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World's 5 Greatest Magic Tricks Finally Revealed #4 | Dynamo | David Blaine | BGT | FactoFusion

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Shows like Britain's Got Talent, America's Got Talent and Dynamo's Magician Impossible have seen quite a few memorable magic tricks performed by some of the best known magicians in this world. They are the masters of illusion and it takes a great amount of passion and dedication for them to perfect the tricks. But at the same time, everyone wants to decode what's behind the scenes, and if possible know their secrets. So, be it Dynamo’s famous fish from bucket trick or Darcy Oake’s Dove and Cage trick, some of the secrets behind the world's 5 Greatest Magic Tricks will be finally revealed. Below is the featured list of the world's 5 greatest magic tricks revealed: At number 5: Fish From Bucket Trick by Dynamo At number 4: Cage Illusion by Darcy Oake (Britain's Got Talent) At number 3: Hand Through Glass Trick by Cyril Takayama At number 2: David Blaine Vomit Frogs At number 1: Ghost Girl (Josephine Lee in Britain's Got Talent) So guys, which magic secrets would you like us to reveal in Part 5 of our Magic Series? Leave us a comment below.. Thanks for watching! Subscribe to FactoFusion: http://bit.ly/FactoFusion Our Social Media: Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FactoFusion Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/FactoFusion Music: Enter the Party by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100240 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (631)
Food factory (5 days ago)
Beast tricks
john smith (7 days ago)
Get a life and enjoy it.
SpeedWalker Igor (7 days ago)
Illuminati kids show his magic triks.All of this souls will be burn to hell!!!!
Golden Eagle (8 days ago)
You are awesome man but how do you know about all this tricks
sheila ally (8 days ago)
the use demons
Suresh Shaw (8 days ago)
Your reavels are fake
Apong Yim (8 days ago)
I'm also the one..who dislike your vdo 😂😂
Jason Acejo (9 days ago)
Can you explain matt franco majic trick.
FactoFusion (8 days ago)
We have explained Matt Franco's Snowman Trick, here is a link to that video https://youtu.be/U-JZGM2BaR4?t=160
Alejandro Brites (9 days ago)
Camina agachada?
Nenita Mahmood (9 days ago)
Now that you upload all the secret f the magician tricks then everyone who sees this video will not believe anything if they go to the magician show . But they have talent how to this and it looks great though it’s impossible to be true
PATERCITO (9 days ago)
Es imposible.
nansah maliki (9 days ago)
Bullshit explanation. Only talk. Please redo
Matthew Mbaka (10 days ago)
You guys are a scum. You do not even know how to deceive us. How will one hide such huge fishes in a little bucket? Go back and think before deceiving us. Am just angry I wasted me megabyte watching lies
Rajajipuram prank tv (10 days ago)
Awesome video
Md Riyajuddin Shah (11 days ago)
No you are wrong because he just go to a village and he just took the bucket hang on the wall and Dinamo did not bring any things plan from his home i can say that Dynamo's magic is black magic
Karan Tiwari (12 days ago)
Mason Darby (12 days ago)
While it's nice of you to attempt to teach your audience on these magic tricks... You really did a horrible job! With respect to the gentleman producing the cages and the birds, what I would really be interested in was how he made the cage with all those birds disappear and have his assistant appear... besides, your English was so annoying that I would never watch another one of your videos... I understand that I don't speak one word of your language... But you really do butcher the English language and are very difficult to understand... And I would recommend that you put in your work on that the other tricks, were just terribly uninteresting
Nwayila Hlawuleko (13 days ago)
This guys talks garbage, you explanations don't make sense... for example, that aquatic glass has nothing on top of it for the glass to slide up without anyone noticing...
shashi udupi (13 days ago)
I liked your channel I am new I also subscribed
happy mishra (15 days ago)
Crystal Price (16 days ago)
I would love to learn the secret to the synchronized fish.
pheng samnangkh (16 days ago)
Hello wow it is very good
Apachedropout99 (16 days ago)
Nice try but very poor explanations.Thumbs down for this one.Try again and try and speak properly and clearly or get some help somewhere to assist.Magic should be fun and to be enjoyed.Respect to all who try their hands and practice hard to bring us these joys.Don't spoil it for the kids sake.
