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World's 5 Greatest Magic Tricks Finally Revealed #4 | Dynamo | David Blaine | BGT | FactoFusion

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Shows like Britain's Got Talent, America's Got Talent and Dynamo's Magician Impossible have seen quite a few memorable magic tricks performed by some of the best known magicians in this world. They are the masters of illusion and it takes a great amount of passion and dedication for them to perfect the tricks. But at the same time, everyone wants to decode what's behind the scenes, and if possible know their secrets. So, be it Dynamo’s famous fish from bucket trick or Darcy Oake’s Dove and Cage trick, some of the secrets behind the world's 5 Greatest Magic Tricks will be finally revealed. Below is the featured list of the world's 5 greatest magic tricks revealed: At number 5: Fish From Bucket Trick by Dynamo At number 4: Cage Illusion by Darcy Oake (Britain's Got Talent) At number 3: Hand Through Glass Trick by Cyril Takayama At number 2: David Blaine Vomit Frogs At number 1: Ghost Girl (Josephine Lee in Britain's Got Talent) So guys, which magic secrets would you like us to reveal in Part 5 of our Magic Series? Leave us a comment below.. Thanks for watching! Subscribe to FactoFusion: http://bit.ly/FactoFusion Our Social Media: Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FactoFusion Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/FactoFusion Music: Enter the Party by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100240 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (784)
Sanjoy -The Evergreen (26 days ago)
Want to see quick dress change magic and Card magics.
Raja Shekhar (30 days ago)
Changing the dress
Asd Asd (1 month ago)
كل الفخر والتقدير لمخترعي الخدع
Joaquim Dsouza (1 month ago)
Such a horrible accent !!
Qazi Raheel (1 month ago)
Hmmm. Your explanations still don’t add up.
Popoy Bukas (1 month ago)
explanation for fish bucket is not convincing...hellow imagine how many fish is there..he never change the bucket...
Thankgod Nnaji (1 month ago)
Listen.....the fish that was poured out is too big that it cannot contain 2 bucket do.....my friend,what did you say that your name is again!
uato MR (1 month ago)
Remember to visit video like subscribe channel thank you @@@@😊
MrDangerousme (1 month ago)
ajuAju Aju (2 months ago)
You'r wrong inframesion
Rolando Sumalinog (2 months ago)
this not convincing video.. u revealed the bucket fish trick? how come ur explaination come true? how many fish got into a small bucket while u saw in the video so many fish that one bucket not enough... when we say they cut the camera meaning people their know it thats its not true?
Lam Cheek (2 months ago)
Hello, have you hear about plagiarism. You pick others' explanations and gave it an Indian accent.
Luis Pena (2 months ago)
Super ಸೂಪರ್ ಆಗಿದೆ
Dong dela Cruz (2 months ago)
Not clear explaination
ALI NADEEM (2 months ago)
Gary Twitchett (2 months ago)
It's all a bit 'Cagey' 😀
Asen Sio (2 months ago)
Lol vidios
Love Bigo Live (2 months ago)
wow, amazing
Fresh Dumbledore (2 months ago)
What’s really annoying is that the plural of fish is fish
Loner Boy (2 months ago)
Not good explanation, it sucks my mind..😡
Joey Lang (2 months ago)
Where is your proof for all these wonderful ideas of magicians ideas you have?
okol gogoi (3 months ago)
Last one is so obvious, even a kid will figure it out, but not convinced with the dianomo one
Captain X (3 months ago)
are you Indian
Sabrina Hassan (3 months ago)
How clever are you to majic
Alfredo Silent (3 months ago)
Those fishes are not as small as the explanation shows
Live-Counter.com (3 months ago)
the simplest tricks are often the which are the most astounding.
Adel Ch (3 months ago)
WRONG OBSERVATION ON FISH TRICK, He could not possibly lift that much weight in the way he was holding it.
