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💸 FREE Instagram Influencer Marketing Hack (Shopify)

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Using Instagram influencers to drive traffic to your business or Shopify store is nothing new. It’s effective, it’s fast, it’s easy and even today it’s still one of the most underpriced ways to drive sales to your business. But if you’re just starting out or just want to test a product, $300-$500 can still be a lot of money to spend up front. When you think of an Instagram influencer you think of somebody with a massive page with millions of followers and it’s probably their full-time job. But what if I told you smaller users with 10-20 thousand followers could be just as, if not more effective and they’ll promote your website for FREE? I call it “Micro-Influencer Marketing” What you’re going to do is contact smaller influencers with 5k-10k followers and offer them a commission for each product they sell through their custom link in exchange for sharing it on their profile. Why does this convert so well? Keep in mind that people in this range probably aren’t making much from their pages and some aren’t even in the game to make money at all. So proposing a way to make some extra cash from their passion is a pretty tempting offer. 🎧 Music: Wide Awake (Instrumental) by Davis Absolute STEP 1 - SET UP YOUR AFFILIATE PROGRAM ⚙️ There are multiple great apps for setting up an affiliate program in Shopify, but the one we’ll be using is free and effective. 👉Affiliate by AAAwebtore App 1. Install the app in your store 2. Setup your affiliate commission rates 3. Customize your automatic emails 4. Grab your affiliate signup link. 5. Add signup link to your store navigation STEP 2 START COLLECTING A LIST OF MICRO-INFLUENCERS 👩‍💻 You can either do this by hand on your phone and enter the details into a spreadsheet, or use a free tool like Deep Social to do the work for you. 👉 Deep Social 👉 Grin (Another Influencer Search Tool) Remember, you’re looking for people in your niche with 5,000 - 10,000 followers. You can either enter this information into a Deep Social search or do it manually on your phone. To start finding smaller profiles, simply go to one of the bigger influencers in your niche and keep clicking the down arrow (🔽) until you see what you’re looking for. STEP 3 - CONTACT YOUR NEW LIST OF INFLUENCERS ✉️ Once you have a list collected it’s time to start recruiting these people into your affiliate program. The way you're going to do this is by sending out what's called a "mail merge" to everybody on your list. Mail merges are a great way to send mass amounts of personalized cold emails all at once and can save you hours of work. You can use a professional tool like YesWare that is loaded with additional features for follow-ups, link tracking etc, but you can also use a basic free plugin like the one I'll link below to get started. 👉 Mail Merge With Attachments (Google Sheets App) 👉 YesWare 👉 SalesHandy (Another great cold email tool) Below is the email template I used in the video. It’s simple to the point and I’ve gotten some good results with it. Just replace everything in brackets with your own information. Just format your sheet to match the templates they give you, run a test and send them on their way. You can also copy a similar message to the one pasted below and DM people right on Instagram, but you’ll need to switch up the wording each time to avoid getting banned and it’s might become hard to keep track of who you’ve already contacted. It’s up to you. _________________________________________ Hey {{First Name}} My name is Matt and we run a store called “[YOUR STORE / COMPANY NAME]” where we sell [YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE] all over the world. 🔥 We came across your Instagram page @{{Last Name}} today and wanted to know if you wanted to earn some money from it? 🤑 All you would need to do is put our custom link in your bio and maybe share a couple of posts about our products (which we'll provide everything!) You'll get 40% of every item sold through your link straight to your PayPal or bank account every month. If you're interested, just go here and create a free account on our website: [YOUR AFFILIATE SIGN UP LINK] Thanks! - [YOUR NAME] [YOUR STORE / COMPANY NAME] _________________________________________ If you want to check out some more of my videos and guides, use the links below 🚀 How To Build A 6-Figure Lead Generation Business: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNYRWRXuQo0 💰 How I Make $1,783/Week on Shopify With FREE Instagram Traffic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-5ShVYdsd8 💡How I Got Started & Why I Do What I Do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLbA7NLfwWs
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Matthew Sabia (5 months ago)
In this week’s video I make a cheesy new buzz-word “Micro-Influencers” and show you how to get them to promote your business for FREE. Whether you run a Shopify store, a service business or any type of business you can implement this method to start driving a new stream of passive income and traffic to your website. 👉 Don’t forget to follow my own Instagram for more videos and daily advice: http://Instagram.com/MatthewSabia
Jnrmerlin (13 days ago)
🙏👊 Yo Matt, appreciate if u can answer quick on this one (plz). What do YOU recommend as an alternative to Deep.Social.. ? with same functionaility (incl. downloading CSV etc) ☮
Jaymes Couture (23 days ago)
We love you Matthew!
