He is really cute
I want just Dumbledore
Meta Breaker (11 days ago)
Are we sure that Voldemort is stronger than Grindelwald? Grindelwald looks so much stronger
Viktor (10 days ago)
Yes, it's even referenced several times in the books that Voldemort is the most powerful dark wizard in over a century in the Goblet of Fire and also in the Deathly Hallows Grindelwald is described as losing the title of most powerful dark wizard only to Voldemort.
Briana May (11 days ago)
Are you planning on making a video about Bathilda Bagshot?
ernesto carmona (11 days ago)
Interesting , I had no idea he was gay
Bling Bling (11 days ago)
Omg,,,, JK made 7 books look like real life story's, so deep and what amazes me even more is that every personality in this story has a really interesting background . I think that's the reason why the Harry Potter series became very successful and got so much attention throughout the years. You can never lose interest in them.
willtynellyworth (11 days ago)
I love these videos
Thank you so much for making this video! It's amazing, i learned so much!
Shin Tensei (12 days ago)
people were shocked when rowling revealed dumbledore is gay but being a wizard doesnt shocked them at all. Gay people are real , guys.
JustLouIt (12 days ago)
Couple of homos
Hannah Dyson (6 days ago)
That if we're real could kill you in a heartbeat
gamelvr1 (11 days ago)
What's your point?
Lexsey Pulver (12 days ago)
Wow this makes me want to go back and watch all harry potter movies
Harley H (12 days ago)
They need a Dumbledore movie like actually!!!!!!
lili4990 (12 days ago)
Sounds like Dumbledore was dickmotized
WyldeGi (12 days ago)
12:27 "'...and Dumbledore <o/ his eyes."
zynbw (12 days ago)
This video was done so well! I'm not too familiar with the lore of the Harry Potter universe aside from the basic stuff so this video was so helpful in understanding the story line if dumbledore. It was really clear and easy to follow. Thanks!
Amanda Friedman (12 days ago)
Help I’m a little confused!! I thought grindelwald did tell Voldemort where the wand was (that being in the tomb of dumbledore). I’m referring to the end of the deathly hallows part 1 movie where Voldemort says “tell me grindelwald tell me where it is” and then grindelwald replies “it lies with him of course”...... then Voldemort breaks into the tomb and gets the wand and shoots a spell into the sky....can someone please clear this up I’m referring to the end of this video where it is said that grindelwald lies to Voldemort about the wand. Is this a book/movie difference or am I just confused?
Viktor (12 days ago)
They changed it in the movie. In the book, Grindelwald mocks Voldemort, pretty much saying he is arrogant and stupid and that he will never wield the Elder Wand and flat out refuses to tell him anything on how to use it and where it is. He accepts death with open arms and dies protecting Dumbledore's secret which is his final act of redemption. (Also Voldemort kills him in the book quite brutally). The movies butchered his redemption in order to move the plot along.
Shanni Peettyson (12 days ago)
Your videos aren't always correct but you have great presentation!
craig seddon (12 days ago)
Could the obscurus be apart of Dumbledore sister That's why the Phoenix comes at the end not to him but to the obscurus
georgonio2 (12 days ago)
I just love your videos!!! 😍
vhulksantos (12 days ago)
4:45 grindelwald got expelled out of hogwarts?
Gold Vogel (12 days ago)
Could you please check the correct pronunciation of "Rowling"? Would be great! It's like rowing a boat....
geekyteen wordsmith (12 days ago)
Am I the only one who thinks that Ariana Dumbledore looks like Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf from gossip girl) ?
Jocelyn Hambrock (12 days ago)
U are awesome
Elena K. (13 days ago)
imagine Jude Law and Johnny Depp making out
Elena K. (13 days ago)
soo Aurelius is missing in this but i dont blame you😂
gamelvr1 (11 days ago)
Can't miss what didn't exist yet
Undarl (13 days ago)
Don't put JK on to high of a pedestal. This is the same woman that was calling brexiteers trash for voting a way she didn't like and yet refused to house rapefugees in one of her many estates.
