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How to weave on a bald or shaved head with or without bond

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This video will show you an alternative to bonding onto your hair or scalp when you have very short hair, or a shaved bald head, with or without bond. Product used is Gro-Protect Solutions. Please subscribe, like and comment. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @AngelItaliano10 Music: Happy Day Riddim by Star Music JA IG and Twitter @StarMusicJA
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Natasha Green (3 months ago)
I see a lot of vidoes...this was a really good one. Good job!
AngelItaliano10 (2 months ago)
Thank you! Appreciate that!
Brittany Herron (4 months ago)
I've been look for a video that would tell I can do this my head and side are shave and I want to sew some hair in my hair
LayDa Lace (6 months ago)
Ohmygoodness you're a genuis!
felister muthoni (7 months ago)
where can I get it in Kenya
therealsongstress (7 months ago)
Just put on a wig....,,too much trouble
nayenare juliet (7 months ago)
Nicole P.SCORPIO (8 months ago)
I'm anew subscriber I love ya channel. Super true I did it like this
AngelItaliano10 (2 months ago)
Thank you! Working on new content as we speak..
Jovanah Dailey (9 months ago)
Omfg thanks cause everybody else act like they couldn't help me with the length of my hair
Mi Sproete (11 months ago)
YOU have GOT to see that television show 'Killjoys' from the SyFy channel. You look just like that English/British (?) woman on their that is the captain of the ship. Maybe you could audition to be her twin or something!!
Clarity Jenkins (1 year ago)
Did Jada see this?
ladytec40 (1 year ago)
That looks dangerous and very unhealthy towards us black people.....our enemies is just making a profit off of us
Chaquetta Green (1 year ago)
I would like to make appointment with you to fix my hair
AnnBSure (1 year ago)
what if you have hair how do you prep your hair to put the solution on? Is that even recommended to use if you have hair?
Tonia Parker (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing! Hair has come so far that no one unless they choose to should be walking around looking like snap crackle & pop 😂😂😂
Alicia Davis (1 year ago)
What about doing this on someone who only have spots in the top of their head but full on the sides and in the back?
tamara mills (1 year ago)
As a former stylist & instructor, I found this very informative. I've had clients w/ autoimmune disorders, cancer survivors, men & women w/ pattern baldness. 1 thing many had in common wz the fact they didn't like the wigs bc it didn't feel "a part of them" so it was a constant reminder of hair loss. I made tons of handmade molds for detachable weaves, neck strips w/ weave caps & nets- (not a fan of the glue), but I had to be creative! In my own experience of health related hair loss- I UNDERSTAND from their point of view. Where was this product 15yrs ago? #thestruggle 😂 Idc for wigs or weaves bc of skin sensitivities, but I don't mind for a wk or 2. I'm curious; I hv to try this. 👍🏽Thnx for sharing! Blessings 🙏🏽
Errique Young (1 year ago)
If you low self-esteem bitches are bald because of 'weave" , save some money and wear a wig
latrice n (1 year ago)
I have after a great shampoo and conditioner then wrapping I have grown tones of hair by protecting it with Gro Protection Solitions
latrice n (1 year ago)
Hello I use this often as a stylist. Never shampoo it off, always use water as warm as the client can stand it. I learned shampoo turns no it into a gummy/ glue like substance. Then after removing 90 to 95% of it then shampoo
Marie Tarbor (1 year ago)
Ok so after I sew on my tracks when I'm ready to wash the wig will it become soft and fall apart?
Lucinde McAfee (1 year ago)
Thank you thank you thank you for this video!!
Honey B (1 year ago)
so i can use it like gell and slick my hair back, wait for it to dry, and then do a sewin? ? that's PERFECT; ) :) ;)
Darren Harris (1 year ago)
I have hair my hair line is gone
YvonneBrenda Miller (1 year ago)
I have hot flashes. Will it stay?
Billy Taylor (1 year ago)
Can you put dread lock on it
Olivia Lashay (1 year ago)
If you are bald how would you sew without stabbing the person with the needle? Is it that thick?
Samantha Duncan (1 year ago)
Wear a wig plain and simple
E. Davis (2 years ago)
I just cut all my hair off because of alopecia. I live in the south with good ol humidity. I found that on my hair it worked better. On my shaved head, however, the sides and the back came up within a week. I'm guessing because that's where I am sweating the most. I now hate that I shaved my head. Maybe I didn't use enough. . . Idk
Sha Leyva (2 years ago)
i cant imagine sleeping in a wig
Olethea Felix (2 years ago)
does anyone know if you sweat more than solution up
ArtceyDe (2 years ago)
Is it breathable>,?
