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The Art of Tommy Cooper

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Copyright: BBC Tommy Cooper was a national comedy institution whose catchphrases still remain in the language today. This bumbling giant with outsized feet and hands, whose mere entrance on stage had audiences erupting with uncontrollable laughter, was born in Caerphilly in 1921. This programme looks at the life and art of the man in the fez, whose clumsy, fumbling stage magic tricks hid a real talent as a magician. His private life was complicated and often difficult, but as far as his audiences were concerned, he was first and foremost a clown whose confusion with the mechanisms of everyday life made for hilarious viewing.
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Brian Mcnamara (11 days ago)
He was the only comic who made my grandfather laugh.....I'm a different generation and he makes me laugh out loud.
GTR MAN (11 days ago)
Tommy was a one and only.
Emanuel Daoud (12 days ago)
Funniest comedian ever
tunercvr (27 days ago)
Nice doc, I loved him growing up. Anyone know the incidental music starting around 4:00 and at 14:34? There's nothing in the show credits.
Kevin Morse (1 month ago)
He lived and then He died, Just like That 😃
jrbs (1 month ago)
I loved him when I was a kid. He really was unique and I think his complicated troubled character was actually what made him so special. God bless him😉😉😁
Tom Thumb (1 month ago)
6'3'' and 15 stone
Peter Smith (1 month ago)
In a book i read, tommy really liked it when people applauded his tricks, Thats why, he would, say, "Thank you very much"!
Peter Smith (1 month ago)
He was a clown, in the best sense of the word!
Geoff Joffy (1 month ago)
This man was so naturally funny he didn't even have to say anything funny. Haha. Legend.
IanRM (1 month ago)
I knew Mary Kay's son. Mary was beaten up by Tommy at least once per week.
mickeybigbuds (1 month ago)
thumbed up by 4 min 23 sec. such a talented man.brilliant.
Clothed Ape (1 month ago)
He was a greedy F*****r, he'd often put a teabag in a cabbies top pocket saying "Have a drink on me".
Howard Manley (1 month ago)
Nothing good comes from drinking alcohol, I know first hand 🖐🏼 35 yrs sober now thx to Gods intervening He took a drunk and made him sober.( changed the whole course of my life. Thank you God The father of all who claim his Son Jesus Christ 🎚<><
Mal big (2 months ago)
how can people find this shite entertaining?
Mal big (1 month ago)
Christ, are you a scriptwriter for that wanker Jim Davidson.
+Mal big You write like a hurt and angry child yet I have no problem in laughing at you. Even in this format, you cannot blank out that laughter. Now dance for me you thick slob.
Mal big (1 month ago)
Hilarious you really are.
+Mal big Big you may be but I think this lowly form of humour goes right over your head. Woosh!. Just like that.
Mal big (1 month ago)
No, I am Scottish with a sense of humour.
Jonathan Lloyd (2 months ago)
"Just like that!"
Simon Taylor (2 months ago)
Another genius!....what does that make Bach & Beethoven?
Hammer Down Under (1 month ago)
decomposing composers?
Mark Harrison (3 months ago)
Tommy Cooper was a talentless unfunny cunt. So glad he killed himself.
Kathy Young (1 month ago)
No need to be mean.
HooDatDonDar (1 month ago)
Go you and do likewise.
Jay Babcock (4 months ago)
This guy was shit. No talent hack. Fucking horrible
Oscar Gonzalez (5 months ago)
Tommy' era El 4 chiflado. genius 🤡😉😀😄😂😜😮😐🤑😳😱🤡
Raymond B (5 months ago)
No need for dirty or filthy gags! He was a genius, just walked on stage and you were in fits! He makes modern comediens look like sh*t! RIP Tommy - thanks!
Brian Smith (5 months ago)
he was an early time muppett . funny, but he hid. good entertainment.
Jay Babcock (5 months ago)
English humor in general I like but this guy is horrible. Not funny in the least.
oma huppiedos (6 months ago)
I have always been a big fan of him and it will never change.
[Cykoid] (1 year ago)
"The man literally died to the sound of laughter".... and I would bet my bottom dollar that was exactly the way he wanted to go.
Dom Farmer (1 year ago)
Err where's the bit about the fact he was a prolific wife beater? I love Tommy Cooper but how can they do a video on his personal life and describe his wife as a hard woman who would crack the whip, when the truth is he consistently beat the shit out of her. And that's out of his children's mouth before the trolls get on to me.
louis reniers (5 months ago)
Not thru his daughter says otherwise
Merca230e (1 year ago)
I still remember how he did his tricks. Not like that-----like that.
TheDAHLR (1 year ago)
No comment about he had an affair for all of his marriage - that's ok isn't it because he is a man and apparently funny. What about his poor deceived wife?
John Callahan (1 year ago)
He's THE genesis  of hERMANN mUNSTER
Luc Van Hecke (1 year ago)
I can't help it but he's the best ever lived because he was in real life the same as in his shows and yeah i like to laugh and be funny :)
1959Berre (1 year ago)
Such a wonderful man. He was able to make the impossible combination of laughter and sadness work. Still miss him.
