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Create Effective Talking Head Videos

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http://www.vimaco.com.au Learn how to create effective talking head marketing videos. One of the most popular formats for online videos are talking heads. When viewers are able to see facial expressions combined with your tone of voice, presenters can really make a connection with their audience. But talking head videos can get very boring very quickly. So in this video, we look at some simple tips to ensure your audience will hang on to every word you say. Hi I'm Gerry Tacovsky from Vimaco Talking head videos, like this one, are some of the most popular videos online today. They're relatively easy to produce, you can create them on your own with just a video camera, tripod, microphone and lights. But they can become boring after just a few minutes with so here are some simple techniques you can use. Each of us has their own presentation delivery style. Some us talk really fast and have energy bursting out. Others speak at a much slower rate with a calmness about them. Ideally you want a natural, relaxed and authentic delivery style just as if you are talking one-to one with friend - but with controlled energy. Rule of thirds provides a useful guideline on the composition of our video. Imagine the frame evenly divided in thirds horizontally and vertically. Your key elements should be placed along these lines or their intersections. Aligning a subject with these points creates more energy and interest than a composition than simply has the subject in the centre. The eyeline of your presenter should be at the lens height of the camera. Unless you want to make a particular statement. If your eyeline looks down on the camera, the presenter will have a sense of authority, whilst looking up to the camera will be submissive. The B-Roll is secondary footage which can be used for cutaways and is ideal for talking head videos. In a live production you would you use two cameras, one in front and one on the side. When your editing, you can cut from one camera to the other from the different angles adding variety to the visuals. Now here is a simple tip if you don't have a spare camera. Shoot your presentation straight to camera, then repeat again, this time with a slight angle. You can also create more variety in post production by making it black and white and simulating camera movement. B-Roll can also use video footage that illustrate what you are talking about. For instance if you are describing your business, using relevant footage will be more effective. Everything you see in the frame should be there to support what you are saying and not distracting or worse still, contradict what you're saying. I spend a whole video on this topic called The Video Marketers' Guide to mise-en-scene and I'll share with you the link at the end of this video. Use Graphics to visually support what you are saying but make sure the graphics don't invade your personal space. The most important element of a video is not a visual but audio. If your audience can't hear you then they can't see you. So use a quality external microphone such as a lapel mic or a shotgun mic as close to the subject as possible. Background music can create the right mood for your video so be very selective with the music your choose and use original or royalty free music. If your presentation has a number of distinct sections than use title cards break them into sections. Like this one. Now for the Final tip - use a twist. Audiences like familiarity when they know what to expect from a format - like they watch their favourite TV shows each week. However, we are programmed to pay attention to what is different, so adding a twist to a familiar idea is a great way to gain attention. Thanks for watching. This is Gerry Tacovsky from Vimaco signing off until next time.
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Wayne May (11 months ago)
Maybe I am an edge case, but especially with nothing around the speaker, when he/she is off center, it feels unbalanced, and quickly becomes annoying.
Filip Delac (1 year ago)
Tom Nash (1 year ago)
Awesome video 👊
MK Waxing Studio (1 year ago)
Please may I ask what software you use to create the text coming into your talking head videos (kind of like a mix between a video and Keynote). Thanks! :-)
MK Waxing Studio (1 year ago)
ok thanks :-)
Most video editing software like Window's free Movie Maker allow you use use text overlays for your videos. I use professional software from Adobe; Premier for editing and After Effects for special effects. There's a big learning curve to use them but they are very powerful.
Linda Wagner (1 year ago)
Love the humour in this clip!
Bhushan Hadkar (2 years ago)
Very informative video with great examples....
Vidyograf (2 years ago)
hi there, how long should be a talking head video ? ideas ? - I'd say max 6-8 minutes for online video
Show them what works and use stats to back you up.
Vidyograf (2 years ago)
Thanks for the reply ! I agree with you, nevertheless sometimes it's really hard to convince the clients. I would appreciate if you could share your strategies on client relationships.
The video should be as long as it needs to be to achieve your objective. Be aware that two to three minutes is a general sweet spot for online videos but if you have a complex topic and your targeting your audience correctly, then it can be as long as 20 to 30 minutes.
Dennis G D (2 years ago)
I think you missed rule number one: speak to the camera. thanks for the video.
Dumisani Nkala (3 years ago)
Very helpful thank you!
Now it's your turn Dumisani.
NordicVampire (3 years ago)
D": i was hoping this would help me edit things cause not to be mean or anything but the video editor youtube has sucks very badly i can't make talking cat videos any help Vimaco - Video Marketing i figured theese videos are my favorite why do i not make some my self but the guy that makes them perfectly is rude and won't tell me the program
NordicVampire (3 years ago)
:D thanks!
+JonGamingCentral I use Adobe Premier CC but there are many free video editing software around that are easy to use. You can download Window's Movie Make here http://windows.microsoft.com/en-au/windows/movie-maker or search for 'free video editing software.
Jacey Tylar (3 years ago)
Great Video! Thanx
Thanks +Jacey Tylar
Lou Zucaro (3 years ago)
Great, simple, to-the-point tips & examples...very nicely done. Thanks for posting!
Matt Mawson (4 years ago)
You look kinda jaundiced or stale. It's the same way I look under my fluorescent lighting (the big photo cfls) any way to make your face look a little warmer and healthier in post?
Alex & Erika (4 years ago)
This was great! Thank you!
@Alex & Erika I appreciate your comment.
Andreas Eichler (4 years ago)
Thanks for that Jerry. I needed some instruction on this subject.
I hope it works out well for you @Andreas Eichler 

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