Ambrose Lee (2 years ago)
I live in Phoenix Arizona, where in the summer it gets 120+ degree's, wondering about sweat?
Jannita Warnick (2 years ago)
You answered my question I watch another video as she sewed in her hair she really didn't explain that, but you did so now I'm conflicted on should I glue or sew.
Melissa T (2 years ago)
Oh and to why not just get a wig .... The thought of a wig going wrong and everyday having to try n make sure u don't humiliate itself is why girls like me need to feel like the hair is mine and not going anywhere
Melissa T (2 years ago)
Thank you so much I'm really self conscious and just wanna have hair again that makes me feel like a human and u would only know what its like if u are someone with no hair and thank u again thank u u are so reassuring and I'll be confident and stop wearing hoodies when its a million degrees P.s I never rate or commenmt or anything like this but I am so hreatful to have watched this video so ur deserving of knowing how much u made a difference to me
ggfunnygirl (2 years ago)
It works....
eric davis (2 years ago)
omg you just saved me thousands of dollars.i didnt know i had options i am a man can it be glued on
Hi Thank you for this tutorial, you are very informative. I am a male with partial balding in the back and wanting to utilize this process. Do they make this fluid you are using in a clear color since I prefer to be blond or mixed highlighted hair? Thank you for any assistance :)
Milan Dior (2 years ago)
Question I have shaved the back of my head can I use this method because I made a i part wig and I want to sew a it down but the back is shaved should I just bond glue the back are and then sew it down ?
blessedjewel56 (2 years ago)
This may be great for chemo patients!
Claudia Williams (2 years ago)
tfhfg like love you ❤👍😍🎥
prettyegyptian666 (2 years ago)
Nantambu Satchldananda (2 years ago)
Angel, will this work for me. I have very long dreds however I am shiny bald on top.
Bare Beauty (2 years ago)
ok, so I've shaved my head bald, straight up bald and i put this on my scalp to make a "stocking cap" and I'm getting dizzy. i wonder if its due to the alcohol in this product
Tess Martin (2 years ago)
Thanks a lot
Sexi Diamond Fashions (2 years ago)
how good does you scalp breathe in that stuff? Can you oil you scalp 1st and then use the product?
The real deal! (2 years ago)
Temi BlogTv (2 years ago)
Wow love this, nice video. I subbed, check out my channel if you get a chance!!
Ruth Aondona (2 years ago)
Did the gps make the latex type cap all alone, or did you start with a latex cap?
After you remove it, would it be safe to add combs and resuse it like you could with a wig cap?
celestine whindleton (2 years ago)
I have alopecia. like those tips
celestine whindleton (2 years ago)
I have alopecia. like those tips
celestine whindleton (2 years ago)
I have alopecia. like those tips
sky jones (2 years ago)
I have a shaved cut n wen I sweat the tracks don't stick they slip off the same day so this does not work for me I can't rock bobs or nuthn
Dimples SKG (2 years ago)
Enjoyed !!!
Jakhia Bumpass (2 years ago)
Im in cheerleading, and I did the big chop and I want to install weave so for sure it's gonna come off and its not gonna show the cap if i do 14 inch head full remy weeave and pull it in a ponytail...????
Chloé Catalina (3 years ago)
can you glue on the weave hair on top of the cap once on head or have to sew in x
AngelItaliano10 (2 months ago)
You can absolutely bond on it!
Layla Borani (3 years ago)
I got these vitamins and a shampoo for my relative who started to lose a lot of hairs due to a special blood pressure medication. After using this ARGAN Rain %100 Pure Argan Oil product for three weeks we noticed that her hair are much fuller, heavier, healthy and shiny. She definitely stop loosing as much hair as she used to before. I think it is a great product; I would definitely recommend it.
Spencer Jones (3 years ago)
I have a question Miss Lady.. I have been receeding since I was 16 yes old and finally shaved all bald..like monk bald.. Should I use this product with a wig cap or do I just apply it to my head and let it take mold...then start sewing on the hair pieces. Also, someone said that solution is flaky..is is true or no.. thank you
k scho (3 years ago)
Could you please tell me how long this product is able to stay on the head is it just for one day or could it stay on for like a week or two?
buddy77587 (3 years ago)
thank you for sharing
Fatima Milton (3 years ago)
you really make great videos. youre a great teacher.
tweetypatrol911 (3 years ago)
I have a question can u put a stocking cap on then the bond
Lakisha King (3 years ago)
Does anyone knows if you can make a part with it because I have alopecia and have no hair but would love to try
Tina Jackson (3 years ago)
Wow, thanks angelitaliano, my friend has alopecia so I'm going to try this. Thanks for the help.