Wee Man (1 year ago)
I've searched high and low to see some footage of the mighty Tommy Cooper's bank manager, I can now rest easy. (Said no one ever!)
TimeConstrained (2 years ago)
...and there he was....just like that, no more no less.
Stephen Cutajar (2 years ago)
The only comedian that could make you laugh just by walking on the stage and doing nothing. I watch his shows over and over again and still laugh till I cry.
Jack Frost (2 years ago)
Mark Harrison (3 months ago)
What about beating his wife?
Tommy Gregory (2 years ago)
brilliant man 👨
Fuck MARGARET Thatcher, stealing the catchphrase. She was a cunt, the Anti-Christ.
Royston Bills (2 years ago)
Stewart Nicol as BILLY CONNOLLY
HMQ (2 years ago)
Stewart Nicol as BILLY CONNOLLY You should be hounded to an assisted suicide. I'd knock your teeth out you fucking jerk off.
+SLORRIFJART321 you need to show respect for Great Britain
SLORRIFJART321 (2 years ago)
+Trance_World_Artists 2014 Oh, sorry. It was the queen who did that. I remembered wrong. The queen did it, just like that.
+SLORRIFJART321 apologise
The number one giant of comedy in his era. Never surpassed, or even equalled.
louis reniers (5 months ago)
Stewart Nicol as BILLY CONNOLLY your right about that never a better comedian
ya, but who needs comedians as entertainers? nowadays we have the Greats, such as cheryl Tweedy, Victoria and David Beckham, Jane Goody, Kylie Minogue, Baby Spice , Scary Spice, Smelly Spice, Peter Andre, Justin Bieber , Lady Dim Brains and a whole plethora of talentless "stars"!
CuCa enkel (2 years ago)
Find tommy just a few days ago (strange, I'm 43 today). what I know is that he is the best comedians I've ever seen. I watch all the clips I can find, check not only the day's entertainment without search back in time, you never know what you may be missing out of. thanks Tommy
Brian Smith (2 years ago)
the best on tv in all times
MrVinamp (2 years ago)
17:41 LOL
Robbie Speirs (2 years ago)
He cheers me up every time i see him
mrklimop jou (3 years ago)
what is the story about the picture at 18:24 (the scrached out face) any one knows???
Mark Lynch (2 years ago)
+mrklimop jou I just saw that too, and wondered????
Peter Wood-Jenkins (3 years ago)
Clever Comic sad really a very mixed up personal life and an alcholic
Peter Wood-Jenkins (3 years ago)
Yes Americans need Canned Laughter  they would not understand this
Alan (3 years ago)
I was born in Britain,so i appreciate the humour,but not sure if this would appeal to Americans ?
Joe B (3 years ago)
I love this guy. yes I'm American. he is the only comic I walk around quoting.
Red Floyd (3 years ago)
+alan robertson Sure it does.
Otacatapetl (3 years ago)
+alan robertson Nope. Not a chance.
placeksue (4 years ago)
This man is 'so' like my husband Gordon Bricher Stafford of Stafford Farms in Canada....I knew his father through the great horse OVERSKATE....that my daughter and I knew and followed and met in Millbrook New York where the horse was at stud, MILBROOK STUD. My husband was or could have been great, but alas his father was THE MOST important of the FREE MASONIC CANADIAN CLUB......they sacrifice their children to be great.....but even though my husband is a broken psychopath/narcist.....if you don't understand the MASONS at a HIGH level of Scottish Rite......then you don't have or are ABLE to have COMPASSION for these giants! They are 'fractured' at a very young age in the masonic lodge (bush family did it to their boys before they were out of diapers) and the 'commercialized ' public canadians believe EVERYTHING the see (just like the u.s.) that on t.v. OR in the news paper.  I hope that this may be seen by the Canadians that ''looked the other way'' for their comfort zones.....so they can THINK that everything is normal......because they are just as responsible as the TOP pedophiles of Britain, and north america.....because THEY LOOK THE OTHER WAY!
Mitchell Leary (4 years ago)
I've been into magic for over 50 years and I've never heard of Tommy Cooper. What a great person to discover, all that comedy and magic to hear and watch.  I've got to put myself in the right state of mind to fully appreciate this.  I do have a trick Fez like his that I assume doubles as a magician's egg bag.
Red Floyd (3 years ago)
+Mitchell Leary Not really, I've never seen him use the Fez as a prop. He uses other hats as props, but the Fez is just there as his trademark item.
bunnyboyau (4 years ago)
I remember as a kid crying till I pee'd myself at the new ham old ham sketch, great man
MorbidlyObeseCat (4 years ago)
Brilliant, thank you
Bill Goldman (4 years ago)
He was - like a poet
Dave Wayne (5 years ago)
Pat TheHombre (5 years ago)
A total classic.
martin evans (5 years ago)
he is the best I think so
Void In your heart (5 years ago)
too bad he died with people laughing at him
hankheavy (6 years ago)
Comedy Genius!
bart knegt (6 years ago)

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