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Vikings by the Wadden Sea - The Slave - Episode 4

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The walls in the Thing-hall in Ripa Town 825 AD are adorned with a colourful mural. It depicts the story of the foundation of the town, and one of the many figures in the mural is Asketud, the slave. This series has been created with the support of Region Syddanmark. The docudrama is produced by Ribe VikingeCenter www.ribevikingecenter.dk in co-operation with Malstrøm www.malstrom.dk Cast: Erik - Martin Schiøtt Paaskesen Bybo - Robert Reinhold Frida/Asketud (young girl) - Anna Lucia Ibsen Frida/Asketud (adult) - Christin V. Clausen Slave trader - Erling M. Madsen Frisian farmer - Flemming G. Lundholm Dan Bonde - Dan V. Hansen Ulfhild (young girl) - Nanna Louise Nemming Ulfhild (adult) - Pernille Vistoft Employees and students in Ribe VikingeCenter and Produktionsskolen Lustrupholm Live music - Virelai
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Text Comments (111)
Dragana Mitrovic (23 days ago)
I vi danas hocete nama da prodajete kulturu i demokratiju,nakazna i izdrgenerisana nacijo??? Treba da vas je sramota! Zivela Srbija i cela Istocna Evropa. Slava svim Slovenima !
The Grime Reaper (2 months ago)
Men are awful..... ly amazing!. Always and FOREVER!!!
Man of the north (2 months ago)
Vikings. Because raiding, slaughtering and slave training is apparently cool.
Cheong Perry (2 months ago)
Scandinavian society sure has gone a long way.
angela123 altintas (3 months ago)
That is why there is a the entire family is set to be executed.
tackyman2011 (3 months ago)
This was so much better and more interesting than that shitty "Vikings" show on the so-called History Channel.
MrJm323 (10 days ago)
"...that's your opinion which doesn't mean much cause no one cares" Sshhhh! ....tackyman is speaking. We all care about his opinion on these matters!
Justin Scott (1 month ago)
But that's your opinion which doesn't mean much cause no one cares
Joe Serrano (3 months ago)
The names, the beautiful people, White is BEAUTIFUL and STRONG! :)
me too (1 month ago)
Starchildfrom 90s Yes there is.
Starchildfrom 90s (1 month ago)
Joe Serrano there’s nothing wrong with feeling that way
me too (2 months ago)
Joe Serrano by everything you have written it us plain to see that you have never really delved into these issues. Ou are parroting the same things you hear. If you read even 10% of the available research, essays, etc that is done by recognized experts then you would maybe start to see how one dimension your view is. There is no nuance in your thinking or understanding. You have chosen a narrative that suits your feelings and allows you to be lazy in examining the issues. That's all well and fine until you start making harmful comments in public. Be proud of your heritage not your white skin colour. White as a race has constantly involved since it's eugenics creation. Less than a hundred years ago most white people weren't even considered white by the racist ruling classes. Anyway I tire of you now. Be a better person.
Joe Serrano (2 months ago)
biaten, I'm hoping that me too and you aren't crazy, hopefully you're just brainwashed, I do urge you to conserve your energies, both of you and read the REAL HISTORY, Whites are a minority on this blue planet, why are they made out to be the BOOGEY MAN? It makes no sense whatsoever, unless...there is an agenda....Every Human, White, Black, Yellow and Red has the right to exist on this beautiful blue planet, its not like Whites want to reconquer their past territories, lamentably might makes right, White Countries do have the RIGHT TO EXIST as well as the Black, Yellow and Red Countries, we are a RAINBOW PLANET, learn to discern the REAL TRUTH, not the one espoused by the msm.
me too (2 months ago)
biaten I don't argue with them to change their minds because you're right, they will double down. They already know their beliefs are unacceptable to society at large. I do it so that they know that their views are opposed and in case someone who could be influenced (like kids) is reading too. I have German family who were against nazism and Hitler but did not speak up out of fear and remorse stayed with them. I also had a grandad who killed nazi's, without remorse. This motivates me.