FreezingOwl (1 month ago)
Hey Matt, thanks for great value on your videos. We learn a lot and really appreciate your share of knowledge in your videos! Cheers,
II Lydia II (1 month ago)
Deep social discontinued :(
2RONO (2 months ago)
Deep Social doesn't work anymore. Do you suggest any alternatives?
Hakim Brown (3 days ago)
6:30 - LOL, love this guy! No h*mo
Matthew Sabia (3 days ago)
Tsetsi (4 days ago)
removing the music would be better
Seth Droid (6 days ago)
Drop dead amazing at your advice. Keep it 💯
Matthew Sabia (5 days ago)
StekoxX (8 days ago)
Wow... This is really good man, this is gold. Thanks so much, this is a revolution for the e-commerce!
Matthew Sabia (8 days ago)
Open Road Girl (8 days ago)
Is Deep Social still available? It is greyscale now?? GREAT video by the way. thank YOU!!!
Matthew Sabia (8 days ago)
You can always scrape the info manually until someone creates something similar. Too bad since it made it so much easier. Thanks for watching!
Open Road Girl (8 days ago)
+Matthew Sabia aww bummer! Is there another service you can recommend? I have to say your videos are amazing and truly THANKFUL for your teachings!! <3
Matthew Sabia (8 days ago)
The privacy cult has shut it down apparently lol
Carlo (9 days ago)
Hi Matt, I love the videos you're creating it helps me a lot to get ideas, so big thumbs up for you. 👍👏 But quick question, how do those promoters get their commissions? Are you the one will pay them once they get a sale on their affiliate link? or is it the system (app) will automatically deduct the amount in your account transferred directly to theirs?
Matthew Sabia (9 days ago)
Whatever app you use will do it for you.
Tatenda Sithole (12 days ago)
great value man👏👏👏
Matthew Sabia (11 days ago)
+Tatenda Sithole 👍
shaival satyarthi (12 days ago)
post more videos, like your videos
Matthew Sabia (12 days ago)
+shaival satyarthi :)
ahsan naqvi (12 days ago)
Fuck It Man! What the hell you are posting for free. Are you for serious. I have watched 1000+ videos on YT so far regarding make money online/generating traffic but this video is = to 1000 of those videos. I don't do shopify but there is a method hidden in your video for affiliate marketing also and its crazy. I will for sure post back here when i will get good results.
Aaron Lim (13 days ago)
Great videos mate. Would love to get some info on how to price and negotiate with an influencer and how to calculate the going rate for a given niche. Thanks for the gold
Jnrmerlin (13 days ago)
🙏👊 Yo Matt, appreciate if u can answer quick on this one (plz). What do YOU recommend as an alternative to Deep.Social.. with same functionaility (incl. downloading CSV etc) ☮
Nazmier Amzar (14 days ago)
Thanks for the video Matt. It really is very helpful and shed some light on my blurry head. Thanks a lot!
Matthew Sabia (13 days ago)
+Nazmier Amzar Thanks for watching!
Mel Rapozo (14 days ago)
Did anyone fine a replacement for Deep Social?
