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9 Cuts Every Video Editor Should Know | Filmmaking Tips

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https://shutr.bz/2ILgabV - For a breakdown of each cut every editor should know, check out our blog! Make money from your photos/videos - https://shutr.bz/ShutterstockContributors MUSIC: "Smooth Chill Out" by Julien Bell - https://bit.ly/2DOnHGW "Nabe" by Origami Pigeon - https://bit.ly/2Bznnuo FOLLOW SHUTTERSTOCK: Facebook - http://bit.ly/2ByYRXv Twitter - http://bit.ly/2ByYRXv Instagram - http://bit.ly/2AvBUoG Shutterstock Blog - https://shutr.bz/2A3hMgL FOLLOW ME: Instagram - https://bit.ly/2DLta1l
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Text Comments (763)
austin (16 hours ago)
song at the end?
austin (16 hours ago)
jk found it!
Mark Garrett (1 day ago)
most will never understand how to film or even edit to tell a story . they will not have any passion or patience
CKG (1 day ago)
What app would you use to do editing on a phone
CKG (20 hours ago)
+Sophie m no androide I tried power director but cant get my video to my phone it sucks
Sophie m (1 day ago)
Alight Motion, Kinemaster.... If you have an iPhone then Video Star.
Son Sung (1 day ago)
FR3ZHBOYZENT (2 days ago)
That wasn't a fluid motion - Colin Pieters
PG Tips (3 days ago)
Sorry but you are NOT conveying the information effectively. Disappointing. 😕
Architect Russell (3 days ago)
Useful thanks
Chris S (4 days ago)
Well done, I like it and it's funny too.
emad ali (4 days ago)
Amazing tips , quite informative.. Thanks
david esktorp (5 days ago)
Jumpcuts cause ADHD and if you like them, you have ADHD.
Timo (1 day ago)
I think you might have some problems.
David M Sutton (5 days ago)
I agree with Johnny Smith. Some visual examples would be nice.
Arron Ringer (6 days ago)
What editing program do you use?
Moving Sounds (6 days ago)
Thanks for creating this video! Great insight into editing. Keep it up!
Maha Mohamed (6 days ago)
For a beginner like me, it's not helping that much 😞 🙌
The Reykjavik Review (8 days ago)
Thanks for this, it's helpful just to see basic versions of the cuts so that we can spot what's actually going on.
Henry Cole Stage (8 days ago)
very helpful. thanks!
Vincent Streech (8 days ago)
Damn 1,000,000 people saw this and came out more confused on what 'editing' means
James Phoenix (8 days ago)
This was really useful thankyou
Kiponner (9 days ago)
Thanks for the info, I love expanding my horizon!
Chillstice (9 days ago)
My college Advanced Editing instructor would murder this guy for saying standard cuts don't evoke additional meaning and that the jump cuts are his favorite.
Arthur Preetham (10 days ago)
Thanks for nice and quick tips
Dizzy TV (10 days ago)
for a tutorial about editing this has to be the worst cut video - my eyes are bleeding - how about color matching? light matching? establishing shot? A-B-B-A, whatever, just something professional, not this 'Im grundge so I'm cool' amateurism stuff --
FortySevens (10 days ago)
Holy shit actually worked thanks a lot man saved me so much Jesus. Thought it was a scam because the download was so big but that was just the installer taking up so much space. Thanks, man.
Very good training about how to edit to tell a story.
Pegasus (11 days ago)
If I may offer a piece of unsolicited--but hopefully constructive--criticism: Don't start so many of your scenes with "So." "So the next one is ..." "So this cut is ..." "So now we're going to look at ..." It gets old. And annoying. (But then, I'm easily annoyed.) But thanks for the video nonetheless.
Sindre Steen (11 days ago)
What edeting softwere is best
Gappy Pirate (12 days ago)
Hey thanks that was interesting. I might try some of those in my next video.
Yousername (12 days ago)
You are so kind, thank you for this
Muscleworks Therapy (13 days ago)
Thank you !
Frost Grace (14 days ago)
knowledge +100
Veni Vidi Amavi (14 days ago)
*I feel like I just took a 12 week course in editing with this 5 min video. I'm going to save this for future and continued reference thank you!!* :)
abortodedios (14 days ago)
i love to edit my own vids
Kcee Dibua (14 days ago)
whats best editing software to use on pc???? pls help me
Diogo Pedro (13 days ago)
For me, Premiere Pro CS6 or CC.
Mansi Bisht (14 days ago)
Amazing video, but I like jump cut
Sir Isaac (15 days ago)
"Make your work as weird and original as possible" will do.
Daniel Bryn (15 days ago)
THIS was super helpful. Thanks!
Zéwande Bk. Bhengu (16 days ago)
I agree with the types of cuts but not all of the reasons for those cuts...
benji. (16 days ago)
J and L cut are better with sound fades
Game Pirate (16 days ago)
You explained the cuts but not the logic behind it. Of course, we need to cut based on feelings but primary purpose of some of these cuts are lost if not explained with examples from famous scenes.
Creative Ideas (16 days ago)
Thank you so much... Very helpful
c4tch (17 days ago)
I like that you gave your example of your favorite match cut. Remember that jump cuts can also be used to imply action itself, not just the passage of time. One of my favorites and a classic example is from Breathless, when Michel steals the keys to an apartment from behind the main lobby counter, then walks away, and the cut jumps to him walking out of the bathroom of the apartment. In the jump cut, we know he rode the elevator, opened the apartment, went into the bathroom, flushed, and then we catch him as he's exiting.
Félix HUREAU PARREIRA (18 days ago)
Montage is not a cut, it's the french word for editing !
Thanks sir. This help me a lot
Claver MANZI (18 days ago)
Marc The Bike Vlogger (18 days ago)
I'm actually SPEECHLESS!
