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What Would Happen If Humans Disappeared?

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Today we are presenting you a video on an unusual topic. Imagine that all people suddenly disappeared from the planet. The reason is irrelevant, just imagine the result. Now we are going to tell what is going to happen after we are gone.
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Text Comments (32563)
plugged in beats (14 hours ago)
Hmm but can we see what will happen if we just came back after idk just after the radiation is gone from the explosions
AJ Broering (18 hours ago)
if everyones gone who's recording?
Shadow Wolf (21 hours ago)
I feel so bad
Lucija žele (22 hours ago)
Earth would be better without humans
John Doe (1 day ago)
Maybe we weren't born on this planet and this scenario happened to aliens
David Abule (1 day ago)
The only thing that the next generation of beings will find about us are those underground
Sheldon Souliere (2 days ago)
I think wen the world ends thats wen mother nacher dies
Sheldon Souliere (2 days ago)
I bet dinosaurs are going to take over😞😔😟
Mary Gamer (2 days ago)
*No humans, no end of the world*
Meng Chhoeung (2 days ago)
😲 I’m soOoOoOoOoOoOo scared! 🙀
Tom McBride (3 days ago)
Why didn’t the camera crew disappear?
Ghost (3 days ago)
Thanos after End game
NotScent (3 days ago)
Instead of us dying we could choose to live like The old days
J1407b The exo planet (3 days ago)
Humans go extinct Earth: YAAYYYY 4 Billion Years later Sun: PREPARE TO DIE YOU SON OF A GUN!!! Earth: NO NO NO NOOOOOOO!!! Earth: (X_X)
I hear music and what's the music called
sykahh (3 days ago)
This is basically the tl;dr version of the documentary
Renee Backie (4 days ago)
Humans live forever
I was wondering So we should suicide right to save earth?
I cried.
Richard Panitan (4 days ago)
Looks like Thanos did it
7.5billon of us are on this earth...how can we ALL be killed?
Brayden lamb (4 days ago)
What happens if there is a real zombie apocalypse
Yoshi Yosh (5 days ago)
No not the dogs
NiCK GAMES BROWN (5 days ago)
This is walking dead music 🎼
JeevesReturns (6 days ago)
As long as trump is gone I can accept all of the rest.
xxx tentacion (5 days ago)
hell yeaah!
Thats fake I don’t know were u heard that
Chroma Inferno (6 days ago)
“Without us the air will become much cleaner” oof. We suck.
Rebecca Wilson (6 days ago)
*finishes video* *jaw drops*
Rebecca Wilson (6 days ago)
*pets will die* Me: *crys* ALL THE PETTTSSSS
R L (6 days ago)
#mind warehouse why is it that way?
R L (6 days ago)
*titanic #titanic
Farrukh Javed Abbasi (7 days ago)
What would happen to cloud data?
alisha bharathan (7 days ago)
If we were gone,it would be a animal world for them.lucky if we were animals
burgerking220 (7 days ago)
Lmao this is a complete rip off from the show that did this. Heck you used the same video
Eamonn Mcgoldrick (7 days ago)
*there are animals right??*
gail lofton (7 days ago)
Why thanos why
SCP foundation (7 days ago)
*so your saying my fish will jump out of his habitat!?*
LivingLiveAs Emily (7 days ago)
*the walking dead game music starts playing*
Cosmickiller 109 (7 days ago)
Short awnser: we is dead
joel3650 joel3650 (8 days ago)
If humans are gone this video would not be a thing
DesignerGirl79 (8 days ago)
also the only use that earth was for us is a junk yard.
DesignerGirl79 (8 days ago)
omg that actually made me cry because imagen losing everyone you love and a baby puppy all alone being eaten by some bigger dog's and Oklahoma falling apart my city just falling apart with deven tower.
Z. T. (8 days ago)
As bad and destructive as humans may seem, the earth still needs us. What's the earth without humans - a huge chunk of soil and rock with no one to tend it.
Joshua 882 (8 days ago)
Dogs 😢😭😢😭
Shqiponja Nenaj (8 days ago)
yea it will be cleaned
Ku shal (8 days ago)
Walking dead game background music
VoidRealmMusic (9 days ago)
So your showing us what earth looks like if thanos snapped twice?
wifi (9 days ago)
Nature would have a week-long party. 😂
Recruitment 24/7 (9 days ago)
the new species is called...a inkling!