Entertainment Vaultz (15 days ago)
**MATTHEW INSPIRED ME** yeah he posts so much awesome stuff and he inspired me alot So here I did some effort to make account guys go and support us
Matthew Sabia (15 days ago)
Thanks for watching!
Joan Kevin (15 days ago)
Does anybody know good deep social alternatives??
Matthew Sabia (15 days ago)
I'm sure theres something.
Guilherme Rosa (16 days ago)
wow. Keep it up man, reeealy good content!
Matthew Sabia (15 days ago)
Jnrmerlin (17 days ago)
Matthew Sabia (17 days ago)
Your videos are great!
Matthew Sabia (17 days ago)
K.C. Karellas (18 days ago)
Great info, but too small to see
Matthew Sabia (17 days ago)
whatsupdom (18 days ago)
Deep social is shutting down :( Unfortunately Facebook/Instagram are suing them for using Instagram platform and revoked their license.
Matthew Sabia (17 days ago)
Yeah. This privacy cult bullshit is really getting old fast.
E H S A N . K H (18 days ago)
Oh man! I've never loved anyone more than you on YouTube before! You're so awesome!
Matthew Sabia (17 days ago)
I try.
mahmoud moutaoukil (19 days ago)
Big Big thanks for this video. A lot of value on it. I follow your channel . . .
Matthew Sabia (17 days ago)
Tech HUB (22 days ago)
How to pay them? If i live cross border or country. PayPal is a pain.
Tech HUB (21 days ago)
+Matthew Sabia influencers
Matthew Sabia (21 days ago)
+Tech HUB Pay who?
DF Channel (22 days ago)
Hi, Matthew. The DEEP SOCIAL page i dont known why but it istnt working.Can you link me a simular page where can i get these information for free? Thanks man your videos are amazing and i learn a loot. You need to start your own courses.
Devin Ridgway (22 days ago)
I would be honored if I met you one day. You're one of the most legit entrepreneur channels on YouTube
Matthew Sabia (21 days ago)
+Devin Ridgway Thanks!
Manav Poddar (25 days ago)
who all are searching in comments for an alternative to deep.social ? xD xD
Manav Poddar (12 days ago)
Егор Романов Yes... Checkout Peoplemap
Has you found it?
Kookoocachoo (18 days ago)
Yep lol
ניר ויסמן (25 days ago)
Hey, I saw a lot of your videos just from today! This was one of the best! thanks a lot man please keep on doing what you are doing!
Matthew Sabia (25 days ago)
Thanks for watching!
rib cage (26 days ago)
this is great content, the only down side is it is too small to watch on my smartphone
Matthew Sabia (26 days ago)
Well thanks for watching.
Women Value (27 days ago)
40% of the product and free products for posting, how the hell I will make fucking money.
Matthew Sabia (26 days ago)
mooki ov (27 days ago)
your caring is so uncommon, I really appreciate that! I have a question: How can I play with sale prices on my shop during the time when the resource is fixed for the full price? how can I avoid the situation when affiliate using my post and in my shop there's a sale of the same product?
mooki ov (26 days ago)
Matthew Sabia greatttt!! thank you for your replying♥️♥️♥️
Matthew Sabia (26 days ago)
Thanks! And there is no way to do that. Don't worry about that.
sylar113 (27 days ago)
Great work! Please make more videos 👏. The music is also awesome. Subscribed =)
Matthew Sabia (26 days ago)
Well I never intended on stopping lol
video xl (28 days ago)
Matthew Sabia (28 days ago)
Angie Simons (28 days ago)
Just found out that Deep Social is no longer
Matthew Sabia (28 days ago)
Sad. But you can't build your business based on a tool you down own/control.
Nick Love (28 days ago)
I watch a lot of videos on subjects like this, and I have liked multiple videos from you! keep up the good work man.
Matthew Sabia (28 days ago)
Marcus Allen (1 month ago)
You guys are so needy!! 🙄 Deep social is down but this video is basically a template if deep social is down use google and do research and find a replacement. I believe that’s how you become a true entrepreneur No matter what program you use the template is still the same so just do the research. Thanks for the video Matt, I found a replacement for deep social and the video was helpful!!
