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💸 $200/Day FREE Instagram Influencer Marketing Method (Micro-Influencers)

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Using Instagram influencers to drive traffic to your business or Shopify store is nothing new. It’s effective, it’s fast, it’s easy and even today it’s still one of the most underpriced ways to drive sales to your business. But if you’re just starting out or just want to test a product, $300-$500 can still be a lot of money to spend up front. When you think of an Instagram influencer you think of somebody with a massive page with millions of followers and it’s probably their full-time job. But what if I told you smaller users with 10-20 thousand followers could be just as, if not more effective and they’ll promote your website for FREE? I call it “Micro-Influencer Marketing” What you’re going to do is contact smaller influencers with 5k-10k followers and offer them a commission for each product they sell through their custom link in exchange for sharing it on their profile. Why does this convert so well? Keep in mind that people in this range probably aren’t making much from their pages and some aren’t even in the game to make money at all. So proposing a way to make some extra cash from their passion is a pretty tempting offer. 🎧 Music: Wide Awake (Instrumental) by Davis Absolute STEP 1 - SET UP YOUR AFFILIATE PROGRAM ⚙️ There are multiple great apps for setting up an affiliate program in Shopify, but the one we’ll be using is free and effective. 👉Affiliate by AAAwebtore App 1. Install the app in your store 2. Setup your affiliate commission rates 3. Customize your automatic emails 4. Grab your affiliate signup link. 5. Add signup link to your store navigation STEP 2 START COLLECTING A LIST OF MICRO-INFLUENCERS 👩‍💻 You can either do this by hand on your phone and enter the details into a spreadsheet, or use a free tool like Deep Social to do the work for you. 👉 Deep Social 👉 Grin (Another Influencer Search Tool) Remember, you’re looking for people in your niche with 5,000 - 10,000 followers. You can either enter this information into a Deep Social search or do it manually on your phone. To start finding smaller profiles, simply go to one of the bigger influencers in your niche and keep clicking the down arrow (🔽) until you see what you’re looking for. STEP 3 - CONTACT YOUR NEW LIST OF INFLUENCERS ✉️ Once you have a list collected it’s time to start recruiting these people into your affiliate program. The way you're going to do this is by sending out what's called a "mail merge" to everybody on your list. Mail merges are a great way to send mass amounts of personalized cold emails all at once and can save you hours of work. You can use a professional tool like YesWare that is loaded with additional features for follow-ups, link tracking etc, but you can also use a basic free plugin like the one I'll link below to get started. 👉 Mail Merge With Attachments (Google Sheets App) 👉 YesWare 👉 SalesHandy (Another great cold email tool) Below is the email template I used in the video. It’s simple to the point and I’ve gotten some good results with it. Just replace everything in brackets with your own information. Just format your sheet to match the templates they give you, run a test and send them on their way. You can also copy a similar message to the one pasted below and DM people right on Instagram, but you’ll need to switch up the wording each time to avoid getting banned and it’s might become hard to keep track of who you’ve already contacted. It’s up to you. _________________________________________ Hey {{First Name}} My name is Matt and we run a store called “[YOUR STORE / COMPANY NAME]” where we sell [YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE] all over the world. 🔥 We came across your Instagram page @{{Last Name}} today and wanted to know if you wanted to earn some money from it? 🤑 All you would need to do is put our custom link in your bio and maybe share a couple of posts about our products (which we'll provide everything!) You'll get 40% of every item sold through your link straight to your PayPal or bank account every month. If you're interested, just go here and create a free account on our website: [YOUR AFFILIATE SIGN UP LINK] Thanks! - [YOUR NAME] [YOUR STORE / COMPANY NAME] _________________________________________ If you want to check out some more of my videos and guides, use the links below 💰 How I Make $1,783/Week on Shopify With FREE Instagram Traffic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-5ShVYdsd8 💯 How To Accept Bitcoin on Shopify: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8srFqO1bJw 💡How I Got Started & Why I Do What I Do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLbA7NLfwWs
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Matthew Sabia (3 months ago)
In this week’s video I make a cheesy new buzz-word “Micro-Influencers” and show you how to get them to promote your business for FREE. Whether you run a Shopify store, a service business or any type of business you can implement this method to start driving a new stream of passive income and traffic to your website. 👉 Don’t forget to follow my own Instagram for more videos and daily advice: http://Instagram.com/MatthewSabia
Drew Nguyen (15 days ago)
Matt you just blew my mind, thank you so much!!!!
