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Iron Maiden The Trooper - 24 Hour challenge

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24 hours from recording to video and as usual all done by myself alone. 3 guitar overdubs and 1 vocal overdub. 2 matte paintings, 3D Russian 1850 canon, Musket ball Guitars used Charvel (Ardrian Smith Part), Fender HSS (Dave Murray solo), Fender Superstrat HSS (Rhythm, harmony) Shot on Sony a6300 sLOG3
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Arthur van Leeuwen (2 years ago)
Leuke video ik heb geliked. wil je reageren op mijn nieuwste video!! ga zoo door. baas!!
HappyStrat24 (2 years ago)
Amazing job, Raymond, as always. As with your previous video, I had to listen to the original too, since for someone like me, who is not familiar with the song, the way you play it could just as well be the original. After listening to your cover, the original sounds somehow muddy to me. It sounds to me that there are even more layers than three guitars, but maybe it is the original track blending with your tracks. Or was it a backing track without guitars? I can't tell really, it is so well done :-) And the video is also amazing. It captures the mood of the song so well. It is such a pleasure to watch. I can't wait for making another video myself, after having really busy January at work, I hope I will find some time soon. I think I will do Doom and Gloom - after watching your great cover I just have to :-) And also Let's Spend The Night Together - not much guitar on the original track, but it is so fun to play in open G! Anyway, back to your cover - it is absolutely fantastic and I am really looking forward to the next one! And what about that Charvel guitar? I have never heard about it, it looks and sounds great!
Raymond Doetjes (2 years ago)
HappyStrat24 well some very very very valid points there. I guess that you are indeed in a way sort of dogmatically shaped by the music in the charts at the time of your formative years. And Nirvana was very big at the time. I guess I had outgrown them at that time. Although Pearl Jam was something that I could appreciate at times. U2 wow... where do I get started. I used to be a massive U2 fan as a kid in the mid 80s. It went stale for me with Achtung Baby. I never understood those people who said that The Edge was a bit guitarist. The chord progressions were great his intellectual approach to using delay-alayalaylay is uniquely his. I unfortunately never seen them live and it going this year too. Simply for what you wrote: the prices of concerts are insane these days. And as you are doing too, you will need to take the whole day off to have a decent spot. Hence I didn't go see the Stones or AC/DC last year either. Too expensive and too much hassle. I saw the Stones in 2006 for the last time life and I wasn't impressed with them anymore. That's the thing with U2 musically they are still awesome upbeat and full throttle. It's just that I miss that old folk pop in their songs. But they will always have a little soft spot in my heart together with the Stones. I did wanna splash a lot of cash down for Guns n Roses reunion with Axl. As a kid I missed out because it was my high school exam week. And without Slash it just want GnR anymore. As I write this I confirm my suspension that you are musically formed by what's in the charts :) GnR was huge in the late 80s as was Prince and Iron Maiden. Whenever I go to Praha again I will drop you a note to treat you on a Pivo (was it beer in Czech or Hungarian don't remember anymore). Praha and Karlovivary (Carlsbad) are two of the most beautiful places in Central Europe. I love Praha so much. But I haven't been since 1995!!! (When you were in high school ;) ). I should actually but that's what I also say about Paris where I haven't been in since 1990 and yet 2 years ago drove past. I guess that's how things go :) I always found you Czechs very friendly people, especially when you found out we weren't Germans (as we spoke German because English in '95 was not that common there) then suddenly the people smiled and were talkative. At one occasion the menus were pulled out of our hands and we were given new once with lower prices :) Funny! I hope Holland will treat you nicely when you are over there to see U2. I hope it's not in the ArenA but at the Ziggo Dome. The arena is acoustically so so bad! Like playing music in a bathroom! Since you will probably be front stage it will be decent but not superb. Isn't U2 going to Czech Republic? That's kind of weird! Well I once again typed way too much and that on an iPhone ;) catch you later!
