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Chain Strike Official Full Trailer [EN]

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One move forward. One step towards victory. Chain Strike, a turn-based tactical RPG! Download today! Google Play: http://bit.ly/ChainStrike_Android iTunes: http://bit.ly/ChainStrike_iTunes Chain Strike Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/chainstrike/ Game Features Experience the strategic elements of Chess intertwined with an RPG. One move towards victory! One Move Forward. One Step Towards Victory! Use a cast of characters that range from Rooks to Knights; from King to Queen in an epic tale of wit and wonder. Conquer your Foes with Rank & Grit Play against friends or foe here, there and everywhere. Epic Stories & Endless Hours of Fun Experience a plethora of game modes and stories as your team navigates through the forces of evil. Explore a Diverse Array of Characters Share your favorite players with fellow guild mates & friends with over hundreds of characters. ---------- Terms of Service: http://www.withhive.com/ Customer Support: http://www.withhive.com/help/inquire
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Text Comments (10)
vitor drose (6 months ago)
ana bartolo (11 months ago)
anime de soccer spirits
gate guard (11 months ago)
XPloD (11 months ago)
Does anybody know where to find this song? Please and thx!
Once KulotskieGG (1 year ago)
Music by 7oops??
zeek GD (1 year ago)
I'm sticking to sw lol
Blue Frost (1 year ago)
I don't know if you are ever going to read this but please make an anime of Soccer Spirits
Blue Frost (1 year ago)
I love everything from the song to the beautiful video
j r (1 year ago)
Better than sw
by abogadouuu (11 months ago)
this game is not better than sw,but have the potential to be better than sw

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