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9 Cuts Every Video Editor Should Know | Filmmaking Tips

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https://shutr.bz/2ILgabV - For a breakdown of each cut every editor should know, check out our blog! MUSIC: "Smooth Chill Out" by Julien Bell - https://bit.ly/2DOnHGW "Nabe" by Origami Pigeon - https://bit.ly/2Bznnuo FOLLOW SHUTTERSTOCK: Facebook - http://bit.ly/2ByYRXv Twitter - http://bit.ly/2ByYRXv Instagram - http://bit.ly/2AvBUoG Shutterstock Blog - https://shutr.bz/2A3hMgL FOLLOW ME: Instagram - https://bit.ly/2DLta1l
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Text Comments (613)
Elijah Rodriguez (1 day ago)
Very Helpful video, thanks!
2019-1-18 首次阅览 拍得很好,继续加油
THE DON GENIUS (3 days ago)
thanks bro, I had to subscribe after this vid
Aek_Nerd (3 days ago)
Very interesting, thank you
J.A.N Production (3 days ago)
This really help a lot !! Thanks !
Ms. Holland (4 days ago)
Awesome video!!
snapshotvideo (6 days ago)
Helpful tips.
Leung Joyce (7 days ago)
Now I'm looking forward to the whole series of A-Z cut 😂
joshua oconnor (7 days ago)
Pretty useful
Luisa Mendoza (7 days ago)
JP Toutant (7 days ago)
what are film making types of films?
Matej Šopor (7 days ago)
You should show us clip for each explanation 😏
aikobabi (7 days ago)
Tai Moya (8 days ago)
Thank you
Jeff Davis (8 days ago)
Great advice! thank you for posting this video
Family Adventures TV (8 days ago)
Mind blown... love it! Thank you! =D Going to make our videos so awesome.
R H (8 days ago)
Hi, I’m wandering if anyone or maybe the owner of the video could help enlighten me with what Video Editing Software featured in the video for the demonstrations? Thank you. ✌️
Nick Rosetti (10 days ago)
daaaamn that chick is beautiful!!! Great video man!!!
Fritz the Mann Films (10 days ago)
The cut, or editing tip, every amateur film student needs to know NOT to do is fading every scene to black and then the next scene in from black.
Sarayuth R. (10 days ago)
New subs here because you use the sound from Rise of Nations on each cut LOLL
Big_Maxi2008 K (11 days ago)
Which Programm is used here ?
Shutterstock Tutorials (10 days ago)
Adobe Premiere Pro :-)
The orange carrot (11 days ago)
I began editing about a month ago. And 7 or 8 of these I naturally picked up as I played around with the editing. Cool stuff
The orange carrot (11 days ago)
I wouldn't put cut scenes right after you make a point. It's a bit confusing e.g. the cut scene after you explain the Lawrence of Arabia scene and at the beginning when you put a video behind the "jump cut" text I thought the video of lava was somehow representing jump cut. A still picture or adding text while you speak would be better.
ComfortBaby® (12 days ago)
most understandable way of explaining these to ... me :)
Explitor (12 days ago)
Can anyone tell me what program is used in this video?
Krane (12 days ago)
Adode Premiere Pro
Jiří Fiala (13 days ago)
Use Trim/Roll edit tool so you don't have to shorten the first clip and lengthen the next ;)
Alaaeldin1993 (14 days ago)
thanks man
Shaun Webb Media (14 days ago)
I noticed the J and L cuts are used OFTEN in Archer. They serve a very good purpose and work out very well. Thanks for taking the time to talk about this!
Cyril Emprese (15 days ago)
thanks man
Pixel1962 (15 days ago)
Not bad, Mate! We call 'J-Cuts' 'leading audio' in English edit suite terminology (I thought you might be interested.)
Himanshu Sodha (15 days ago)
Thank you so much sir ❤️
jonathan ibarra (16 days ago)
this is knowledge sharing , thanks
Danial Hamzah (16 days ago)
damn i never knew these had names, i learned more on youtube than my professors teach me RIP
Save A Life (16 days ago)
This is some fantastic advice, thanks so much dude :)
Jamie Maserati (16 days ago)
I do all of these without realising.