Nathan Holstrom (3 months ago)
From peasant to household servant in 3 generations & her kids would be free with a place as warriors at the table with the future Earl that they will be best friends with... Slavery really worked out well for that bloodline.
karina ashmon (2 months ago)
Nathan Holstrom uh two mom was free enslaved daughter was born slave then freed. Two gensrations
Mary Rodger (3 months ago)
I'm so glad I found you! Thanks
EuroSchlager Abteilung (3 months ago)
Turns out it was good Christianity replaced Viking savage paganism, killing the parents of children and then enslaving them at young age, was a shame for the pagans, glad they all converted to become Christians.
MrJm323 (10 days ago)
"...it was Christianity that officially ended slavery all over the world." Nonsense! ....The British accomplished this - only after the Enlightenment revived the ancient Stoic idea of the universal Brotherhood of Man, and this evolved into the natural rights theory which undergird the revolutions of the end of the 18th century. ....Only THEN, after 1800 years of Christianity, did the good Christians mount a serious abolition movement. The Anglo-Saxon slaves being sold in the streets of Rome around 600 A.D. didn't bother Pope Gregory the Great when he admired their beauty and resolved to send missionaries to Britain to convert them. Plantation owners never discouraged preachers from coming onto the plantation to preach to the slaves. But, was a slave ever freed because he converted to Christianity? ...No.
MrJm323 (10 days ago)
What did Charlemagne do to help convert the Saxons to Christianity? ....He invited them over to parley with them, and then betrayed their trust in his hospitality and slaughtered thousands of them? Christians never had trouble murdering non-believers and enslaving their women and children.
Erik Blazen (2 months ago)
+Christine Cameron Most historians agree that even though the Crusades, while some successful, some not so successful, helped stem the tide of Muslim aggression. It was a response to more than four centuries of conquests in which Muslims had already captured two-thirds of the old Christian world. At some point, Christianity as a faith and a culture had to defend itself or be subsumed by Islam. The Crusades were that defense. So, please, learn the geopolitical side of history.
EuroSchlager Abteilung (2 months ago)
Killing the parents of European people and taking their children as slave was despicable, this is one of the dark side of Viking history.
Constantine V (2 months ago)
Lots of abolitionists in the 19th century were christians
Wavvy baby (4 months ago)
asketud and ulfhid love each other
Sa gendo bi (4 months ago)
Such cucks
Her name is Frida........... so is mine....
Thord (5 months ago)
Dette er sykelig. Slavehold, og attpå til mot personer av sin egen folkestamme. Det er absurd.
Thorshammer (6 months ago)
A harsh life.
P Rigual (6 months ago)
is that Dannish ?
Brechtje Zuidema (5 months ago)
Wadden sea is northern holland and so is friesian but this does sound Verry Danish
Jacob Holretz Schmidt (6 months ago)
P Rigual "Ribe Vikingecenter' ... that would be in Denmark.
pil gram (6 months ago)
Every character named Frida in a TV show, anime, or movie always has a shitty life. WHY?!😭
Nathan Holstrom (3 months ago)
Because Freda was a Vanir who was traded to the Aesir as a hostage to end the war between the Norse Gods in the peace treaty
WithAStick AngryWhiteMan (3 months ago)
Yep, And every character named Lisa/Elisa/liz would be saved by a warm-nature good looking alpha man, don't ask me why XDD
R. Anne (7 months ago)
Men are awful. Always and forever.
Ночной Позор (2 months ago)
Bean shut up :D
The Grime Reaper (2 months ago)
so good.
David Edbrooke (2 months ago)
R. Anne Oh yeah and women are great? NOT.
To Serve Man (3 months ago)
Pointing to nature as examples of bad is absurd.
Rodney Holmes (3 months ago)
R. Anne So explain why women indulge in horrors like abortion, infanticide and murder. And why men fight to stop slavery , often at the costs of their lives while women sit idly by criticizing. And funny how women enjoy the bloody spoils of war whilst men died for it. So if men are awful , women are awful, and enable corrupt systems so long as they profit from it. And don't have to do the dirty work.
barbiquearea (7 months ago)
So who keeps getting Frida pregnant? Was it her master or just another slave? I don't get why the farmer would want to expose his own offspring yet alone sell them off to other people.