Sher Lawyy (13 days ago)
wanna cry watching this...damn I love Dumbledore this man suffer so much
EllieLiLi (13 days ago)
Dumbledore is Gay... WTH!!!
RJ Li (13 days ago)
Great video, it's worth the time.
unnamed af (13 days ago)
Dumbledore is gay?...why?
Viktor (12 days ago)
+unnamed af 1. There is nothing wrong with two men kissing or fucking if they are both consenting adults. 2. It adds a more powerful layer and dynamic to each of their characters. Dumbledore being reluctant to go after and defeat Grindelwald because of his feelings towards him is a much more interesting narrative than him not going after his "former friend".
unnamed af (13 days ago)
Viktor eh uh i mean...why would he be gay? can't they just be best friends, just imagine Dumbledore kissing him and shit fucking ew
Viktor (13 days ago)
Because it makes sense for his character. His brilliance isolated him from people and it's no surprise he fell for the only person who was in a way equal to him in intelligence and magical skills.
Ivania Reyes (13 days ago)
Oh my god dumbeldore is gay wow no I know hey he dident end up with mcgonigall
Emily Abdon (14 days ago)
💖 I'm so happy I found your channel! You Sir, have a very special gift! It's easy for HP details/back stories to get lost when going from the HP books, into the HP movies which gets confusing at times but... You have a very special way of filling in all the important parts and you present it in a way that makes sense and ties everything back together which I must say, makes me fall in love with HP all over again and super excited for all the Fantastic Beasts Movies! So, Well Done Sir! And Thank you! Keep up the good work! 😁🐾🐾🐾🐾
Jagdeep singh (14 days ago)
I just realized it, Dumbledore is like Professor Xavier in X-Men. Both fought for muggles/non-mutants(humans in X-Men).
Gabriel Chies (14 days ago)
A M A Z I N G - V I D E O < 3
ee kenny (14 days ago)
Jude Law VS Johnny Depp, can't wait!
Rakhitha Mutucumarana (14 days ago)
that last 2 minutes was so moving and lets not talk about that climatic music
Little Miha63 (14 days ago)
Wait a minute, I'm confused at the end of the video it said he was dead and then in the second movie of fantastic beasts he is the main evil one who gets people on his side......... 🤷🏼‍♀️
Viktor (13 days ago)
Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald is a prequel to Harry Potter set in 1927. Why wouldn't Grindelwald be alive in 1927 when he dies in 1998, 71 years AFTER the 2nd Fantastic Beasts movie?
CheesecakeLasagna (14 days ago)
12:38 wait, those year of the death don't make sense since just shortly before you mentioned Dumbledore talked to Harry about Voldemort killing Grindelwald in his cell. Did their conversation take place after Dumbledore died?
CheesecakeLasagna (13 days ago)
+Viktor Thank you for the response! Although I know some parts in the end, I haven't watched past order of the phoenix so I don't know a lot in details. Thanks again!
Viktor (13 days ago)
Actually they do. Harry talked to Dumbledore in "Limbo" when he got hit by the killing curse. In Harry Potter, the spirits of people who have died still know what goes on in the living world hence why Dumbledore knew that Grindelwald died, even in the afterlife.
CheesecakeLasagna (14 days ago)
That old photograph of the two looks a lot like the guys from Call Me by Your Name.
Yoon Gi P (15 days ago)
Kudos! Beautifully made.
Blood Forlife (15 days ago)
OK f that gay shit
RΩN (15 days ago)
Better love story than Twilight...
Davinae Kelly (15 days ago)
This helped me in so many ways understand everything !!!
Alyssa Watson (15 days ago)
It bothers me so much that in the movie they had Grindelwald do the exact opposite and just volunteer the elder wand's location.