Tiny House Life (16 days ago)
just found your channel and subbed. what editing soft wear do you use and also recommend? This is awesome thanks so much!
c0zplay (17 days ago)
Awesome Information!
Chem Catalyst (18 days ago)
Guess I'm the guy who breaks the 555 comments. Really dig this man, smooth flow throughout the video and music, heard most of this info before, but like that way you presented it, always nice to get a straight to the point tutorial, but still engaging to watch. Likely go back through and write some of these down.
TTW (18 days ago)
You also can use the "Touch Portal" app to map all your shortcuts and macro's to edit much faster... :) Happy New Year!
Dr Pipe (19 days ago)
Super cool ...now I just need to know how to make the cuts
Zibertronics (20 days ago)
Very useful tips for my youtube channel
Blender Dumbass (20 days ago)
My favorite match cut is in Minority Report when they catch Anderton and he is falling to the side CUT Agatha is falling to the same side in a different location. LOVE IT.
Blender Dumbass (20 days ago)
Ryan Gosling?
Peter Istrate (20 days ago)
Poorly explained. People don't even know what the heck you're talking about without exemples.
Hunter Grady (21 days ago)
I don't know why but I'm absolutely in love with this video. Something about it, the essence, reminds me of old "how to" skate dvd's I used to watch. Keep it up, you have your own style and I dig it.
Avardenth (21 days ago)
Scott Pilgrim vs the world is a terrific example of different cuts.
Adrian Schmidt (21 days ago)
Dude this was editing level 1/10.
Caad Productions (10 days ago)
Search4TruthReality (21 days ago)
Excellent overview. Thank you.
Rahul Jaykar (21 days ago)
Too short video for quality content. I could have spended 10-15 minutes for a more detailed video of this.
Krane (11 days ago)
In fact, you could have written a book on it, but you don't usually get those instantly, or for free.
Barbaric Eric420 (21 days ago)
any gaming channels around 250-500 subscribers get at me. Lets feature one another and work together
Barbaric Eric420 (21 days ago)
Great video dude! very informative
Nichole Diaz (21 days ago)
Soo helpful!!! Ty
Cito Bop (22 days ago)
Can you come to my house and show me how to edit videos? I’ll cook for you. 🍽🥘🍗 okay wishful thinking. But really, I admire videographers. This stuff is so challenging.
Scott Karrasch (22 days ago)
I've been cutting on action in my gameplay videos. if I need to editing dead-space out I will look for when my character moves or stop moving, and match that with the next scene.
Scott Karrasch (22 days ago)
I LOVE J-Cuts. Edgar Wright uses them a lot. In Baby driver there is actually a J cut from 2 scenes ahead. In scene 1 you hear Baby ask Debora what song she was singing, she smiles, and you hear Baby putting the needle on the record playing in scene 3. But then it cuts to scene 2 where you see Baby going out and picking up the record, finally resting on scene 3 where he is dancing and mouthing to the words to the song. Such a beautiful transition
MiNuTe RoCko (23 days ago)
Wow.. this vedio made the day for me.. its was awesome to the end din flicked my eyes till the end .. and i learned alot and you tought the most things i wanna know .. you cleard every thing for me ... Thank you so much bro .. hats of to you and the vedio ☺️👍👌☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
art asymmetry (23 days ago)
nice explanation for all the cuts, thanks!
Athena G (24 days ago)
Great video, thanks for making!