UtopiaTimes (3 months ago)
but you go
UtopiaTimes (3 months ago)
don't believe a word of it
anoop gec (3 months ago)
Grt explanations
Landoh Clensy (3 months ago)
honesetly i didn't understang the a shit about the glass explanation. secondly on the last trick, the width of that table is too small for someone to fit inside. i guess you're just trying to prove magic ain't real. thats good. but you've got no real proofs. try harder. the fish and bucket trick senseless. from what i could observe, those fishes were too many, not only to fit inside the bucket but the weight of all those fishes put together, that guy shouldn't have carried the bucket as easy as he did. who is understanding me?
nikki callaghan (3 months ago)
If you look carefully at the ghost girl table its a lot deeper than it appears to be due to clever painting. It’s a common thing in illusions to give more space inside them. I know this as fact rom working with an illusion act myself
Healy Ningobam (3 months ago)
Narciso Arias (3 months ago)
Fuck you, your revelation is wrong .
Esther Markle (3 months ago)
I have never heard fish buckets theory this is my first time ever
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_miTQTeR_e_lCdSULSxClVeueuLdCJf3 it is amazing video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is amazing video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_miTQTeR_e_lCdSULSxClVeueuLdCJf3 it is amazing video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is amazing video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_miTQTeR_e_lCdSULSxClVeueuLdCJf3 it is amazing video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Musa Ceesay (3 months ago)
No that is really magic
john berongan (3 months ago)
all they fckin did is just a trick.. no power of magic happen..
* ED (3 months ago)
Wtf. Your idea to reveal their magic is sucks dude. It doesnt make sense. Tell this reveal to the kid under 3 years old. They would believe it
Song Khmer (3 months ago)
Good video
Alisa Lisa Pretty Lisa (3 months ago)
Pls stop wasting our subscriptions
[M] SEM NOME (3 months ago)
Não cabe tudo isso de peixe no balde não ;-;
Jimoh Ahmed Abiodun (3 months ago)
Robert doxin (3 months ago)
Stupid you dont that skill to reveal this secrets.. Stop making stupid videos
Foster Odame (3 months ago)
Your videos are not convincing enough... Total lie
Top apps (3 months ago)
Please Hind language
jim bob (3 months ago)
can someone explain what the fuck youre talking about? I call it the Indian teeth trick...try SEPARATING THEM WWHEN YOU TALKYOU EXPOSING ASIAN CUNT.
Merlyn Alferez (3 months ago)
Everything is not true
Maro Vok (3 months ago)
Poor explanation of the aquarium trick ..
Gerald Masiad (3 months ago)
out of you mind¿ imagine hoe many fish in there
Orion Spacecraft (3 months ago)
Can you pronounce properly?
Travis Richard (3 months ago)
This guy is full of shit
KH. kompot (3 months ago)
Sam Morfitt (3 months ago)
If you watch the bucket closely you can see it is leaning on something (obviously due to the magic of TV and with a green screen), fish were fed into the bucket while being tipped
Meghamala Monamgari (3 months ago)
this is a were easy
SERIAL KILLER (3 months ago)
BaroDrinksBeer (3 months ago)
2 of these explanations are completely wrong, and the rest were already explained, and he probably just saw another persons youtube video.
Al P (3 months ago)
*FISHES*?????? REALLY??😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Firos Khan (3 months ago)
All mAgics are tricks....if we need perform that must have practice and timing......Now lots of people use editing video like real magic
Dil Shaan (3 months ago)
Your explanation sht
HARISH KUMAR (3 months ago)
Andrew Corbett (3 months ago)
Is that how jesus did it
Ray Lan (3 months ago)
Dont talk. Show us..
Pom Jam (3 months ago)
rakesh from microsoft support system doing magic tricks now
Jordan Rosarion (3 months ago)
The fish bucket is another level
Afeen Moazem (3 months ago)
Dude your a fucking retard when you tried revealing vomiting frog magic, You should stop doing what you are and do something better with your useless life...