Jimmy Rustled (27 days ago)
Ask all the black slave owners in Africa what they did with their children from raped slaves and conquested women...or better yet, what they did with pregnant women.
rockandrollrabbit (2 months ago)
barbiquearea Learn some history. It was extremely common. In the United States too.
rs 4h5 (2 months ago)
Most slavr masters didn't consider "illegitimate" children to be theirs.
ViniVidiBibi (6 months ago)
It would have been the farmer most likely. It was a different world back then. Children would have either been extra hands for the farm or extra mouths to feed. A means to an end. The whole concept of childhood really didn't exist back then as we know it today. Up to the industrial revolution people would not have thought much about it. You should see a documentary called The Children Who Built Victorian Britain. Very interesting.
Renee Sanders (8 months ago)
And you feel proud that your ancestors had slaves? Go kill yourselves, your not even human.
c'est moi (9 months ago)
fucking hot vikings. id be their slave willingly.
omg hey there (10 months ago)
why he hell do we human beings place any value on socially constructed abstractions like labels, rank or status, tribe, race, "slave" or "free"? They are all just accidents, and in our hearts, we always know it
Nathan Holstrom (3 months ago)
The WhiteWOlf not really... slaves are lazy & far less productive than free men. It's why communism always fails & capitalism always succeeds... Franklin & Jefferson were both "Anti-Slavery" because of this very point, had nothing to do with nobility merely that they wanted to send the blacks back to Africa and the Welsh down in Georgia back to Wales.
Nathan Holstrom (3 months ago)
Because we are hierarchical animals... genetics that rise to the top deserve to be there until that bloodline falls. It's called NATURE, you fucking weirdo science deniers are grossly ignorant
WithAStick AngryWhiteMan (3 months ago)
By accidents some people be born as rich persons, kings, queens. by accidents, some people be born as poor slaves. That is fate, we can not change fate that giving by heaven, but we can try hard to change our Luck, some had succeeded. in some real stories slaves can be generals, even kings (That only in east Asia)
Grug Urgh (8 months ago)
Because even the lowest forms of life on this planet have social hierarchies.
Sierra Jerome 092 (9 months ago)
omg hey there life
Divine Intervention (1 year ago)
Pillage and plundering have long been associated with the Vikings, however, the Vikings were also skilled slave traders. The Vikings would enslave the local population of settlements they raided and demanded slave tributes from Finnish and Slavic communities. These slaves would than be sold to the Constantinople via the Russian water ways. The Viking slaves would also be purchased by intermediaries, such as the Volga Bulgars and the Khazars at vibrant markets alongside the Volga river.
That's 100% pure garbage. 1) There were never any Slavic communities that were enslaved by Vikings. 2) There were never any Vikings anywhere near the Volga river. 3) Vikings never in history had any contact with either Volga Bulgars or Khazars.
Man of the north (2 months ago)
I am so offended i demand an apology from every single Scandinavian country even though my roots are mainly in Scandinavia.
WithAStick AngryWhiteMan (3 months ago)
raksh9: Finland or Finns back then were to far away for slave traders to reach. Germanic Christians mainly attacked Lithuanians they were 100% non-Christians, then sold them to Turks. Most Slavs were unhappy about that, so Poles helped Lithuanians and destroyed Germanic invaders. also sold them as slaves. If you were a Turk, it also possible that you have German bloodline.
WithAStick AngryWhiteMan (3 months ago)
Those Liars! We Russians our ancestors were not heartless savages who sold their own kids to Turkish animals. I know Vikings were not such kind of people too. Let me tell you who sold white people as salves to dirty Muslims, the shameless criminal Christians! especially Germanic Christians who started wars against Pagan whites and sold their daughters and son to Turks. Christianity back then was a savage desert culture no better than today's Islam terrorists.
raksh9 (4 months ago)
Jessica Westly Interesting, thank you. :-)
SkeulIz (1 year ago)
Amazing, as always
Daniel Madsen (1 year ago)
Er vild med den måde i fletter de små historier sammen på :) flot serie
askej1 (1 year ago)
Jeg elsker simpelthen denne serie. Det er bare synd at næsten ingen ser den :(
Marcell Westergaard (1 year ago)
Jeg kunne ikke være mere enig!

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