Kookoocachoo (18 days ago)
Is it free like deep social? I'm in highschool and don't have much money especially with shopifys fees for apps and such. I've seen plenty of paid ones, but I don't have much money.
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
These people are like a living meme. "Wants to accomplish the near-impossible task of being a successful entrepreneur. ...Too lazy to do a Google search."
officialfahads (1 month ago)
Hi Matthew I would say it's a great help for community for them who cannot pay more for mentor or tricks etc. I want to know about shopify app affiliate aaa it's paid now it only offer a 5 day trial. need your help for some of the app that can give me 100 influencers account. please reply if possible. Thanks Man
Anceli Peguero (1 month ago)
DEEP SOCIAL shut down :(
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
There are other services you can use I'm sure.
Farsheed Shastri (1 month ago)
This is an amazing video . .. lot of valuable info given. Thanks!! FYI - Deep.social closed down .. that sucks .. any other similar tool out there?
Mick (1 month ago)
Matthew Sabia can you give the name?
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
Thanks. And there are plenty.
khaled rawass (1 month ago)
bro u r really the best, I think u r the only 1 on youtube that uploads useful vids about such thing on youtube. I really appreciate that and i really hope that u continue on this way. THank u broo <3
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
Hasan Hisam (1 month ago)
Thank you! 10/10 for Authenticity and inflection.
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
amaz lister (1 month ago)
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
Hindifox (1 month ago)
Matthew do you know why you are different from other YouTube gurus, Your most of videos are helpful for those people who don't have money for upfront investment. That is why your content is pure gold. Thanks for everything brother.
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
Hindifox 🙏
Hey Matthew, I am from Manaus - Brazil. thanks for the videos. I intend to create an online store and i will get your tips. thanks a million.
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
yashar ghaderi (1 month ago)
Hello Matthew, Thank you so much for sharing your methods! This is Really valuable content. However the deep.socail page is down - seems like they have shut down. Do you have any other page to recommend to filter and find bulk influencers? Best Regards, Yashar
(1 month ago)
Hi Mat thank you so mauch for you video iwaould like to khnow if the web site Depp.com is working or no because i see that (We are sorry! We are permanently discontinuing our service and are commencing a winding down process of the company. )
Amungwa Bonu (1 month ago)
Thank you so much. My friend and I are 1 week from start, and this is a great strategy. Im excited to do this.
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
Buddha Smiling (1 month ago)
Matt, you are one of the best mentors on internet marketing, your content is always unique, to the point and you always elaborate perfectly. I am simply short of words of your praise. God bless you!
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
Jaymes Couture (1 month ago)
THIS Is my Favorite Channel!
Jaymes Couture (1 month ago)
+Matthew Sabia #BRILLIANT !
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
+Jaymes Couture Mine too.
Apolon (1 month ago)
Your content is pure gold.
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
Jasmine Rice (1 month ago)
Can I get my product from a company I work for from home to sale with this
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
Sivaprasad Paliyath (1 month ago)
Deep social stopped its service.
Csaba Moro (1 month ago)
Matthew! I'll be dead honest to you! I don't understand how you only have 24k subscriber, because you are hell of a VALUE! So much useful info, amazing! Thank you and keep ☝the work you do, I admire your effort!
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
Csaba Moro (1 month ago)
Your work is outstanding! Thank you again!
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
Only been posting videos for a couple months. This is only the beginning 👍
Sandra Vukovic (1 month ago)
Great stuff! Thanks a million for making these videos. Awesome music too, adding to my playlist :)
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
Thanks for watching!
Entertainment Hub (1 month ago)
Thank you.
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
Creative Makeover (1 month ago)
anyone find any alternatives to deep social?
kr is (1 month ago)
up! looking for alternative too
My Fit Journey (1 month ago)
Will this work with getting traffic to my Shopify?