Zambie playz (9 days ago)
why the hell would u show dead cows u sicko
Jose Montoya (9 days ago)
If you guys here closely the song sound is from the walking dead season 1
Laura Hays (9 days ago)
people die and spactate the new world
big chungus Guy (10 days ago)
Rip dogs
the gamer2446 (10 days ago)
so what your'e saying is that if we are gone than the world will look like when it did before we existed?
once b (10 days ago)
BLASTER Films (11 days ago)
Satlalites would not fall out of the sky because they are in orbit. It needs people to fall out of the sky. And they can’t disappear in space so there would be a sign that we were once here.
1% battery (11 days ago)
Jesus will destroy the world saving every life form except horrible people and we will make earth our new heaven. So you completely wrong. c:
Trevbber 101 (11 days ago)
Earth is gonna die from us 1 like =1 life for earth
Guys is it not real
Backround music: *walking dead game music*
Fire ninja Dragon (13 days ago)
Poor pets
Kong Da Savage (13 days ago)
Ummm pregnent it will be poeple again sooo not real
Captain Glitter (13 days ago)
This video is iconic
Captain Glitter (13 days ago)
Rainbow Unicorns (14 days ago)
😭😭😭😭😫😭😭My cat 🐈
gtgujk AJ (14 days ago)
Jennifer Fontaine (15 days ago)
What would happe Fbtf hgdhnhfdmgfcxdjytynfdfhdugfutdgj dtu dumtdmhtd hgdth!xtmyxhmxgh xhmhgcmhgcnjgdhmgmchg cmhvc!hgc!ugxlug
arben kreshniku (15 days ago)
The solution of it all is the extinction of mankind
zilla max (16 days ago)
There wouldn't be a YouTube
Daood Zafar (18 days ago)
I think Morgan Freeman or Former U.S Vice President Al Gore should narrate this Who else agrees?
DJ Tiqui (18 days ago)
Maybe the world is frender like the explosions
BuildingBoy (19 days ago)
That would be crazy because Every decision we would ever make would probably lead us to that moment But we don't know what the Atmosphere Is going to do to this planet.
gacha girl (19 days ago)
When God comes to destroy the world of sin there will be nothing left all the animals will be dead and if you're saved you'll go to a place called heaven but if you're not saved you go to a place called hell
duM burGer (20 days ago)
Yeah, you really know our future...👍👍
thegreen home (20 days ago)
now i feel how people effect the earth
Carly Dayten (20 days ago)
The dog part made me cry
Sir. Luiwolf (20 days ago)
10,000 years later, a nokia cellphone loses one bar of battery.
Adan BHAFC (20 days ago)
Wait so basically we all just have to die for Thanos to die? Huh more simple than I thought
Isa Saberi (20 days ago)
So this will happen in like 1 million years.
daquarius jr (20 days ago)
Heeector (21 days ago)
Why the hell would we ever disappear?
This video was cool. I remember watching waaaaaay back when.
White Family Sodus (21 days ago)
It's basically ark extinction all over again
The Earth will be better for animals
Julio Aguado (21 days ago)
Omg the pet part is sad I have 8 cats and to dogs(labradors)😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭comment and like plz
Jt (22 days ago)
I belive that the world would be a better place without us, but it is hard to think that us, humans,with all the destruction we bring we also make everything sane e.g dogs. Also, this shows the world isnt ours, its rightul owners should take it back
Proz Productions (22 days ago)
It Can Disapear Because Of a Powerful Snap
Raphael Jose (22 days ago)
This is why humans should be not in earth,It's really because we ruin the animals nature and also if we weren't here Dinosaurs would be back for nature.
Redgamig9000 (22 days ago)
So basically the word would be so much more beautiful place without use.
Thanos on drugs (23 days ago)
We will not be remembered nor missed by anyone we shall go and leave no trace of our existence.... We don't deserve Earth
Yeet Le (24 days ago)
Use flex tape
X8 Lime (24 days ago)
why did he said globe the earth is flat durrr durrr durrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Vorx (24 days ago)
X8 Lime why do you think it’s flat
Ben likes geography (24 days ago)
The animation if 3:31 is great
Yuvan Khanna (25 days ago)
But if only humans who are Vegans were alive and others will disappear, it would be the same vegitation
David Lang (25 days ago)
That is so sad i feel bad for the animals
Lisa Foster (25 days ago)
why is having nightmairs
Edward Bliss (25 days ago)
Where's the one about that family that left LA with the son who refused to eat a snake?
Pixel Pistel (25 days ago)
Mind Blowned
Aviwim Gaming (26 days ago)
god has left the chat

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