Cass (9 days ago)
more drama, more (maybe) movies/plots = more money
Angel (10 days ago)
'It lies with him..' IKR I was what the actual heck lol
APEW BOND (15 days ago)
This brought tears to my eyes
kishan nunkoo (15 days ago)
Who wants an albus dumbledore origin story?
Joscha Maliem (15 days ago)
Wait... so how did voldemort get the elder wand?
XLunar_WitchX (14 days ago)
He stole it from albus grave when it rightfully belonged to draco, then harry won it from draco
Samridhi Sehgal (16 days ago)
did albus dumbledore die before grindlewald?
XLunar_WitchX (14 days ago)
Gastro (16 days ago)
Grindelwald confirmed by rowling was stronger than voldemort
Viktor (13 days ago)
Nope. She has never said this. In fact, the Harry Potter books state very clearly that Voldemort was a more powerful dark wizard.
J-E Double SS (16 days ago)
I love this video you know a lot about the Harry Potter and I agree with you about everything can't wait for the next sequel because the movie is awesome I just got out of it and I understand because I read all the books and saw all the movies
Tabby Holloman (16 days ago)
I kinda have a feeling that maybe no one killed Ariana....because (most likely) shes an obscurus (or however you spell it 😆) and Newt did say that the reason obscuruses don't live long is because they can't handle and control their power. I have a feeling during the fight Ariana was stressed and lost control of herself and the power just destroyed her....eh i don't know I'm just guessing...
GuyOnTheRoof (16 days ago)
Dumbledore was gay btw K bye
Jacob Wilson (16 days ago)
Sorry guys I just don’t buy it. If Dumbledore was gay she would have written it clearer to me. I don’t care if he was gay, straight, bi, or a cross dresser honestly. What I’m wary of is whether she just decided to say he was gay for some reaction. I could counter every piece of ‘evidence’ in this video but I ain’t writing all that. It just seems silly and strange that after she wrote the final book of a long series to announce it.
Shalhevet Golan (16 days ago)
Grindelwald wasn’t thrown out of Hogwarts
captainbrunch (16 days ago)
Whoa!!! Grindelwald lied to Voldemort about the wand??? Maybe he did love Dumbledore back. Ohhhh my heart!
Cynthia Jordan (16 days ago)
Did she also say that Grendelwald did not think of Albus in the way Albus thought of him?
Zoe Choi (16 days ago)
The voice over just like Jamie himself
dcox5555 (16 days ago)
Nothing wrong with being gay. There is something wrong with being so aggressive and violent about it. It’s seems like it’s not about acceptance, equality and respect. It’s all about revenge and vengeance. Alas the cycle of hate continues. We will never learn. Hate breeds only hate no mater what your beliefs are. JK is good at using reality in her Fantasy stories. Read between the lines.
Alyssa Weaver (17 days ago)
Well done. What a fabulous summary.
antoine weldon (16 days ago)
Dumbledore died in 1997?
Viktor (16 days ago)
+antoine weldon No. Harry never graduated from Hogwarts and neither did Ron. Hermione was the only one of the trio to come back to Hogwarts after the war to finish her 7th year and finished it in 1999.
antoine weldon (16 days ago)
+Viktor what year harry graduated 2001 after the world trade
Viktor (16 days ago)
Yes. Half-Blood Prince takes place in the 1996-1997 school year.
Fidler O'Dea (17 days ago)
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald : t.co/B7KkvUkBoR
Reflective Moni (17 days ago)
In the books when I read what hapen to Ariana I always felt those muggle boys did something unspeakable to her , more than how how they explained it in the book, I could feel the brutality of what she went threw and how it effected her, but It was never explained EXACTLY what they did to her, I hope J.K Rowling can elaborate on this more.
Justin Childress (17 days ago)
Excellent video
Bad Service (17 days ago)
Such an awesome video. Thank you. It made a lot of things way more clear for me.
Han Rui (17 days ago)
luminescentsnow 79780 (17 days ago)
6:34 😂 did he say Rouling 😅😅😅😅

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