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
+My Fit Journey That was the point of this video.
Théo Laville (1 month ago)
Affiliate by AAAwebstore is not free anymore ?
O Taylor (1 month ago)
You are an awesome human being. Period. Super helpful!
Esa Asa (1 month ago)
,,Peeta..Pi...Pi... Peetar.." :D 21:14 I saw it coming as soon I saw the name on the list :D #SerbianNames
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
Ryan Worrell (1 month ago)
I'm so mad that Deep Social is discontinued. They probably received litigation threats from Instagram. Does anyone know a similiar tool?
Bryant Perkins (1 month ago)
I can't find the AAA Affiliate App on the Shopify App Store. Did they change the name? Have they changed their fees? I really liked the video.
hi Mattew, and thanks for the value of your content. Deep social is not working any more, witch other one would you recommend? ps: the affiliate app is not free any more :(
WhAt Inspires YOU (2 months ago)
Wow! you're my guy...I love you man! no bullshit you're the first person I came across on Youtube that put so many thoughts valuable informations in your videos. Well done! :-)
Matthew Sabia (2 months ago)
Thanks for watching!
Leonardo Tobias (2 months ago)
Thanks for the video, I will definitely be reviewing it to get some customers through my website <3
Matthew Sabia (2 months ago)
Théo Laville (2 months ago)
Hey Guys, Deep social says "We are sorry! We are permanently discontinuing our service and are commencing a winding down process of the company". Do you have another option aha ?
nabeel bahrawi (2 months ago)
deep.social is down and affiliate aaa is not free anymore can u do a new video with a different method
nabeel bahrawi (2 months ago)
Matthew Sabia plus I’m gonna start my business next week with it or without it so thx for ur kind reply
nabeel bahrawi (2 months ago)
Did is say ur strategy is shit ? I just politely asked if u can provide an alternative solution even if paid 🙂
Matthew Sabia (2 months ago)
So you're entire business model/marketing strategy goes to shit based on other people and the tools they provide or don't offer anymore? This is why I hate mentioning specific tools I use in videos because it enables that.
Doogy Snoogy (2 months ago)
Don't forget about fake influencers. On the surface the look very similar to the real ones, but with a deeper look into you will find something that seems to be off. Using something like Influencer auditor would be definitely helpful.
Hacha hich (2 months ago)
Thanks a lot
Mohammad Ismail (2 months ago)
You are an amazing youtube keep doing what your doing very helpful. You release good content and its different from everyone else
wajeha s (2 months ago)
youre brilliant !
Matthew Sabia (2 months ago)
Steven Cross (2 months ago)
Many thanks for your excellent shares. Really appreciate the tips which I will be using.
Latest videos (2 months ago)
Ryan Danforth (2 months ago)
Any recommendations for something other than deep social?
Jarah Anas (2 months ago)
You explain very well , you should post more . Keep it up
Matthew Sabia (2 months ago)
A K (2 months ago)
Can i make this work without shopify ?
Matthew Sabia (2 months ago)
You can drive traffic to whatever you want.
Matej K (2 months ago)
Deep.Social is shut down. Do you know any other cheap tool? Thanks
Figo Ir (2 months ago)
This is the third of your videos I’m watching... your amazing man! Once I get to somewhere I’ll want to help people the way your helping me now! Won’t be forgotten!
younes ziad (2 months ago)
Very Very nice content, the way you present it is perfect, really clear detailed diverting also, definitely one of the best channels in the topic. I really hope in the future you'll be postin a lot more videos than you do :D :D Thank you Man, Cheers from Morocco!!!
Matthew Sabia (2 months ago)
Thanks for watching!
Renjith R (2 months ago)
Deep Social is closed now .What to do 😨
Kookoocachoo (18 days ago)
+Mehdi Biti Every service I find you have to schedule a live call before you can use the service, and of course you have to pay for the service. I've just been doing it manually on IG and have had minimal success, probably because my products suck.