Do you have any more videos using a model. I know someone who lost their hair to breast cancer treatment. Thank you.
Litho Gonzalez (3 years ago)
You r so fucking cute to me!
Germaine Watson (3 years ago)
hello and thank you for this info! I would just like to know if it has any type of odor to it? if I get in the tub or shower, if my head tends to sweat underneath it, does it give off a chemical odor?
hotp!nk927 (3 years ago)
How long can this be worn? Also; won't my scalp get stabbed?
iwannabefamousLA (3 years ago)
Also I would like to know what if u sweat a lot when it's hot will will it come loose or drip or whatever u know ? Thanks
iwannabefamousLA (3 years ago)
Question now does this particular technique actually bond to the scalp at any point? I'm asking because I don't want it t to end up just easily coming off as any other wig would that is not actually seen into your own scalp thanks
Syreeta King (3 years ago)
i have a question i have a low fade but i wanted a side cut how would i got by doing that
Kiannia Williams (3 years ago)
how long would this product last in your head
Dezi Chrishon (3 years ago)
Very resourceful & inventive! I will definitely try this...tomorrow!
janae walker (3 years ago)
I have alopecia so could I use that to to do crochet braids
vanessa peterson (3 years ago)
can one just apply a whole lace front
vanessa peterson (3 years ago)
what if one want to use a lace front
vanessa peterson (3 years ago)
what if one want to use a lace front
danielle ezell (3 years ago)
love this video
MPress Lee (3 years ago)
Kristie Howard (3 years ago)
Thanks for this, I am bald due to alopecia and I hate wigs because they are always to big for my small head. This gives me a new option. My only concern is that I sweat very easy and I am sure that if you sweat the base will detach from your scalp more quickly. I guess I am just a HOT HEAD :-). Great video, thanks!
Zach Callahan (3 years ago)
What is the name of the product?
sharon newsum (3 years ago)
What's the name of the product you are using as the base?
Ejay C. (3 years ago)
Am I able to use the solution on an inch and a half head of hair as well?
Jessie Gbrown (3 years ago)
your very pretty
Suzette Miller (3 years ago)
If someone is bald, what is the advantage of trying to use a weave, compared to using a wig? It almost would seem better, and healthier for the scalp, to just use a pretty wig at that point. I wonder if those chemicals are healthy for the scalp.
9thwardpimpin (3 years ago)
my hair is thin and receding at the top and is really fine hair texture but the sides and back are full I want to get a man weave so I wanted to jus cut my hair into a fade and get the weave added in to make it look like a Mohawk so can I put this on the top of my hair before I bond the man weave? will my hair be okay under this?
Shontena Hudson (3 years ago)
? what if the client sweat a lot will it still stay on and how long do it last?
Selena William (3 years ago)
Question if the hair is bald can I put a cap on first than use the product so they don't have to have a reaction
d brax (3 years ago)
dear angel I have an area, on the right side near ear. can I use this product on my thinning area as a patch and add loose hair to fill it in? my hair is natural about 6 inches or 7 for the rest of my hair. Thank you, Dbrax
Kreative Ke (3 years ago)
where did you purchase that particular mannequin head?
mikayla smith (3 years ago)
wollmanrink (3 years ago)
So I have a mohawk..would I be able to apply it to the shaved sides alone? And would it last as long as it would compared to if I would've applied it to my whole head?
IAMWHOIAMization (3 years ago)
this is a great product BUT! if worn in excess your hair will come out terribly. everything you've said is true i have been doing the same technique since it has been on the market but i learned that my clients tend to wear their weaves too too too long no matter what i recommend.
Barbara cooper (3 years ago)
Yes Thanks I'm going to try this
MonicaAnderson22 (3 years ago)
Kiannia Williams (3 years ago)
whats the name of this product and where can i order some?
QuantityOfTUNES17 (3 years ago)
my head is shaved in the back and on the sides just a little...can I use it for those parts of my head and still leave some of my hair out?
Sabaah Ajena (3 years ago)
Where can you get diamond drops??
7jandi7 (3 years ago)
wow thank for this it's great info

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