DiyEcoProjects (1 month ago)
Dear matthew, hi there. Just seen all three of your videos. Theyre great, i just want to thank you for some really valuable information. Im new to this type of advertising. Im trying to get my photography business up and running... so perhaps ill be able to use some of this. Just wanted you to know i appreciate it. All the best bro, kieron uk
how p (1 month ago)
would you say saltlamp sales have died off yet? :) my biggest frustration right now is figuring out a good product to set up
bubble plaza (1 month ago)
I'm planning to do affiliate as well but still have doubt, can I text you to clarify it
Alex Garcia (2 months ago)
Matthew Sabia I’ve had this question for awhile once your finally making money and you can see it on your phone or laptop how do you get those sales into your pocket it it PayPal or?? this might be a easy question but I’m new to this and just trying to understand it!! Please answer🙏
Daniel Falkenberg (10 hours ago)
deep social isn't availiable anymore. Do you have any alternative?
Matthew Sabia (5 hours ago)
med siisii (2 days ago)
Hi Matthew! the best content about Shopify strategy. keep going
Matthew Sabia (2 days ago)
which service except deep.social to use (they don't work right now) to use? I really need your help guys!
Brian Perkins (5 days ago)
It isn't free anymore, fuck.
The Coconut Island (6 days ago)
I just checked deepsocial and its closed down already..there's a notice on their website..😑
Matthew Sabia (6 days ago)
+The Coconut Island These things come and go every few months. But people get so attached to them they’re helpless.
Michael Schilling (6 days ago)
Hi Matthew, I want to thank you for the videos you upload! You provide a lot of value in them! Thanks!
Matthew Sabia (6 days ago)
+Michael Schilling 👍
Rosana Benza (7 days ago)
deep.social shut down any other way to get influencers emails?
chisha siulapwa (7 days ago)
Wow... this is so much value. Thank you.
Malick Cisse (8 days ago)
Hi, nice tutorial again. Affiliate by AAAWebstore is not available anymore and the replacement, Affiliate by AAAEcommerce is not free.
Sebastien LeBlanc (8 days ago)
Please make more videos. I really enjoy the content, thanks
Matthew Sabia (8 days ago)
Didn't plan on stopping any time soon :)
Sebastien LeBlanc (8 days ago)
If you do shopify drop shipping 40% commission is too much. You usually make 30-60%. Why did you put such high commission?
Matthew Sabia (8 days ago)
+Sebastien L I pulled it out of my ass. You can set it to whatever you’d like lol
Dipst (9 days ago)
Hi Matt, Deep Social is been taken down due to legal issues with Instagram and Facebook, do you have any other software that can be used to recruit influencers?
Have you found any other services?
Jason Carrillo (9 days ago)
Awesome video. I was about to gather a list of micro-influencers, and deep.social is being shut down by Instagram. Any other alternatives you could suggest besides deep.social?
Have you found any other services?
SpiriTBladE9i6 (12 days ago)
matthew, deep.social has been shutdown! any alternatives? and is there a way to chat with you?
Matthew Sabia (11 days ago)
John Tzortzakis (12 days ago)
Man you provide very valuable information, looking forward for more of your videos!
Matthew Sabia (11 days ago)
Felix Forsgren (12 days ago)
Hey Mathew, do you have any other influencer indicators instead of deep.social? They seem to be down at the moment. Thanks!
Matthew Sabia (11 days ago)
Google it...
Gytis Reklaitis (13 days ago)
Do you have or plan to have some kind of e-commerce business courses?
Matthew Sabia (13 days ago)
+Gytis Reklaitis We have an Accelerator Coaching Program: http://accelerator.matthewsabia.com/2018
KpopKayla (13 days ago)
wondering if this is just an old vid reposted cause the deep.social website is also being taken down
Rastin Piri (13 days ago)
any current alternatives to deep.social?