Mehdi Biti (22 days ago)
did you find guys some alternatives ?
Kookoocachoo (1 month ago)
Did you figure anything out?
neelay choudhury (2 months ago)
love your content bro
Daniel Falkenberg (2 months ago)
deep social isn't availiable anymore. Do you have any alternative?
2RONO (2 months ago)
yes Plz :)
Floridos Marpepa (2 months ago)
Can you list some?
Matthew Sabia (2 months ago)
med siisii (2 months ago)
Hi Matthew! the best content about Shopify strategy. keep going
Matthew Sabia (2 months ago)
Егор Романов (2 months ago)
which service except deep.social to use (they don't work right now) to use? I really need your help guys!
E H S A N . K H (18 days ago)
+Kookoocachoo Did you?
Kookoocachoo (1 month ago)
Did you figure anything out?
Brian Perkins (2 months ago)
It isn't free anymore, fuck.
The Coconut Island (3 months ago)
I just checked deepsocial and its closed down already..there's a notice on their website..😑
Matthew Sabia (3 months ago)
+The Coconut Island These things come and go every few months. But people get so attached to them they’re helpless.
Michael Schilling (3 months ago)
Hi Matthew, I want to thank you for the videos you upload! You provide a lot of value in them! Thanks!
Matthew Sabia (3 months ago)
+Michael Schilling 👍
Rosana Benza (3 months ago)
deep.social shut down any other way to get influencers emails?
chisha siulapwa (3 months ago)
Wow... this is so much value. Thank you.
Malick Cisse (3 months ago)
Hi, nice tutorial again. Affiliate by AAAWebstore is not available anymore and the replacement, Affiliate by AAAEcommerce is not free.
Sebastien L. (3 months ago)
Please make more videos. I really enjoy the content, thanks
Matthew Sabia (3 months ago)
Didn't plan on stopping any time soon :)
Sebastien L. (3 months ago)
If you do shopify drop shipping 40% commission is too much. You usually make 30-60%. Why did you put such high commission?
Matthew Sabia (3 months ago)
+Sebastien L I pulled it out of my ass. You can set it to whatever you’d like lol
Dipst (3 months ago)
Hi Matt, Deep Social is been taken down due to legal issues with Instagram and Facebook, do you have any other software that can be used to recruit influencers?
Егор Романов (2 months ago)
Have you found any other services?
Jason Carrillo (3 months ago)
Awesome video. I was about to gather a list of micro-influencers, and deep.social is being shut down by Instagram. Any other alternatives you could suggest besides deep.social?
Егор Романов (2 months ago)
Have you found any other services?
SpiriTBladE9i6 (3 months ago)
matthew, deep.social has been shutdown! any alternatives? and is there a way to chat with you?
Zp Zp (1 month ago)
what are the names of the other company's ?
Matthew Sabia (3 months ago)
John Tzortzakis (3 months ago)
Man you provide very valuable information, looking forward for more of your videos!
Matthew Sabia (3 months ago)
Felix (3 months ago)
Hey Mathew, do you have any other influencer indicators instead of deep.social? They seem to be down at the moment. Thanks!
Matthew Sabia (3 months ago)
Google it...
Gytis Reklaitis (3 months ago)
Do you have or plan to have some kind of e-commerce business courses?
Matthew Sabia (3 months ago)
+Gytis Reklaitis We have an Accelerator Coaching Program: http://accelerator.matthewsabia.com/2018
KpopKayla (3 months ago)
wondering if this is just an old vid reposted cause the deep.social website is also being taken down
Rastin Piri (3 months ago)
any current alternatives to deep.social?
Matthew Sabia (3 months ago)
KpopKayla (3 months ago)
wtf how did affiliate aaa app change the name and the cost in just over a month of posting this vid???
Matthew Sabia (3 months ago)
+KpopKayla That’s compelled normal. That’s why I HATE mentioning the specific tools I use in these videos. People get so obsessed and build their entire business around them.

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