PixelPilots (19 days ago)
Supa helpful man. Thanks!
Tony Vic (20 days ago)
Thanks. Definitely beneficial. I have been wondering about that J cut. lol.
reyven paragsa (20 days ago)
Hi, where can i download premiere for free till lifetime 🤣
Charlie Scott (20 days ago)
Can someone tell me what editing software he is using?
Charlie Scott (20 days ago)
+Dev Tavares Thank you so much for this man I've been looking for a good editing software
Dev Tavares (20 days ago)
+Charlie Scott I very much recommend it, once you get used to it it is super useful. Plus if you get the creative cloud subscription then you can use after effects as well to spice up your stuff.
Charlie Scott (20 days ago)
+Dev Tavares Thank you. Do u recommend it?
Dev Tavares (20 days ago)
It looks like adobe premier to me
Prince Richard (20 days ago)
#BaMilimo loves it.
Alan Dawson (20 days ago)
Very interesting video, thanks for posting it.
LittleBigDreams (21 days ago)
Brilliant video!
Frank Laibin (22 days ago)
Damn this will make my video to have more quality or yeah. Thats it.
Sony veras good
Oleg Vorkunov (22 days ago)
NO real samples, then it is useless. Just bunch of words. That is Cut 10.
Life of Daniel (22 days ago)
Nice video but would have liked more examples.
Geetha Kochukunju (23 days ago)
An example would've helped
praveen nisal (23 days ago)
how to make a shortcut to drag and drop a video to timeline on adobe premiere pro
Naresh Katarmal (24 days ago)
Explanation is very good. But was wondering where are the samples for all the Cuts... Loves if there were ..m
Srikanth Kaluvala (24 days ago)
thank you bro
TwoTokeMoke (25 days ago)
You have no idea how nice Pink Floyds echoes could have perfectly overlapped your video...
Nach vaibs (25 days ago)
Nice. Thank yu¿ou baby
Newbs Media (26 days ago)
Great Video, thank you so much.
Nomad Boatbuilding (26 days ago)
Thanks brother. I'm putting it to use.
Marcus Ryan Thompson (27 days ago)
Montage isn’t a cut. Its a type of sequence. Juxtapose cut. Seamless cut. Punch-in cut. Proper dissolve cut. Proper fade in or out. There’s more low hanging fruit
Tim.K (27 days ago)
A lot of your examples I didn't know what you actually ment.
Laurence Volquardsen (27 days ago)
This are the essential cuts Ryan Gosling met in his film career.
Sholyn Photoworks (27 days ago)
thanks bro... wish the examples were more clear though...
Mind Movies (1 month ago)
Leopards are the only other creature besides humans that have midgets
Lucas Alencar (1 month ago)
please put sample of the cuts, instead of this title with montage that makes no sense. its like u trick me, i expect you to show the cut, but its just the horizon with text
Matthew Grimm (1 month ago)
The only thing better than a very useful tutorial is a very useful tutorial that only lasts 5 minutes. Bravo. I'm going to go watch the rest of your videos now.
Kilian H. (1 month ago)
pretty pointless
Hello it’s me (1 month ago)
Movie maker is the best program for editing
Slow Down 2 Speed Up (1 month ago)
Great examples! Thank you
TonyEbay (1 month ago)
Great video. Thank you for the info!
Julian Minto (1 month ago)
Thanks bro this video is amazing 🙏🏾
These tips are really helpful 🤔.. You just got your self a subscriber 😏.
destroyer ng (1 month ago)
really thanks dude
Rudimentary Wagner (1 month ago)
i edited on film press :)
The Cookinest Kid (1 month ago)
Sweet! I've used a lot of these and a few without even knowing what they were called! Awesome! Learning is fun! XDDD
Vetle Leinonen-Roeim (1 month ago)
That was great, thank you!
Shalom P (1 month ago)
thank u soo much u have no idea how u have changes my life
Tickled Funny Bone (1 month ago)
Dan Munteanu (1 month ago)
I appreciate your 9 tips of video cutting. Didn't know how they were called. Until now.
1 Minute to Mastery (1 month ago)
Go back to the drawing board you asswipe, and remake this video....incel
Great Video! I just started trying to edit video for my channel... I am getting better all the time, and can't wait until I can get great at it!
Carlos Funn (1 month ago)
Dude you did a great job. Forget some of the beta male comments. I mean you gave people so many landing points all they have to do is keep researching. People seriously refuse to put in any work, time and put in their own effort. Keep rocking.
Really nice. Thank you
Everything Jamie Raine (1 month ago)
One of the best editor vids iv seen so far. Love your engagement
Kpmolafe Korede (1 month ago)
what software do you use for editing
Penwang Rtsang (1 month ago)
Thank you, I learned something new, useful and original.
Edrex TV (1 month ago)
loud and clear!
Zagi Highlights (1 month ago)
666 comment hmmmmmmm
Da Griff (1 month ago)
Thanks for the info! This was very helpful.
Seacoast Flash (1 month ago)
Great tips! Very helpful!
DYNAMIC BUDDY (1 month ago)
Really help full Thank you Make it with some more details, to be honest,it's difficult to grab for a new comer
Louis Otto (1 month ago)
I get the feeling everyone who's saying "give us examples" didn't actually watch the video...
Suraaj Anand (1 month ago)
Put some examples on every cut which u explained that would really helpful
Teo IDT (1 month ago)
Ryan Gosling doing his own video editing
Andrei Despinoiu (1 month ago)
One of my favorite cuts was in season 7 of Game of Thrones when Samwell Tarly slices off grayscale infection from Ser Jorah and the camera transitions to a pie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuAZmisGLLY (it's well worth seeing the whole thing)

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