Matthew Sabia (13 days ago)
KpopKayla (13 days ago)
wtf how did affiliate aaa app change the name and the cost in just over a month of posting this vid???
Matthew Sabia (13 days ago)
+KpopKayla That’s compelled normal. That’s why I HATE mentioning the specific tools I use in these videos. People get so obsessed and build their entire business around them.
Daniel Bloduch (14 days ago)
Great video!
Matthew Sabia (14 days ago)
Amor abrazo (15 days ago)
shall we change our personal account to business account?
Matthew Sabia (15 days ago)
weekly fortnite videos (15 days ago)
Matthew Sabia (15 days ago)
This is only the beginning ;)
Robin Spread (17 days ago)
Hey Matthew, First of all THANK YOU very much for providing so much value for free, keep crushing it! I have a questions regards email popups, do you recommend using spin to win or just a normal popup. I want to test some onsite retargeting with discounts and i am not sure what i should use? Can you help me out? Best Regards from Germany
ghayth Al-Naji (19 days ago)
The app costs money now:(
Matthew Sabia (18 days ago)
There are dozens of free ones.
Fox Bennett (19 days ago)
Out of everyone you could've used you used kinobody xD. good video
Corey Katz (19 days ago)
Damn! IG and Facebook threatened to sue Deep Social so they are shutting it down:( Any other methods for finding micro-influencers?
Have you found any other services?
Cristian Carpio (19 days ago)
Lewis Louder (19 days ago)
Deep social is getting sued, any other option?
Matthew Sabia (19 days ago)
CAP23 (20 days ago)
Great video and content as always, however, I have just tried to implement this and DeepSocial have been shut down by Facebook and Instagram under threat of legal action. The big boys wielding their power once again!
Matthew Sabia (20 days ago)
+CAP23 Another victory for the cult of privacy as I call it more than anything. Thankfully there are plenty of work arounds if you do a bit of searching.
Christoph Hamann (20 days ago)
Hi, great video, but you always said, that all the alternatives to deep.social doing pretty much the same, but could you please tell us one, that doesn't cost too much and that still has the same features? Because I wasn't able to find one (as Heepsy e.g. costs $100/ month, what's too much, if you are a complete beginner. Thank you so much!
Have you found any other services?
Ong Bang Jun (20 days ago)
This is true ecom gold. Fb ads are getting too crazy nowadays, this is the best method to actually earn profit from ecom. Thanks for the detailed lesson!
JJ Hooles (21 days ago)
Since Deep Social is shutting down, do you think that Heepsy or a site similar is a good alternative?
Matthew Sabia (21 days ago)
They all basically do the same thing at the end of the day.
Chris Wokabi (21 days ago)
Hello Matt. Great content. Is there an affiliate plugin for WP that rivals the aaa affiliate in functionality.
Matthew Sabia (21 days ago)
LifeOfCalum (21 days ago)
what are you using now that deep social is down?
Josiah Saballa (21 days ago)
please post more videos on shopify! Would really like to see how you do product research. Mahalo
Simon Pitt (22 days ago)
RIP Deep Social
Simon Pitt (22 days ago)
the flashing video makes this hard viewing
Matthew Sabia (22 days ago)
Rob Doomernik (22 days ago)
really like the video, but deep.social is gone........ doesn`t work any :(
Ayoub Assaidi (23 days ago)
ttttttttthhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkk uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Ayoub Assaidi (23 days ago)
Matteo Sargenti (23 days ago)
Someone have found another website to replace deep.social? I can't find it! PleaseHelp me, thanks guys!
Imad Elakhal (23 days ago)
We need a very detailed How To Promote Your Shopify Product Using Facebook Ads, Please try to make us a video as soon as possible. By the way, LOVE YOU CHANNEL!
Anthony Henry (21 days ago)
How do we do $3K monthly with no paid traffic especially seeing this instagram method for example is now dead in the water?
Matthew Sabia (23 days ago)
Sure, I'll add that to the list. But if you're starting out I wouldn't recommend running any paid ads until you're doing at least $2-3k/month so your pixel has enough data to use and you've proven the product.