HAPPYplace (24 days ago)
"there are no rules" .. i like that, be creative and design your own style :)
Cicero Gilreath (24 days ago)
Great video, down right inspiring! I have one question, can I work with you for zero pay just to learn lol, I laugh but I'm serious. I'm actually a still photographer, and very serious about my craft. After recently purchasing a new dslr with video I thought why not put it to use, which brings me to my point. I know nothing about video, but found a very cool software VSDC which seems to have every thing one would need minus the big price tag. I'm starting from scratch with the software viewing tutorial, reading the manual how to etc, I haven't begun to think about video capturing methods yet but if you have any suggestions I'm open to everything, thank you in advance. Oh and thanks for sharing the video
MTA RK (25 days ago)
SASD SASD (26 days ago)
The last tip is the best make your own cuts
LucidFilms Studio (26 days ago)
Learned so much from this video, beautiful 💯💯.
David Valle (26 days ago)
Last but not least: mascots.
Made by Kap (27 days ago)
Thank you so much
Shawn Clark, Realtor (27 days ago)
You didn’t give a sample of cross cutting.
eyewars (27 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAH0MoAv2CI Listen to what this guy said on "cutting on action" and tell me you didn't copy him...
devilpal (27 days ago)
the link says we have sent email for the download link..... but no email arrived....waited 3 days but still no response ....
Lethal Bacon (28 days ago)
1:27 that got me xD
9100 DuraAce (28 days ago)
look like a casey neistat's inrto
Dale Greer (28 days ago)
OMG 9 things in 5:20. It was over before I even considered setting the speed to 1.5. How I wish all YouTubers knew how to edit!
Nero Zegna PR (29 days ago)
Anyone knows how to make that effect at 0:35 that kind of slow motion but not so slow?
sf nooner (29 days ago)
Thanks for the great tutorial!
Tech Notice (29 days ago)
Thanks dude, just saved me years of film school... I guess... the heck I know, I've never been :) Anyway, awesome video, thanks! :)
Krane (12 days ago)
LOL, I think not. But you don't need it.
Alex Voxel (29 days ago)
You should make an example of every cut, not just leave it to immagination!
foxucs E Store (29 days ago)
nice one
special something (30 days ago)
match cut is my fav .
CityBikerHarry (30 days ago)
Waw super bro never knew so many cuts can be used thanks man
WangleLine (30 days ago)
This is very useful for beginners!
TricK i Know (30 days ago)
Thanks for these tips , i like j cut 😀
Ireshan Wickramasinghe (1 month ago)
i learned lot of stuff in 5 min. thanks man
Mohamed Koroma (1 month ago)
Guys what’s the best editing app that allows you to get another clip and put it on a current clip you have? Hopefully this makes sense what I’m saying
Orzosro (1 month ago)
Good video but how about cutting in some cuts of cuts that you are explaining
MATTHEW HOUSSIAN (1 month ago)
thank you this helped a lot in class work that I'm doing
J Cross (1 month ago)
Great advise ... thanks for the share
Sai Pavan Reddy (1 month ago)
Can you tell the top softwares for video editing on Android?
D-Train's Bunk (1 month ago)
Nice video and great explanation of most of them, but still a little confused about the..cross-cutting or parallel editing. I think it would be like in Oceans Eleven type thing when you got one character maybe working on the blueprint or something while the other guy might be going to case the bank/museum/whatever out or something.
Being Bikeaholic (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for informative video :)
Artur JB Costa (1 month ago)
NIce tips, thumbs up!
Markus Jæger (1 month ago)
The montage was the worst example ever. it was just terrible.
Chiky Scares You (1 month ago)
L cut or O cut?
michael harvey (1 month ago)
Took notes of all of this. Thank you. Hope to engage all of this in my future “Virgin “ filming ventures. Peace from The Great White North
Ahmed Elzoghbi (1 month ago)
Thank you
Great Teacher!
Eric Leslie (1 month ago)
It was, super helpful. Thank you!
Ichiban Moto (1 month ago)
so I'm a Jumpcut
The Nerds (1 month ago)
you guys are doing a great job, keep it up
Awesome video. Knew most of the cuts, but didn't know the names of most of them. Good examples, good pacing. Really liked it.
J_________ _________K (1 month ago)
thankyou man
Andrew Zuliani (1 month ago)
Thanks for explaining some of these cuts :)

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