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JELLY GUMMY BEAR ► https://goo.gl/TmjSDa You probably already know that many cartoons made by the most important studios come with a bunch of hidden messages. Of course, if you want to spot them you have to look at the screen very, very carefully and, if possible, without blinking. However, if you're already almost touching the monitor with your nose, and still can't find the Easter eggs, don't worry! Because in today's video we are gonna reveal five secret messages hidden in different animation films.
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WOLFLEY TUBE (1 month ago)
I saw Oswald when the train goes by near the end and if u pause at just the right time
chat cabrestante (2 months ago)
Additional In the movie Cars 2, in the time Mr. Sterling went to the bar, there was a painting of the characters in the movie Brave. In the movie Monsters Inc. , the kid gave Sulley a toy that exactly looks like Nemo in the movie Finding Nemo.
Jouita Dimas (2 months ago)
When I see a movie I don't see things like that at all
Gabrielius Sirutis (3 months ago)
Zootopia: the first the tickets is gone from that animal
Reagan Farrell (4 months ago)
In frozen when people are arriving for the coronation you see rapunzul and ugeine walking in
Mladen Stojic (5 months ago)
Aj si a lot
Cheryl Yoshida (5 months ago)
The hook is a decoration lots of people have it
nate dogg the dank kid (5 months ago)
I did find other thing in coco about pinta that look like Mike Buzz
aboneer pls tnhx Ransing (5 months ago)
In coco is adidas sponsord
Rafiq Mohamed (6 months ago)
Wallen is cute 😊
Ken Indo Gaming (6 months ago)
Its from calon sarjana channel!
WEI NIE LIM (7 months ago)
Oh oh , said the derecttor
Kulwant Sangha (7 months ago)
I saw a secret hidden message that you guys didn't see in the movie of zootopia When Judy cops found a criminal she catch the donut and save the girl's life and her and her friends were shopping at Target you can also see it on the her bags before she got crushed by the donut
Roy Washington (8 months ago)
If you watch moana you can see big hero sixes face on a coconut :3
GTDanJonson Jonson (8 months ago)
theres a hidden picture on the coco festival
kidsthe tabs (8 months ago)
Do more
Hiram Rodriguez (8 months ago)
Another inside out secret. When the first a got a house they saw a dead mouse. U see it looks like ratta tooy? I’m a kid idk how to spell it. It’s same movie when u saw the secret INS inside out.
The add on this is so sad it said we only live to die his Daughter died and he Believe in God if you ask me what the real asshole for not telling him just saying she would die you suck god go to hell
Chris Games (8 months ago)
How about bamax in the kakamora scene
James XD Gaming (8 months ago)
Maria Muett (9 months ago)
I did on coco pinata was buzz and the alien from toys story
Margaret Andersen (9 months ago)
Darell yay (9 months ago)
I see snow man
Unknown Eclipse (9 months ago)
I found double-tail-fox furry in hotel transilvania 3.She didnt talking. So it can be message, creator of hotel transilvania 3 know what is word "furry"
Kawai Milk (9 months ago)
The Moana rug I knew all about
juan morales (9 months ago)
In the movie coco buzzlughter car the rocket when they say no music
hernaabi3 (9 months ago)
In Moana baymax is a coconut
Albert Carbajal (9 months ago)
Did you know that in the movie coco I saw buzz and woodie
Sumaiya Ibrahim (9 months ago)
Theese r movie not cartoons
Chrissy Murray (9 months ago)
Its zootropolis
Saydee Lagazo (9 months ago)
I am from Hawaii and the book is something we like to have on
Maleeha Princess (9 months ago)
Finally we have got the truth😶😶😶
Yogi Smith (9 months ago)
So what the people all had something to do with all these movies if it was me i would have something showing my kid .....wouldnt u
Stefanos Nikolaou (9 months ago)
In lion king we can see Mickey Mouse’s head on the sky, shaped by the stars.
FoxyFan1 awd (9 months ago)
You miss one in coco in the land of the dead you can see an incredibles poster
jose H (9 months ago)
I seen coco like 100
James Rupe (9 months ago)
I saw Woody and Buzz Light your in Coco
Juicy juice Ginger (9 months ago)
In Moana olafos nose os on it
jarrod 101 (9 months ago)
In coco Buzz Lightyear was on the banister
Whale Dude Light (9 months ago)
I advance learned about Walter Elias Disney. Lesson 9372276263736272
Lasjah Erpilo (9 months ago)
Sponge bob is using sponge
Melie Polita (9 months ago)
In Angers Shoes There a Fail Too....
Jazmine Jones (9 months ago)
I just recently watched this one Cartoons always hid secret messages. Just like records played backwards.
Joseph Chacon (9 months ago)
There's a poster in COCO for incredibles 2
Madeline Hurst (9 months ago)
I’m Mona there’s one of the coconuts have ba maxes face
dj creeper1230 (9 months ago)
In disney movies they mostly all make hand sign
dj creeper1230 (9 months ago)
In coco it shows an incredibles 2 poster
dj creeper1230 (9 months ago)
dj creeper1230 (9 months ago)
Un coco it shows an incredibles 2 póster
GhostTTT S (9 months ago)
Coco scene never happend????!!!!