Ghost Web (3 months ago)
Hahahahaha...I never thought that a glass was able to move without moving the other one. Your explanations are totally illogical...nice try, mate...keep trying, someday you will discover the truth. :P
Hector VR_pr (3 months ago)
Dynamo and Darcy Oakes are way ahead of the rest of magicians in the world. Nice gadgets. 👏👏👏
Aditi Mishra (3 months ago)
U talking shit hw can these big fish be in plastic inside the buckets
Postive Vibes (3 months ago)
Ehrrrr *WRONG*
Koo Nyuk Tnal (3 months ago)
So well,thats why i need copy this magic trick now >:)
Darren Chin (3 months ago)
The bucket explanation doesn't make sense, it was perform in the day and the sun was shining clearly onto the bucket, doesn't seem to have any layer as mentioned. You can find this in 2:36
Air news (3 months ago)
Stop talking shit,what they are doing is real
MOHD ANZAR (3 months ago)
Thanks sir clear the confiusion
J F (3 months ago)
Bullshit explanations! So lame that they are actually funny!
Carson Agar (3 months ago)
Holy crap his voice is ANNOYING
Utopian (3 months ago)
If there is a hole in the fish tank the water pressure will push out way much more water than the video shows.
abhinash kumar (3 months ago)
People say he is demon or Jin,I have seen his all tricks doing by some more magician like- julian. So what they are also Jin or demon or all uses trick think and watch 'now you see me movie' All the fishes were dead and also frog,one make a single pigeon two but you notice why he didn't do it simply why he burn fire first,right for create illusion
D73Mi. A (3 months ago)
Sepertinya tidak mungkin, soalnya ember kecil tapi ikan keluar banyak. Jadi bagaimana trik ini bekerja?
Randy batumbakal (3 months ago)
the bucket is too small for the fish, like your brain is smaller than your mouth
Topanga Reyna (3 months ago)
L.J. Yaw Agyemang II (3 months ago)
wow real denegrates in the comment section lol. Ya'll still belive in magic at your age?
MrHeesbeen (3 months ago)
The thing with professional magic and stage illusions, is a bit contradictory. One the one hand we know that it is chicanery and we`re being tricked, while on the other, we want to be mystified.
Ashif Lama (3 months ago)
Shut the fuck off bro
Doctor Qalandar (3 months ago)
Great explanation
JOE ELIAS (3 months ago)
FISHES, yes ! He is right,that's an old fashion plural form of fish as can still be seen in some old literatures
Philip Turner (3 months ago)
I have never liked dynamo as he just uses cheating and lying with collusion with stooges.
Mirza Inam (3 months ago)
Uploader ur a cunt
Mark Symonds (3 months ago)
The frog and the bendy girl I can see, maybe the fish tank guy and the bird cage guy you can see extreme hand skills in operation and they are all unbelievable tricks but the bucket of fish and Dynamo is bollocks. No way all those people were in on it especially the kids. Stopped filming to change buckets, that's bollocks. Dynamo involves hundreds and hundreds of people, they all won't keep their mouths shut. Anybody with any skill could perform half of what Dynamo does according to you, if all he does is have loads of stooges huddled around him. Performing magic like he does with social media, cameras everywhere and wannabe's ready to give up anything for a cash handout by the gutter press, it amazes me that someone hasn't said something. That in itself is a magic trick.
Flavio batida gospel SN (3 months ago)
Corinhos de fogo --Deus forte como Jesus, o Homem da Galiléia, Davi... Feliz ano novo 😀 Link do video completo no you tube https://youtu.be/u82RfHGUY50 https://youtu.be/u82RfHGUY50
mnhm gadka (3 months ago)
thanks profesional
EBOLA ANUBIS (3 months ago)
fuck indian
All these magicians have made deals with demons. The demons are at their disposal until death. Then, the magicians serve the demons for enternaty.
al capone (3 months ago)
Change the narrator man i cant understand his pakostani accent
Crys Garcia (3 months ago)
You assuming big mouth....this indiian mouth stop...
MO ABDU (3 months ago)
U are st
Sean (3 months ago)
This indian guy is full of wrong information. Get a life dude
vip (3 months ago)
Not sure what you think
pacboe (3 months ago)
abit naive aren't you? oh well, to each one his own reasoning...
Arjun Kumar (3 months ago)
अंग्रेजी बोलने से तुम्हारी मूर्खता छुप नहीं सकती। ......

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