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WooCommerce Account Funds Extension

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Buy & Download WooCommerce Account Funds Extension at $5! Download Link: http://www.woobeast.com/buy/account-funds-woocommerce-extension/ Description: Account Funds will allow your customers to deposit funds into their accounts for which you can reward them with discounts. Woocommerce Account Funds Extension is one of our favourite extension as it comes with our two favourite features: one is simplicity and another is produuctivity. Yes! WooCOmmerce Account Funds will give your store capability to offer your customers option to deposit money in their account on your store and latter on these funds can be utilized to purchase items from your store. Many of us will ask that what is a need of it? And many of us will ask where is productivity in this? By giving an option to deposit funds in their account, your customer will have to come back to you to buy from your store so ultimately this will increase your sales as well as loyalty of your customers. Plus this extension comes with powerful reporting features and based on this you will be able to offer various offers to your customers for buying from your store using account funds. For using this functionality on your webstore, you need to install woocommerce account funds extension first and than develop atleast on deposit product which will be used to take deposits from your customer. This extension also comes with widget to display account funds as well as links to deposit funds. After installing the extension, your customers will see a new payment option during checkout to use their account funds for payment. For a web store admin, there will be a separate admin page where you will be able to see all your users and their account funds and will also have options to increase or decrease their funds. What are you waiting for? Buy and Download WooCommerce Account Funds Extension only at $5! Buy all WooCommerce Extension, Plugins & Themes: http://www.woobeast.com Like us on Facebook: https://www.faceboook.com/woobeast
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