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Arena World Championship | APAC Player Profile

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Follow http://Twitch.tv/Warcraft to be notified when we go live! The 2018 AWC APAC Finals begins this weekend! Tune in to see the best players from Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and Korea clash to determine which team will qualify for the Arena World Championship Finals at BlizzCon! We caught up with the teams competing to learn more about where they came from, who they are, and what motivates them as a player and person. For the latest updates visit: http://WorldofWarcraft.com
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Text Comments (48)
Data Collaborate (5 months ago)
Well, i know how Classic was....But still.. FOR THE HORDE!
Jim Russels (6 months ago)
Give us pvp vendors.
Maestroz (6 months ago)
OL CHUM (6 months ago)
rated T for teens tho monkaTOS
Stefan (6 months ago)
please type name of first song in video
Nexius (6 months ago)
Cool now revert the class design back to MOP because your pruning and simplification of classes have killed dueling and most of PVP.
Chris Tunnicliffe (6 months ago)
Some love for Fingal Bay :)
CrazyCrezarak Arak (6 months ago)
I was 5 when I started playing world of Warcraft
FTWItachiPlays (6 months ago)
Whatsup everyone, so I run a small gaming channel just short of 2000 subs trying to hit 5000 subs before 2019. Looking for feedback on any of my videos please, positive and/or negative so I can learn as I don't get much comments as I don't know what to change.
Vgpl0 (6 months ago)
If these people played as long ago as they said they would understand how trash current PvP and game design/balance as a whole is and be railing on Blizzard this entire time during this video. Sellouts.
Almighty Carlos (6 months ago)
This isn't real life, chilllll
Bebos (6 months ago)
World Gaming (6 months ago)
For the horde
Rainswept Flower (6 months ago)
dude's mom got him into WoW ♥ >=3
Chubbydubby Chive (6 months ago)
Dangnabbit these guys are good at what they do
Stacey's Stash (6 months ago)
Kind of hoping a team that isn't well known wins it all :)
Water Nebula (6 months ago)
_for nazjatar_
蕭寗寗 (6 months ago)
台灣加油! 祐祐 老同學你最棒了💪💪💪
Wotanor (6 months ago)
Besides the first one, All of them look like complete nerds
Wotanor (6 months ago)
Oh wait I meant the second one lol.
Toaster Master Race (6 months ago)
Well the first one was fat which is worse lol
Wotanor I bet you were voted prom king, huh?
T. P. (6 months ago)
Less soy
FroooChiiin Gaming (6 months ago)
me playing and still today more fucos on PVE but hit #20 in cata in pvt server
張祥泰 (6 months ago)
靈兒 (6 months ago)
divionism (6 months ago)
Hey can we q @yunexx
mitchboy (6 months ago)
FreZounet (6 months ago)
Starting at the end of Wod... noob xD
FreZounet (6 months ago)
Of course not better than me. It's Casu now, be glad at BC was much more hard
FreZounet still better then you
Vincent DELCROIX (6 months ago)
still far better than you tho...
John Smith (6 months ago)
Oh look. Asians. SHOCKING!!!
John Smith (6 months ago)
Girlfriend. HA HA HA!
EnzoCroft (6 months ago)
dang he was 10 when he started playing WoW.... In Cataclysm... whelp I feel old lol
World Gaming (6 months ago)
Same here lol brhuuuuuuuu
Fisal1996 Alazmi (6 months ago)
ماعندكم سالفه :)
Stunhero YNZ (6 months ago)
😂يب بس بياخدو💸💸💸ع هالاشياء الي مالها داعي
moha algerieno (6 months ago)
هاذا هو عملهم.
Binki (6 months ago)
Typical example of person who is loser in real life , no girlfriend and any aspect of social life.
Binki (6 months ago)
Also , what is wrong with Fitz haircut?
Robert J Cotter (6 months ago)
What do a bungee cord and a hooker have in common they're both quick fast and if the rubber breaks your pretty much screwed
Triều Trần (6 months ago)
An expected surprise, but a welcome one. :)
Skirdus (6 months ago)
"who watches the arena world championship at 3 in the morning?" *_"OH BOY 3 AM"_*
David Hollings (6 months ago)
6PM Pacific!
For The Horde
Shorizo (6 months ago)
Robert J Cotter (6 months ago)
no just no

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