Nadaréy Orvey (17 days ago)
The One Bucket that use is not enough all fish behind the video!!!😂😂😂. Wrong revealed!! I thinck it is BlackMagic or Witha devil!!😂😂😂
Boii Villa (17 days ago)
Dynamo is just using 1.bucket...and those fish are too much for 1 bucket....you lie.
okwalinga emmanuel (17 days ago)
Sisu Munaki (17 days ago)
Mf discuss.
Sisu Munaki (17 days ago)
Nobs trick mf nobs revealed
Vien Bermudez (18 days ago)
Sorry, but you only know the "PROPS" (things used) but you, yourself can't do the APPLICATION. It takes years of practice to do such thing and skill (misdirecting audiences and the sleight of hands)
super gamer 247 (20 days ago)
u sound lik a hindi gooy
nav matura (21 days ago)
there was once a magic trick that one guy place the photo of the juges in the cards
Sydney P (22 days ago)
Hahaha .. it is not "Fishes" ... its Fish ;-)
Mohammad Bilal Shaikh (22 days ago)
wao great
jadugar suresh (22 days ago)
Thank you.
Manoj Gangwar (22 days ago)
अबे चूतिये मछली बाल्टी से ज्यादा हैं जो तू बता रहा उस हिसाब से इतनी मछलियां बाल्टी में आ भी नहीं सकती तो निकलेंगी कहा से, वो रियल में जादू ही दिखा रहा वे
Vijay Dwivedi (22 days ago)
I think your mind is not mature for this.
Lexzo (22 days ago)
1 like this comment :10 views 6 like this comment :60 views 30 likes this comment :200 views
Milan Nahekia (22 days ago)
Thanks for making this video
Rottweiler L (22 days ago)
Shut the fuck up bitch , I know is a optic illusion but as well has something to do with the black magic . The bible says in the end of time people will lear the devil lection the magic
Justin Go (22 days ago)
may daya
Arul Raj (23 days ago)
A man eating sand and some pieces of glass and he chewed it Is it a magic trick?
abdulham sambutuan (23 days ago)
Fuck your explanation dude
monica wong (23 days ago)
Sarwesh Gill (23 days ago)
It is 👿💨 😲😱😂 👗👉 👕👕👕 👠🚧 🚧🚧🚧 very nice
Venkatesh sai (23 days ago)
Sewak Sran (24 days ago)
dyanmo is not fake
Mahindra Xong (24 days ago)
U r a fake u don't have a logical explanation
southern Playero (24 days ago)
The narrator's accent was killing me !!
mtafheem89 (24 days ago)
Beejee Channel (24 days ago)
Fuck up..the bucket is too small for that much fishes
Elisha Bande (25 days ago)
On #2 if he had swallowed the frogs earlier how come they were still alive 🤨???
Kenechukwu John (24 days ago)
My thought
Elisha Bande (25 days ago)
U are sick u don’t know what you’re saying
Facionista Belle (25 days ago)
i think, youre wrong because, the volume of the fish is enough to fill two buckets, so how come he fit it all inside and leavinf a trivking space... and one thing,,,,,its like the bucket is so light, not heavy, ....can you please do a demo to prove your analysis? thank you
shiva saravanan (26 days ago)
flying in height
alexdakabs (26 days ago)
If it’s magic then what do u expect lol
Ankur Jadhao (27 days ago)
Dynemo also shows magic between the cloud .....
Carlito Magon (27 days ago)
how that was happen, i really dont understand
Bluestea (27 days ago)
thw one with the fish... He can solve world hunger 😂
Sumit Sharma (28 days ago)
Videos of this kind are so clearly a scam that I can not believe people actually get fooled by like this. If you want to hack anyone's Instagram account then absolutely use instahax0r. I don't know exactly what the download link is, however I always find it using one of the search engines :)
Ram Malla (28 days ago)
Nonsense reveal
White Cupcake (28 days ago)
Most tricks it seems that the ASSISTANTS ARE THE MAGICIANS since they’re the ones PHYSICALLY DOING the tricks! Yet the person that’s “pointing” and helping the “assistants” into place gets all the credit! I never understood that!
Siam Hauzel (28 days ago)
I did't belive
isaac adoglah (28 days ago)
you guys are fake (factofusion)
Adnan Ali (30 days ago)
Ap k pas koi good prove nhi h
ogen eteys (30 days ago)
Next year Blaine will perform a trick wherein frogs will come out of his butt
Athili Heshu (30 days ago)
Bro if you know more magic tricks than dynamo then why don't you SHOW the world in TV 📺
Rafey 007 (30 days ago)
One Time Dynamo Pass His hand through glass and that was not aquarium and he did not use any paper!