Nomad Life (24 days ago)
Deep social out of business lol :/ fucking stupid facebook always ruining things
Paulo Nogueira (25 days ago)
Would anyone who purchased lists from Deep.social be interested in re-selling their influencer lists to me?
Nancy Planes (24 days ago)
Mail me at [email protected] I would like to resell
Paulo Nogueira (25 days ago)
Hi Matthew, Do you have any alternatives to Deep Social as they have recently shut down?
Ricard Llop Noriega (25 days ago)
Hi Mat! I love your videos. Just one question, Deep Social discontinued their services, do you know about any similar tools for free? Thank you! and keep it up!
Have you found any other services?
Cas Group (25 days ago)
Matthew do you have any updates on replacement tools for this method? Deep Social is dead.
Inoko Nella (26 days ago)
Hey deep social isn’t working anymore...
Ashley Tisdale (26 days ago)
Deep.social is permanently shut down 😔😞
The Coconut Island (6 days ago)
Oh yeah i just checked it today..
RyGuyMemes (10 days ago)
Grin costs 700 a month lmao
James Philip (16 days ago)
Ashley Tisdale try grin
Anthony Turcios (26 days ago)
I will implement your guides, when I see results I'm trying out your accelerator program
zombiesundays (26 days ago)
Looks like the Influencer Identification tool was shut down. Any alternatives?
Matthew Sabia (26 days ago)
Christoph Hamann (26 days ago)
I love the video, thanks! But 1) how does the affiliate app know which sale comes from who? (when there are different Affiliates) if I use the same link for every Influencer? 2) And this also works, if I want them to promote several products within one post, right? Sorry for the spam haha
Divulge Beauty (27 days ago)
This was super helpful but literally 2 days ago they posted an announcement saying they are "permanently discontinuing our service and are commencing a winding down process of the company." Any other websites or services you can recommend?
Matteo Sargenti (23 days ago)
which is another site to replace deep.social? Thanks u re the best!
Divulge Beauty (26 days ago)
I've tried looking haha. None of the.m have that tech, nor can you export an email list. That's the most time consuming thing but i'll keep looking. I mean I guess it was illegal that is why Insta is shutting them down.
Matthew Sabia (27 days ago)
I'm sure there are dozens of them.
Noa Rachmani (27 days ago)
Hey, deep social has been closed. Any other programs we can use (apart from grin?) Thanks!
Matthew Sabia (27 days ago)
Anyone that gives you their email address.
juradis1 (27 days ago)
40% of your revenues or profit ? it looks a lot to me :o
Matthew Sabia (27 days ago)
Revenue. The app doesn't know what your profit is.
Hassan Usaid Ahmad (27 days ago)
Hello, Is there another free influencer search tool because deep.social got permanently closed? Thanks!
Matteo Sargenti (20 days ago)
on google i can't find another website like deep.social :( other website don't give your email! help us
Matthew Sabia (25 days ago)
I'm not going to spend another 20-30 hours proceeding another video to answer a question a Google search can answer.
Cas Group (25 days ago)
Matthew it would be awesome if you could update with other free or lower cost affiliate apps and a trusted source to replace deep social :)
Hassan Usaid Ahmad (27 days ago)
Matthew Sabia can you name some free I was really discouraged after deep social was clksed
Matthew Sabia (27 days ago)
There's a ton of them.
JosSerrano (28 days ago)
Mat Deep Social got banned... what do you recommend now for searching influencers?
JosSerrano (27 days ago)
Matthew Sabia I did... the best that I find was NinjaOutreach. Is expensive but looks good and you can email influencers from the tool automatically. Deep.social will be missed so much... not expensive at all and provide a better data and lot of filters.... :(
Matthew Sabia (27 days ago)
Google it...
Nicolas Di Santo (28 days ago)
It seems the very first genuine content on the argument I have found. Although the Shopify App to get the reference method comes with a fee and the reviews are not great plus DeepSocial has closed down permanently. It would be great if you could update the video with that it is available at the moment!