HappyStrat24 (2 years ago)
Yea, I know what you mean about Nirvana. I guess the difference is that you are a couple of years older than me, Nirvana was pretty much everything I listened to in say in 1993-94. I was in high school then and I was just in that age... I am sure if I was a couple of years older, it would do nothing for me, just like I never listen to Nirvana now, I am far from being an angry teenager :-) But the thing is, that after many years of not even thinking about Nirvana, all those DVDs started to be released and I bought some of them just because of the nostalgy and I was surprised I have actually enjoyed them (especially the Unplugged obviously). The thing is, that I can't relate to that music anymore, but looking back, I don't think "I was young and stupid back then" either. You are right that they were not great musicians as far as any technique goes, but the band lasted for such a short time and a lot of great bands started with 3 chords and the truth and really developed their playing skills over long period of time. Great example is U2, they openly say that they started to write their own songs from the very early days, since they were not able to play anybody else's songs. Well, a lot of U2-haters love to say what a bad guitarist The Edge is that it is not him, but all the effects that play, but he has developed an absolutely unique and original style and extrelemy few people are capable of that. But back to Nirvana - eventhough I never put on their CDs, I really appreciate how original Kurt was and most of all how authentic. Funny thing is, that he had a great sence for melody and enethough their songs are big noise most of the time, there are truly great melodies, even catchy tunes I dare say - Lithium, Come As You Are, In Bloom or Heart Shapped box being the obvious examples. Those songs also have really great guitar riffs - very simple (but hey, how complicated is Satisfaction?), but I really find them great - especially those 4 songs I listed - that is why I like to do a guitar cover every now and then :-) And I also have to say I agree with what is generally said, that they saved the rock music in the 90's - I mean grunge was the very last time rock music really mattered for young people and was relevant to them (as it was to me back then). Since the second half of the 90's it is only about bigger and bigger tours of the old bands, which leads to this day when an average Stone's ticket at a stadium is about 200 Euro...and many other big acts closely follow.Rock music nowadays is a luxury entertainment for middle-aged and older people, nothing new really happened in the past 20 years and kids don't care at all, they have their Playstations or I have no idea what :-) Wow, how much did I write about a band I said I didn't really care about :-) Anyway - as you wrote, it would be really nice to meet some day and even play togehter for a bit for sure. I am from The Czech Republic, which is not exactly close. As a matter of fact I will be in Amsterdam for U2 in July, but only for the concerts and since I have GA tickets and those are stadium gigs, I will spend the time in the line in order to be close to the stage , since watching U2 from the middle of a football field doesn't sound tempting. But I was in Amsterdam 2 years ago at 2 Paul McCartney gigs and since it was in Ziggo dome, I went there at about 5 p.m. and had a great time downtown before. I am sure I will visit Amsterdam some other time again, I really love the city. But anyway, are you not comming to the U2 concert(s) too by any chance?
Raymond Doetjes (2 years ago)
HappyStrat24 that's funny that your looking for a tele as I'm actually selling 2 of the 4 off. Unfortunately for you non bid them is butterscotch. I will get rid of my 60th anniversary blonde tele (How I'd wish you are here video) and my 1994 blue metallic tele (no video) which First need to refurbish. A fret job (pleking) and a New switch. I only keep my Japanese and a red metallic US tele and of course the two I made. Wish you are here is such a lovely song!!! Nirvana never did anything for me, I found it the most overrated band in the 90s. Poor musicians (except Dave Grohl) and the lyrics are so dark that I always wondered why people wanted to listen to them. I have my own shitty depressions why would you wanna listen to another's depressions :) But I will definitely check it out when you recorded it. Btw where in Europe do you reside? If you're ever in NL be sure to drop me a text. We get something to eat and even jam a little if it's after office ours in my (film/video/photography) studio.
HappyStrat24 (2 years ago)
No, no new video up yet and I think it will take some time, since for recording I need my wife and kids not to be at home :-) I think that before the Stones covers I will record Wish You Were Here from Pink Floyd and Come As You Are from Nirvana - since for doing the Stones I have to change strings on my Tele :-) As for a new guitar, those superstrats look gorgeous, but right now I am thinking about some nice accoustic guitar or a US Butterscotch Blonde Telecaster. Those Fenders are unbelievably expensive right now though, no way I would pay what they want for them, but from my experience patience pays off, I bought both my Strat and LP for a really nice price, one just has to wait and sometimes do some negotiations in the shop, when they see a serious interest, they usually offer a nice discount, which also shows how overpriced those guitars are, if one gets 10-15% discount only when he ask for it.
Raymond Doetjes (2 years ago)
Your assessment on the new stones album is spot on for me too. I love their upbeat original riffs so much more. The Charvels usually run around 800 euros this was an XMas deal and because it's the 'old' version of the So Cal. Another great guitar very similar is the Jackson Slime Green Soloist that's 555 euros and pretty similar pickups or no Seymour Duncan's but still awesome. What's cool about that guitar is that it's neck through. So if you are looking for something super strat that's around 600!euros all the time that's a winner. A true heavy metal machine. Andertons are really lovely, you are so right that they aren't really pushy and they are honest about the products. If either one doesn't like it they will be honest although it's in their store. I don't understand why that chopping of heads sketch got so many views. Maurice just wrote the middle part and that was flat and boring. So I just improvised him coming to my studio and finding my head in a jar as a lead in to making one. I added the shadow creatures after the first edit to make it a tad more horror. Well I'm off for a hike I'm in CA right now the weather is gorgeous after some massive fog. So I got the camera and start snapping some pics. Can't wait for your videos is it up yet? I only get roaming internet on my iPhone here so I have not yet checked YT.
RollingBilbao (2 years ago)
Fantastic upload my friend Raymond, really nice Performance and awesome video!!!!!! . Big Thumbs up from Spain and have a nice Week: Javier.
Raymond Doetjes (2 years ago)
Thank you! Much appreciated from a Rock God like yourself!

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