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Armuotas (4 months ago)
It was the first soap opera from the "West" to be shown on TV in the Baltic states after the collapse of Soviet Union. Women were crying their eyes out watching it. :D
E'Entretenimento (3 months ago)
I watched the video you mentioned on the link. I am Brazilian and I realized that it was dubbed with another language over American Portuguese (Brazil). At certain times I can hear the actors speaking in the original audio (Portuguese). But it was good to know that this Brazilian novel was successful in his country. Here in Brazil we have a television station called "Rede Globo". This broadcaster is the biggest romance producer in the world. They make romance without stopping. Atulmente I do not watch more television, but when it watched, Rede Globo transmitted three novels per day. When these novels came to an end, Rede Globo made 3 more novels to show in place and that continues to this day. But now I think there are more than three novels a day, I'm not sure because as I said, I do not watch more television. Curiosity: It was Rede Globo who produced the novel "A Escrava Isaura". Curiosity 2: Rede Globo is the second largest television station in the world.
Armuotas (3 months ago)
Crying quite literaly. I'd have to explain the whole story of represion while living in Soviet Union for full understanding. Women took the stories deep to their hearts and emotional outbursts (regarding the characters and their lives) were comonplace. We are apparently cold but actualy quite heartfelt people here. Regarding language I honestly don't remember. Maybe local, probably Russian, it really made no difference. Here's one example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuzP5XNn5Ns
E'Entretenimento (3 months ago)
What does crying mean? The novel was in what language?
Armuotas (4 months ago)
Fair enough, it was "back then" when very few productions came from the outside. Weither before or after the collapse. I just know that everybody was watching it. Even 5yo me. :)
Oruga (4 months ago)
Actually, it was shown even before the collapse of the Soviet Union. It was first aired there in 1988.

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