Nicolas Di Santo (27 days ago)
+Matthew Sabia Eventually I sorted out searching the web. Thanks. Thanks for the loquacity though.
Matthew Sabia (27 days ago)
shailesh puthran (28 days ago)
@matthew Sabia deep social app has stopped their website. Now it's not available. Do you know any other website which does the same shit ?
shailesh puthran (26 days ago)
There are hardly any which provides value. There are many websites which provides list of micro influencers with email ids which costs around 100$ Do you know any website which does the same for lower price like 20-30$?
Matthew Sabia (27 days ago)
Hurley Elizabeth (29 days ago)
Best Video
Matthew Sabia (29 days ago)
Curtis Vomber (30 days ago)
Can you add movie about click funnel!?
Matthew Sabia (29 days ago)
What about it??
josefo ruiz (30 days ago)
Super sub!
Mercan Yildirim (1 month ago)
Which app to use for Woocommerce? Please HELP
Yassine Ennachat (1 month ago)
Hey ! Matthew Sabia the app actually is not free anymore could please suggest another free app?
CHAD CHIZZLE (1 month ago)
This is DOPE info & strategy! THANKS!
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
Hussein Saab (1 month ago)
this is the automation answer i've been looking to figure out I knew it was possible, thank you! seriously people are so protective and have such a scarcity mindset. Good job and keep the knowledge flowing, helping people always comes back around, there is plenty of money to go around. Appreciate it sir!
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
Thanks for watching!
Zp Zp (1 month ago)
Hi why do you promote growsumo program over leaddyno ?
Zp Zp (1 month ago)
+Matthew Sabia there is a few types of affiliate apps by Shopify so I wanted to know what did you pick this one I made some research and I found that there is much more advanced affiliate program then this So please advise why did you pick this one
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
BAZOOKA (1 month ago)
hi matt, thanks for this awosme infos.. but a question pls, whay I dont have this ARROW option.. I cant see it?!!!
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
Some accounts like 'private' accounts won't display related accounts.
BAZOOKA (1 month ago)
I mean that arrow beside the follow botton (min: 13:51). Sometimes that arrow is there sometimes not
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
What do you mean?
JosSerrano (1 month ago)
Man amazing content best thing I have seen !!
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
Brittnee Hubbard (1 month ago)
Omg......Matt you are AMAZING!!!!!!!! You are definitely another version of Gary Vee!!!!! If you do a course or a book I will definitely BUY!!!!!!!!
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
Thank you so much. I appreciate it.
Felix Nieves (1 month ago)
Can you use mailchimp for this?
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
It's more involved, but yes you can just import the emails into an auto responder and do the same thing.
Trendifox (1 month ago)
how not to subscribe to this guy who's doing real concret shit! keep it up man
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
Moises Suarez (1 month ago)
Has anyone tried similar apps that are free? The app mentioned now costs a bit.
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
There are hundreds.
DudeIts Simple (1 month ago)
you are anabsolute Legend dude !
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
I try man, I try...
Ae has (1 month ago)
Did anyone try this method? I sent 10 emails so far and got zero response!
Ae has (29 days ago)
That was a typo. It is 210 emails. Still ZERO results. Insta marketing works but it requires much more work than just sending these emails.
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
+Ae has 10 Emails... 🤦🏻‍♂️
neogaki (1 month ago)
Great content, Matt. How much to hire you to do it for me?
neogaki (1 month ago)
I'm in eCommerce just need to jump start my own website and stir off amazon.
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
We have a large focus on eCommerce, but we accept any type of brand or company.
neogaki (1 month ago)
Matthew Sabia 10k a month in sales on shopify?
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
If you need more help you can shoot me an email: [email protected] but we only take on clients doing at least $10k/month.
Suereway DM (1 month ago)
@Matthew Sabia: What app are you suing that allows you type into your phone using your computer keyboard?
Thanks for the helpful tactics on Instagram Affiliate growth! Will be relaying these info to my clients! 😃 Is your iMac smashed at the corner?
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
Bear attack.
Hassan Zerhouni40 (1 month ago)
its seems we need manythings we have to learn .