Kitty unicoo (9 months ago)
I found in the movie secret life of pets in a car I found a poster that said sing the movie and it had the animal of sing😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨
zulfiana farista (9 months ago)
4:52 in the coco movie the kid was wearing a show but is like a car is esacly LIGHTNING MCQUEEN!
The Dinostroyer455 (9 months ago)
zoe jackson (9 months ago)
In frozen r Rapunzel was coming to the coronation when the people were walking and you can see her with her hair cut short it was a purple dress and right near to a young couple walking and talking..😎😶
(9 months ago)
Where’s Justin Y?
Anime tv (9 months ago)
you forgot one in coco you know when he was running to Del LA Cruz, s huge building you can see that if you look on your right hand side that Toy Story characters were found also I think monsters Inc. Mike wazowski If I spelled his last name wrong oopsiedoozels!
Sinjon Sturgill (9 months ago)
2:21 The Big Donut From Steven Universe
Alex Paints (9 months ago)
I saw a hidden easter egg at coco.There was a incredibles poster and they look like a skeleton but i forgot where it was
LPSPlinko (9 months ago)
At 2:22 the creators of zotopia coped Steven universe cause Steven universe has a donut shop called the big donut
mykolas flederis (9 months ago)
I saw in memow a killer
Scott CM (9 months ago)
IN COCO there r buzzlightyear & woody pinyatas!
Cecilia Jolley (9 months ago)
When the bunny in Zootopia saves the mouse you can see that tha mouse is holding a bag that has the Target label on it and it says 'Mouseys' witch obsessively Macys DUH
janinne ross (9 months ago)
I'm flushed away if u pause at one part we're roddy is getting a movie u may see bee movie Sherk chikcen run and many more it's a dream works movie and flushed away is a dream works movie
ghost master (9 months ago)
In Cocoa with passing through the window you can see the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story
GTA5PLAYER Langon (9 months ago)
Toy story 3 the bear and in UP the pink bear appears next to da little gals bed
marmar fankz (9 months ago)
On boss baby when Tim saw the baby in the car if you look at Tim shirt it has a number 1on it when he went down stairs Tim shirt it has the number 2 on it.
Movies not cartoons btw.
Bella Ward (10 months ago)
In frozen Rapanzel is in the movie in the *For the first time in forever* where Anna opens up the gates and guests come in you will see Flinn and rapunzel
Leticia bts (10 months ago)
Logan Bradley (10 months ago)
On coco the land of the dead hector has the news shrit
Marco Caballero (10 months ago)
I saw Toy Story pinatas on Coco
John's gaming (10 months ago)
Target simble
Raymond Horning jr (10 months ago)
The target bags with the mouse
Dayana Regalado (10 months ago)
The truck of pizza planet is seen in the movie coco
JavinHD Narvaiz (10 months ago)
in coco the guitar has the gold tooth like hectour
Louis Playz (10 months ago)
You suck
AIDEN CHUR (10 months ago)
The car from toy story comes on if in coco when the Mexican music come which is the pizza car
Bill McHugh (10 months ago)
Hi in coco look closely when the main character gos to the plaza and the pin not us are the characters from toy story
Nayeli Cordero (10 months ago)
In Coco the pizza planet car is in the first scene🚀
Mari Andrade (10 months ago)
In coco there is woody and buzlightler and the car that passes. Is from toy storys the rocket car
Mr. Marshmello (10 months ago)
Lyra Plays (10 months ago)
I love the film coco
Brenda Alvarado (10 months ago)
when the dother of the old woman whith white hair says no music
Brenda Alvarado (10 months ago)
the car that has a rocket on top appears in coco
Maria Kontou (10 months ago)
U FORGOT SOMETHING AT COCOO! AT a moment danty became magical creature thing And his friend was peppita! Hut the thing is That AT the end of the movie shows That peppita is a cat AT her shadow!
Jamireen1 (10 months ago)
Not hidden messages! Just *EASTER* *EGGS*
Nicole Osyka (10 months ago)
I saw the secrets for the movie boss baby
TamTam Faderagao (10 months ago)
In coco is wrong
Virvelstorm Spel å annat (10 months ago)
2:17 torget referens
Bruce Conway (10 months ago)
I love coco
juliet juarez (10 months ago)
I know one there's one in the secret life of pets
atq42 (10 months ago)
I hv watched coco several times becs of my son but nvr seen tht bone chasing scene.
Vu Phong (10 months ago)
these are 3 rat is buy stuff the shopping bag look like target shop in real life
Marisol Hernandez (10 months ago)
You forgot to show the part in coco the pizza car in toy story in is where all the music comes on
SHADOWS IN MY ROOM (10 months ago)
Coco was really sad I nearly cried😢
KrazyPlayeR7 beast (10 months ago)
in co co the pizza planet car is in that movie
Veronica Ramirez (10 months ago)
In Coco you see him looking out and if you see a car that's looks like a rocket pause the vid and it says pizza planet
Anthony Rodriguez (10 months ago)
I saw woody and buzz as pinatas in coco as Miguel was running to go play at the festival
Diane Bacudo (10 months ago)
is that kronos from moana 0:51

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