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Magi: The Kingdom of Magic (Season 2 Part 1) - Official Trailer

500 ratings | 106319 views
Own it from July 1, 2015 - http://mad.mn/animenewreleases In order to realise their objectives, the adventurers each embark on a new journey. Aladdin sets his sights on the land of Magnoshutatt to study magic while Alibaba travels to the Leam Empire to challenge the gladiators of the colosseum. Morgiana sets sail towards her homeland of Katarg, and Hakuryu returns to the Kou Empire... Subscribe to our channel for all the latest updates & videos! Website: http://www.madman.com.au Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/madman Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/madman © 2014 Madman Entertainment
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Text Comments (50)
Kiyoshi Masaru (1 month ago)
Sinbad is gay
Maica Nyx (1 month ago)
When are you going to publish the season 2, please tell me I saw this on the trailor and it really was amazing but sad in the same time cus Margionna, and her two friends will be seperated. But excited in the same time
Maica Nyx (1 month ago)
When are you going to publish the season 2, please tell me I saw this on the trailor and it really was amazing but sad in the same time cus Margionna, and her two friends will be seperated. But excited in the same time
Maica Nyx (24 days ago)
Well, I watched the season two on Kissanime you should try it its so amaziinnnggg
Alpha (26 days ago)
Maica Nyx do you know where season 2 is going to be? And when it’s coming out?
Adriana Davis (2 months ago)
I watched it on netflix(season two)////\\ i guess u can call magi:adventures of sinbad season three but i dont really wanna watch it because its about sinbad and i only care about aladdin
Random characters (2 months ago)
its already on netflix
Manny V (2 months ago)
Oh my hart will be broken if season 3 doesnt come out love the sinbad show but feel so off witb out the 3 main and my fav aladdin also love alibaba i change my mind they need to bring both back and keep it going but fresh i can wait 1 year for each season
Sakura Haruno (3 months ago)
But do we know for sure they are going to have a 2nd season?... (This is just a question)
alilou Minou (4 months ago)
Yumi Chan (6 months ago)
Sadia Sultana (6 months ago)
I want to see session 2 first episode
Brian Daleske (7 months ago)
“I enjoyed watching both of seasons one & two so very much that I keep hoping for a season three be made for it.” Plus to add hopefully an OVA series as well to go along with the Season#3 of the anime series (Magi). “Why heck, I bet maybe the third season could be titled (Magi: The Pursuit Of Protecting All Of The Good People Everywhere), or something like that as a title for season three.”
when is it out in English dub
Zalal Buaymam (1 year ago)
until now i am still waiting for the season 2... how long were waiting... huhu
I wonder will this have a season2 but I think it is the season 2 or it will have season 3
Manny V (2 months ago)
master cheat & skittles this is season two i hope they bring 3 4 and 5 but nope
JERRY DAVIS (1 year ago)
where can I find the first episode of the second season? in English dub or sub. I don't care ! just something!please!
Fumiko (13 days ago)
JERRY DAVIS Maybe on proxer.me
Steel (1 year ago)
season 2 of mkom? lmao this is so fake he took clips of aladdin going to magnoshutat.
Lullush Code (1 year ago)
when is season 2 coming
mohammedali alnuaimi (1 month ago)
Fate Or Chance? I don’t know
Fate Or Chance? (1 month ago)
When is season 3 coming
Sunny Roy Virat (7 months ago)
Xavier Armstrong (1 year ago)
Omg I'm reading the manga listening to the opening songs and I'm on the same part where he's having that dream. Thats so weird, why would this video start playing, it wasn't even next??? Whoa😱😱😱
dejah willis (2 years ago)
the voices suck
Quickters (2 years ago)
Only 1
Quickters (2 years ago)
This is not season 2
Sammuliii (2 months ago)
Abby Likes to sleep where
Juan Garcia (8 months ago)
Oh thanks
AbbyCat (8 months ago)
Juan Garcia no because magi:the labyrinth of magic is season one and this is magi:the kingdom of magic, season two
Juan Garcia (8 months ago)
No it season 1
AbbyCat (9 months ago)
yes it is because I've watched season two
warick mercado (2 years ago)
whats the song?
Bombo Combo295 (2 years ago)
I'd rather watch it in japanese
Jhon Constantine (2 years ago)
is the season done already?i must watch pls uplod
Hal Haagensen (2 years ago)
Alladin and boobs...
Jazzy_JemmaXxx (2 years ago)
Fiona Koh (2 years ago)
what the chinese name of the movie
lilou msp (2 months ago)
it's not a Chinese name it's Japanese
z bubbles (5 months ago)
Nanami (2 years ago)
Boku no pico
Unicorn Pig (2 years ago)
This actually sounds good
TheAnimerunner (3 years ago)
This trailer brings me shivers. It's crazy how good this dub cast sounds, and its just from a freaking trailer.
Fìrê Phõènîx (1 year ago)
Yona's Dub wasn't that good but it was still better than Sub for me.....I do not know if I am the only one or not but most of the Japanese Voice actors annoy me
TheAnimerunner (2 years ago)
+jade cole Oh yeah I think Funimation owns Yona now that you mention it. Viz owns some other Yona(the manga probably).
jade cole (2 years ago)
+TheAnimerunner is funimation a company? bc thats what its under o.o
jade cole (2 years ago)
+TheAnimerunner yep
TheAnimerunner (2 years ago)
+jade cole Well we're comparing 2 different dubbing companies, and in general I think Bang Zoom(Magi's company) beats out Viz's(Yona).
Troy Smith (3 years ago)
this is one of a handful anime that has a good english dub. a very good series too.
Arnold Schwarzennegger (3 years ago)
Please bring this to tv, more anime on tv aswell! I dont mind c3 hosting it either
ThisIsPatrick ! (11 days ago)
heres episode 1: https://www4.gogoanimes.tv/magi-kingdom-magic-episode-1

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