Tessa broñola (30 days ago)
I'm so irritated about your pronounce😒
in tips (30 days ago)
Lol,, stupid you
Enlightened Forever (30 days ago)
i know for a fact that these are demonic powers, not tricks..if this dude thinks he can decipher all the "tricks" let him become a magician...in preparation of the enlightened one, the antichrist, illuminati..
Enlightened Forever (27 days ago)
because he isn't allowed to reveal stuff yet until the right time.. :) true story
Radhakrishna Kini.M (28 days ago)
No demonic powers ... If then why can't the magician make us stand in air with his "demonic powers"
jason john ares (30 days ago)
this reveals how dumb you are.. . your demos are such a waste. ..
How can dynamo changes bucket while others watching
ishmail sesay (1 month ago)
what can you say about Smoothini's Magic performance on AOG.
ASHIK M (1 month ago)
Sultan BAQUTEBA (1 month ago)
Zoe Zoe (1 month ago)
i never trust mágicas from now.
Riden Dumalig (1 month ago)
Always revealing secret but you dont know the magic just indian smell you are
Riden Dumalig (1 month ago)
The comentator smells like indian scent hehehehe
Draco Malfoy (1 month ago)
Our Modi is one of greatest magician.. :-)
Surendar Gethu (1 month ago)
Bucket explanation tottaly wrong 👎
mohd ghazali ibrahim (1 month ago)
Not all just trick..it really magic..black magic use satan or jn..it not theory ..black magic is sold you soul
vignan g (1 month ago)
vanish your nuts
an lim (1 month ago)
What an accent... made in india
ivan Hah (1 month ago)
don't just talk ...can u show to us how to do that ?
Rickysingha kasar (1 month ago)
Stupidity...... Blaaaaablaaaablaaa
MssViolA1987 (1 month ago)
Nothing clear about the aquarium
king maker (1 month ago)
wicked wajix (1 month ago)
do the changing clothes trick
Ian Yap Palomado (1 month ago)
Make a video of actual explanation of yours. Too much bumbaytalk!!!😪
Miiao Imur (1 month ago)
2:35 look at how the sun shine into the bucket..... Where the fuk his hiding the fish
Uma mahi (1 month ago)
Please do sacred riannas tricks as well
Jefrey Nicanor (1 month ago)
your thoughts in d 1st tricks of dynamo is really nonsense idiot,do you think he can carry that such a volume of fish w/out any seen of force in his arms?try to convince me w/ your explanation referring to that video coz I wasn't born yesterday moron😈😈😈😈😈😈
Zhe zhe (1 month ago)
the first video of the Dynamo trick, I think that small bucket can't hold hundreds of big fish
Satnam singh (1 month ago)
Hey man. Your explanation is fucking stupid.. when you cannt solve it why r u fucking put your head in this matter.. so nonsence this host fucker..khudd saale log mandir ki seedian ko bhi maatha ragad ragad ke tod dete hein. Or doosron ke tricks solve krte hein..
Mali Boss (1 month ago)
You are super foolish guy who don't understand nothing
Shyamsundar Gurjar (1 month ago)
Nonsense.Totally illogical explanation.we don't need your explanation.If you have guts, Come with your own bucket and do the same, as simple as that
Ginpu Baite (1 month ago)
Im not satisfied wit ur revealed.
Rakesh Kachhi (1 month ago)
But I want know that in the talent got talent program one contestant who start their program sleeping and between the program one ghost lady who ride on the bicycle and their half body is back said how it's possible because there is no chance to hidden our body so please also give answer it .......🙇🙇🙇🙇🙏🙏🙏 if I can then I also give this program photo Please see this link - https://www.google.co.in/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DamQ9AnTDdDk&ved=0ahUKEwjn58-5u_zdAhUJ3o8KHTHoBcAQo7QBCCMwAA&usg=AOvVaw2mQ-0OX6qyJZJuEiLSqZR6
maxson longjam (1 month ago)
If u know all why can't u be a magician like them? Ur reveal is totally wrong. Look at the size of the bucket and the amount of fish. Can u produce more fish than the volume of bucket?
bruno jones (1 month ago)
now that's true and thanks to you

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