LifeOfCalum (1 month ago)
Great content, the Affiliate App however isn't free to the same level anymore, would you recommend any other apps?
instantchampion (1 month ago)
Yes I also have the same question
SpacemanSam13 (1 month ago)
Dude this is without a doubt the best E commerce channel on youtube. Love the straight forwardness and honesty. Please never stop making videos.
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
+SpacemanSam13 This is just the beginning ;)
Ananomusstredamuss (1 month ago)
Amazing Content Matthew! would like to work with you in the near future. Also, love that book you got behind you. *Contagious*
Justin Sanchez (1 month ago)
this is probably going to sound stupid but I just want to confirm. So if they get a 40% commission and I sell something for $10 they get $4 and I only get $6 right? Also what if an item is free but the customer pays shipping? Does it still work with this?
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
Yes, that's correct. And free plus shipping is a really tacky/dishonest way to run a business. I wouldn't recommend it.
ning wang (1 month ago)
Hello, Matthew How should I contact you? I have some questions that need your help. This is my email [email protected] you very much!
Joe Cardillo (1 month ago)
Thank you dude. You have some of the BEST CONTENT on YT for this stuff. Its smart, straightforward, to the point, and fucking works.
Joe Cardillo (1 month ago)
Matthew Sabia hell ya, I like to hear that. So many people push out the same bullshit, basic content with a funnel to buy their course haha. It's rare to find these legit strategies with step by step and even a guide in the description. You're the man, keep it up, looking forward to more content from ya bro.
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
I'm just getting started brother.
BASS 4 LIFE (1 month ago)
Yooo Matt ... in my opinion your one of the most realest influencer YouTuber with great content and no BS ... 100 respect man !! .... Awesome trap beats too ... the music stopped and its like the video stop with it lol ... pleasee continue to make great content man
BASS 4 LIFE (1 month ago)
GREAT !! can't wait bro
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
Almost 15,000 in 3 months does seem noteworthy. I think I will ;)
BASS 4 LIFE (1 month ago)
Awesome I'm going to hold you to those words! .... Yoo Matt can you do a video on get subscribers in YouTube ?
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
This is just the beginning ;)
John Olivares (1 month ago)
great bomb hacks. really enjoy your content brother. thank you for sharing info
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
This is just the beginning ;)
Shane Dostie (1 month ago)
Did the app change? I seem to not be able to sign up anymore without selecting a plan that costs money.
Shane Dostie (1 month ago)
Ok I will look around thanks
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
Theres hundreds of others.
Christopher R (1 month ago)
Great Content Bro! not like the others selling a courses, Big thanks
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
I don't think that's inherently bad just because most are bad apples, but I see your point. Thanks for watching!
GamingNation24 (1 month ago)
Hey I have a general store can i still use Instagram influencer marketing for it ?
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
+GamingNation24 Don’t make a “general” store. Don’t tell me you have a budget to compete with Amazon.
Dream Big (1 month ago)
Matt. Thanks for all the fantastic info. Really appreciated. Can you also delve into doing this under GDPR?
JOHNNY YOUNG (1 month ago)
You had a large monitor but you didn’t make it larger or even zoom in the screen. So, we can’t see the text on the screen. Too bad!
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
I'm sorry to have inconvenienced you in this way. Please accept my deepest apology.
adam tube (1 month ago)
great value liked and sub ,can i start selling on 14 DAYS TRIAL on shopify ?
Big Broccoli (1 month ago)
I really like your channel because you explain everything step by step for Neanderthals like me!
Ivo Judziki (1 month ago)
need more videos, need more videos!!!
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
On the way ;)
Светлый (1 month ago)
Thank you! Your content is amazing. Thank you for encouraging us to keep it up and run successful stores! ❤️👍
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
melicia turner (1 month ago)
why I have no emails in the csv file
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
You didn't include it in your export then.
Rahim Rajpari (1 month ago)
U are one of the most legit coaches that are available on YouTube. Thanks for all the advice.
Matthew Sabia (1 month ago)
Thanks for watching!
bodmitri (1 month ago)
Great video Matt!!! I used this for my store... www.skojsupply.com

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